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I chose this picture because it demonstrates a point, an applicant's words are meaningless. The picture pushes the issue of, does the candidate have the skills to do the job and can the candidate actually prove they can do the job?

On Monday I will have the final part of my open letter to Dr. Tercero.  On Tuesday I will repost the BISD Archives as the first article.  I will continue to update the article as evidence comes forward.

When I look at the web pages of the candidates they all basically say the same "I support jobs, veterans, and education."  The reality is a member of congress has nearly no control or influence over any of these things.  In effect they are empty promises.

A congressman cannot compel or even tell a federal agency what to do.  All they can do is have a staffer write to a congressional liaison with that particular agency and ask that the agency try and address the constituent's problem.  You can actually get faster service by going through an advocate within the agency itself.


The only connect the candidates have with veterans is through the self anointed leadership among the veterans groups.  None of these groups are actually promoting the needs of veterans.  For these groups the prize is a VA hospital.  It is not going to happen any time soon.  None of these groups are actually talking about the immediate needs of the veterans, and hence neither are the candidates,

These candidates are not even elected yet, and they are already ignoring their future constituents.  It would never occur to them to seek out doctors or medical staff at the VA to learn the immediate needs of the veterans.

The VA Harlingen is understaffed to the point of the situation being critical.  The none medical staff administrators are expanding their staff while ignoring the needs of the medical providers.  On any given day a handful of primary care physicians in addition to their regular appointments are handling 80 or so walk in appointments.  The wait for an appointment with your PCP is so long veterans have been reduced to waiting for 4-8 hours for a walk in appointment.  Scheduled appointments are for followup and not immediate needs.  The solution is not complex.  Any doctor will tell you the hiring of 2 PA's along with an RN for each PA would allow the doctors to focus in on their appointments while allowing the PA's to handle nearly all walk ins.  The reality is, the clinic needs at least two more full  time regular doctors so as to relieve the pressure on the existing doctors.

The veterans also need extended hours at the clinic.  The clinic needs to be open until 7 p.m. for walk ins.  They also need to be open on Saturday for walk ins. 

None of the congressional candidates now or after elected can compel the VA do to anything.  What they can do is keep it in the news by being the advocate for the veterans.  They can meet with the Secretary of the VA and explain the nature of the problem.  They can explain that by taking care of some of these problems, it will relieve the pressure for an VA to build a hospital.

You will find none of this being advocated by the candidates because they do not know.  They do not know because as politicians they are trained to say what they believe you want to hear, and to not actually get into the trenches and learn the real problems and possible solutions.


Can anyone tell me how a member Congress (1 of 535 members - 100 Senators and 435 House Members) can bring jobs to any district?  They cannot - it is all lies.

But on the jobs front there are things which can be done to help others bring jobs to the district.  They can promote funding which will allow for development of jobs.  They can promote laws which either promote jobs or remove obstacles to jobs.

Free Trade Zones are a great example of what Congress can do.  But what has Brownsville done with its Free Trade Zones?  In effect, nothing.  Without competent local leadership all of the congressional help in the world will accomplish nothing.  As a member of the Brownsville City Commission what did Troiani ever do to promote jobs, Free Trade Zone, or the airport?  Nothing.  This is not some random attack.  It goes to choosing a congressman.  It tells us he cannot build the chair. 

As a DA Villalobos is not really in the business of creating jobs.  And, that is the point.  If nothing in his professional training or experience involves building jobs, what makes him qualified to do it now?  Can Cameron county wait for Villalobos to learn on the job?

Ramiro Garza does have some experience in creating an environment for jobs, but is it enough?

In the interest of full disclosure, I am voting for Ramiro Garza.

Do Denise Saenz Blanchard or Rose Meza Harrison have any real experience in job creation?  In reading Blanchard's  web page beyond working for Ortiz I do not see anything which tells me she understands anything other than how to go from being a congressional aid  to being consultant.

Rose Meza Harrison has decided her campaign will be based on slogans and not ideas or qualifications.  A web page is a candidate's first impression on the people.  She gets an "F".


An airport is an economic engine.  Brownsville needs a 12,000 foot runway if it intends to enter  the world of international cargo.  You would not know this by reviewing the web pages of the candidates,  This is a simple example of how they can impact job creation and it is not even on their radar.

Some will say Harlingen will object to Brownsville getting the federal funding.  Harlingen does not have a port.  The Brownsville port is a key part of the puzzle.  What I do support for Harlingen is federal assistance to expand their runway for aerospace manufacturing.  Unlike Brownsville, Harlingen has plenty of land available for the development of aerospace manufacturing.  Brownsville and Harlingen need to work together and help one another based on the strengths of the individual airports.

Is there anything on Troiani's web page which indicates an understanding of the district in terms of its potential growth in the area of jobs?

Conversely Villalobos seems to focus in on the agricultural areas.  What about the urban areas where the people live.  It is not that I do not care about the agricultural areas, because I do.  For over 10 years I have been pushing for hemp. This is a billion dollar industry for our farmers and future manufacturing facilities.  Raymondville has already committed to this.

I support Raymondville in its efforts.  They now need the support of the Congressional candidates.

On last thing, how about committing to federal assistance to develop robotics training at one of the community colleges in the district,

To my readers, look beyond the promises.  The only question is, can they put the chair together, because if they cannot then they are not qualified.


Anonymous said...

I agree. The runway project is a "no-brainer." Companies loss money when they can only land with 1/2 to 2/3 full of products.

Get a move on Brownsville!!

Anonymous said...

Ramiro talks about transportation and a medical school that is already in the works. It's like me taking credit for you taking a dump in your toilet. How is the federal government going to create a medical school in the RGV? If anything, Ramiro should be running for state senator is he wants a medical school in the RGV.

BobbyWC said...

You comment is valid and not valid at the same time. A US congressman really has no influence or say in the creation of a state mendical school. On this you picked up on a big problem with his promises.

His claims would have been more valid had he said as a congressman he would work to bring a medical school to Cameron county as part of the joint effort to bring a VA hospital. VA hospitals are tied to state medical schools or country hospitals or both.

On Transportation - highway 69 has been an unsatisfied promise for far too long. In this regard his promise is important because without constant pressure from our congressman we could all die before it become a full reality. Although I will say as someone who travel north on 77 way too often, the reality is moving forward quite fast. there are areas wherein a lot of land will need to be bought to complete the highway

On the medical school though - nice pick up

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I am posting this in two places so it gets read. Ramiro Garza's campaign has responded to a post about the role a congressman has in terms of a state medical school.

Here is his post.

"My role has been advocating for funds from the legislature to fund programs and initiatives tied to the Regional Academic Health Center (RAHC). As executive director of the Edinburg EDC, I was the liaison (2000-2009) with the UT Health Science Center collaborating jointly with UTPA, UTB and Harlingen officials to promote new funding for the RAHC. As you recall, the RAHC was a concept created by the State Legislature as a first step to build a full fledge medical school with three major components - Medical Education (Harlingen), Medical Research (Edinburg) and Public Health (Brownsville). For my part, I directly assisted UTHSC to attain funds from the City of Edinburg Medical Advisory Fund of $1 million that contributed to the construction of the Biomedical Research Facility that is now housed in Edinburg on the campus of UTPA. Unfortunately, there has not been enough funds to fully fund all the pro grams to realize a full fledge medical school. I know it is not a federal issue but I believe that as a Congressman, one should collaborate with the State to advocate for this to become a reality as it will not only help us meet our growing demand for doctors, but it will serve as en economic engine for the region – creating jobs and economic opportunities.


The BV will always post a professional response from any candidate concerned with a BV post or that of one of its readers.

Bobby WC