Friday, January 20, 2012


To see the ruling click below, and then in upper right hand corner click on Perry v. Perez.

In a nutshell, Texas cannot use the pre-redistricting maps.  Texas cannot use the Legislative redistricting maps because they have not been precleared.  The only option for Texas is to use maps drawn by the San Antonio federal judges.

The Supreme Court held that the federal courts must incorporate the policies of the state legislature unless they are illegal under the Voting Rights Act.  The Supreme Court found that the three judge panel made changes which were not based on Voting Rights Act violations, but agrees that the legislative map cannot be used as a matter of law because it has not been precleared.

This means somehow the federal judges must find a way to draw maps which support the legislative maps, but are sufficiently different to be able to meet preclearance under the Voting Rights Act.  Good Luck judges -

It is any one's guess what the final maps will look like or when they will be available for use in a primary.

So we are now in limbo - to be sure any map drawn  by the federal judges will be met with an emergency appeal to the Supreme Court.  It could take until November to even know the lines of the new districts.


I simply do not get courts or attorneys - it has all become such a free for all - everything is simply a guessing game.

The Trustee has ordered the dismissal of his bankruptcy Chapter 13.  I will upload the order to allow people to see it.  But here is my problem with the order of planned dismissal.  It clearly ignores he has an attorney and assumes he does not.  It also fails to recognize his attorney did file some things last week, albeit incomplete.

For the record, I do not give a crap about his home or the bankruptcy.  This entire exercise is about discovery of his finances.  It is all being used behind the scenes to build a case.  I do not want the bankruptcy dismissed.  It will mean cutting off my source of information. 

Such as redistricting - it is any one's guess.  I cannot believe that the Trustee is unaware of the fact Quintanilla does have an  attorney.  If I have access to all of the filings, the Trustee certainly also has access to all of the filings.

To be clear on this point, the order seems to ignore the fact Quintanilla does in fact have an attorney and his attorney has in fact made filings.

The bottom line is, the courts, the lawyers, and the bankruptcy trustees cannot be trusted to get the job done right..


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up and keeping all of us informed. I will send to my lawyer so that you won't have to do her job.


Anonymous said...

You are right. The system is corrupt. The only way it will be fixed is if people begin pushing for reforms and elect fair politicians. The Tea Party and Occupy Wallstreet is the start of this movement. Leaders will have to emerge and come forward to bring about significant changes. I don't know if the upcoming election will bring people out of the woodwork for change, but we can only hope and pray.

Anonymous said...

The system is corrupt and the only ones to blame for this is ourselves. The ever so shrinking "PRODUCERS" like myself were too busy with chasing the AMERICAN DREAM and entrusted our politicians would do the honorable thing. Now we know they have become SCUM BAGS on both side of the isle. What we the people need to do is vet our candidates as much as possible. We need to hold our politicians their feet to the fire and if they don't work out VOTE THEM OUT.

As far the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall street movements, are two totally different groups. In my opinion Tea Party represent the PRODUCERS of America the tax payers of America, who want government to shrink, spend less, and end ENTITLEMENTS. Occupy wall street represent the "TAKERS" of America, class envy, they want BIG GOVERNMENT more ENTITLEMENTS, without working. Their mantra claims that they represent 99% of America when in actuality ONLY REPRESENT 2%.
According to a recent Gallup poll, only 2% of the people in this country identify the divide between rich and poor as something that's a major concern to them, hence OCCUPY WALL STREET.

BobbyWC said...

Polls havv no value on such issues - further I would like to see the poll before I believe a word of what you say.

The Tea party is nothing more than a bunch of trained monkeys for the corporatists - they bring extreme new meaning to ignorance.

A great example of how these idiot Tea Party morons is played can be seen in the oil exploration issue.

The US "The country exported 430,000 more barrels of gasoline a day than it imported in September, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. That is about twice the amount at the start of the year, and experts and industry insiders say the trend is here to stay"

You read that right - in September the US exported more barres of processed oil as gasoline than we imported oil.

This is the reason your gas prices are going up. Instead of selling the gasoline which is drilled here and processed here the oil companies are allowed to sell it overseas to the highest bidder.

How many times have the Republicans and Tea party demande fewer regulations on the construction of new refineries as a way to lower gas prices? The facts are what they really want are more refinaries to be able to sell more American gas to the highest bidder overseas. You cannot be dumber than a Tea Party person.

It is a 100% myth that more drilling will bring down the price of gas - all the corporatists want is control of the oil owned by the American people so that they can deplete our future resources to make a dollar today.

the Tea Party being the idiots they are are the ones helping the corporatists carry out one of the largest thefts of natural resources in the history of the world.

Look at LA - they claim to be Republican tea Party supporters but yet cry to the federal taxpayer for more federal dollars every time they see a disaster. the refused to fix their own levees and then demanded the federal taxpayer clean up the mess they made -

They demand that no regulations be imposed on the drilling of oil in the gulf and then when a disaster happens they demand the federal taxpayer clean it up.

