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Side note - the issue of advertising on buses has been raised by BISD.  This is not the first
time. Here is an article on the issue of advertising  on school buses.

In November Art Rendon was running his big mouth on the issue of who would get the BISD contract for advertising on buses.  The BV ran the following:


In a previous post I stated a vendor is claiming Art Rendon, Transportation, told him to not bother with the bid on advertising on school buses because the contract was going to a Houston company. I did an open records request on the matter. As BISD response shows no agenda item was ever posted on it and no requests for bids ever went out. Why is BISD awarding these contracts through the back door.

See BISD response

Maybe we should remember Quintanilla's view of how contracts should be awarded.


Carlito wants my readers to know the bankruptcy trustee falsified the report I posted yesterday when he stated Carlito is claiming to have a claim against the Texas Department of AG.  Carlito denies this.  I am sure the trustee will be very interested to see Carlito's written statement accusing him of falsifying the report.  Carlito claims he will be suing his fellow felon Bruce Carter for not paying him enough with taxpayer money to work as a table server.  Only if we all could get paid $30,000 or more to be Bruce Carter's bitch as a table server.  Good luck Carlito is suing.  He is already facing a  default in excess of a half million dollars.

Oh, Carlito a reader asked - how is it that such a great humanitarian in the Latino community has an Anglo bankruptcy attorney and an Anglo family law attorney.  Is it possible that all of the Latino attorneys know enough to run when they see you coming?  Just asking where all the Latino attorneys are to help such a great humanitarian within the Latino community as Carlito.  What an indictment on the Latino lawyers in Dallas.


A formal criminal complaint is being lodged with the FBI, Texas Rangers, Texas AG, Cameron County DA (yea I know a complete joke), and Brownsville ISD Police Department.  CHARGE - destruction of government files.  I will also be seeking assistance from the Texas Ethics  Commission - I am not sure they have jurisdiction beyond asking for assistance from the Texas Rangers.

For the second time, BISD's Chief Financial Officer, Ismael Garcia, put into writing that BISD has no records for the Defeat ZayasCortezPowers PAC.  This time around when I made the request I attached a copy of one of the reports with BISD's file stamp on it.  I did this so that I could say this is what I am looking for. Ismael Garcia is so stupid that with me attaching proof BISD has these reports he still stated they do not.

Several months ago when I first made the request and got the same letter, an interesting thing happened on the day I made the request.  Cata Presas-Garcia was coming out of the building as I was going in.  I left off the open records request.  She knows the only reason I go to the admin building is over open requests requests.  When I came out she was sitting in her infamous Cadillac in a spot right next to the door.  I got into my car and drove the long way around the parking lot.  When I  came back around I did not see Cata Presas-Garcia in her car.  It appeared empty.

I have no proof beyond what I saw in not seeing her in her car that Cata Presas-Garcia has anything to do with the missing records. 

The time frame is important.  This was within days or a week after Mary Rey's deposition was posted to the internet exposing the fraud which was the DefeatZayasCortezPowersPac.

You should also know during the first round in asking for the campaign finance reports for the PAC they did give me one report.  I objected and stated that there were more than one report.  This is when Ismael Garcia responded with no reports exist.  He is so stupid that he things he can say no reports exist at the same time they are handing me one report.


In the response by BISD they could not produce any campaign finance reports which show contributions to or payments by Luci Longoria.  Again I have file marked copies of these already.  Why is Ismael withholding these documents?  In Mary Rey's deposition she nailed Luci Goosey Longoria for her role in the DefeatZayas et al PAC.


Ismael gave me everything on Cristina Saavedra.  Saavedra was not mentioned as a key player in Rey Deposition.  Do not feel left out Cristina.  We already have the proof that you failed to report advertising expenditures, which would also then mean you failed to report contributions.  Ismael Garcia just sold you up the river by failing to protect you.

Garcia also refused to produce complete reports on Escobedo.  Saavedra was the only one on who he was willing to produce complete reports.


Oh Luci Goosey - nailed on Monday- you were warned but your pathetic spineless husband cannot seem to protect you, and Presas-Garcia is all too willing to allow you to sink


Anonymous said...

Rendon, are you kidding. You can only believe half of what he saids. Maybe he never said it in the begining. You know..........

Anonymous said...

So now we have to prostitute our district through public ads to cover the stupidity, greed and personal agendas of the four thieves on the board and the moron 'superintendent" they hired. All the while, Atkinson is running amuck moving, demoting and bullying anyone who is not "with her". They just paid off three people Wednesday and heard from three disgruntled employees. And what is with the quarter million dollar witch hunt. Why is the district not placing it proudly in the newspaper? They paid enough for it. Let the people see what it is before they doctor it up.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, wasn't Dr. A suppose to clean house with all those administrators that don't do anything all day? Instead, all I have been reading is that she is promoting some of these lazy folks to either higher level positions.

btw, who is Lucy's husband? Is he also from BISD?

BobbyWC said...

To the best of my knowledge Luci's huband has nothing to do with BISD - but he has money - money which he will use to defend her when several lawsuits by several people are filed. All of his assets since before the marriage are protected - but any assets (with several very limited exceptions) acquired since marriage will be subject collection if a judgment issues

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

He is a History teacher at a middle school...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your continued and tireless efforts to bring these criminals to justice. Cata still thinks she is untouchable as evidenced by her continued control of the Board and the administration - everyone at the "Glass Palace" is at her beck and call.

Anonymous said...

You got that right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How does Luci's husband have money if he is a School Teacher? I mean you made it sound like her Husband is loaded.

Anonymous said...

School teachers don't make alot $$ as administrators do, so how is it then that he's "loaded"?

Anonymous said...

Remember, "contributions and gifts" were handed over to them since way before the election, better yet, way before they even anounced....

BobbyWC said...

Who said he is loaded? People inherent money all of the time - my source is certain his assets were acquired b4 Luci Goosey was elected

Bobb yWC

BobbyWC said...

I have seen zero evidence to support claims of gifts - if you have it produce it

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Yea I heard he has alot of rental properties.

Anonymous said...

It would have to be disclosed once they are brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

Lucy thinks she is untouchable, and so does Catalina!! WE'LL SEE.