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As of this moment there are no public documents filed in court which verify the allegation.  But court house sources claim the allegations have been active round the court house since before Montoya published his claims.

I find the lack of federal filings interesting.  But I also find Villalobos failure to issue a denial on his facebook page also interesting.  Let's assume what we have here is an out of control rumor which started at the court house and ended up on the internet.  What would a competent campaign do?  Post a denial on their facebook page.  No such denial exists.

If this is an out of control false story, Armando Villalobos is not making things better by failing to issue a denial on his facebook page.  Someone needs to tell him to issue a public denial, instead of through sources.


In a day or two I will move the Brownsville Voice Archives on BISD to be by itself - but for now because Villalobos has been key in keeping the corruption at BISD covered up, I am going to make a post here.


When I read this on Montoya's page the first thing I did was check the service I use for a copy of the indictment.  As of this moment the federal clerk has not yet uploaded it for public viewing.

There appears to be confusion about Eddie Lucio.  His office is in Brownsville not Austin, according to the State Bar.  Years ago I found out he relocated to Brownsville when I met the realtor who sold him his house.  I have no idea where people get the idea he is out of Austin.

BUT I have checked with a source who would know and the story is true.  It is my understanding either Villalobos or Lucio or both are negotiating their arrest through counsel.


Several years ago I sued FBI Director Mueller to compel him to indict Villalobos and Limas, along with others.  Attorneys for FBI Director Mueller called the allegations against Villalobos and Limas
fanciful."   The trial judge found that the claims could not be proven and dismissed the lawsuit.  The corrupt trial judge found I failed to produce evidence to support any of the claims.  This was an outright lie.

After the Limas indictment, the court of appeals authorized me to pursue a  fraud on the court claim against the judge and the US Attorneys office, along with FBI Director Mueller.  At that point I had to drop it I was too sick.  I am anemic without explanation or treatment,  I am fatigued all of the time, and as my friends say always seem to be short of breath.  I made a  decision to say enough is enough and my health must come first.

The above is why I was shocked the FBI called me in to learn how I knew Villalobos and De La Garza had both been indicted. (CORRECTION:  SHOULD NOT READ INDICTED, but served with subpoenas) You have SS Officer Mueller calling me a liar while you have his agents coming to me for information.

I have contacted a law firm who specializes in suing the FBI.  There will be no suit.  We are going to pursue a full Inspector General investigation against the US Attorneys who lied in court, and FBI Director Mueller.

I tell this story because people need to know just how corrupt the FBI really is.  Mueller has no problem lying in federal proceedings.  If he feels immune from accountability in federal proceedings when his office authorizes lies, how can we as a nation trust him to enforce the law?


I do not regret one penny of the money it cost me to force the FBI's hand.  I am certain it was several thousand dollars between air fare and filings.  This same effort is going into insuring indictments at BISD. 

We must now demand that whomever Commissioners Court appoints as the interim DA agrees to bring perjury charges against Carlos Quintanilla.  We are still within limitations for both misdemeanor and felony perjury charges.


I am working behind the scenes to bring more indictments.  Right now I am waiting on a third party to provide me information.  Once I have confirmation and the supporting document I will present it to the FBI in Dallas which is part of the Lubbock investigation into Healthsmart. 

If one word can ever be used to describe me, it is utility. It is not enough that something has utility if there is an alternative which has even greater utility. I laugh at the politicians who pay the cyber politiqueras because in the larger scheme of things, the blog readership is not high enough to impact an election. I would submit Dominquez, and Begum are going to pay a price for their hiring of Montoya. Benavides has no real opponent, and Villalobos is just plain stupid. Nether of the former will lose enough votes to change the result, but the two latter may have sunk themselves. Now I do not fault Montoya - he figured a way to make a buck on the delusions of morons. Go Montoya - Montoya by no means is the problem.  On the JP race just vote for anyone but Begum or Erin Garcia - we can sort it out in the run-offs.

My point being, compared to what I am working on behind the scenes, the utility of running a blog is negligible. But I do need the diversion of politics - in that with my friends I have a no politics discussion policy.  I hope I have found a healthy balance in Balancing the Issues.  I hope people will read Balancing the Issues - it is really a place for me to exercise my brain.

