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Apparently the meeting was cancelled.  I wanted to post this Wednesday, but I forgot before leaving for a night and day of testing at Valley Baptist in Harlingen.

If these moronic trustees give Linebarger what they want, it will give standing (the legal right to sue as the injured party) to anyone who has to pay the higher fee to sue the trustees and Linebarger for conspiracy to defraud the taxpayers through bribes.  In fact if a lawyer waits until there are enough people caught up in the mess the lawyer could file a class action against the majority 4 and Linebarger.

But the bigger story is, why was Carl Montoya on the agenda?  Also, as to the former principal at Oliviera - Barbosa - someone needs to find out why he was removed from Oliviera.  In the case of the special needs child I helped when Barbosa was principal, I have to say Barbosa gets an A+ for his advocacy for this child.  But a top level administrator told me a story about why Barbosa was removed.  The real question may be - why was he not out right fired - assuming the story is true.  If the story is not true, then we can assume his removal was political. 


See first comment attached to this post.  In simple terms - if there is an indictment it has not been unsealed because the grand jury is waiting on more information before indicting a third person - just my view based on experience.


As I gather more research this archive will expand - but stay on this same page. Updates may be once a week or once a month. The first few days will see updates as I add more research regarding Presas-Garcia, Escobedo, Longoria, and Saavedra.



[1]       Email from Hector Gonzales to Carl Montoya verifying Gonzales and Montoya dropped the ball resulting in TEA findings against BISD after Art Rendon failed to act.

Dr. Montoya,

Please give me a complete report on this issue. Dr. Montoya I know that you and campus staff have already addressed the issue ;but, I need a full written report to insure Mr. Powers and any other persons with concerns that this issue was properly addressed.


H Gonzales
[2]     TEA findings against Hector Gonzales which in large measure focuses in on Art Rendon's incompetence

BV's original analysis of TEA report

[3]       Hector Gonzales meets with PAC before the election.  See minute 53:35 of Rey Deposition

[4]    Art Rendon, Antonio Juarez and Pat Lehmann orchestrate a contract worth more than a million dollars for Enrique Escobedo's brother Jaime and just days later Enrique Escobedo votes to reinstate Art Rendon, not withstanding the condemning report by the TEA against Art Rendon as included in the Hector Gonzales report.


[1] The Healthsmart lawsuit

[2] Understanding the Healthsmart Con Job.

[3] A Connect the Dots on Healthsmart




No candidate for BISD in November should have the support of the people unless they commit to suing Linebarger for paying off the current majority



[1] The secret cadillac

[2] Demands BISD pays for Healthsmart's lawyer to be her own

[3] The Mary Rey deposition tells the entire story



[1] The Deposition

[2] Quintanilla's Text to Mary Rey on how to award Contracts


[1] The $1,057,156.90 contract to his brother Jaime before Escobedo votes to give Rendon his job back.

Read the comments on the Sylvia Atkinson deal and see how readily they played people in claiming she was a Zayas plant.

[2] Texas Ethics Commission sanctions Escobedo for lying about who paid for his campaign ad.


BobbyWC said...


I want to be clear - my source is telling me the Villalobos campaign and an attorney tied to Eddie Lucio (not the politician) are categorically denying the claims of indictment.

A review of public filings show no indictments against Villalobos or Eddie Lucio. A review of the press releases by the DOJ indicate no indictments involving Villalobos or Eddie Lucio.

I have no idea what the truth is, but the idea that Montoya investigated the matter before printing the story is ludicrous. He has proven time and time again that for a buck there is no lie he will not print. When the BV ran the story it was very careful to begin with there is no evidence to support the claims, but then went on to state court house sources were saying the story is true. This is how a story is written. The BV is the only source which remotely came close to using journalistic standards in how this story is being reported.

I take pride in the fact that Villalobos campaign trusted that once I was told they were denying the charges I would print their denial. From the time I heard about the indictments I made several calls to try and get information from Villalobos campaign. Given the fact Montoya is a paid hack for Villalobos, one would think he could have called Villalobos first.

