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Here is my original post - the BV is in large measure about research.  In light of what is happening with Linebarger I feel a need to remind people of my research on the issue.  I only caught a small part of the BISD meeting - it was during the discussion on tax collection.  It was clear Luci Longoria, Presas-Garcia, Saavedra and Escobedo were advocating for Linebarger.

The real funny part is Linebarger is going after Carlos Quintanilla in his bankruptcy - I am not sure which issue they have but someone has a claim for more than $4,000 in the Dallas County bad check office.  Will Linebarger let Quintanilla off the hook if they get the contract? (Joe people - joke)

What I will be doing is, this is being orchestrated out of Linebarger's Austin office.  The Travis County DA will receive a full criminal complaint against Linebarger for influence peddling.  The DA can look at this meeting and see it is a 100% con job.  I will let the Travis county DA work it out.

Here is the link to my original research - it is only because of my research and the need for people to have access to it that I am making this special post.  I have decided my final post will be Monday - at that time I will disclose what is happening behind the scenes.  My energy needs to be 100% on the behind the scene activity.


Here is the original post reposted and edited to not include non Linebarger issues.


Item 11 on Wednesdays agenda is putting out bids for tax collection. The item was put on the agenda by Presas-Garcia.

Linebarger owns the corrupt 4. The TEA can do a study of these corrupt 4 and use the results to justify changing the laws to give Region One greater control over BISD. Of course nothing will happen because when it comes to corruption in the LRGV nothing ever happens.

... ... ... .


Saavedra accepted $3,000 from Linebarger either directly or through their local advocates. She was not even on the Board at the time. Why would Linebarger be willing to give her $3,000 either directly or indirectly? How could she know in advance before bids and review of the bids that Linebarger would be better than the current company collecting taxes for BISD. Why does Linebarger seem to think Saavedra can be influenced with money? If Saavedra has a problem with Linebarner’s perception of her then she needs to denounce them.

12/13/2010 $500 from Rene Oliviera
12/13/2010 $1,000 from ERD International - http://www.eroarchitects.com/
12/14/2010 $1,000 from Linebarger (tax collection company)
12/13/2010 $500 From Esparza & Garza (they promote Linebarger)
no date $250 from Mullen Pension & Benefits Group http://www.mullenpbg.com/educatorbenefits.html

12/13/2010 $1,000 from Gilbert Hinojosa (lobbies locally for Linebarger)
11/01/2010 $500 from Rene Oliviera
10/05/2010 $1,000 from Linebarger
10/06/2010 $600.00 from Sylvia Atkinson
There are clearly more donations, but these stand out. $1,000 from Rene Oliviera. If you remember the BV broke the story a week in advance that Escobedo wanted to give Oliveira the interim contract for legal counsel. When the vote came because the BV broke the story Longoria and Saavedsra sat silent and refused to second.

Why would Linebarger who wants the tax collection contract donate $2,000 to Saavedra. She is not a board member - she would not have the information to know which company is best for the taxpayers - but Linebarger seems to think she is worth $2,000. Think about it


10/08/2010 $1,000 Linebarger - We now have Linebarger donating $3,000 to candidates who are not even sitting Trustees - neither Saavedra nor Longoria would have the information needed to know if Linebarger is a better option than BISD's current tax collecting firm. Why is Linebarger so certain these two will vote them the contract.


11/15/2010 $1,000 Linebarger - Now Linebarger is at $4,000 - are they trying to buy the contract?
10/04/2010 $500 Rene Oliviera
10/04/2010 $500 Rene Olivera (2 donations in one day - and who did Escobedo name for interim counsel? Rene Oliveira
10/19/2010 $500 Linebarger We are now at $4500 from Linebarger - who wants the contract.
10/04/2010 $750 Esparza & Garza (promotes Linebarger)


I was listening to the city commission meeting while preparing this.  A group of homeowners fought and won on the issue of a recycling center.  I am not concerned with the merits of the argument for either side.  What I like is - this group of homeowners fought and won - why is this not happening at BISD?

Also I must give a hats off to the mayor - he raised the issue of not sending collections out to a law firm for municipal fees.  Longoria fought tooth and nail to send the collections to a law firm which would increase the fines by 30 %.  The mayor said no - it is time the city do the job rather than up the fees by 30% at a time the people cannot afford the fees.  Nice job Mr. Mayor and city commissioners


Anonymous said...