As I gather more research this archive will expand - but stay on this same page.  Updates may be once a week or once a month.  The first few days will see updates as I add more research regarding Presas-Garcia, Escobedo, Longoria, and Saavedra.



[1]   The Healthsmart lawsuit

[2]    Understanding the Healthsmart Con Job.

[3]    A Connect the Dots on Healthsmart




No candidate for BISD in November should have the support of the people unless they commit to suing Linebarger for paying off the current majority



[1]      The secret cadillac

[2]      Demands BISD pays for Healthsmart's lawyer to be her own

[3]      The Mary Rey deposition tells the entire story

[1]    The Deposition

[2]      Quintanilla's Text to Mary Rey on how to award Contracts


[1]  The  $1,057,156.90  contract to his brother Jaime before Escobedo votes to give Rendon his job back.

Read the comments on the Sylvia Atkinson deal and see how readily they played people in claiming she was a Zayas plant.

[2]   Texas Ethics Commission sanctions Escobedo for lying about who paid  for his campaign ad.


Anonymous said...

Was Mary Rey asking Quintanilla for a job at BISD. What was her response. An opportunity is what everyone seeks. What is wrong with Quintanilla's statement. All he is saying is that contracts have been manipulated at BISD for a very long time ask Mr. Caliche and that is the truth.

BobbyWC said...

And giving it to people who will give his friends a job is okay - please - like the millions dollars Rendon, Lehmann, and Juarez gave Escobedo's brother before then giving Rendon some $300,000 - we all know corruption when we see it

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Lehman is behind all corruption in bisd. Period. Candidates think they need his help to win, but they are wrong. I like some board members, but hate the fact that they are his allies. Hopefully, November will bring no candidates who associate with that scum.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobby,

Did anything ever come out of that Forensic Investigation?

Thank you.

BobbyWC said...

I have not heard anything about the forensic audit.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What does Atkinson have to do with Zayas? We all thought they were friends.

BobbyWC said...

It was a con job distraction

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The audit was turned over to law enforcement.

BobbyWC said...

If there was anything there it would have been leaked to Montoya or Quintanilla - the silence tells us that there is nothing

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Comment rejected - the BV will not be used to promote racism, homophobia or antisemitism

Look - I did not say that Begum will not be in the runoffs - I said she will lose votes - I am willing to bet at least 75% or more the people who read Montoya will not vote for Begum - I suspect they will not vote for Erin Garcia either - although many will.

But the votership in Cameron County is large enough that the final runoff could be Begum and Erin garcia.

There are other candidates who are qualified - for me I am looking for someone with a strong work history of reading and applying rules and regulations. I am looking for someone who has a long work history in applying regulations to real life reality.

based on my standards I know who I will be voting for. I have not disclosed this person's name because I am somehow certain the second I release his name the internet will be filled with bogus claims against this person.

I will say though I have met people who know him and they claim he may not have the right temperment to be a judge - so even if someone on paper is highly qualified their temperment may not be right for the job.

But for sure on qualifications - Yolanda Begum is the least qualified candidate.

The fact her entire campaign is about enticing poor people with trinkets should tell you all you need to know about her - she is a con artist

the last time the native people of this area were enticed with trinkets and false promises they were whiped out by the conquistadores - the true funny part now is how the very people who butchered and stole the land from the native people now cry like babies that Anglos stole the land from them that they stole from the native people.

Thieves with dirty hands are no credible victims

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobby,

So what do you think about the Ernie Hernandez investigation with the hiring of a relative/friend story?
Man everyone on the ballot is in it for the perk$$$ and not for doing whats right. Its all about ego, power and draining our city's $$$$.

BobbyWC said...

I think it will go nowhere -

On BISD it is not just the Herald looking at the mess with the middle schools - BISD is in for a shocker

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Many people appreciate what you are doing. Hopefully now the door will be open to bringing the down those school board members who have taken so much and caused so much damage! Many would love to see CPG with cuffs on. Keep up the good work and best of luck.

BobbyWC said...

I love that the FBI watches me - idiots

Burke, Virginia, United StatesIP Address:Fbi Criminal Justice Information Systems ( [Label IP Address]Search Referral: — brownsville voic

Anonymous said...

Hello Bobby,

Did you see this story:

Is this already happening in BISD and certain vendors?

Thank you Bobby.