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Remember people, the police are out in force to protect you - you need to cooperate with them.  If you drink and drive you will get arrested - drink at home or find a designated driver.

To the morons who will shoot off their guns tonight - may the bullet come down on your head.


I do not know if this turkey is serious or just conning the people. AllinBrownsville is about moving our children forward with education. On the surface this is the type initiative the people can support. But what is the reality behind the scenes? Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio took on SAISD. He was not tied down by United Brownsville to put up a bogus unity front. His message was the children first, politicians second. He and the children won.

BISD is a disaster.  The numbers prove parents have reached their limits with BISD and are now pulling their children out in record numbers.  Without a school district which puts children first - all of the children first and not just those most likely to succeed - Brownsville's children are going nowhere.

If you look to Tony Martinez's vision for Brownsville he clearly sees a caste system for its residents.  Those who serve and those who get served.   He is bringing Democratic Party Plantation politics to a new level.   Those students who cannot succeed at BISD will be the servers at the downtown cantinas.  They will be relegated to a life of working as the servants in his service industry driven economy.

UTB and TSC are both jokes.  At this moment neither has a vision about its future.  With no local  school district and no local community college or university how exactly does this con artist intend to move Brownsville forward through education?

UTB  gives new meaning to the term joke.  Its College of Education is a complete and total waste of tax dollars.  One role of a university is to serve its community.  UTB's College of Education considers Brownsville to be a nuisance they must tolerate.  We have a major problem with special needs  children.  Any real university would have long ago secured the grant money to study the problem.

I work with a lot of special needs children.   In most cases what they have in common are parents who were born by midwifes.  If a UTB study could officially make the link it would mean more money for our children.  Years ago I went to the College of Education and Juliet Garcia suggesting they pursue such a study.  There was absolutely no interest.  Bilingual  education in the US is a failure.  I do not believe in inclusion.  I have seen first hand what happens when children are put in a year of English only.  They succeed.  Inclusion - especially for teenagers only brings about failure.  When a teenager believes they are failing they tend to give up.  They rapidly become a statistic and non-contributing citizen.  Again UTB has no interest in studying the issue.  These are just two issues important to our area and UTB's position is - no interest.

So without a school district, community college, or university which actually serves the children, what the hell is Tony Martinez talking about?  I am not buying it, and no one I know is buying it.

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The sad part about Tony Martinez remains the fact he is still the best of the candidates who ran for mayor.  This is truly an indictment on Brownsville.  Today's Herald has an article about the continuing drought.  See article  During the election I noted that Tony Martinez was short on ideas, and that in particular his proposal for a water policy was lacking.  His policy then and now remains - conservation.  No major industry will even consider Brownsville as a place to relocate so long as it has no meaningful water policy.

The weir dam was and remains the solution. But Brownsville is like the Republican Party - just say no regardless of the merits of the idea so long as the idea is coming from the wrong person.  Yes, Pat Almighty Ahumada single handily killed the weir dam.  But he only killed it because the naysayers and obstructionists preferred Brownsville die of a drought than admit Pat Ahumada was correct about the weir dam.

So here we are - entering an even longer drought with no official water policy.  Yes Tony - god is going to show the people how to conserve and save Brownsville. 

The blame is not only with Tony Martinez - any city commissioner can put on the agenda the issue of a water policy.  They will not - why?  Because Tony Martinez has no policy and our city commission is unprepared to speak to any issue which might point out the obvious - Tony Martinez is an idiot.

Come on Rick and Melissa - you are both on the out with this turkey - and good for you - so why not put on the agenda a workshop on water policy and see what happens.

"He considers himself lucky to have developed the tumors.
"Without them, I would not have met the nun, left Nigeria, arrived in the U.S. and had the miracle to attend medical school," he says."


Do not get me wrong, even on Long Island some grocery shopping can be a challenge.  This morning I sent my sister-in-law 15 each chili ancho, cascabel and arbol - not easy to come by on Long Island.

For me grocery shopping in Brownsville requires I shop multiple stores.  Walmart is the only store with the G2 12 packs.  I also buy my Claussen sauerkraut at Walmart.  Beyond these two items I rarely shop Walmart for groceries. 

I prefer HEB, but the HEB on Boca Chica and 77 is short on a lot of items.  For example, while I did buy a shoulder roast yesterday (rare occasion for me - I buy most of my meat at HEB 802), they did not have regular size lima beans.  Walmart also only has the baby size frozen lima beans.  Only HEB 802 has the regular size lima beans. 

Bread - Walmart is the only one with Dark Rye - HEB Boca Chica does not have a great choice of breads.  HEB 802 has Pumpernickel, but not Dark Rye -

Lopez on Boca Chica near Billy Mitchel - my emergency only shopping store - does not carry butter - just margarine. 

Every month I get on the internet to buy groceries I cannot buy anywhere in Brownsville.  Most of my Chinese ingredients come from Dallas or San Antonio - brought by friends.  Something as simple as a London Broil cannot be bought in Brownsville.  When friends come from Dallas they will normally bring me a few which I freeze.

