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A FUNNY UPDATEMontoya and I agree that the Cheezmeh debate was a farce and nothing more than an attempt to make Begum look bad.  No one can accuse me of being a Begum supporter - but when Montoya and I agree it is fair to say it must be close to the truth - although Begum did pay him to defend her - but in this case it has merit.  O nthis language accent with Begum - Erin needs to denounce her moronic followers on this issue or face the valid claim she is a self hating Latino racist.  Which is it Erin are you are racist or are the Cheezhem people out of line on this issue?
(Guys I was planning on a quiet week with no posts - I am just holding something on BISD - when the  time is right - but I hate liars - while cyber-politiqueras are not new in concept - this rush to be paid money to lie and manipulate the vote through the blogs is new to Brownsville - hence this post)

Nothing gets under my skin more than overt liars.  Jim by his own admission makes stupid mistakes when he drinks.  For a man his age he should know his limits, but he does not.  Look I have no use for Brownsville Cheezmeh - they are racist, antisemitic, homophobic bigoted ignorant trash.  Their voices represent everything evil in society and life.  They are lead by a pathological liar in Erasmos Castro.  These are people who have no voice among intelligent rational people so they spew their ignorance on facebook - the only place which will have them.

I will get to Jim - BUT FIRST - check out this tumbler account owned by Brownsville "were con artists" Cheezmeh.  They are promoting one and only one candidate - Luis Saenz.

I will seriously consider not voting for anyone who attends their bogus candidate forum.  Why in gods name would Begum attend a forum when all of the evidence points to the reality that it is in fact a con artist attempt at humiliating Begum while promoting Erin Garcia.  Erin Garcia and Yolanda Begum are the least two qualified candidates.  Erin Garcia failed to perform in college and on her LSAT which is why she attended the worst law school in Texas.  It is the law school of last resort.  It is the law school  you go to once you have been rejected by every other law school in the state.  Erin Garcia through her own words and actions has demonstrated a complete and total disregard for the sanctity of the ballot while sitting in court defending the criminal conduct of the politiqueras who stole the election for her father.  She was smirking when the judge announced he would not allow Peña to finish putting on the evidence.  Erin Garcia through her own words has demonstrated a complete and total contempt for free speech.  This is what happens when you are lazy or stupid and fail to secure the grades to get into a law school other than the worst law school in Texas.


Jim in his little tirade against Cheezhem this morning fails to tell people he is a liar and remind people how he tried to shake down Carlos Masso  for advertising dollars. 

Jim in his attack on Cheezmeh claims clean hands on the issue of Melissa Zamora - a few too many beers has caused Jim to forget his own actions.  Jim repeatedly printed the lies against Melissa Zamora until I called him out on it on facts.  Jim in this morning post simply lies - he cannot run from reality  - he is simply upset that Cheezmeh is making money as a cyber-politiquera group and his attempt to get money from Carlos Masso failed. 

It was not Cheezmeh who took the lead against Fly Frontera - if anything Cheezmeh nearly got Fly Frontera approved  through its support for Camarillo and his a Ménage à trois with Rodrigo Moreno and Erasmos Castro.  The fact of the matter is, when Quintanilla and company started criminal background checks on Cheezmeh operatives it was the BV who called on the candidates to denounce the tactic, while it was Earsmos Castro and Rodrigo Moreno (working for Camarillo) who banned the BV from their facebook page for asking Camarillo tor denounce the criminal background checks.

It has been well established that Rodrigo Moreno openly worked with Carlos Quintanilla and Enrique Escobedo to bring about the mess we have at BISD.  Erasmos Castro does not wipe his own ass without first consulting with Rodrigo Moreno.  The decision to absolve BISD of any missteps in the death of Jaime Gonzalez is again another directive from Rodrigo Moreno.  The majority of 4 must be protected at all  costs, even it it means vilifying a dead emotionally disturbed 15 year boy.  This is Brownsville Cheezmeh.  With the exception of the homophobic attack on Sylvia Atkinson Cheezmeh has chosen to look the other way in terms of the BISD mess - again another directive from Rodrigo Moreno.

Something which never came out in the Mary Rey deposition was the game plan for power.  Mary Rey told me that when dealing with her son Quintanilla told her - "wait until the next election when we control the sheriff."  This is why Pat Lehmann created the false story about the jail commissary contract - it was all false - when the truth came out the jail ended up owing the vendor $7,000 - all because an audit was done.  The truth showed that the vendor had no control over the money or the markup by the jail.  The truth showed that the sheriff has the high mark up as a way to raise money for prisoner services.  You either charge the prisoners for prisoner services or the taxpayer - the entire story was bogus for no other reason than to hurt Lucio's reelection and get elected someone who will give the contract to Pat Lehmann or someone tied to Pat Lehmann.  In the end the prisoners would be paying the same.

You see cheezmeh is now part of that group with Rodrigo Moreno, Carlos Quintanilla, and Pat Lehmann to take control of Brownsville and Cameron county politics for their own financial end. 


Jim tells you Craig Grove brought the issue up - true and false,.  Craig has always been good with me - I must give that bias up front.  He did help me look for a home at one point.  Unlike so many other realtors he did not try and push me into a disaster of a home because the price was right.  The first home  we looked out I should have bought - It was a deal.  I would highly recommend Craig as an agent who will look out for his clients.

Craig has always told the truth about Fly Frontera (try it Jim you may find it liberating).  Craig posted on Cheezmeh's facebook page all of the coverage from the Brownsville Voice.  Until then Cheezmeh did not have a word on the issue.  All of Cheezmeh's research came from the Brownsville Voice.  Craig found himself persona non grata when he would point out this truth, among other reasons.

