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Below is a great article on Everardo Longoria's history of domestic abuse.  As we must, we must assume the jury got the verdict of not guilty correct on the one case of domestic abuse which was tried.  But what the facts do show at  trial which are not disputed is, Longoria went to the home of his ex wife and in  front of his  children created a domestic abuse situation.  As a police officer he knew or should have known removing a piece of disputed property from his ex wife's home is not how you solve these things.  This tells us a lot about his personality.

There is a clear pattern here concerning Villalobos and domestic abuse - Jessica Tetreau called the BPD repeatedly with claims of domestic abuse.  Although the law mandates that Villalobos investigate all claims of domestic abuse whether the spouse files charges or not, he does not.  Villalobos ran cover for "police officer" Longoria over and over and over again.  Only when it became impossible for Villalobos to avoid prosecuting Longoria was there a trial.

We see the same pattern with Jessica Tetreau - Villalobos repeatedly refused to take action against her husband after endless calls.  Villalobos has no use for the law on domestic abuse and sees the abuse of woman as something society should tolerate - it is not.  As part of his contempt for this issue what did he do?

On the day he announced for Congress he also announced his decision to prosecute Jessica Tetreau for domestic abuse.  "Hey look at me as DA I am not afraid to prosecute woman who are domestically abused by their husbands."  In the case of Jessica Tetreau the 911 call and police report vary enough that no competent DA would even consider the police report.   But Villalobos sees it as an opportunity to be hard on public officials.  Villalobos was not born a man - he was born a weasel.

I can only hope the family is looking to hire a top notch lawyer.  It does not matter the jury found Longoria not guilty.  A good lawyer will get the testimony of her ex wife and use it as evidence the BPD runs cover for its officers.  A good lawyer will show how Presas-Garcia illegally forced Treviño out as Cummings principal and possibly creating the environment which lead to the death of Jaime Gonzalez.

As to the BPD I will bet the farm Brownsville's liability carrier will pay policy limits rather than chance a trial.  I will also bet that if the family secures a lawyer who knows how to file a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights Enforcement federal criminal charges will be brought against both the BPD and BISD.


Tony is in his little church on his property cowering and blaming god for making him mayor.


He is on Cheezmeh's page actually participating in homophobia and then refusing to denounce even more evidence of antisemitism


She is publicly helping cheezmeh bring legitimacy to their organization.  Melissa may have a good record of voting with the people but like a magnet she cannot help but engage in self destruction when it comes to her image - she is just drawn to every possible act which makes her look bad.  It blows my mind how someone who works in public relations can know so little about public relations when it comes to her own image.

As an elected official promoting cheezmeh's public forum makes her a supporter of cheezmeh's active demand to vilify Jaime Gonzalez and defend the indefensible - it makes her a supporter of their racist, homophobic and antisemitic jokes. On this one I think she has finally sunk herself.  When the truth comes out, and it will, Melissa will have no where to turn for support.  The fact that Eramso Castro tried to recall her with nothing by lies, and then she sold her soul to him should tell you and all of Brownsville who she is.  She may vote with the people - but she seems obsessed with self destruction when it comes to her image.


Anonymous said...

According to the Herald, Everardo's brother is a commissioner. Is it true? Does that have something to do with the silence?

BobbyWC said...

silence is Brownsville - independent of his brother

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

WHAT IF commission is silent because they don't want to offend their colleague.

BobbyWC said...

It is standard practice in the entire US for elected officials to stay out of the specifics of teh case - remember they may have to vote on a settlement or firing of an employee - such as a judge they have an ethical duty to be presented with all the evidence based on an investigation -

there is no coverup of silence

What you can say which is what Zamora has done is raise the issue of better marking these pellet guns as toys.

This is actually good leadership and working for the people and the police equally.

But no commission can speak to the problem with specifics at this time.

The mayor could have said

"I can assure the people a complete and fair investigation and assure the people that training and procedure will be reviewed to learn if things could have been done better."

This would not be judging anyone - it would be taking a very neutral position which calms the voices

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Presas hated Trevino for being related to Zayas accusing Zayas of giving her Cummings, when in fact it was Fox who moved her so the judge would quit harassing her at Sharp. Then, cpg friends at Cummings hated the structure and strictness and held a private meeting with cpg to announce their displeasure with Trevino. With that, Trevino was suspended and almost fired accept they didnt find any wrong doing and none of the specialists in pesonnel wanted anything to do with the false allegations and they refused to carry out ' the orders' to fire Trevino. Now you know. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

According to the Herald, Everardo's brother is a commissioner. Is it true? Does that have something to do with the silence?

January 11, 2012 9:19 AM


Anonymous said...

Any news of the BISD near final forensic report which was discussed at the Special Called Board Meeting?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobby!!

Is it true that BISD Forensic Auditor cost about 250k?Was this a "bogus" investigation? Even if they find something illegal, there are never any consequences, people just get moved around and keep their high pay. Puro Compadres covering each other.

Things never change!

Anonymous said...

This was a personal vendetta. CPG, on the instructions of the guy from Dallas, has promised to bring the then majority down at any cost, even if that means spend the district monies on stupid forensic audit....Can you imagine how many more teachers we could have hired with a quarter of a million dollars???