Glad you pointed that out. However, you missed the Budget meeting they had yesterday afternoon after lunch. It was filled to capacity with Lineberger attorneys (all in their blue shirts).

By the way, the board meetings are a joke. Everyone going out of their way to make the Board Members feel appreciated. I guess everybody is afraid of being moved or worse losing their jobs.

BobbyWC said...

But it is all on tape for the Travis County DA to look at - these idiots do not realize that outside of Brownsville there is real concern.

I will be letting the Travis County DA know that Villalobos is under federal subpoenas for his own problems and that Villalobos is actually funding BISD's propoganda machine

It should be fun

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The mayor said no to increased fees for individuals, but he said yes to a tax increase that affects every property owner. How does one reconcile that?

BobbyWC said...

I only saw the part I commented on - what was the increase in taxes - can you be more specific.

Now you know my bias - I a not per se against tax increases - but I do expect a lot of house cleaning within the COB before I will support tax increases.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Hey did anyone notice Presas-Garcia walk up to the CFO Garcia and whisper something in his ear, right before they started the process to give the contract to that Linebarger firm. Did she tell him to make sure he mentioned it was his recommendation and not hers? What was up with that.....

Anonymous said...

(I only saw the part I commented on - what was the increase in taxes - can you be more specific.)

The tax increase Tony advocated and imposed on all property owners in September. The economy was in bad shape then as it is now, but he is only worried about increased fees to the one's who don't pay their taxes.

I want to know who authorized the "dr." placard for Enrique Escobedo.

Anonymous said...

(I do expect a lot of house cleaning within the COB before I will support tax increases)

I'm with you, but they already raised taxes many times. So where is the house cleaning?

BobbyWC said...

thanks for being specific - One, how do you know everyone who gets tickets do not pay property taxes? You just assume only poor people speed. This does not add credibility to your argument

The property tax increase is nothing compared to what the 30% collection fee would have meant to these people. Many who actually do pay mortgages and property taxes live day to day and cannot afford the 30%

Further, that 30% makes it more difficult for the city to collect at all. By limiting the fines and fees to not include the extra 30% it makes it easier for people to pay - in the end the city may collect more.

Do you understand the jail option? It means the taxpayer paying to keep them in jail for a few days while their total amount due goes down. this means the city actually collects nothing while having to pay to keep these people in jail. We need to make it easier for them to pay if we are to save the city money and in fact collect more.

On the Escobedo issue - this is another example where ignorance defines opinion.

I have a doctorate and am technicaly entitled to use the Dr. title in my name - some law school graduates actually do - I think it is bogus and confusing.

The VA has nurses with doctorates - they are referred to as Dr. So and So - it can be confusing to the patients - people do not understand the meaning of the Dr. designation.

Escobedo has a doctorate from a Mexican university - this entitles him under US standards to use the title.

It is not a legal issue - it is a tradition issue.

I think it is bogus BS and I think he intended to mislead people - but the fact of the matter is - he has a right under the US standards to use the Dr. title - the people who speak out against it are either devoid of knowledge or know the truth and simply lie becaue lying comes easy to them

But I do understand your concern on the taxes - there appears to be a conflict on the surface - but when you look at the real numbers in terms of impact per household the property tax increase is nothing compared to the 30% collection rate for municipal fines.

But again thanks for being specific - you helped the discussion and as my long term readers know this is when the BV works best.

Dude you raised an important question which needed to be addressed - but when you make the global comment that people who owe money do not pay property taxes people just dismiss you at that point. But the question was a really good question because it was helpful and raised a valid concern

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It does'nt look right for the board members to be receiving gifts. It seems like they are being influenced or bribed.They should receive certificates of appreciation or plaques.
Thank you,Bobby. ;)

Anonymous said...

(Escobedo has a doctorate from a Mexican university - this entitles him under US standards to use the title.)

What school gave him a doctorate?

BobbyWC said...

In response to the house cleaning comment.

From the Brownsville Voice on Jan 11, 2012

"The mayor could have said

"I can assure the people a complete and fair investigation and assure the people that training and procedure will be reviewed to learn if things could have been done better."

What the mayor said last night

""Please know that we are confident that the various reviews and investigations into what happened both internally and by outside agencies will be done thoroughly and professionally," he said.'

This mayor is lost - I am very very excited that Melissa Zamora has finally stepped up to the plate to lead the commission - the mayor controls the meeting but any commissioner can lead the city by effectively using their time on camera to lead.