The Republicans in LA are all about corporate welfare and no personal responsibility.

If you want to see the truth behind the corporatists and their monkey followers just look to how the Republicans have turned LA into the federal taxpayer bail out state, while preaching smaller government.

No sir, the Occupy wall street people do not want hands outs - they want jobs - they want an end to federal tax dollars funding corporate welfare - they want to stop the export of American gas so that the American people can again afford gas.

name one republican or tea party person who opposes this sinful exporting of American gas to the highest bidding foreign country. you cannot

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"BobbyWC said...
Polls havv no value on such issues - further I would like to see the poll before I believe a word of what you say..."
Here's the link:Gallup: Most Important Issue Facing the Country Poll.
You seem a bid confuse let me enlighten you.
First of all Oil Exploration and Oil Refining are two separate business processes in the oil industry. Not all countries that extract crude oil refine it for example Mexico, Europe, Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern countries I believe Iran is one of them also. The Untied States is one of the leading countries that REFINE OIL INTO GASOLINE. Many countries send their crude oil for us to refine it like Mexico. Of course for that reason we export a REFINE PRODUCT.

As for 10% drop in domestic demand for gasoline many factors come in to play for that, mainly obama's DEPRESSION ECONOMY. The fact we have MILLIONS UNEMPLOYED, people are driving less. In addition, higher gasoline prices, people are "planning" they're driving trips more carefully.
As for why prices are going through the roof and not based on demand, The price of oil is based on FUTURE DEMAND. The instability of the Middle East, & the very fact that Iran is threatening to shut down the Strait of Hormuz is what's causing the spike. I happen to believe Iran is basically making "idle threats" in order to keep the price inflated because they would mainly benefit as it's there only CASH COW industry.

BobbyWC said...

One you did not produce the link to the poll - but I have it so people can read it in context.

For reasons I do not know the link will not cut and paste.

google Gallupo: Most Important IssueFacing the Country and it will come up

First of all - here is your problem - the poll shows the importance of the economy, but then when you begin to break it down on a micro level people seem to not feel individual economic issues matter

For example only 1% care about the price of gas. Occupy Wallstreet is not only about rich/poor - the number one issue in the poll you reference is jobs

the cut and past is not working - but anyone can google Occupy Wall Street and see a big issue is unemployment - while it is true economic disparity is also an issue

On the oil issue - I get countries send their oil to the US for refining and that based on the contract it cannot be resold in the US. Pay attention to the math - the article notes we exported more than we imported - this means it is not all foreign oil refined exclusively for reexport - the US has an oil glut and rather than resell the refined oil in the US - far too much is being exported for a higher price.

On Iran the press is reporting exacly what you say - but here is the problem with what you are saying - the boycott prevents much of the world from buying their oil - in fact China is being attacked for ignoring the boycott and buying Iranian oil at a heavy discount since Iran is now cash strapped

Iran's conduct is actually allowing China to buys its oil at a discount. As China buys more Iranian oil its demand on other sources go down.

But it is true the speculators are artificially inflating the price of oil over real market demand.

If you think for one second that Exxon Mobil is going to hold its refined oil in the US for sale to Americans at a discount price when it can get premium prices abroad - I have a bridge to now where to sell you.

the TEA part simply does not understand capitalism - the product goes to the highest bidder - it is all market driven.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't OBAMA pressured the committee which regulates oil. They have the power to stop speculation, but no one has the cojones to do this. This is a weakness in the presidency. Not just the current, but the previous administration.

BobbyWC said...

From the time Obama was elected I pushed this issue - regulation is a tricky thing - at most I believe the government can restrict exportation of oil which originates from leases on land owned by the US - We can also limit exportation of gas refined at US refineries if we make that a condition of the new refinery.

Capitalism is pretty basic - profits - I have no problem with Romney' defense of the system - Newt's new found awareness of vulture capitalism is bogus.

But here is the bottom line - even if the US stops speculation on US soil - nothing prevents the speculators from setting up shop in the UK for example.

the bottom line is, under teh capitalist model the Tea party people love Exxon Mobile can export every last drop of US refined oil thereby causing the American people to have to import it from elsewhere - it is all about who is willing to pay the most - this is the free market

It is completely bogus that by allowing Exxon Mobile to build more refineries will the price of gas go down - they will only refine to the extent they can make the profit they want.

It is about controlling supply and demand to maximize profit - this entire issue of more refineries is not about lowering prises, but to raise profits.

Why can they not build the refineries in other countries where US EPA regulations do not apply? Answer - fear of nationalization

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I say baby steps. Stop the oil speculation in the US. Even if they speculate elsewhere, let's take this corruption outside the U.S. Who knows, if we do this maybe we can take corruption out of politics as well.