The list is long -

It seems to me the reason why Brownsville has no good restaurants is the masses have very limited palates.  This is sad.  While in NY a couple of weeks ago my brother ordered take out Chinese - It was so freaking good.  One bite of a fresh egg roll and I demanded I be given all 6 - of course my demand was not met.  One day I ate eggplant Parmesan to the point my belly hurt.  It was like eating heaven.  The knish was a dream I had not had in 3 years, since my last visit.

Now not all NY food is good - I will take a Stripes breakfast taco over a traditional Long Island breakfast sandwich on a Kaiser role. They are real bad.  If you ask for ham they use Virginia ham which is like biting into a bar of salt.  But then a fresh bagel with cream cheese makes up for the breakfast sandwich.  Every day I ate a fresh roast beef sandwich for lunch on a fresh Kaiser role.  By fresh I mean, the roast beef is made in the deli the night before - and it bleeds the way roast beef should bleed.

You would think with the influx of so many retirees and engineers Brownsville would develop a more diverse palate - it has not.

Okay one thing Texas has NY does not have is the all beef Opa smoked sausage from San Antonio.   It is hands down the best German sausage I have had in the states.  With mustard and Claussen sauerkraut you have a great meal.  If only I could buy a German potato salad to go with that.

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Errol Flynn flanked by Robert Mitchum (left) and Burt Lancaster (right)

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Villalobos is not going down without a fight. His only real hope of a dismissal faded away after Romney lost the election. There could still be a surprise dismissal, but I find it highly unlikely.

Since late October, November and now as late as the 21st of December there has been a flurry of sealed documents filed in his case.  Unfortunately I have zero experience in trying federal criminal cases, so I am without insight as to what could be in so many sealed documents.  My experience is in cleaning up the mess caused by the trial lawyers - meaning I have done numerous federal criminal appeals.

At some point whatever is in these sealed documents will be made public.  I suspect but cannot prove that some are plea deals cut with lawyers and judges who were given a pass in exchange for cooperating with the US Attorney and agreeing to testify against Villalobos.  I base this in part on the fact the documents were filed after Villalobos lawyer filed a motion to secure the plea agreements made by other defendants and possible witnesses.

On Monday I spent part of the day at the state court house.  Beyond endless rumors which I know to be untrue,  I learned nothing.   Contrary to the endless rumors at the court house and elsewhere Governor Perry has made no appointments concerning the vacancy made by Judge Alejandro.  See Public Notice

It will shock me if the appointment goes to Chuck Mattlingly.  Chuck is scheduled to testify in favor of Villalobos.  Remember he is on record as stating the DA's office objected to the release of Amit Livingston.  Amit Livingston's lawyer will testify that Chuck Mattingly is a liar.  Now given these facts, it is incredulous to me that anyone would believe Chuck Mattinly is even a consideration for the job.  I suspect given the direction of the Texas Republican Party Governor Perry will seek to appoint a highly qualified Latina, assuming one applies. 

The weeks leading up to Villalobos' trial will see an endless array of rumors being floated.  For me the excitement will only come once all of these sealed documents are released. 


The mayor of San Benito was investigated and charged.   Here is the original story by the BV on the issue of conflict of interest.  


The above story outlines the issue.  The city commissioners who responded to my requests for their opinion on the matter to a person stated Tony Martinez failed to inform them of the conflict of interest.

Unfortunately for the people, Jessica Tetreau, John Villarrea, Estela Chavez Vasquez, and Rose Gowen all remain spineless to Tony Martinez.  As a resident of Tetreau's  district it bothers me that she believes she can ignore my request.  John Villarreal has nailed the final nail in his coffin when it comes to reelection.  If the rumors persist that a strong opponent will be run against Villarreal, his 15 seconds of nefarious fame will come to an end.  Tony Martinez cannot raise enough money to control all three elections.  The rumor is he will concentrate on the Melissa Zamora vacancy, and insuring Rose Gowen is reelected if she chooses to run, which is not a sure thing.

But here is the deal - Tony Martinez's and Horacio Barrera's law firm makes money from Abraham Galonsky.    Tony Martinez failed to notify the city commission of this fact as he pushed for a land deal with Galonsky which netted Galonsky more than $2 million.

If Saenz fails to open a formal investigation and the AG's criminal division does, Saenz will forever lose credibility with the people. 



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A little known secret coming into the last election was, the US is about to enter a Black Gold Boom.  Both parties knew that the economy is about to take an upturn based on new oil production. 

Read here for the story

The Republicans were pretty much silent on the issue because it did not comport with their narrative that President Obama was not approving enough oil leases fast enough.  President Obama was in fact approving new leases at record rates.  The problem is the oil industry wanted control of every thing before the reality of the boom became a reality.  The Republicans and oil industry wanted to rob the American people of their natural resource of oil.  Hopefully as the boom occurs President Obama will realize that the US no longer has to lease the oil wells to private industry.  It is time the US operate their own wells and use the profits to pay down the national debt.