I have spoken with a lot of midmanagement people within the COB - they are very depressed over Tony Martinez's lack of leadership and willingness to act.

I have been told repeatedly that complaining to Tony is like not complaining at all - if midmanagement has no confidence in the mayor cleaning house then it is fair to say we are screwed.

Think about this - we remain in a major draught and the mayor has no water policy plan.

This guy's entire plan is to get on TV all over the US and promote Brownsville - he seems to think no one will check the internet to see what the reality is on the ground.

he seems to think no one will notice our airport is a little more than an outhouse which leads to a bombed out road which the city refuses to repair.

he seems to think that the Cummings incident did not do irreparable damage to Brownsville - everything has consequences

I do believe had Tony Martinez showed an ounce of leadership when he first took office or during the campaign on the BISD mess Jaime Gonzalez Jr. would be alive today.

The truth about the mess at Cummings is going to come out - I will be absolutely shocked if before all is said and done BISD and Presas-Garcia are not sued over the incident.

When the truth comes out about a certain administrator at Cummings Brownsville will be shocked. the question is, will the Herald cover the story?

Anonymous said...

(I think it is bogus BS and I think he intended to mislead people - but the fact of the matter is - he has a right under the US standards to use the Dr. title - the people who speak out against it are either devoid of knowledge or know the truth and simply lie becaue lying comes easy to them)

Escobedo claims he got his "doctorate" degree from the Universidad del Noreste. Its medical school does not offer, and in fact has never offered, a doctoral program and does not award the degrees "Doctor in Medicine" or "Doctor of Medicine." Is the Mexican tradition to mislead about titulos? Under what US standards can a someone other than an actor in the movies claim to be a doctor but are not really be a doctor?

BobbyWC said...

Enrique Dr. or not?

Your question is important So I am providing the link to the orginal Herald article


I can see how this article created confusion. In the US once you have the diploma you get the title - it is not a rule or law it is a tradition we follow.

Again - I think it is bogus and causes needless confusion.

The confusion is seen in this discussion. People really do not understand how in the US anyone who has graduated a doctoral program or something similar in another country can use the title.

I support all discussion on the issue which sheds light on the confusion and just how bogus use of the title has become.

My only issue is, based on tradition of titles in the US he is fine - but in my opinion intentionally deceptive.

But where do we draw the line - should we not call nurses who complete their nurse practitioner training and have a doctorate Dr. so and so - they can write presciptions

In my few Escobedo is clearly a fraud on the issue - but tradition allows him to do what he is doing.
Yes honest minds can call him a faux doctor - FD Escobedo - but people also need to remember this is guided by tradition and not some set rules

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

To be frank, I didn't know the issue was about municipal court only but about collecting property taxes. Now that you are being specific, I will modify the argument. Imposing and collecting fines at municipal court is not simply about speeding. The court handles is all types of class c misdemeanors. I would argue that poor people don't have the connections to get their tickets fixed. And that poor are dispropotionately paying more in fines than the wealthy. Poor people do have the option to pay off their fines through community service. How many know that is anyone's guess.

Like tolls the individual chooses to pay or in this case commit the offense. A general property tax isn't a choice per se. They don't have to own property. I get that.

BobbyWC said...

To be Frank" thanks for the follow-up - I like the way you approached it

On Escobedo : I get your frustration - see my longer post- You are not hearing me - in the US anyone who graduates a doctoral program or something similar in another country uses the title - I agree it is bogus and misleading

While herald article claims he mislead them about his MD title - at this time the MD is not the issue

It is the general bogus use of Dr in a way which causes deception and confusion.

Look there are people with doctorates in the most bogus areas of study and they are referred to as Dr. - it is bogus - with the exception of one professor I always refused to refer to them as Dr - I personally believe the title should be reserved for MD's and DO's only everyone else should have to put in their title after their name the field of study or "Not MD or DO")

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I understand American tradition on academic degrees and the link adds to your argument. From your link, "A spokesman for the American Medical Association said that a doctor with a medical degree from Mexico or another country can call himself, or herself, a doctor or MD in the United States because the degree is an academic degree. But it would have to be a valid degree, with all of the requirements completed."

The only question I have is, did Escobedo complete all the requirements of a valid degree? I do not believe he did and neither does the university he attended to be able to call himself a doctor under US standards agreed to by the AMA.

Anonymous said...

