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A Cummings administrator wants to speak.  Apparently Jaime Gonzalez went into the main office very distraught over the fact he did not know where his girl friend was.  The witness claims he was clearly emotionally distraught and needed someone to calm him down.  Rather than calm him down another administrator decided to enrage him with dismissal of his anger and discipline by ordering him out of the office.

Had this administrator used minimum competence in dealing with Jaime, Jaime never would have returned with the pellet gun pulled.  The administrator showed no interest in the fact that Jaime was extremely distraught.  Jaime left the office and apparently bopped a kid on the head - like this never happens in school (but clearly wrong).  Rather than try and calm Jaime down the administrator continued with a hostile approach.  Apparently this is when Jaime pulled out the pellet gun. 

Had the administrator been qualified in dealing with distraught children Jaime would be alive today.  Sources inside Cummings are anxious to talk with the Civil Rights Enforcement Section.  My source told me to have the family attorney seek the personnel files of all the Cummings administrators.  Apparently one of the administrators may have something in their record which does not bode well for BISD.  The source is not giving up the name of the administrator who inflamed the situation, but it is my understanding the source will give up everything to a  federal investigator, including what is known about the administrator who inflamed the situation.


I was curious to find out what the status is with the trial of former Pan Am president Robert Hedrick.  I found a motion to dismiss indictment number 5.  I have read a lot of vile things in my life - but nothing so vile as this.  Stapleton is asking that our courts declare that based on contemporary community standards it is okay to privately possess child pornography


On the FBI side - as to the internet issue and proliferation of child pornography that blame is 100% on the FBI and every president since George Bush, Clinton, Bush II and Obama.  The FBI today can shut down every child porn pagey - the question is why do they not do this and end the proliferation of child pornography?  Further why have none of our presidents sought an international treaty mandating that all signatory governments work to shut down these cites the second they pop up?

So while it is true Ed Stapleton has shown a vile part of who he is as a person, the real question is why has our government been an active participant in the proliferation of child pornography through its inaction?


BobbyWC said...

I saved the article you sent me - I cannot use it now - but have a definite plan for it later in may be two ways

I just do not want to muddy the waters -

We need to be patient

Your post and the article could prove key to the criminal prosecution in this case

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, I want to respond to your post about a Cummings administrator being ready to come foward. Your posts are continually inflamatory, on every single matter you feel you are an expert on. If the administrator is ready to come foward let them come foward through the proper channels. You were not present that day and your blog post once again appears to some that you are coming forth with qualified and verified information from yourself as a direct source. While in all actuality your informaton is through other sources and second, third and fourth parties.

There has already been enough misinformation through social media and blogs on the shooting. You are always trying to slam administrators, counselors, teachers, etc., of BISD. Not all of the administrators, counselors, teachers, etc., in BISD are inadequate. There happen to be a lot of educated bright teachers and counelors that are attempting to help the community and the students of Cummings heal from this tragedy. You will never post anything positive about these BISD professionals, some of who have had many years of training and senior level training on a national basis, and hold masters and doctorate degrees in their chosen professions of education and physcology.

You will never write about these individuals, instead you think every administrator, teacher, counselor, etc. at BISD is inadequate. Not everyone lost their degrees, or bar license to practice in their profession.

It appears your post is yet once again trying to defend a child that was wielding a gun and some perceived injustice on your part.

Why don't you let the facts come out through the approprite channels and through the investigations.

The fact remains, the kid had a gun that looked real and was threatening the lives of numerous people.

You have no idea what training and education the administrator, counselors, assistant administrators, etc., have obtained to deal with this level of a crisis. It was a critical situation, and until you, yourself Bobby were there in that very moment, I think it very arrogant of you to post a blog that paints the perception that any of the administrators or other school personnel lack the training or education to deal with this situation.

Why don't you ask for their credentials, you might actually surprise yourself at their level of education and training, instead of always focusing on what you perceive to be individuals inadequacies.