Gulf oil is not as big of an issue in this boom as the land based oil.  But gulf oil is a big part of the boom.  Last time around AMFELS had to recruit workers in Mexico and outside the valley because Brownsville's work force was ill equipped to meet AMFELS needs.

AMFELS does have its own problems.  It has not modernized fast enough.  This in part could be because of a lack of a trained work force in Brownsville and Cameron county.  If a new company were to build a modern plant further up the coast AMFELS could find itself without business.

The good news is TSTC has received funding for training in modern manufacturing techniques.  This could be good for AMFELS.  The bad news is, with TSC independence around the corner, its Board of Trustees remains off in Never-never-land clueless as to a vision for the reborn TSC.


In 1968, Communist Vietnam called for a Christmas truce- within reason it heldOne can debate how well the truce held, or the motivation behind the truce, but the reality of the truce and the impact it had on people remains real.

This event had a major impact on my life in terms of understanding the true meaning of Christmas.  I may have only been 10 years old, but the impact of the truce was everywhere on the news so it could not be missed.

Here you had a country which officially did not believe in God on its own calling for a truce of the day of Peace.  This changed me forever.  It formed in my mind the importance of substance over form.  What is Christmas if not the day to celebrate the message of peace preached by Joshua, aka Jesus.

1968 continues today.  When I grew up a non-christian friend celebrating Christmas was unheard of.  Today I have friends all over the US who are of all faiths (many non-Christian) and most of them celebrate Christmas as a day of Peace.  I believe Joshua would be pleased that his message has now become more important than his mere birth. 

The great tragedy of Christianity is the need for so many churches, their members, and religious leaders to celebrate the form of the man Joshua while ignoring his message.  If Christmas has a true miracle surrounding it, it is the fact that so many non-Christian faiths and non-faiths now recognize Christmas as a day of Peace.

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As is always the case with the BV it will be 2 days of songs and other Christmasy things. The BV will be back in full swing on December 26, 2013.

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After the Connecticut shooting I did not call for more gun control, I focused in on the mental health issue and our nation's willful neglect of the issue. I remain convinced we will not end these type senseless killings until we address the issue of mental illness.

NRA CEO LaPierre rather than admit some additional gun control is needed, calls mentally ill people monsters.  He has done it several times now in his news conference.  So long as we think of schizophrenics as monsters we will solve nothing.

He has called on arming our schools while blaming Obama for not arming our schools.  Schools are local - Republicans love to yell smaller government until the federal government fails to intervene  then they blame Obama. 

He is now calling on Congress to immediately allocate how ever much money is needed to arm all schools.  How sad - this ignorant man wants to tell our children their only safety is in more guns.

I know of teachers at BISD who do cocaine - A credible source has told me of a teacher whose son grows pot in a shed on her property.  I know of BISD teachers who sell sex for money.  How can we possibly know which teachers are trustworthy? 

I do not believe in a knee jerk reaction to more gun control.  We need better background checks.  We need laws concerning gun ownership in homes where children or adults with certain (not all) mental illnesses live.

LaPierre's solution is no money for mental illness, but millions in more federal money  for guns. 


Unless there is a breaking story I am taking the day off.  Today is day four of nursing a cold. 


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In my original post this morning I was pretty sure of the link between Rodrigo Moreno and the Pink Ape - same phone number - I just needed a source I trust to verify my suspicions. In the above picture is felon Carlos Quintanilla, Enrique Escobedo, Pat Lehmann, and behind Carlos Quintanilla not seen is Rodrigo Moreno. This meeting was part of the conspiracy which got Luci Longoria, Enrique Escobedo, and Cristina Saavedra elected.

I will forward my evidence to the vendor who lost the bid, and allow them to decide what if anything they want to do with it.  


I began with a google search of the company and owner - almost nothing. I then went to the Secretary of State online search for corporations and Assumed Names - nothing. According to Presas-Garcia they are local, but according to the company they still need to open a local office.

BISD being what it is, unless Presas-Garcia wants the information put out, it will take me 10 days to get a copy of their bid. 

I do not want rumors - I want links - I cannot find anything - if you can please let me know.  I do know they have already worked on some campaigns locally.

I also know the county has done business with Moreno Meneses DBA Pink Ape Media - with no mention of a Juan Antonio Villalobos.  Moreno Meneses does have a local office.  I know they gave Armando Villalobos $250 for his congressional run.

A further SOS state search shows no filings for Moreno Meneses or DBA's. 

Apparently when it comes to the county and BISD, you can secure major contracts without any public records of who you are.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


This past weekend we learned BISD is expected to lose students.  Parents are all too familiar with the complete and total failure which is BISD.  Presas-Garcia seems to think taking limited resources to create a College Prep program will fix the problem.  Devoid of any knowledge of reality or critical thinking skills Presas-Garcia tries to diagnose a problem and misses the mark.