"in the US anyone who graduates a doctoral program or something similar in another country uses the title"

I'm confused too. The story is very clear on one thing. Escobedo didn't finish his Mexican degree to be able to graduate. How can he be called a doctor? I'm surprised you think this jerk can call himself a doctor in either US or Mexican standard.

BobbyWC said...

great follow-up

Here is the problem the Herald reporter never aksed if Escobedo actually graduated the initial program and what the diploma would say. Escobedo says he did and the Herald failed to produce a comment from anyone at the university to dispute Escobedo's claims of having attended a graduation.

Why did the Herald refuse to address this issue head on?

The entire article by the Herald was misleading for what it did not say.

I get my healthcare from the VA - at the hospitals doctors who gradudate medical school are assigned to VA's and public hospitals to do their internships


Medical school graduates who are not licensed are a dime a dozen at these hospitals

They are referred to as doctors eventhough they have not completed their post medical school training or in fact are licensed. On more than one occasion I have been given an ear full for refusing to call them Dr.

I get this is confusing which is why I believe the title should be reserved for licensed MD's or DO's

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

To I am confused to:

I get why you are confused - this is one of those issues where the people are really informed on the issue.

In the US people finish 4 years of medical school but then never go on to finish the post graduation requirements for the title of MD or DO.

But the fact of the matter is in the US the doctors in training are called Dr. because they completed the 4 years of medical school. They are not licensed and cannot claim MD or DO but they can claim Dr for hving simply completed the 4 year initial program.

the Herald in their article completely skirted this issue - they produced a statement by no one which states the univesity does not issue some type diploma after the 4 years. Escobedo says he got a diploma - the Herald could not refute that.

In the US 4 years of medical school gets you the title Dr. it does not mean you are licensed - it does not mean you have completed the training.

Now I do believe Escobedo lied about the title he got from the university - but bottom line whether anyone likes it or not - all over the US there are doctors in training with no more than 4 years medical school being called Dr while they continue their post 4 year graduation training.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Escobedo got the equivalent of a BA in Biology. That is his claim that he has a medical degree.
How come he was able to teach at UTB-TSC without a Master's? He lied on his work app? Should he be investigated for fraud? Doesn't this make the people who took his class get no credit since he was unaccredited to teach?

BobbyWC said...

The above is an out right lie - he finished a 4 year medical school program- not even the Herald in its deception report is claiming this lie

Bobby W C

Anonymous said...

Asked if Escobedo can call himself a doctor, Noreste’s Olvera said, “Not in Mexico.”

“As far as we are concerned, and if he were to return (to the university), he would continue to be a student,” Olvera said Wednesday.

and yet he continued to lie:


BobbyWC said...

You still do not get it - every resident at a VA hospital is still considered a student while they complete their training, but yet they are a doctor by title because they completed the 4 year program.

No where in the article does the Herald discuss the standards in the US - the US is all that matters

The fact the Herald could not produce a comment from the university declaring he did not graduate or if he did graduate the nature of the degree should tell anyone the purpose of the article was not to inform but to damage Escobedo in the election.

No one can call me an Escobedo supporter - I just have no use for misleading arguments

Plain and simple - every student who graduates a 4 year medical school program is refered to as doctor while they complete their residency training.

Bobby W C

Anonymous said...

we may not know if he is a dr. but after last nights meeting we are positive he is a rat whose vote can be bought.

BobbyWC said...

I was about to make the same point - this much energy on his faux doctor title - something I agree is faux title is nonsense

All the evidence shows he is a con artist and cannot be trusted - even if he were a licensed MD he would still be a con artist and this should be the focus

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It is illegal to call yourself "Doctor" if you do so for the purpose of deceiving someone as to your skills, qualifications, or credentials, where such deception would amount to fraud.

BobbyWC said...

If he led people into believing he was an MD he would have problems

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

He was hired based on his "qualifications" and phony credentials. He said so himself.

BobbyWC said...

he never said he was hired on his phony credentials - If UTB or Jose Jimenez hired him without checking his transcripts and any state licenses he may have said he had - then they are the real oroblem.

I do not believe UTB did not check his transcripts - it could cost them acredidation problems - All they needed to do is check to see if he had at least 18 credits hours in biology.

I cannot say for sure, but I suspect that the medical school in Mexico had in the past already received some form of acceptence by American schools.