Some of these individuals hold masters degrees and doctorate degrees in education and child and family counseling and also have additional training specifcially dealing with school crisis situations up to and including national training for school/campus violence, and shootings.

Maybe one of your future blog posts could focus postively on some of the key administrators, teachers, and counselors in the BISD system that are trying very hard to assist a community and the student body, parents, campus professionals, etc., heal in the most respectful way possible.

Some positive, instead of the constant negative inflammatory approach to perceived injustice, would be a welcome change to your blog.

And before you make any assumptions, no, i am not a member of the BISD board, I do not work for BISD in any capacity. I am individual concerned about the Brownsville community, period. I am not one of the "usual suspects".

Anonymous said...

What it the administrator that call police and spoke with the dispatcher. The one that is on KRGV website. I believe she spells her name out for the operator.

BobbyWC said...

Speculating is not going to help get to the truth.

But here is another thing - treevino was replaced at Cummings through the pressure of Presas-Garcia -

Presas-Garcia and her illegal acts at administering personnel at BISD is going to play big time in the lawsuit - it would not surprise me if she is personally sued over what happened

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

On the long comment - I know you are not on the Board because of the writing style - it is above anything the 7 could ever write

By your own admission you were not there but yet attack me for posting what someone who was there told me.

I am 4 for 4 in TEA investigations against BISD - I have been in ARDS with these so called professionals - I have seen them at work first hand - they are incompetent - this is not second or third hand rumors as you call me first hand experience

For the record I have done posts on the positive - I spoke in great detail about the professionalism of the principal at Pace and how her professionalism saved BISD on the TEA complaint - say it - you are a liar and proud of it

So as to your post - it is full of shit - ignores reality (my first hand experience with these quacks along with the TEA agreeing with me in the complaints verifies my assessment.)

You attack me by claiming I know nothing about these people while outright lying about me never saying anything positive about these people, and then you attack me while knowing nothing first hand about my personal history and the real facts.

It is clear in your post you have no interest in reality - facts - or the children of BISD -

The TEA has 4 out of 4 times confirmed my complaints against BISD Special Services - are you saying the TEA knows nothing about the rules?

As to Cummings and what really happened - experts have already listened to the 911 call - it was disaster - even a fool who is not running cover for the idiots at Cummings can hear total panic (not evidence of professional training). The other administrators in the office could not calm themselves long enough for the 911 call to be completed

This is real evidence which cannot be disputed versus the post by an anony coward who only defends the administrators on the rumors but not the child - you were not there but you seem to have a solid opinion about the gun and this kid

People like you are what make this country pathetic.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

This is what I am talking about, you are 90% on the negative and the defensive. I wasn't there, you were not there either. I have listened to the tapes, and yes there was total panic. A child on an campus with a gun that appears to be a real gun, and waiving the gun at police officers who blatantly tell them to lay down the gun six times and he refuses and a administrator having to manage the crisis is a situation rife with panic. That is my angst, why people in the Brownsville community want to slam the administrator for being panicked and with a sound of panic in her voice. What did you want her to do, sit down and have tea and cookies and play soft background music? Yes, she was panicked; it was a stressful friggin situation. Anyone who can understand the English language and listens to the 911 tape can hear that it is a stressful situation. I am not taking sides, what I am at odds with is that the fact that people such as yourself want to post a blog against the administrator who was panicked in a situation when a child was on her campus wielding what appears to be a real gun and running up and down the hallway of a school full of children who were at risk in her mind of being shot by someone who had a gun. She is dealing with authorities, calling 911, dealing with a student with a gun, concern for other students, etc.
It's interesting to me that some of the people speaking negatively about her probably couldn't manage one or more of their daily tasks, such as maneuvering the isle at HEB to purchase more than five things on their grocery list. Yet, that would like to sit in judgment of how the administrator handled this situation. Why would the administrator be any other thing than panicked?

To be continued....

Anonymous said...


