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Anonymous said...

Bobby please keep reporting!

Can something related to this be your last post?

" Is it true that BISD Forensic Auditor cost about 250k?Was this a "bogus" investigation? Even if they find something illegal, there are never any consequences, people just get moved around and keep their high pay. Puro Compadres covering each other. "

Things never change!"

Anonymous said...

There is so much more to be at least shared with our community Bobby. Admittedly, we have become the embarassment of the state, and we feel vitimized everytime we see the conquering four destroy our district, but...the day you drop us...will be the day the goons completely take over.

Anonymous said...

anon said of January 14, 2012 4:54 PM,
"...we have become the embarrassment of the state, and we feel victimized everytime we see the conquering four destroy our district.."

FYI every democRATA IS CORUPT CAN'T YOU GET IT. DemocRATS ARE THE DEMISE OF THIS AREA AND THE COUNTRY especially since we have a "Closeted gay Marxist commander in chief b HUSSEIN obama!!!!!

BobbyWC said...

I let the above post through because it is entertaining and evidence of just how bad things have become

You know I could have lived with Jon Huntsman in the White House - I think he would have stopped the nonsense and moved the country forward - I would have disagreed with many things but with teh Dems in control of the House and Senate it would have been a good thing -

No amount of reality will ever get this poster into the real world - one can only hope he is too stupid to know how to vote

Anonymous said...

where is Mary S Rey's second deposition?

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea - I suspect there will not be one - she did not get what she wanted so I suspect she has walked away from the process

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby why do you let everything get to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BobbyWC said...

I do appreciate the concern in your comment, but really - anyone who believes the blogs are changing anything are really not dealing in facts.

There are ways to change things - I am working behind the scenes doing a lot of things and a lot of research to get things done.

I cannot blog and do what I am doing behind the scenes.

Nothing will change because of the blogs -

My loyal readers like they can come here for researched information supported by documentation - but that research changes nothing.

But behind the scenes the research can have an impact

The goal is to have an impact

The people are the only ones who can change things

The people need to look at what is happening with cyber politiqueras and decide "you know what we do not trust them." It is not always about an immediate pay off. Some cyber politiqueras may be simply looking for influence

I do not fault Montoya for creating a business - he is not the problem - the problem is the politicians who pay him and the people who do not see it as a con.

Why shouldn't he make money on fools? At some level every profession makes money on the stupidity of the people - why should cyber politiqueras be judged differently? - all I have said is we need to educate the people they exist

Let's be honest - Fox News is a cyber politiquera for the Republicans and MSNBC is a cyber politiquera for Democrats - CNN is a lost soul failing at every level - it is a news station with no news.

Anyway - I am very busy behind the scenes doing quite a bit.

My only real disappointment is the airport - my sources are telling me Harlingen is quite serious about moving forward now on its runway.

Airline industry journals are quite clear - the days of these commuter jets are coming to an end - they are not fuel efficient

The day Continental realizes it can fly 4 rt 737's into harlingen at a greater profit is the day they shut down their operations in Brownsville - I predict this within 2 years.

AA is talking about shutting down more of its communter airports such as Brownsville because the cost of fuel for commuter planes is too high. Delta is looking at buying AA commuter service as part of the bk - Delta will see Brownsville either as a burden or a way to expand its own service by linking Brownsville to Atlanta - it may sound good - but it is not - it could be what sends Continental to Harlingen as its only airport between Harlingen and Brownsville

Anyone is free to pick up where the BV has left off - but that is the point - no one will - people love their sacred cows and money - this is not a business for sacred cows and money - which is why no one wants to pick up where the BV has left off.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you mentioned FOX news. It's a joke, but I am surprised by the number of people who believe in their yellow journalism. And I'm just talking locally. Maybe their interest in the channel is the ex pageant blondes in their news show and their belief that christianity should be the law of the land regardless of what our founding fathers wanted for our country.

It's great that you are working behind the scenes and it's good to hear from you now and then. Keep up the good work.

There are a lot of honest people that like your blog, but I guess a majority of them are waiting for the law enforcement agencies to act. So i guess we will see what happens in the near future.

BobbyWC said...

We have no newspaper or broadcast news media in the LRGV - the key is going to be to humiliate the FBI and Texas Rangers into action - but I will tell you - the FBI tends to no act when pressured - they are an odd sort by policy

Think about it - they are the largest promoter of child pornography in the world under the guise it is a necessary evil to catch the bad guys

If you remember I posted some time ago the running joke was if you removed all FBI agents from the KKK there would be no KKK - the reality is the FBI actually kept them alive during the law days.

