Monday, January 23, 2012


I have no interest in blogging on local issues.  But tomorrow's final post will be an archive type post wherein all of my research on BISD will be listed for easy access.  As I develop new research the page will be updated.  But tomorrow's page will be the last page.  I do not have much hope  for anything to change at BISD come November.  I personally believe they will go from a 4 member majority to a 6 member majority.  Think about it - who is going to defend "no vale la pena Peña?"  They have to win just one of the four seats.  I can only hope all of my research will be useful come November.

I will not support anyone who refuses to commit to suing the current majority, Healthsmart, Linebarger, Thompson Horton, and everyone who benefits from the settlements for conspiracy to defraud BISD, and their attorneys.  I can assure you the day Thompson Horton is sued they will settle for a number more than enough to fund the litigation, while very publicly firing Arturo Michel.  They have way too much to lose to not settle.


I have always discussed my interest in critical thinking.  While I am doing a lot behind the scenes on BISD which takes my time, I still need the diversion of a blog.  Along these lines I have started a new blog which will not, again will not, included local politics.  The format will be more discussion oriented to promote discussion on issues of the day which are not local.  I will only blog on issues impacting the state as a whole, the nation, or the world.  I will not even accept comments which go to local politics.

Until we have an educated populous, local  blogging is meaningless.  If you want to change things locally - run for office - put your name on the line.  From what I have seen this is not an option in Brownsville.  Blogging on local issues and expecting change is an exercise in futility.
Here is the blog.

My second post which will appear on Tuesday or Wednesday will be on PIPA/SOPA.  It is actually an interesting discussion.  It does not shock me how the Republican presidential candidates are now unwilling to defend intellectual property interests.


Anonymous said...

Did great commentators like Andy Rooney changed the behavior of all the people in the world? Of course not, however, he did influence some individuals and brought issues to life for people to understand our society and way of living. You are not going to change local politics, however, people read what you write and learn of the things that corrupts our community. Believe it or not but you have serve the community and have had great influence on the political activities of Brownsville.

BobbyWC said...

Balancing the Issues will allow me to continue to comment in a way to try and get people to think

If you believe the BV made a difference then email the archives post to everyone you know and tell them to do the same thing - tell them to make sure they send a clear message to the current BISD majority

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, thank you for all the years of blogging. Most of your readers appreciate your honesty. Unlike other blogs that deceive their readers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Dont hesitate to interject for the "fun of it" from time to time. BISD needs an outside voice....better yet run for the board.

Anonymous said...

Yes-yes--run for school board!!!!
Then do what is good for our children and employees----not special interest groups.
I like the fact that you can be impartial even to the people you least like.
I finally figured why some of us sometimes get VERY confused with you.

Sometimes I love you and sometimes I hate you but I always appreciate your objectivity.


Es todo.

BobbyWC said...

I appreciate your comment - but no - my fatigue is so bad - I have had people wake me up at the store as I stand there holding the cart.

A specialist has provided me an interim diagnosis of narcolepsy. I am suppose to make an appointment with another specialist who will confirm the diagnosis - to understand the fatigue - for 5 days I cannot seem to remember to go to the doctor's office and make the appointment for the testing - I go out and after 20 minutes or so I am just too tired to keep driving so I come home before making it to the doctor.

I do not think it is narcolepsy - but maybe it is - I was surprised that in part narcolepsy can be caused by hormone deficiency - I am already treated for two hormone deficiencies possibly due to a flatten pituitary gland.

I think the problem is low testosterone - My last blood work showed it dropped from the high 500's to the very low 200's - this is while on therapy - I get injected with 100 mg/ml every two weeks. I am waiting to see if my doctor will increase the dosage to 200 mg/ml.

I take 50,000 units of vitamin D2 every Friday, and an additional 30,000 vitamin D3 at 5,000 units a day for 6 days and my levels are borderline - nearly below normal.

Vitamin D is a hormone

So anyway with me falling asleep at the store and people having to wake me up while holding on to the cart, I would say running for anything is out of the question.

In addition to sleeping 8 hours at night I average 2 2 hour naps a day - while also being fatigued all day.

Trust me, the time I am awake goes to working and cleaning and nothing else. I am very grateful for the amount of help I get from family and friends. Just this weekend a friend's son helped me to plant 5 palms in my back yard. I have about a 150 foot fense line which is going to be palms about every 8 feet.

During this process I was blown away to see my banana tree has two bunches - I did not know the trees grow bananas in our climate.

The smell from the flowers on the Meyer lemon tree was just awesome - it made working outside so nice.

I do love working on the pool - since moving in I have complete rebuilt the filter - I am glad I can do these things - the only original part left is the container - everything else has been replaced with new parts.

Next week I put a new toilet in the 1/2 bath - again I love the fact I can do these things and actually enjoy doing these things.

In a year with a water efficient toilet it can pay for itself - besides the old was just did not work very well and way too much water was being wasted.

Go Lowes and their 10% discount for vets - Home Depot also has the discount - I just think Lowes has a bigger selection.

Bobby WC