Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Adela Garza



I am doing this special post which I prepared some time ago but did not post when I decided I was done blogging.  The new Congressional maps make the 34th Congressional District a swing district.  A strong well funded Republican can win the votes of independents if Villalobos gets the nod from the people.  The good news  for the Democrats is, if the Republicans put up Adela Garza Villalobos could still win.

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Some of the minority groups would not sign off on the new map, so we are back to square one.  It seems the April 3, primary is now in doubt, but who knows.  But look at the map approved by some of the Latino groups - it is clear no one was at the table representing the Latino community of Cameron county.  I am telling you the upstate Democrats do not care about Cameron county - except when they want our vote.  How about not voting Democratic unless they restore the 34th Congressional District to be a compact district.

Adela Garza is either a complete idoit or con artist - only she knows the truth.  She did not favor the TSC UTB divorce.  She tried to get something from UTB and when UTB refused to meet her demands she voted for divorce.  The hard core fact is, had Adela Garza's demands been met, TSC would have been given to UTB.

"Garza called for cautious evaluation of any future agreements, while Mendez cited figures supporting the possibility for TSC to go it alone."

"Garza said there was no need to separate, but it was important to “get the best deal for our community” and that she did not believe taxes would double if TSC and UTB separated, as has been rumored."


For years the BV blogged about how the TSC students were being screwed in the classroom, especially in the medical profession program.  The BV blogged the opinions of doctors who stated they could not pass the medical terminology course as it was then configured.  Today students pass it by studying the old exams they either get for free from  a friend or buy from other students.  The entire program was designed to defraud the students to enroll in large numbers so UTB could get their federal financial aid and student loans, knowing all along only a handful of these students would move forward.

After the BV blogged about the joke which was the math tutors in the math lab, the tutors were actually ordered to do their job. 

The  computer science course has as its sole purpose - nothing.  Students who took the same course in high school could not pass it at UTB.  UTB bought a program which was filled with bad information, and tests which had incorrect answers or no correct answers.  I  remember taking some of the questions to Microsoft techs, only to learn none of their programs could do what the UTB textbook was representing they could do.  I can go on and on.

TSC as a free standing  community college is a great thing for our community.  I personally hope no UTB instructors are hired at TSC.  We need new department heads and new instructors.  We need a new medical training program.  TSC should make a firm decision that anyone associated with the UTB medical program cannot and should not be allowed to work for TSC.

In the social sciences all new staff must agree to work as a team to create online textbooks so as to save the students the cost of textbooks in the social sciences.


While it is a great thing TSC is now split from UTB, it is not because of Adela Garza - her own words prove she wanted to keep the two together.

"Garza said there was no need to separate, but it was important to “get the best deal for our community”

She wanted something from UT - had she got what she wanted she would have voted to destroy TSC.  This woman is the kind of politician which makes Brownsville and Cameron county a joke.  In future elections we must remember her own words and how close TSC came to being destroyed.  Thank God UT did not give her what she wanted.


Go to minute 2:44

"I am going to implement everything you have told me the last few years"

She makes the above statement after stating when she goes to DSC - our capital is Washington DC, or DC for short - not DSC.

This is the least of my problems.  This woman is either a complete idiot or psychotic liar, only she knows the truth.  There are 435 members of the House of Representatives and 100 US Senators.  None of the 535 members of Congress have any authority to implement anything.  In fact it is illegal for a member of Congress to direct any US government office to do anything.  The most a member of congress can do is send a letter to a congressional liaison for the particular federal agency asking that the constituent's concerns be addressed.  That is it people - this is reality. 

The president of the United States cannot force congress to pass his legislative agenda.  Obama is powerless, but Adela Garza claims she will implement everything the people of the district has discussed with her.

Adela Garza is a complete and total joke and an embarrassment to the Republican Party.


Anonymous said...

Are there any Independents running in this race?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobby,

I agree, she is a total joke. She got herself voted in with Mendez and Rendon. The TSC board was just a stepping stone for her to get the spotlight and then run for Congress. There is no way this woman can "implement" anything if voted in. Heck, not even our President of the US can do that. This woman has no "magic wand" if voted in people and she is clearly just saying whatever to get votes. It saddens me to see this type of politician over and over again and she will prob be hitting all of the Social Media outlets on FB, especially BC.