Do not forget how the US actually armed the Mexican cartels

The FBI has no apparent purpose -

Fortunately Texas has a grand jury referral process - the right attorney is going to cost us some $50,000 - but a top notch private attorney can take it to the grand jury and Villalobos cannot stop them.

The other thing is - Troini's campaign is 100% on the gamble that Villalobos will be indicted before the November election leaving Troini the only alternative if the Dems want a candidate.

Anyone who works at the federal court house knows Villalobos is in denial about his future. Limas remains free (I have been saying this for months) because he is talking. Everyone at the federal court house knows Villalobos is going down.

With a weakened and indicted DA a private attorney can then easily take control of the grand jury and the indictments will follow. It is just a matter of having the case put together for them.

There is a lot going on - the question is timing

If Villalobos falls then it will be a matter of funding the private attorney to do the job Villalobos failed to do.

Even then the FBI will remain silent - but if people are indicted before a state grand jury it may be enough to embarass Washington to clean house with the local FBI and bring in agents who will actually do their job.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It was never the decision of Mary Rey to do this deposition, it was the decision of the attorney who sued her, therefore getting a court order to depose her. Also, it is still his decision to continue or not. Mary Rey is been ready since the same afternoon, BUT THE ATTORNEY IS OBVIOUSLY NOT...
FYI Mary did not request anything.

Anonymous said...

Last week while other school districts across the Valley were reviewing security at their campuses and focusing their attention on the safety of their students and staff, BISD was busy reassigning, without just cause, additional personnel, elmininating those who do not support CPG and her agenda and opening up new positions to be filled with cronies and yes-persons, costing the district more money, grievances and potential lawsuits. A Friday afternoon summons to the "glass palace" certainly means you are on your way out. Please do not stop exposing these people for what they really are; perhaps someone somewhere will pick up and take them on before more damage is done.

BobbyWC said...

nothing prevents these people from starting an anonymous blog on blogspot or tumblr - as soon as I can find a way to move all of my posts to tumblr I will archive them there

if these people are not willing to fight for their jobs why should I or anyone else

I grow bored with people who expect everyone but themselves to fight their battles

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree that people need to fight their own battles. BUT, this non-ending shuffle of people is abuse. It reeks of corruption. Your blog is the only one that does not have a hidden agenda so frustrated people go to you. Don't leave them hanging.

BobbyWC said...

the board appears to be in a panic over the Antonio Juarez case now that Judge Steward has authorized the defendants to ask for a rehearing en banc before the entire court

Bobby W C

BobbyWC said...

Dude I will not sully the name of Dr. King with your conspiracy nonsense - but for the record - I did not read about this in history books - I watched it on the nighly CBS News - I have never been a Kennedy fan and never will be - yes it is well documented the that John Kennedy was not a civil rights president - the march in Selma proved that - but the fact of the matter is, John overruled Robert Kennedy on the MLK issue.

I can still see vividly Dr. King's John's and Robert's funerals. In fact when John was killed I was watching Romper Room - they cut to breaking news.

I know the history first hand and not from a group of politically motivated bigots.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What is happening within BISD is the same old sad story that follows Sylvia Atkinson from each sorid school district that she is able to get her claws into. The seemingly wanton disregard for the people that she is responsible for re-assigning is actually a protracted process that she seems to follow everywhere she has been. Little Sylvia has been asked to leave, then usually bought out by many of the districts she has worked for, after she has had her way. Little Sylvia has always wanted the Supers job here in BISD and is essentially the de-facto super right now, doing CPGs bidding for her.

It will be the same thing here in Brownsville, BISD will change the Board Majority sooner or later and the first thing they will do is buy out Sylvia's contract and she will be on her way.

In the mean time everyone else, students, teachers, staff, adminstrators as well as the taxpayers will suffer.

I see your point Bobby,it is useless, this is going to have to just play itself out with BISD.

BobbyWC said...

As everyone knows my process is about research with documentation and not endless mean spirited distractions as an alternative to facts or meaningful critical thinking.

there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes. This is where it is going to happen.

The real problem is no one seems to want to run for BISD come November and the majority already has their candidates ready to go.

I do believe they will have a 6 member majority come November.

Regardless of what we do nothing will change their agenda. One of the problems with con artists is they come to believe their own lies and actually believe no one will notice - I know people notice

Con artists know they can use childish insults and distractions to play fools. In small elections like BISD it does not take many fools to win an election.

Our only hope is indictments. Do not count on the FBI - they will allow BISD to go into bankruptcy before they act. This is just their way of doing things. They are at least 3 years away from doing anything.