On Tuesday I did an ARD.  Because what happened at the ARD is typical of every campus at BISD, and the staff were basically nice while giving the child everything I demanded I am going to discuss the problem in broader terms

The father after a few minutes was ready to walk out.  The child is not getting the services she needs and is basically not learning anything.  She is poised to be passed on to the 9th grade to enter the process of dropping out of school.  According to Presas-Garcia this is okay because BISD has the STAMP program.

No parent with knowledge of BISD would ever put their children in BISD.  In fact the Area Assistant Superintendent over this campus sends her daughter to St. Joe's.  Rita Hernandez knows all too well, BISD is not equipped to educate children.  When an Area Assistant Superintendent chooses to not allow her own child to attend BISD, what should that tell the parents of the other children?

Two years ago this child was tested at a second grade reading level.  In two years BISD has done nothing to help the situation.  The child is now in eighth grade and still cannot read, write or do math.  How is it possible the so called experts are doing nothing to address the situation?

Part of the problem is the mother.  She sees no reason to send her children to school.  The only reason she has not been dragged into truancy court is, the doctors are all too willing to bill medicaid and sign off on any and all excuses.  This must stop.  Parents like this child's knows all she has to do is run to the  doctor for an excuse and it becomes acceptable her daughter is not in school.

We have been to child protective services.  It is not considered abuse or neglect to refuse your child ADHD medicine, or keep them from school.  I have spoken with this woman.  Her intent is to put all of her children on SSI.  She told me she does not want her daughter on the medicine because she wants her to fail so she will get the SSI, such as she is on.

I do not want to hear about the father.  BISD knows he responds to every request and attends every meeting.  But under Texas law non-primary custodial parents are powerless under these facts.  Unless someone is prepared to give him $20,000 for a custody battle there is nothing he can do.  Also, experience teaches us, once the  child is in high school there is very little to no chance of the court changing primary custody unless requested by the child.  The courts know all too well at this point, especially when there is a permissive parent involved, the child will do as they wish.

BISD has tutoring Monday thru Thursday.  In past ARDS the father has demanded the child be in tutoring.  This is not an issue.  Half the year is gone, and the child will finally be put in tutoring.  Why was the child not in tutoring?  BISD just does not get it.  Everyone knows the father supports after school tutoring, why did it take so long?

The child has another ARD in April as part of an entrance into high school next year.  BISD did not offer, and I had to demand based on the fact the child is learning nothing, testing to determine her current reading and math level skills.  These test results will dictate which classes she is placed in when she enters Pace next year.  How is it possible this is not being done for all special needs children failing at every level.  The child cannot read, but yet she was not in resource reading.  How is this possible?

BISD needs a superintendent who understands all children are entitled to an education and not just those who make the illiterate Presas-Garcia look good.  Carl Montoya is a complete and total failure as a superintendent. 

If BISD continues on this path of willful neglect of special needs children, parents will continue to take their children out of BISD.  My game plan is to put Isabela (a three year old I work with) in a private school.  I have worked too hard to give her a solid foundation to just have her go to BISD and fail.

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Going backwards, I did an open records request with BISD demanding documents related to Royston Rayzor's bid for the Healthsmart lawsuit. BISD objected based on legal relationship and competitive bids. I submitted my response to the AG citing the AG opinion and statute which clearly states that once the bidding process is complete the bidding exception from release falls. There was clearly no attorney client relationship.

I then received a call from BISD claiming they are now changing their reason for not releasing the documents to a need to protect to Royston Rayzor.   Yes you heard that right, rather than have Royston Rayzor file an objection with the AG BISD took on the role of protecting Royston Rayzor.

The issue was actually addressed in the above Healthsmart opinion.  It was for Royston Rayzor to prove they would suffer an injury if their client list and billing rates were disclosed.  The argument is 100% bogus.  Any law firm representing BISD on an hourly rate must  release their billing rates for public review.

But I was not after this information so I agreed to allow BISD to redact the information.  All I wanted was proof a partner from Royston Rayzor put in the bid.  The same partner who put in the Healthsmart bid for Royston Rayzor  is the same person listed by BISD as demanding BISD not release the documents - Javier Gonzalez.

I could have fought Royston Rayzor an their fees which would have had the effect of raising even more questions about why they are fighting disclosure of their billing rates, but it would have delayed me learning the name of the partner who was pushing for the Healthsmart lawsuit.  You have to pick your battles.

From the BV November 9, 2012

"Sometime earlier this year I talked to Rick Zayas about Royston Rayzor’s interest in the Healthsmart lawsuit. I was shocked because James Hunter of Rosyton Rayzor represents Enrique Escobedo. James Hunter is a partner at Royston Rayzor. It would be a very unusual move for a law firm to take on a case wherein one of its partners represents someone who is opposed to the Healthsmart lawsuit - namely Enrique Escobedo. In fact it could result in Royston Rayzor being disqualified from the case as evidence of influence peddling by Healthsmart with Enrique Escobedo came out. I simply did not understand how this could happen.