Thank you for this article!

Anonymous said...

Mendez is the one who really saved TSC. he cast the deciding vote and actually had legitimate fact based arguments rather than just smiles and niceties when asked tough questions.

Anonymous said...

Nice read but are you saying Villalobos is the only Democrat with a chance to win the seat? What about the others in the race?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how Mendez saved TSC? Can you elaborate on that Bobby? Also, how is he tied with some story awhile back regarding him and his partner trying to sell UTB/TSC some property? Don't know all of the details...

BobbyWC said...

You asked the question so I must answer - no complaining.

In a regular campaign I believe Ramiro Garza could win hands down against any Republican


I do have a problem with part of his campaign. the issue of a medical school in the LRGV is not a federal issue and I find it misleading for him to talk about it.

But on jobs he does have an understanding of jobs in this area.

No congress person can create a job - they all support jobs - but someone who understands jobs in this area can better negotiate the congressional process which will lead to programs which will lead to jobs in our area.

What no candidate has told us is, what are the jobs possibilities for the LRGV.

My long term readers know I support hemp. The federal laws need to be changed so that our farmers no longer need permits.

At the state level both Lucios and Oliviera have done nothing to make the growing of hemp easier for our farmers.

This is not just about farmers - it is about manufacturing

On that end - TSC could use federal and state funding to teach our students to be users of manufacturing robotics.

Robotics could run plants for paper, clothes, fencing, mats - and on and on all made from hemp.

Hemp needs little water, no pesticides, and no fertilizers.

Hemp for both farmer and manufacturing is a multi-billion dollar industry waiting to happen.

Farmers all of the US are going through the state based permitting process and getting in on the money - but not the LRGV where the land and climate are the perfect place for hemp and manufacturing.

Hemp is just one idea people should be looking at - we must demand the candidates be specific about how as a congressman they can bring jobs - they cannot.

What they can do is explain what the joba potential for this area are, and then what policies they can support in congress to bring about those jobs.

Do any of then support federal funding for a 12,000 runway at Brownsville's airport - this would bring thousands of good paying jobs to Brownsville - a simple example and not one candidate even understands how it is done

BobbyWC said...

Trey Mendez forever tarnished his name with that business deal. I supported the selling of the building with the money going for scholarships or books for the students. Trey Mendez does not think in terms of the students and costs.

Really 2015 is when the students must wait until they get relief. Hey trey and Adela how about suing UT for the $10 million owed to our community. On the first courses, this money could move TSC forward.

Courses like training our children in the field of robotics and manufacturing - or we can use the money to start teaching the first courses we know the students will need to transfer to a full university - American Government - American History

The TSC board is doing nothing for the students - yes they voted to save TSC - A+ - but they are doing nothing for the students.

Every department head needs to be a PhD hired new with no ties to UTB - every social science department head must be tasked to work with his/her staff to create on line textbooks for the students.

This is being proactive for the students - all of the TSC Board members are complete jokes when it comes to the issue of actually helping the students.

Hopefully the 2 new board members will force the issue in the next election and then we can see some real action for the students

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The City wound up purchasing the Cueto building. The board was unanimous.

BobbyWC said...

But this was only after Trey Mendez got caught

Tell what has this board done to recover the $?10 million? Nothing - before 2015 what are they going to do to protect the students against high tuition and over the top book prices - nothing

what do they have in terms of real job training for the community


Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

yep, well said Bobby. Mendez got caught, and just like Adela, he is in it for his own benefit. he has insider information as to what are potential properties he and his "partner" can purchase and then re-sell to the UTB or TSC. as a board member, he can then lobby for whats best for him or his "partner." it was so clear when the herald reported on this but this is the norm down here.

and now utb will have to have a lot of layoffs cuz of the split!

BobbyWC said...

I have zero sympathy for the people at UTB about to be unemployed. It is not the role of society to keep people employed who are not doing their job.