But it was not the BV who started this - it was Melissa Zamora who started the outcry against Fly Frontera.  This is a fact Cheezmeh and Jim Barton seem to never want to push as a reality. 

By the  time Rodrigo Moreno realized what was happening on Cheezmeh's page it was too late to stop it.  He went to Erasmos Castro and told him to protect Camarillo at all costs.  Camarillo and Rodrigo Moreno were big supporters of Fly Frontera.  The cat was out of the bag so now they needed damage control.   This is when I was banned  from Cheezmeh's facebook.  Craig Grove was banned next.  We were speaking the truth and Rodrigo Moreno and Erasmos Castro did not like it.

Brownsville Cheezmeh did nothing to stop Fly Frontera - in fact on the night they appeared at the city commission they walked out before Quintanilla spoke.  Quintanilla was given a full 30 minutes to speak unabated because Cheezmeh left him there to say what ever he wanted.  The only reason Quintanilla lost that night was because the City of Brownsville was looking down the barrel of litigation with Pan Am over the fact Pan Am was told there was no incentive money at the same time Fly Frontera was being told there was.  It had nothing to do with Cheezmeh.

Two people (entities) stopped Fly Frontera - Melissa Zamora and Pan Am - all the BV did was provide the research - but it did not stop it - Pan Am's threat of litigation is what brought it to an end.  Had Camarillo won the election as mayor with the help of Erasmos Castro and Rodrigo Moreno - Fly Frontera would have gotten the money.  Erasmos Castro was an accidental opponent of Fly Frontera. 

These are facts people - facts you will never find coming from Jim Barton or Erasmos Castro.


Do Tell Jim - Do tell.

The poor kid from Veterans Memorial.

Jim reposted the video of this kid when he spoke at BISD.  His next post was from an "anonymous insider" at Veteran's memorial who was going to tell the truth about what is really happening at Veterans Memorial.  Jim then took down the post.  Any idiot could see the anonymous source was the kid.  Honorable people do not use children as pawns in the game of politics.  I cannot imagine what the BISD majority is now doing to this kid. 

Reporters, bloggers, or politicians - at least the honorable ones - should never use children to push an agenda - it is just simply unethical and can go so wrong.


Yolanda Begum has hired Juan Montoya - cyber-politiqera - to run trash against Erin Garcia and her family. Let's not forget when Ernie Hernandez was paying Montoya, Montoya called the harvesting of mail ballots the way things are done - hence no big deal.  Ernie Hernandez refused to pay again so now Erin is to be attacked - Begum is paying for these attacks.  Begum calls this ethical and honorable - just what we want in a judge

Why did Jim run cover for Yolanda Begum when she emailed him for help in raising money to get Montoya out of jail.? Of course he admitted to me he accidentally sent me the email when he was drunk.  Jim is Yolanda paying you?  Begum who is probably the least qualified of all the candidates has knowingly hired a cyber-politiquera who was an intricate player in the BISD mess.  Yolanda Begum has proven herself to be incredibly unethical.  She is so desperate to appear important she has no problem paying a cyber-politiqera who may have cost BISD $14.3 million.

Look, if unethical politicians are willing to pay the cyber-politiqueras to run deceptive campaigns - business is business - but then it is up to other blogs and news services to report on the cyber-politiqueras and their candidates

If Jim really cared about this issue he would have included Yolanda Begum - but he did not.  He would have told the story of how Alex Dominguez ran to court to get Montoya out of jail so that Montoya could continue to write the bogus articles for Dominguez.  This guy is not even elected to public office yet and Dominguez has shown himself totally devoid of ethics.

Jim's entire post was fraught with lies and deception.  The questions is, why Jim, why?


Anonymous said...

You talk a big game about unethical behavior, yet you won't tell us who these closeted married Republicans you wrote about. You won't name names because you are a sad attention seeker no different that the men you complain about today.

BobbyWC said...

Dude you are incredibly pathetic in your unrelenting need to post nonsense - one I never said Perry is gay- in fact I denounced the Democratic operatives who made the allegation-

two Obama did not repeal the military sodomy law - the US Supreme Court found sodomy laws to be unconstitutional so a law which had already been deemed unconstitutional was taken off the official books

And you moron if you knew any thing the military used the law to prosecute men married to women - the law prohibited married men and women from performing oral sex on one another

You live in a world of delutions - you can neither read nor comprehend English and everything you read seems to be a personal attack on you

As to helping you hook up with a married gay man so you can cheat on your wife I will not help you - just go to one of their meetings (any republican meeting) throw a dart and you will find a date - I sure

Learn to read and comprehend English before you comment

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Comnment rejected - I will not allow the BV to be used by Erin Garcia (or minions) to trash Begum with the same old garbage - I have heard her speak - only a racist would make an issue of her accent -

hey Erin are you and your supporters racists -

Bottom line is neither is qualified - period

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I admire your standards on deleting comments that don't contribute to the discussion, unlike el rrun rrun.

BobbyWC said...

Jim responds with more lies

Jim wants my readers to know he does not want Masso's ad - but yet this is what he himself posted

"If we had been advertising at 3 cents a hit, that could have generated $300 per advertiser. But, Carlos Masso never returned our phone calls."

The thing is - I have no problem - as a business venture - with cyber-politiqueras. Business is business - if you can make money at it have at it - it is legal

But it is for none cyber politiqueras to educate the people when commentary is actually paid advertising for a candidate

Our community is what it is because distraction from the issue is always the response of the liars. We cannot stop the liars - but we can educate the people in who the liars are and who is playing games with their vote

Bobby WC