This is what Rick Zayas told me - he said the partner who makes the decisions wants the case and James Hunter will not get a say. Here is the kicker - Rick told me he had three trustees ready to give the contract to Royston Rayzor. He specifically said while negotiating with the partner at Royston Rayzor that they ALL COULD make attorneys fees on the Healthsmart lawsuit."

I will put my package together for law enforcement to investigate my claims of contract rigging.  Not to be lost in this is the fact the Healthsmart lawsuit is good.  But if Rick Zayas touches something it becomes corruption.  His actions have cost BISD a fortune and I suspect BISD is about loose even more money because of Rick Zayas.

Also the Texas AG has the entire story.  They are fully aware of the Healthsmart situation and alleged billing fraud.  Healthsmart sued the AG to keep an audit from being released.  The same lawyers working on the Lubbock case now have the picture from Brownsville.  I can only hope it will generate further investigation by the criminal division of the Office of the AG.


Otis Powers continues in his betrayal by not putting Healthsmart on the agenda

Item 15:  Vote to renew contract with United Brownsville

Item 21:  Renewal of Linebarger contract

Item 24:   Approval of Contract for Advertising on Buses.  Months ago the BV  covered a story wherein a vendor claimed he was told by Art Rendon to not bother making a bid because the contract was going to a Houston firm

Lawsuits Settlements on Agenda:

Tom Campos

Ameel - she was the Veterans principal removed after the fiasco related to the STAMP program

Monday, December 17, 2012


Unless you are prepared to call the State office of the Republican Party a politiquera, their is no evidence their mail ballot efforts were directed by politiqueras.

When the final numbers came out about the mail ballots from the November election we saw a huge jump in Republicans voting by mail.  The presumption was the cause was military mail-ballots.  I now know through interviews with Roger Ortiz and an open records request that only 190 military personnel voted by mail in Cameron county.

See Election Returns

What I have since learned is, the Republican Party in Austin send out mass mailings to seniors who qualify to vote by mail and asked that they vote by mail instead of in person.  The persons targeted were people who the Republicans had determined would probably vote Republican.  The end result was, statewide there was a significant increase in Republican mail-ballots. 

Because this was something done at the state level, and not locally, politiqueras were not involved.  I have no way of knowing, but I suspect a large number of the people who voted by mail would have voted early anyway.  I am not sure the Republicans received an increase in overall votes because of their efforts.  But from a political perspective point of view, the results certainly stood out.

On balance I think the Republicans took the state backwards.  Given the nature of the beast related to mail ballots, there was probably some fraud around the state.  We have no way of knowing if dead people voted, or if family and friends voted for people who were not really aware of the entire process. 

The decision of the Republicans to encourage mail ballots in my opinion was a bad decision.  At this time there is no evidence any fraud occurred.  But again, given the nature of the beast we all know some votes were fraudulent, albeit not at the hands of politiqueras.

The story of Willowbrook lead to much needed reform in how we treat mental illness- It unfortunately also gave us Geraldo Rivera. 

An interesting side note to this story is, The American Psychiatric Association is dropping Asperger's from their Diagnostic Manual.  See Story   The killer in Sandyhook had Aspergers.  In my view a major source of the problem which lead to Sandyhook is the junk science known as psychiatry and organizations like Disability Inc.  Disability Inc can do good work, but on the issue of dealing with disabled children and adults their policy is, so long as they remain free nothing else matters.

To be truthful, society is also a major problem.  We demand the death penalty in cases which common sense tells us the killer was clearly mentally ill.  No emotionally stable person walks into a room and  decides to cut off their children's heads.  But as a society, it is easier to demand a lethal needle for the killer than accepting the fact his was severally mentally ill.  We will spend millions killing him, but then claim there is no money for mental illness treatment 

The reforms in the area of mental illness have reached the point of Bedlem

It is not in the best interests of mentally ill children to always be mainstreamed in a regular classroom.  Although it is the parent's right to demand a more closed and controlled environment, organizations like Disability Inc., will deny the parent services unless it is to provide the child 100% inclusion.

The child I worked with along Disability Inc., is now a drop out.  All of the evidence showed he could not handle a regular classroom, but he thrived at BAC.  In January the child will be an 18 year old dropout 10th grader who will for ever live off the taxpayers.  If we are lucky his mental illness will not  turn into a tragedy. The policy of inclusion lead to this result.

When teachers have to spend a disproportionate amount of time dealing with emotionally disabled children it wears them down, and denies the other children the help they need.  It helps no one.

There are parents all over Brownsville who need to go to probate court and secure guardianship over their mentally ill adult children.  I have discussed this issue with Disability Inc.  Their view is, it is better these people use their SSI for drugs and sex than be denied control over their own lives.  It is better they live on the street than allow a parent to be their guardian.  Unfortunately for Brownsville and communities all over town, there are parents who simply cannot afford to go to court to seek guardianship over their mentally ill adult children.