But something is up - first Montoya took Villalobos money and then ran a hack piece promoting Troiani for Congress. When I saw the post promoting Troiani I new something was up. The BV broke the story weeks ago concerning subpoenas served on Villalobos and De la Garza. People around the federal courthouse know Villalobos and De La Garza are targets of the grand jury.

Target does not mean actual wrongdoing - it just means the grand jury is looking at the person for possible wrongdoing. I noted several weeks ago that my view of Troiani’s entire campaign is to sit back and do essentially nothing but wait for Villalobos to be indicted. Not much of a commitment to the people or justice. Troiani’s campaign is that of a vulture.

But here is the problem, Villalobos is feeding the story by failing to post on his Facebook page the story I false.

I do know for a fact that the the DOJ knows they have problems with grand jury leaks. If the story is true, we may have another problem with a leak. There are other possible sources. The lawyers in Brownsville cannot keep their mouth shut, so it is possible a lawyer representing Villalobos or Lucio said the wrong thing to the wrong person.

I can say the story was all over the court house. When I called my source I was told the story was true and that it was all over the court house. I have come to the conclusion that because of the cackling lawyers and judges at the court house people just came to assume the story is true.

But the story may be true - what troubles me most is Villalobos failure to deny the claim through his Facebook page. This is not a mere internet rumor - it went viral all over the courthouse.


Once a person is indicted, unless there is an even bigger fish involved the DOJ is trying to avoid tipping off, the sealed indictment is opened. At this point if there is an indictment it would seem to me there is an even bigger fish involved who the DOJ do not want to tip off just yet. It is also possible the grand jury asked for additional information as it relates to another party, and the DOJ is holding on unsealing the indictments until all the targeted people are indicted.

All I know for sure is, [1] there is no evidence an indictment has issued; [2] Villalobos through someone in his campaign has denied the claim; [3] Villalobos has failed through his Facebook page or otherwise to deny the allegations; and [4] sources which would normally know the truth are telling me they can find no one who will confirm the allegation of indictments

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Is your confidential courthouse source named "PACER?"

BobbyWC said...

an expensive source for securing documents is not confidential. Only public documents are available - the same documents I can go to the court house and view on the public computer

A source is someone who speaks with you - the BV's tract record is clear - if a document exists the BV posts it - hence it would not be confidential

bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

comment rejected - just because I believe someone is bought off does not mean I will allow what is clearly defamatory comments.

I do not believe pat Lehmann and Enrique Escobedo are going to be so open about their candidates. You will not see the overt attacks with lies - they do not want to draw attention to themselve.

It would not shock me if they actually run a ticket of reformers who promise to put a check on the current majority, while in fact all along intending to extend the majority.

I do believe they will have a majority of 6 come November. Not much can be done to stop this reality.

I feel fairly certain they will not be allowed to use the Herald again for their lies and propoganda. But there are other means of propoganda.

But if we want to impact this election we need to be looking for less obvious signs of who their candidates are - it would not shock me if they run two people per slot - one who says they oppose the current majority and one who supports the current majority - this will insure a win one way of the other.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for a while now Bobby...frankly it is the only source of what is going on in good old Brownsville. I did not want to believe your assertions regarding a 6-0 Board. Until now...because these hopeless animals sitting on their own pedestal made of their own shit will and have done everything to assure their control and wealth. I used to think of you as a cynic when you said they would rule when in reality, I'm the idealistic idiot who thought this was America. The Zetas have nothing on these people. At least you see the Zetas coming. We are truly screwed.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, Ye of little Faith. Now that you have exposed their possible method, we can really look into who will run. We need to make sure we do not get people who are currently working for a political official. Those are the ones that want to come in and take control for the Senators and representatives. Brownsville please pay attention............

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea what this means - but I will say this - I am fairly certain anyone promoted by Erasmos Castro will be a plant by Rodrigo Moreno - we all know Rodrigo worked directly with Lehmann, Escobedo, and Quintanilla to bring us the BISD mess

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I hear the BISD board will vote to screw the taxpayers again.
Will we ever get relief from their selfishness and corruption?
Que Dios nos libre por favor!

