Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The good news is, we have a solid candidate against Presas-Garcia. We also have another candidate who has been vetted who has agreed to be independent, but also understands the current majority is not working for BISD.  We are actively working on a third candidate who is being vetted as I type.  All I can say is, other than a commitment to work against the corruption of the current majority, we are looking for independent candidates who understand the role of trustees.  We pay a lot of people very high salaries at BISD, and do not need unemployed bankrupt poorly educated people as trustees overruling them.

In about an hour I  will post the standards and some shocking documents. 

The consensus seems to be we need college graduates or anyone regardless of a college education who has a strong background in running a successful business.  I am certain this narrow qualification will open up based on a one on one basis.  I can imagine someone who is a very successful manager in a business, who has never been to college, being a highly qualified candidate.  Obviously Escobedo and Saavedra have proven that being educated does not mean you are not incompetent and corrupt.

BISD's budget is a 1/2 billion dollars.  We do not need high school graduates who have never run a business and who has put themselves into bankruptcy.

Cata Presas-Garcia is a classic example of who we do not need.

Here is final summary of her bankruptcy.


Her creditors were left with over $17,000 in unpaid debt.  I could not imagine owing $17,000 in unsecure debt.  Obviously many people have well over $17,000 in secure debt - house, car etc.  Secure debt is meaningless in bankruptcy because it is secure - you either make the payments or lose the property.

Here is her original filing.


She obviously has self esteem problems.  Rather than drive a practical car or newer car she chose to drive a 20 year old Mercedes.  Oh look at me, I drive a Mercedes - yea 20 years old. 

On her Cadillac what I think happened is, the bankruptcy made it impossible for her to get credit or at least a good interest rate.  This is probably why she had her neice buy the Cadillac.

Presas-Garcia bankrupted her family and now seeks to bankrupt BISD.  This about it - BISD taxpayers paid $250,000 audit which no one has been able to defend on the merits.  This was done for no better reason than to justify her witch hunts and rationalize her paranoia.


Anonymous said...

I hope you know these people and that they are willing to "hear your facts" and truely be for the kids. Ask them to give you some one on one time...worth a shot at least.

BobbyWC said...

Actually I am not personally vetting anyone - there are various people involved. There is one candidate who has been vetted whose name I do not know.

When the time is right they will come forward. At that point I will try and interview each candidate and see what they have to say.

But rest assured there are people who know all of the players - they will know who is a plant for the corrupt 4.

My big issue is we need trustees who will agree to a national search for a new superintendent, and make it known that changing the qualifications for a position such as special services will not be tolerate.

BISD needs a national search for an Administrator over special services.

We need to end the nonsense of hiring educators to run transportation. There are 1000's of unemployed veterans who ran mulimillion dollar transporation units within the military.

These are the people we need to hire.

He need a CFO who is a CPA and has an MBA. The CFO must have solid experience as a CFO

We need a law firm which understands they represent BISD and not the majority.

We need a school board which understands teachers do not have to be certified under NCLB - only highly qualified.

If you care about the children you will push for a requirement that all middle school and highschool teachers have a masters in their subject matter - at least in the core subjects.

We need an innovative superintendent who will put the kids first.

When you look to how BISD accomodates children with ADHD it in effect has no meaningful accomodations.

There are well established methods which begin with classrooms of no more than 10 students until they are taught the necessary skills to compensate for the ADHD.

There is a lot to be done

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting RATA CATA'S files and I hope you post LOOSEY LUCY'S too.
No wonder they are so quick to spend our money on their "TRANSPARENT AUDIt" since they love to spend money when they don't have to pay for anything but still line their RATA pockets.
I would be so ashamed to bring this on my loved ones just to bilk thousands of $$$$$ from creditors.
They have no shame or pride and should resign immediately for ill spending taxpayer's money.
There should be rules to prevent these clowns from running for office.
1. to date on all taxes
2. no bankrupts
3. read and comprehend at or above
a level of the highest degreed
4. don't accept bribes--I mean
5. don't have a hit list


BobbyWC said...

I do not believe bankruptcy should disqualify someone - we need to look to the specifics of the bankruptcy.


All over the US there are 10's of thousands of families wherein both parents lost their jobs due to no fault of their own.

At some point they feel like bankruptcy is there only was to recovery.

There is a big difference between the people who got caught up in the Bush II economic meltdown and people who simply over spent without regard for their ability to pay their bills.

On this issue I see it as very fact specific.

If we believe Luci's ex husband's claim that she cheated on him, what we have is someone who first bankrupted her family and then once the divorce decree was signed she put herself into bankruptcy to avoid the debt she was saddled with in the divorce.

This example is not that of somone you trust with a 1/2 billion dollar public budget

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I would like to run, but do not have the resources!!

Anonymous said...

I understand a Sergio Zarate has been approached by Sylvia Atkinson to run. He is the brother of the Human Resources Dept. Head, Marisela. They come from a good family...but they are in danger of losing their souls. It's a scary thing to work with snakes without becoming one.

BobbyWC said...

We are fully aware of Sergio Zarate and a package verifying his dealings with BISD and Art Rendon has been prepared. He can run, but he cannot hide.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Will the Sup's secretary run for the board or will the husband?

Anonymous said...

AD Tom Chavez has be reassigned to the Wellness Center.


Anonymous said...

So what in the heck did Caty spend her settlement suit from Strawberry Square on? I believe it was a slip and fall while she was pregnant with one of her children. I also remember her coming to the board and threatening a lawsuit, because she had applied for several positions in the district and was never hired. Soon after that she was hired as a secretary. Disappointed about Tom Chavez being reassigned, I heard that Sandra Powers wants the job. Keep up the good work Bobby.

BobbyWC said...

If that is Sandra Atkinson Powers - highly unlikely - she is on the outs and a target of the 4

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What?? Tom!!
Regarding Sergio, he is a decent guy. Sadness overwhelms me that he would get involved with the board majority. It is not like him. Maricela doesn't even want to be the Adm for HR anymore. She wants out. So, I am sure that Sergio isn't doing it as a favor to his sister.

What's up with Charlie at Faulk? I never hear anything about him, just that the teachers are very unhappy with their new administration.

Did Mary Tolman and Raul Vasquez land their level 6 positions after all? Must be nice to be "in."

So who is the district's election officer? Smiley?? What a joke!

Keep it comin' people...this shit is interesting!

Anonymous said...

Just watch!
Charlie will take Tom's place.

BobbyWC said...

Not in a million years

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

$400 for golf clubs for a professional. Make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Why did Quintanilla called them "pieces of shit"?

Anonymous said...

He called them that because it takes one to know one.
You know birds of a feather....
He knows them all tooooo well. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh!!! I see...so this is why he called them "pieces of shit"