We can talk guns all we want, but until we reform how we deal with mentally ill children and adults, nothing will change.  One way or the other they will get their guns.  Yes, we need a better background check system, but in this case it would have changed nothing.  Maybe it is time background checks include whether or not mentally ill people live in the home of the future gun owners.



Saturday, December 15, 2012


My readers know I love the North Atlantic.  My brother has a summer home on the northshore of Peconic Bay near Jamesport.  We went out to do some work on the house, enjoy the bay, and then a late lunch of Peconic Bay scallops.  They are in the middle of harvest season so they are fresh.  We both could have eaten twice as many as we ate. 

The bay was magnificient.  We could not get down to the actual water because of the damage from Sandy, but I got close enough. 

I am back to Brownsville tomorrow.  Next week I have meetings with several sources.  Apparently, Tony Martinez is burning his bridges pretty fast.  If I get real evidence I can verify I will run the story.  What I find of most interest is the number of  elected officials, from a variety of entities, concerned that Brownsville is on a rudderless course.  Tony Martinez is here for 2 1/2 more years, but in May we can insure his voice is silenced if we can elect three people who will hold him accountable.


Tony Martinez and his compadres have learned Plantation Democratic Party Politics well. Keep the masses in chump change, and masa y grasa, and they will turn a blind eye to when you corrupt the process for the select few - namely Tony Martinez's compadres. If I knew how to use photo shop, I would have a standard graphic of Tony Martinez throwing tamales at the masses.

Community Voice Brownsville

"The Community Voice campaign goal is to ensure that residents of Brownsville are able to continue to reside in, assist in defining, and actively participate in, critical decision-making processes in the community as it evolves. The project aims to unite Brownsville residents by tacking some of the most pressing issues affecting the community such as housing, workforce development, job creation, and anything that is essential of a vibrant and thriving community."

Source:  Click Above Link

We all remember the people lining up to speak their peace at the Imagine Brownsville meetings.  I remember one kid talking about the importance of sidewalks.  I wrote on that day how Carlos Cisneros was going to get his due on election day for pushing this.  United Brownsville has robbed the people blind, while delivering nothing.  They are not something any city commissioner wants to be aligned with come election day.

My issue here is not only the propaganda - it is Brownsville is not moving forward at a time money is cheap and smart city leaders are using that cheap money to build.  San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro while speaking at the London School of Economics spoke very clearly - cities must be willing to invest in themselves.

Tony Martinez and his compadres, and people such as Enrique Escobedo and, Rick Zayas are fleecing this city dry while the business community remains silent.  Time is short on Brownsville making the right decisions.  At this time there is no indication things will change before it is too late to take advantage of the cheap money.

 I continue to hope Brownsville will form an Airport Development Ticket for the next city commission election.  We shall see.

Friday, December 14, 2012




If Rick Zayas is not thinking of a way to screw the people for his own personal benefit, he is not thinking.  My readers remember that last week I covered the story that the county wants to take control over the commissary contract.   The idea was to reduce prices while increasing profits to the jail.  Any money raised by the jail indirectly impacts the county budget.

It seems that Omar Lucio and Rick Zayas panicked and ran to extend the current contract by two years.  This was in direct response to my story and fear Zayas and Cortes would lose the contract. 

Remember Lucio by his own admission to me personally, pays politiqueras by using his office to get tickers dismissed.  There is no doubt that the politiqueras charge the people whose tickets they get dismissed.  I have previously called for a full audit of Linda Salazar's court on this issue.  The county has every right to do the audit.  It is time commissioners court call for the audit.  These back door deals and obstruction of justice must stop.

Part of the contract allows Zayas and Cortez to sell calling cards to the inmates with a $2 fee added on. 

This was also a direct attack against the commissioners court.  As the Brownsville Voice was reporting commissioners court was looking into taking control of the profits related to inmate phone calls.

I get Sheriff Lucio does not like Commissioners Court.  But it makes him less than a man to screw the people of Cameron County, and inmates for no better reason to prove he can assert power.

Now before I hear it, the stories related to the commissary contract written by Montoya were all false.  All I did was defend against the paid for lies.  People need to understand the facts.  Omar Lucio's office collects 100% of the money, and then based on the terms of the contract pays Zayas and Cortez their share.  Prices are intentionally high so that profits can be used to fund inmate services.  It is really simple, either the people through property taxes fund inmate services, or the inmates fund inmate services based on paying higher prices for commissary items.  But the prices could have come down while increasing profits to the jail had the county taken control of the commissary sales.

In fact Montoya's lies cost the Sheriff's department $7,000 when an audit showed that Zayas and Cortez were under paid by $7,000, when it was learned the money charged for stamps was not being properly calculated.  And for the record no profit on the stamps is allowed.

A source is suppose be going to the commissioners court to get me a copy of the contract.  I will post it as soon as I get it.

You cannot solve problems until you identify the source of the problems.  Simply printing lies because they make good copy solves nothing.  In fact the lies make continuing the corruption that must easier.