This is where I get crossways with you Bobby, you are not looking at the entire situation and think that possibly there are some very qualified counselors who hold master’s and doctorate degrees that are concerned with everyone involved, the child, the child's parents, the child's history as a student and what led the child to this point in his life in order to identify other children that could be at risk, concern for the police officers, concern for the administrators involved. And above all concern for their community as a whole and healing as a whole. Instead we have people surmising in a post of what may or may not be in a file somewhere on an administrator and what may or may not come out later. You could do so much more for the community Bobby, if you would get engaged on the positive and help with community outreach as a whole in Brownsville.
We need intelligent people in this community like you Bobby to begin to turn things around. One last thing, on your note of me being a coward and pathetic. I choose to remain anonymous, as I don't want my adult views and opinions being cast upon children in my family in the BISD system to which they would be a target.
Anyone who knows me as the highly educated summa cum laude graduate from a major university, the last thing they would say about me is that I am a coward or a shrinking violet. I choose to remain confidential as to not expose my family to the ignorance and target of the BISD.

That doesn’t make either a coward or pathetic.

It's sad that you think of our great country and people who voice their opinion in our country as pathetic. Doesn't seem very unbiased to me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah blah blah! Get a grip ladies and gentlemen! Let the Cummings family which include students, parents, teachers and staff plus administrators start to put things in as much order as possible. Stop bashing the administrator! Also, that fool that had to bash Presas-Garcia needs to let that go as well! Karin Trevino was removed from Cummings because the investigation conducted found good reason to place her on suspension! She's a bully and made it a hostile working environment for some personnel plus other things that will surface! She should be happy that she hasn't been arrested!

Anonymous said...

All administrators go through trainings to deal with crisis situations at their campuses. The key that I believe Bobby WC is trying to make is that in this particiular case, the situation blew up because it was not dealt with by a level-headed administrator. Instead of diffusing the situation, it was infused.

BobbyWC said...

wow - to abuve - exactly - and again how is it our military can train 18 and 21 year old kids to deal with even more dangerous situations but BISD cannot train PhD's to not panic?

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I am forced to edit a post because it accuses an administrator of wrong doing by name. What I am approving I have confirmed - so that I can allow for.

"Only Bully at Cummings is ... ... , still there terrifying students and staff. Since you did not conduct the investigation... You know nothing about Mrs. Trevino. So where exactly are you getting your information from? CPG or the worthless human resource specialists who were being given orders by presas. Give us one illegal activity she did.... You can't.... "

BobbyWC said...

thanks for the clarification. I would love the story now that you have give me the additional information - trust me I have heard about these abuses at other campuses - but I cannot trash someone's career without proof as to that person - I just cannot do it - get a parent to talk to me and name this person and I will print the story.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 2:38 pm:

Wow! If last year's administrator was removed because she created a hostile environment, then what's causing your hostility now? Sounds like the bully stayed behind.

Anonymous said...

To blah, blah, blah.... So she wrote up teachers for leaving campus and students unattended, and mistreating students..... What's illegal about that? Were you one of the hostile teachers who conducted the takeover of the school with CPG? Name ONE illegal thing she did..... Again, you cannot.

Anonymous said...

If anything illegal had taken place under the former administrator at Cummings, this person would not now be employed by the district. Obviously, pressure came from somewhere to remove the administrator? Could it have been from a board member? Anybody want to shed any light?

Anonymous said...

Post January 11, 2:38pm sounds just like Cata Presas-Garcia herself. She just loves to defend herself................

Anonymous said...

"If anything illegal had taken place under the former administrator at Cummings, this person would not now be employed by the district."

Depends on what the name is, if you don't know that then you don't know Jack.

BobbyWC said...

Based on everything I know I hate to agree but you are correct. The protection game is absolutely sickening

But this does not mean anything illegal happened while Trevino was the principal - in fact it is my understanding the litigation will include looking at how Presas-Garcia sought to punish Trevino for trying to get rid of the bad apples at Cummings

I will be more shocked if Presas-garcia is not sued when Jaime Gonzalez Jr. family finally sues.

Apparently Springston left behind a long list of emails which verifies Presas-Garcia's endless medling

Bobby WC