Thursday, January 12, 2012



I spoke several weeks ago about a meeting at the FBI. An agent by the name of Karen Chastine called me and asked if I would agree to be interviewed by the FBI. They wanted to know how I knew both Villalobos and De La Garza had been served with subpoenas from the grand jury.

When I met this little racist shit Karen Chastine she addressed me as Mr. Cervanteeeeees. You would think before the FBI assigns someone to a community like Brownsville they would receive some race sensitivity training - yea - no this is the FBI. I corrected her and told her that under Spanish grammar you drop the second last name and only refer to the person by the first last name and that by the way it is pronounced "Cervantes" not Cervateeeeeeees. To prove her ignorance and imaginary power she went out of her way to say "I'm from the midwest Mr. Cervanteeeeeeees and will pronounce your last name as Mr. Cervanteeeeeeeeeees.

This is the best the FBI can do for Brownsville - the assignment of a punk ass Midwestern Anglo with no respect for our culture.

After I told the two agents how I knew about the two subpoenas Karen Chastine says to me "now give my your take on Luci Longoria." I told her the evidence we had on Luci including possible illegal donations from Carlos Quintanilla.  I gave the agent a copy of the Mary Rey depo.  I am to deliver a complete package at a later date. The conversation then turned to Enrique Escobedo. After that I left.


When I saw yesterday that Jim Barton posted a picture of students from Texas Southern University law school I nearly puked. What a racist piece of worthless shit this Barton really is. Then when he is called out on it he tried to shift the blame to me. I never mentioned the law school or the student demographics and I certainly never mentioned the school's history. All I stated was a known fact which has nothing, and I mean nothing to do with race. It is the worse law school in Texas.


During the days of Separate But Equal the State of Texas created this law school so that blacks and Latinos would have a place to go to learn to be lawyers. In the beginning - including as recent as some 25-30 years ago blacks and browns were given no real choice. If they wanted to graduate lawsuit they had to go to Texas Southern. They were not welcome at UT or University of Houston for example. During these days many very bright - top of their class blacks and browns attended Texas Southern. This is why today you find many judges who attended Texas Southern. Unlike when Erin Garcia went to Texas Southern, these judges attended when the brightest of the bright among blacks and browns had no choice - or very few choices. It is pathetic that Erin compares herself to these bright minds who faced head on the racial discrimination of days gone by. These lawyers and judges worked their asses off to only be told they were not welcome at the best law schools.  This is not the case of Erin Garcia - shame on you Erin.

Affirmative action changed things. The brightest of the bright were now getting into UT, Yale, Harvard etc. This changed the academics of Texas Southern. What has happened now is the Anglos go to law school in Oklahoma once every other Texas law school has rejected them, and the blacks and browns tend to go to Texas Southern. The low pass rate on the bar at these schools has nothing to do with race, but a reality that for all races and genders they have become the law schools of last resort.

But when Barton posted a picture of nearly all black students he knew what he was doing - "look Erin Garcia went to law school with blacks" - in terms of qualification the student body is meaningless - which is why I only referenced the worst law school, because nothing else mattered.  It is not the worse law school because of the student demographics, it is the worst law school because it is the school of last resort.  It is mostly brown and black students because the worst of the worst among Anglos tend to be racists who prefer the bottom law schools in Oklahoma than attend a law school which was once exclusively for minorities.  If the bottom of the barrel Anglos were not racists Texas Southern would have a more racially balanced student body.

It is sad Begum who is not qualified at any level to be a JP, and Erin Garcia who has shown nothing but contempt for voters rights and the First Amendment choose to use their supporters to divide Brownsville by making an issue of Begum's accent and pushing on people Erin went to a nearly all black law school

Shame on the entire lot of you - FBI Agent Karen Chastine, Yolanda begum, Erin Garcia, Jim Barton and Brownsville Cheezmeh.


Anonymous said...

Aren't you afraid to talk about the FBI like that?

BobbyWC said...

The meeting was recorded - the camera was in the corner on my left - the truth is the truth - Free Speech still rules

I learned a lot in that meeting - number one I learned the moronic agents never checked to see who I am before calling me in - kind of frightening - the meeting gave me information I needed for something else

Anyone who knows me knows fear motivates me not

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Any word on the forensic audit?

Anonymous said...

i don't get it you have accuse Erin Garcia as being racist for making fun at Begum's Spanish accent and yet you turn around and criticizes FBI Agent Ms Karen Chastine accent for pronouncing your name Mr. Cervanteeeeees.
Doest that mean you are a HYPOCRITE OR RACIST??????????
I'd say BOTH !!!!!!!!!!

BobbyWC said...

Liar - I never made fun of the agents accent - copy and paste the sentence which you maintain has me making fun of her accent - never happened

My issue was not with her mispronouncing Cervantes - my issue was her statement that this is how we in the midwest pronounce it and then went out of her way to mispronounce it again.