Our state legislators need to understand that if the county is responsible for the jail, then the commissioners court needs to have exclusive control over all of the contracts tied to the jail.  Could you imagine if the Joint Chiefs got to decide who got military contracts?


The headline is not actually 100% accurate.  Technically she is claiming a multimillion dollar lawsuit is about to be filed.

I hate when all of the self loathing Latinos and racists Anglos make it appears these problems are unique to Brownsville - they are not.  Brownsville knows nothing about corruption when compared to places like Dallas or Long Island.  So I decided to tell this story in part to show Brownsville is just like the rest of the county - no better - no worse.

This woman chooses to have a 7 month affair with a married man with 2 children.  To be sure he is as much a jerk as she is.  Bottom line with me, I have zero respect or sympathy for anyone who has an affair with a married person.

After 7 months of this guy parking his cruiser in front of her home while being inside boinking here, she decides to file a complaint against the police officer.  Again for sure he is getting what he deserves.  What did he expect?  He is boinking a woman with no morals, so why would she not use his job as a weapon against him?  Needless to say the officer was forced to resign.

There is a part to this story which remains unknown.  Yesterday he turned himself into the Nassau county DA's office.  The charges remain unknown.  But now the woman is claiming she will file a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the county for conduct by the officer.  Yea, she would not want me on that jury.  Equity requires that you enter the litigation with clean hands. 

In my mind justice would require a whore registry where both of their names are registered for the remainder of their life.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


I want to be clear up front - in the story I am about to tell there is no malpractice.  In this case as soon as the surgeon realized the pet scan was wrong he sought permission to do the more radical surgery. 

For months my sister has been dealing with one failure of technology after another.  For the second time the stress test with nuclear die proved worthless.  One thing leads to another and a routine chest x-ray showed why she could not breath - lung cancer.  The initial doctor decided it was probably just an infection.  After the antibiotics failed, a pet scan showed stage one maybe early stage 2 lung cancer from second hand smoke.  After 4 months of chemo a new pet pcan was done, and the doctor effectively could not find the cancer.  She was scheduled for robotic surgery to remove one lympth node.  After the surgery started the doctor informed the family the pet pcan was worthless and that the cancer had spread to all of the lympth nodes.  The surgery was changed to a radical surgery through back.

It is not the doctor's fault that the pet pcan is worthless.  But here is where doctors mess up - if a test shows normal they assume you are imagining your problem.

When I had my gallbladder out the VA sent me home - I did not have a fever so I did not have a problem.  That night in the emergency room the blood work showed no infection.  The cat scan showed everything normal.  Only because I insisted did they do sonogram.  The gallbladder was ready to bust.  For more than 30 hours I was on antibiotics before the surgeon could go in.

Patients need to learn to be more aggressive with their doctors.  The technology is not working.  I now know a person can have a major infection without a high white count or fever.  These are reactions by the body to an infection.  If the body chooses to not react, then the tests will show nothing.

It is time the medical schools teach the doctors to listen and stop being over reliant on tests.  Tests are not certain - but the patient's symptoms are.

My sister is going to be fine.  Months ago I made a commitment to stay with her for 5 days after she got out of the hospital.  She is very animated and up and around.  She has to walk a mile a day.  It is about 37 outside and we are about to go for a walk.  She is happy to have a cook and maid the house.  Yesterday was homemade cream chicken made with a fresh homemade both.  This morning was bran muffins.  Tonight is chicken and rice - the rice made in another homemade both.  The side will be platano macho.  Tomorrow her daughter will cook while I go out for really good Thai food with some other family members.

Hopefully she will up to the grand kids on Saturday which means me cooking all day.  On Sunday I head back.  Hopefully tomorrow I will get to the beach  for an hour.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Sometimes people throw out distractions to keep people from seeing the problem.  Sometimes through our own life's dramas we throw distractions into the mix.  The problem with distractions is, they keep people focused on the distractions instead of the problem,  The distractions become a form of deception. Sometimes they are intentional and sometimes they are just a consequence of the surrounding drama.

I have been lucky in knowing how to visualize places which give me energy.  With little effort I can put myself on a mountain range or on the beach on a cold day in NY.  It may take several days of visualizations, but eventually I can import the problem along with all of the penumbral distractions into the vision.  The thing is, because the place gives me so much energy, it somehow dissipates the distractions so all I really see is the core problem,  Once you can actually visualize the core problem, you can then break down the problem into elements and find a solution.

This is not a technique you learn in 5 minutes.  It is a process which can take years.  The key is knowing, what ever the problem - you are probably more focused on the penumbral distractions than the actual problem. 

Politics is what it is because politicians and con artists prefer the distractions over the facts.  They play on people's preconceived notions to buy into their distractions. 

Someday corporatism is going to be studied at a more in depth level and people will be amazed on how easy it was for corporations to get low information people to give up their rights in favor of the fleecing the taxpayers to support corporate welfare.

