Friday, January 13, 2012


I thought about holding this post for Monday because it is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  But then I thought it would demean the day.  What is sad is the level of ignorance and bigotry in Brownsville which is celebrated as the norm in Brownsville.  I would submit there is a direct correlation between the racism and bigotry in Brownsville and BISD's refusal to recognize the holiday in the name of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

A quick note - Jim Barton cannot engage in a conversation which requires critical thinking - which is why he tries to depict me as someone who sits at my desk and types all day.  I am not Jim - I do not promote myself and all my actions.  But I will bet everything I own I have donated and spent more money this year and every year for at least 20 years promoting and fighting for justice and education, than you have done your entire life. 

Jim would have you believe he as a detective watching my house 24/7 and tapping my phone to know exactly what I do - he does not.  I have spent my entire adult life putting myself on the line in the battles for civil rights.  Ed Bradly did an entire 20 minute spot on me as the only lawyer in the US at the time willing to represent brown and black gays and lesbians being discharged from the military.  My reward from the gay community was to boycott my business because I was representing the wrong people.  People who know me know my history - fear has no motivation on me - this drives people nuts.

No Jim I do not sit all day - I advocate all day - use my money to help others- give my money away to others -   My last TEA complaint cost me just over $120.00 in copies and postage - I never take money - I am in the trenches not the bars - which is why I am such a hot potato.

I raise Jim again because he knows people will not check out the lies posted as comments - any fool (this includes you JIMBO) could check the twitter account under the name BobbyCervantes and see it is not me - but Jim is about ignorance and deception - .


This guy (Erasmos) is so stupid - he claims to want to bring the truth to Brownsville but then blocks from viewing his facebook page or posting on it anyone who does not worship him.  Erasmos did you really think you could block me? In the immortal words of Deborah Barone "Idiot."

The above picture posted by Cheezmeh is to anyone who does not worship Erasmos.  One of his minions posted the following:

"Sylvia Christine Cayce It looks like a Jewish sign:)))
January 9 at 8:29pm · 2"

Erasmos will block and censor anyone who challenges him - but allow his cheezmoso minions to make light of sacred symbols in the Jewish faith.

It is sad that Commissioner John Villarreal thinks this is funny.  Hey John give the parents of all the gay children who have killed themselves over homopbia a number - how many dead before an ignorant bastard like you will get the message.  John the parents demand a number.

Kiki Rendon's decision to sit at a table with this antisemitic, racist, homophobe and generally ignorant blowhard speaks volumes about Kiki Rendon.    Erasmos can block people from looking at the drivel of his ignorant minions, ( at least for a few minutes) but he cannot block the people of Brownsville from learning the truth.  Before the  primaries the entire truth will come out and Kiki Rendon and all of the candidates lending validity to this organization will find themselves saying "we did not know"  Well you did know - you just did not care.
Kiki Rendon and John Villarreal - you are elected officials - are you prepared to denounce the antisemitism and homophobia or will you remain silent? 
Lady and the Tramp gone wrong? BACON SHARING!!

  • Look we reached our 5,000 limit on this page and we have another facebook page, a twitter account and a webpage; despite all this we have a waiting list of over 1,000 individuals wanting to come on the page...

    What I am getting to is, if you don't want to be on


    Anonymous said...

    Thank you for exposing the true haters and racist among us and that is LIBERAL LEFTIST !!!!

    Anonymous said...

    this Erasmos person is evil!

    Anonymous said...

    Any other real watch dog groups out there besides BV?

    BobbyWC said...

    nope - people basically have some form of low self esteme and need to be liked - this makes the no sacred cow a difficult task

    I am happy with my closest friends and can do fine without any additional friends

    politicians are notorious for not listening to the people - they have their friends and financial backers pushing their personal agendas and not the city

    Mark my words - in 2 years Brownsville will not have commericial flights or cargo - Harlingen is moving forward -

    Our mayor does not even see it as as issue - this will be the second time Brownsville through neglect loses its airport

    Bobb yWC

    Anonymous said...

    Is the FBI going to do anything regarding the BISD mess?

    BobbyWC said...

    I do not believe so - after November there will be a 6 person majority - they only need to win 1 of the 4 seats to continue in power - no one is interested in running - I mean there is no one - they already have their candidates ready to go- the vendors know they can be bought

    It would not shock me if Presas-garcia does not even draws an opponent - there is really not an ounce of interest in the race

    Bobby WC