In my own post on the issue I made clear not all midwesterners do this which is why I qualified her as "punk ass.' People from the midwest are a dime a dozen in Brownsville and at least they try.

Had she tried and failed then I would have though fine she tried - but she did not try - she was very clear in her statement she was goint to mispronounce it and then put teh blame on the midwest - I know better - she does not represent the people of the midwest - educated people at least try

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

bobby said, "Liar - I never made fun of the agents accent - copy and paste the sentence which you maintain has me making fun of her accent - never happened..."
WHEN YOU STATED-"...Karen Chastine she addressed me as Mr. Cervanteeeeees..."
By SPELLING out her pronunciation of your name YOU ARE MAKING FUN OF HER ACCENT!
I rest my case lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

BobbyWC said...

Nice try, but no cigar - an accent is the consequence of speaking a language or dialect of a language which makes it impossible for you to pronounce certain letters or sequence of letters.

Unlike an ignorant moron like yourself an education person would know the midwesten accent is considered the dialect of the news reporter because of its clarity

In fact there was a time unless you spoke with a midwestern accent you could not get a job in broadcast journalism''There is nothing in the midwestern dialect or any American English dialect which prevents or impairs the speaker from prouncing the eh sound - it is a standard sound in English - hence it is not an accent issue.

Further - I have lived around midwesterners all of my life - it has never been a problem

But even with all of that - that was not the complaint - it was her response to my giving her the proper pronounciation - she went out of her way to mispronounce it twice more when there was no need to, and them blaming it on the people of the midwest when it fact the problem was her own racist ways

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Stop trying to spin this one YOU WERE MAKING FUN OF HER!!!!

BobbyWC said...

so what you are saying is that highly trained FBI agents are incapable of pronouncing the "eh:" sound in the English language - there was nothing wrong with her speech - just her attitude - which was the point

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I hope the ability of this agent does not equate the ability / level of investigation. Sad if it is.
As for the "midwest lady" ... sad ... basically implying that us "southern" people are not too take on your info.

BobbyWC said...

On Friday the FBI downloaded my post - it was done from the Washington Office

This woman was so indignant towards our community it blew my mind - when I noted the people of Brownsville had no confidence in the FBI to do anything she became irrated believing that the indictment of Limas was anything more than building an out house for the city of Atlanta after Sherman burned it to the ground - the reality is, that is all the Limas case is - a new outhouse built buy the FBI after it already allowed the city to burn.

the order to take down BISD will have to come from Washington - until then the Brownsville office will take no action.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It sounds like BISD has immunity

BobbyWC said...

There is no immunity for criminal conduct - the FBI is like the press and every other federal or state agency - it is not there issue and there is no public pressure to act

If we had a press pushing the issue the FBI would be all over it - since the Herald has declared a blackout on the story the FBI does not see the story as important

All over the US online newspapers are thriving because people with money who love their community were willing to fund the start up -this is not an option in Brownsville

The politicians would sink any business person who tried to fund a start up newspaper

We have this idiotic mayor going on TV in major cities all of the US telling people to do business in Brownsville

He really thinks they are going to land at our airport and be impressed. AA and Aero Mexico share a small space like sardines

They look at Iowa and see a city commission with not an ounce of commonsense - this is every potential investor's first image of Brownsville and it is bombed out street with no hope of repair in our life time.

Harlingen is moving forward on the 10,000 runway - if they do it it could mean Brownsville's airport closing down for good.

AA in its bankruptcy has said it cannot afford the smaller planes because of the cost of fuel - I blogged about this about 8-9 months ago - b4 AA filed for bankruptcy.

Once harlingen has the larger runway it will get all of the cargo and probably AA - I can see Continental closing down in Brownsville so that it can move its flights to Harlingen to several 737 flights a day.

You mark my words - if Harlingen builds the new runway Brownsville's airport will lose its cargo and commercial airlines.

Brownsville is on the verge of having no airport and our mayor is dead silent on the issue. Our city commission is pushing expansion of downtown through bars.

It is like the most poorly educated people in the US are running this city.

If you did not know the runway is not even on the agenda of goals for the airport in 2012. Harlingen will have its 10,000 runway and AA and continental will move the Harlingen leaving Brownsville with no commercial service.

Only a complete and total fool would invest in Brownsville - I have friends in Dallas mad at me because I will not help them with a piano bar in Brownsville - I say why? - it is a lost cause

Some other friends wanted to build a full service gym in the old Burlington Coat building on Boca Chica - Brownsville needs a full service gym with racketball courts, basketball courts, pool and male and female separate steamrooms. I told them to leave me out of it - not interested - while the market is there Brownsville will never address the nightmare of Boca Chica - the fact it is not a city road is not an excuse - no one who understands how traffic moves will make any real investment on Boca Chica - it is a near full time parking lot. I avoid at all costs.

Bobby WC