The key is getting numerous state agencies to instigate investigations. The key is to get just one of them arrested and all of them will fall. Look at Limas - he is taking down everyone he needs to to stay out of jail.

There are too many people compromised - once one goes down all of them will go down.

The only questions is, how long will it take to take one down.

For now, I recommend BISD employees start an anonymous blog and tell their stories.

The TEA is very very concerned. They just do not believe they have the evidence yet to take control, but that is clearly their objective.

Nothing prevents BISD employees from creating a web page with the story and then investing in advertising it in mailers.

There are any number of things people can do - but people will not act.

My group will continue to work behind the scenes. one state agency at a time will join the investigation - in time things may change.

But I would be a liar to tell you the blogs are changing anything. Yes I have the business commmunity with me on my research with supporting documents. But they are about business. No one wants to rock the boat - but I can assure you they are mad as hell about everything in Brownsville and the moment they see a chance for meaningful change - they will join forces with those seeking honest change.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

look dude - start your own blog and educate the masses - I will not allow the BV to be used to take information out of substantive context to do injury to Dr. King.

I went out of my way to agree JFK was not a good civil rights president -

the rest of your post seeks to take information out of substantive context - I will not play

I am doing nothing to stop your speech - just start a blog and post everything you want - you are free to do this - you simply choose not to.

The BV is nearly done.

I should have the final post this week - it is done - I just need to post it - I am not sure about the timing.

But I will say this- the current Board will have a 6 member majority come November. This I do not doubt.

The post is really nothing big other than disclosing what is happening behind the scenes.

BISD will continue to settle lawsuits- and why shouldn't they - there is no community uproar - there is no out rcry from BISD employees or the worthless unions -

I say let them settle Juarez and Gonzales on Tuesday night and be done with it - the process will go forward - it is not going to be stopped.

The most we can hope for is that in a year state investigations will bring accountability - the FBI is at least 3 years away - assuming they have concluded it is worth their time.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Everyone stay tuned as tonight is Board appreciation night. All the schools and departments have been ordered to place warm, loving messages about how much we appreciate our board on their marquees...and the gifts and cards congratulating them for their dedication will be presented. They might even use children to deliver the hypocrtical message that pretty much nauseates everyone except the 4 goons. They will be beaming! Waiting to open up all the extortion (oops, sorry) gifts of appreciation. They will also present the results of the famous quarter million dollar external audit. Which by the way, netted them NOTHING. They have moved people around, but not for criminal activities. No, the professionals that were moved acted within the parameters of the district. The goons just wanted them out so they could bring their goons in. Message to latest round of victims: go to the EEOC, report the abuse. That's the only way you deal with corruption.

Anonymous said...

My bad. To the Ms. Pena, Mr.Aguilar and Dr. Colunga: Thank you for your service to the children, parents, teachers and staff. You have not taken money for yourselves or your friends and you have had to deal with the four thieves up close and personal. That could not be easy. Thank you for hanging in there. Continue doing the right thing. You are outvoted but will never be outclssed.

Anonymous said...

The only blog that has been seeking honest change with no hidden agenda, has been BV.

Anonymous said...

OMG Bobby....the Board can't do basic Math! Watching the board meeting and its a joke (In regards to the "Tax Collector" item).

I have only seen 2 prior Board Meetings and its all about board members being LOUD..basically putting on a show for the Public and its a TOTAL embarrassment. Do you know much legal fees have been paid out and big time settlements. Its a shame that not one penny has been given back to the employees.

Thank you Bobby for this space to vent a little about what has become of our city's School Board and its "dirty" agendas.

Anonymous said...

It appears that dr. a is bringing changes to the district based on new emerging management trends. However, you can observe that she does not have down the details needed to implement such changes. In fact, she is not an expertise on the changes she's proposing. As someone stated before, that is her M O. The house of cards she is creating will soon fall. Unfortunately, the district taxpayers, the students and the employees will absorb all the unnecesarry hardships in order to satisfy the a's ego.

Anonymous said...

You do know that the details for all these changes are not meant to be in writing. That "Staffing Review" item on the Special Board meeting seems to fit the likes of those in power right now that want to cut Classified Positions, yet increase Administrator positions. Why doesn't the BISD Board fight to give everyone a raise or and end of year bonus, rather than giving only those in the "A Club" BIG RAISE$$$ when moved around.

Anonymous said...

Beware of those people who will promise big raises especially if they are running for re-election. They don't have the funds to do it with. They will cut positions and raise class ratios. Pretty soon we will be where we were before. Frustrated and overwhelmed with more kids than desks.