BobbyWC said...

not until the people care - if 100 people were to show up to the meeting yelling calabaza at the 4 it will shake them - of course they will order that the police remove the people - but so what - it will make the news

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

good advice Bobby. get several hundred people to show up...#occupybisd and maybe TEA will wake up and clearly see that whats going on with the school district's board is a joke. look at tomorrow's board agenda, there are more grievances pending to be settled! more of our tax money going down the drain! they need to clean house with all those corrupt board members. you have put so much facts and information that all that is needed now is for this to hit National Airways and the Internet.


Anonymous said...

What happen Bobby, did the Board read your blog and cancel. You know the Majority 4 ARE not in it for students, teacher, or community. SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea what is happening. I was busy all day - I was tired because I spent Wednesday night in Valley Baptist and all day Thursday undergoing tests to determine the cause of my extreme fatigue - I think it is pulminary hypertension - they think it may be narcolepsy - they tested for narcolepsy, For the record I have tested positive three times for pulmimary hypertension but the VA does not believe the test results are accurate so they will not treat for it

BobbyWC said...


Anonymous said...

The reason they cancelled?
L-I-N-E-B-A-R-G-E-R...They will soon be dumping Cata for a nicer version...nothing will change until they get rid of Carl, Sylvia and Mary Tolman Atkinson, together with their newfound female dogs who bark and bark and then hide behind their masters.

Anonymous said... the winter of our discontent...Please post this on your blog. Front and Center:

Students, teachers parents and community: Your presence is required this Tuesday so you can show the board your discontent.

BISD employees have been bullied since the majority was sworn in. I get that you are afraid to lose your jobs...but they are going to try anyway. Where do you think they are going to get the money to pay you when they are spending everything they have to pay attorney's fees for people they have dismissed, demoted or pushed to retirement.

Admittedly BISD folks are not combattive people. BUT this is for the kids. Show up for God's sake. If you still are scared, then send two people who understand our plight. The board needs to change. We need to change it. Take strength.

We know the 4 board thieves and their executioner (Sylvia Atkinson) will try to scare the crowd with BISD policemen as was done to the kids from Veterans and their parents back in September.
As soon as one of them reads this, they will probably demand that all their officers be there(not caring about overtime) Overtime by the way, was the result of the quarter million dollar forensic audit. It cost them $250,000 to figure out they had been informed from day one and some in the board asked for the overtime for their projects. Really. But I digress.

Don't be scared. We can ask Brownsville police to protect the students, parents, teachers, employees and community members.

Have your presence mean something now while you have a chance, or live with the consequences for the rest of your lives. People who invested their lives in BISD are being thrown out...they live and leave in shame. Do not allow Sylvia do this to you. Show up.Tuesday, February 7th at 5:30.

They might reschedule because they are scared, but refer to Bobby's blog. It will be up to date...Thank you Bobby!

BobbyWC said...

According to the BISD web page, there are no scheduled school board meetings at this time.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 9:34 am.... Well said... Im positive 99% of BISD employees feel the same. Bobby please post it on your main page and send it to others.... It would be great if Brownsville Herald would post it....valley central.... How about it?

BobbyWC said...

nope how about the person made the post or you start a blog called occupybisd and then post it there.

It is time Brownsville step up to the plate - of course it will not - so the new majority will go from 4 to 6 come November

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Keep your eyes out for the next board meeting. They can't hide forever! We will all be waiting.

Anonymous said...

The upcoming board meeting has been cancelled too. They cancelled the Feb 2nd Special Board Meeting too. I wonder what is going on or what is to come to the for the school district.

Any updates Bobby?

Anonymous said...

They can run, but they can not hide...........................

Anonymous said...

Next Scheduled BISD Board Meeting is February 21, 2010

Anonymous said...

This is a run away board and the Majority 4 are rudeless, yet they beleive they are the best thing that happened to BISD. Remember 3 of them have 3 more years on the Board. Even if Cata Presas-Garcia does not win, she has control over them because she has something on them. Think about that Brownsville. Sad.........