I care more about the adults in Cameron county who need job training. Human dignity demands everyone be provided an opportunity at training which can lead to a well paid job. UTB/TSC partnership failed at the mandate -

I personally hope not one UTB instructor gets a job at TSC - we need knew blood with new ways

Let UT clean up the mess they created.

you do not get to fail at your job and then "cry me a river for sympathy" how about some sympathy for all the people saddles with students loans who got nothing from UTB

Bobby WC

Juan Cruz said...

What a joke, this lady has no clue. Shame on her 'friends' and family for letting her embarrass herself this way. Over and over again, she continues to embarrassed whoever she THINKS she's representing.

How DARE she bail on TSC with all the hard work TSC has to do left. Shallow, egoistical buffoon.

And for God's sake, will someone tell her it's CHildren and NOT Shildren? CHores and not SHores.

Anonymous said...

We need new blood with new ways is correct!

Anonymous said...

"Are there any Independents running in this race?"

Don Deleon is one.

Anonymous said...

Hey what do you expect. Adela is good friends with Cata Presas-Garcia. They stick like glue whenever they are at the same event. Where are all these Cata Presas-Garcia crawling out from. Scary........................

Anonymous said...

Kenaf has been grown locally for many years.
Kenaf is a non THC producing canibus.
It is regarded as a good alternative to white pine as a pulp product.
Looks almost exactly like Mota but no THC has good drought tolerance and could replace cotton as well.
There were big plans for a kenaf processing plant west of
Raymondville although it did not pan out.
Kenaf can produce 5 to 10 tons of dry fiber per acre.

Anonymous said...

Kenaf has been grown locally for many years.
Kenaf is a non THC producing canibus.
It is regarded as a good alternative to white pine as a pulp product.
Looks almost exactly like Mota but no THC has good drought tolerance and could replace cotton as well.
There were big plans for a kenaf processing plant west of
Raymondville although it did not pan out.
Kenaf can produce 5 to 10 tons of dry fiber per acre.

BobbyWC said...


history on Kenaf plant in Raymondville - yea you need to invision this past paper products - farmers all over the US are moving forward on hemp - texas is way behind the curve on this one

Juan Cruz said...

I got wind of another TSC trustee that will be stepping down like adela.....looks like the 'fab 4' havent been talking to each other and a couple of the trustees are bailing....pathetic.....

Anonymous said...

yeah....fast forward to "2:44" and you will see how this lady if so full of herself and so delusional to state that when she goes to the "DSC", she will be the one to get things done...HAHAHAHAHAH.

can these board member really have an impact in the lowering of tuition costs? does mendez have the power to do so?

BobbyWC said...

once the staff is separated, based on the budget they can lower tuition. Remember community college instructors are not paid to sit around and pretend to do important research. Most will have 5 classes with their sole purpose being instruction.

if the budget is there they can certainly reduce tuition.

We need to demand the candidates agree to sue UT to recover the $10 million - this will go a long way in reducing tuition

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Very good article Bobby. I learned a few things about this candidate today, this would help me, make an educated decision on who to vote.

Anonymous said...

"once the staff is separated, based on the budget they can lower tuition. Remember community college instructors are not paid to sit around and pretend to do important research. Most will have 5 classes with their sole purpose being instruction.

if the budget is there they can certainly reduce tuition."

Bobby, you are dead on about the budget and lowering tuition. You also hit the nail on the head about the professors and expectations for a CC professor as opposed to a University Prof.

Looking at the anticipated budget, lower tuition is certainly feasible and very possible, but most people prefer to castigate the board. Time will tell, but I am confident.


Anonymous said...

I am a Republican, and there is no way I can vote for this woman.

Adela has a limited level of cognizant functionality as well as language skill, and it is a fact, she is tight with Little Sylvia, ask anyone from LF. Adela knew that the LF Board majority that she was a part of was on their way out, and a few months before the election they extended Little Sylvia's contract in an attempt to save her job. In the end LF bought her out and they figured it still saved the district money the way that she was pissing it away.

BobbyWC said...

On Atkinson I have no idea what happened - but I know for sure school district trustees cannot be trusted to act in the best interests of the children

I can easily see the trustees not liking Atkinson for no other reason than she would not play it there way

In the same way she will be out the door if there is a new majority come November so too will Montoya - until state law changes and eliminates school boards corruption and compadrism will prevail

BObby WC