When I lived in El Paso Americans lived in the dorms at UTEP but attended the medical school in Juarez- I know for a fact many upon graduation of the medical school in Juarez had no problem getting assigned to hospitals in the US to finish their training.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Information the medical school

see what school this Dr. attended


Childrens Hosital Albany NY


This doctor had no problem going from Tampico to Ny for her residency


Wikipedia gives it a great review - but on what I can see at the search level - but then the page is down today

There are doctors on line complaining that the school was a nightmare in the 80's - but then I have no problem finding doctors who graduated in the 80's and then went on to do their residency in the US.

US hospitals are not going to admit these students to complete the residency if they attend a bad medical school.

Bottom line is the Herald produce no evidence that he did not complete the 4 year part of the program - that would have given him more than enough credits to teachs at UTB.

But I get this - people want to hate him - so nothing I say or publish will change that

The sad part is - his conduct as a trustee is so bad - who cares about this - just focus on what we all know to be true - he is a con artist as a trustee and he and his brothers live off of the taxpayers

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Really people? We are on the Titanic. The band is drowning and we are talking about Escobedo's title? What are we going to do when these thieves whittle away our children's future? No wonder Bobby gets frustrated.

BobbyWC said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

It does not matter what the Herald did not say. Afterall, they will not go after any sitting official. If they left out statements in reference to Escobedo, they did this on purpose.

If you state that Escobedo is a con artist, how can you take him on his word that he attended graduation. Anyone can simply state that they attended graduation. The real question is did he in fact finish medical school. If the school states on record he completed medical school, then I guess he is due his doctor's title even though he never completed the MD requirements.

Anonymous said...

Many voters see "Dr." on a sign and immediately think white coat and intelligence. Escobedo mislead the public who voted for him. This symptom of a general problem speaks volumes about his flawed character as he leads BISD down the wrong path. He is thumbing his nose at the public by using the title so many see as wrong. It's like he just doesn't give a shit about what anyone thinks. That's my issue with the use of the title.

BobbyWC said...

"Many Voters" you put it into perspective - thanks

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, he did not attend a Medical School at that university. Just ask him and he will tell you he did nothing to earn a doctoral degree. The university did not have the accrediation to give such a degree when Escobedo Attended.

BobbyWC said...

This is pure bs - I already established through a list doctors who attended this so called non accredited school

You people who are obsessed with your lies are why no one believes the important real truth about Escobedo - he is a con artist

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The key phrase Bobby is "when he attended". Research the dates in question about the school's accreditation. I agree he is a con artist but above all else he is a fraud.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that Escobedo attended a medical school and completed the coursework. He did not enter the next step of residency. Is he entitled to the title of Doctor? Absolutely not in Mexico. Residency is an integral part required for completion and ability to practice. Is he entitled to the degree of Dr. in the United States? Only if he can live with that lie to satisfy his ego and deceive others. He has displayed his lack of character repeatedly and is comfortable with himself. Do not expect any more!

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Dr. Escobedo....at least he has a College Degree/Higher Education, while some in the Board don't have JACK? Is this correct Bobby?

BobbyWC said...

He is a lot better educated than Presas-Garcia, Luci Goosey Longoria, and Mini Pena

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Oh no his is not! His education in Mexico leaves alot of room for question!!!! At best he has a 4 year degree just like Mrs. Pena. Do not give him more credit than he is due Bobby. You are a strange cookie. First you hate him now you likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee him!

BobbyWC said...

You really believe you can just post lies and people will believe it - when he went to Mexico he already had a 4 year degree.

I deal in facts - you challenge me for not being biased. Just because I believe he is corrupt does not mean I am going to just participate in lies about him.

You define strange as someone who fails to demonstrate bias against someone once they have found them to be unethical -

Now that is pathetic

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Mr. BobbyWC, what do you think about the BISD Early Retirement/Resignation Incentive that came out in the Herald? Do you know if any of the Admins at the Main Office take it?

BobbyWC said...

the program is being used all over the country - so there is nothing unusual about it - I will say this - I am getting rumblings that many of the people who have been played with with the endless reasignments are reaching their limits. I know of two who have fired Austin attorneys to look into suing the board for removal based on a breach of fiduciary duties. I suspect when they hear the hard numbers on the cost they will think againg - but that fact they are paying an Austin attorney to look at the matter tells me the limits have been reached - but again they are really not understanding this is not a 20k deal - it is a 100k deal if the attorney sees this as an opportunity to make a name for himself.

But the bigger issue is regardless whether or not they move forward it tells me the limits have been reach

Bobby WC