I know  this is not the post people are looking for, but my regular readers know I am also about education and getting people to think.  I many ways my themes are repetitions of previous posts.  But as an educator I know to get people to understand ideas you must do it one building block at a time.

Editors Note:  I am going to add typing in a code to comments.  I am getting nearly 100 spam emails a day with false comments.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Monday, December 10, 2012


The commission voted unanimously to hire Chris Davis as the Elections Administrator.  On balance I think it is a good choice for several reasons.  No, one can accuse Chris Davis of being an operative for the Democratic Party of Cameron County.  This adds credibility to the position.  Second no one can  dispute he has lots of experience in computer technology.  Any well educated person can learn the position real fast. 

I am glad the commission was able to give Chris a unanimous thumbs up. 

Source:  Brownsville Herald

Sunday, December 9, 2012



Monday: Is Cameron county about to embark on a new way of doing business? The story is good and I hope those who are pushing for change prevail.

I have said many times, there are only 2 ways for a governmental entity to raise money - taxes and profits.  There is movement among some of the county commissioners to not bid out the commissary contract next time it is up for renewal.  Among these commissioners they fail to see how allowing a private corporation to run the commissary helps the Cameron county taxpayers.  The goal is for Cameron county to run the commissary itself, thereby keeping the profits as a revenue source.

Along these lines the county is looking at changing the current contract for jail phone service.  The goal is the same - put the profits with the county instead of a private company.

The reality is, if the county were to do this it could lower the  fees on the phones and commissary items, while still making a profit.  I realize some people are oppose to making the inmates happy, but happy inmates make it safer for the jailers.  Jailers are generally underpaid, although they potentially put their life on the line every day. 


Click Here for Full Article


I really did not want to do this post because I am actually opposed to all state approved marriage. It is beyond me why any rational human being would sign a piece a paper which turns over to the state the regulation of their marriage - my view is- which historical law supports - the government has no interest in marriage other than the capacity to consent, and its dissolution to protect children. In fact only during the early mid 19th century did state courts start to take an interest in the dissolution of marriage for the express purpose of protecting children. Eventually, these court decisions lead to state regulation of marriage.

For all you original intent experts - bigots hiding behind a term they know nothing about -

I. OUR law considers marriage in no other light than as a civil contract. The Holiness of the matrimonial state is left entirely to the ecclesiastical law: the temporal courts not having jurisdiction to consider unlawful marriages as a sin, but merely as a civil inconvenience. The punishment therefore, or annulling, of incestuous or other unscriptural marriages, is the province of the spiritual courts; which act pro salute animae [for the health of their souls]. And, taking it in this civil light, the law treats it as it does all other contracts; allowing it to be good and valid in all cases, where the parties at the time of making it were, in the first place, willing to contract; secondly, able to contract; and, lastly, actually did contract, in the proper forms and solemnities required by law.
William Blackstone:

The worse case scenario for the gay community will be a 5-4 vote with Justice Kennedy voting for gay marriage - I think the vote may actually be 6-3 with Chief Justice Roberts writing a compromise opinion which still allows for gay marriage. We saw in the Healthcare law case Roberts put his historical image ahead of his personal bias. This is not new.  Chief Justice Roberts is all too aware of  late Associate Justice Roberts "Switch in Time Saved Nine"

A little known fact about Justice Kennedy - on the night of his nomination in 1987 (25 years ago) he left the press at his California home to attend a house warming party for new neighbors who just happen to be a gay couple.

There are two issues before the Supreme Court.  The first is DOMA.  Defense of Marriage Act - signed into law by President Bill Clinton. 

On this one the vote for sure will be at least 6-3 against DOMA - their is nothing in the federal constitution which can remotely be construed as allowing the federal government to regulate marriage - period - it also goes against everything the conservatives have argued about these matters being matters for the states.  If Scalia tries to rationalize the constitutionality of DOMA, I think among legal scholars he will be declared a fraud.  The vote on this one could actually be 8-1 with Alito  being to sole dissenting vote.

The other issue is whether or not the states through referendums can deny gays the same rights afforded straights.  This is the California case.


"In 1992, an amendment to the Colorado state constitution (Amendment 2) that would have prevented any city, town, or county in the state from taking any legislative, executive, or judicial action to recognize gay and lesbian individuals as a protected class was passed by Colorado voters in a referendum"

"Rejecting the state's argument that Amendment 2 merely blocked gay people from receiving "special rights", Kennedy wrote:
To the contrary, the amendment imposes a special disability upon those persons alone. Homosexuals are forbidden the safeguards that others enjoy or may seek without constraint."

"Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the majority opinion which Justices John Paul Stevens, David Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer joined.

He wrote: "The petitioners [Lawrence and Garner] are entitled to respect for their private lives. The State cannot demean their existence or control their destiny by making their private sexual conduct a crime."


There is absolutely no scenario wherein gay marriage does not prevail as the law of the land - but the Religious Rights rather than use their limited resources to feed the hungry, and heal the sick such as Joshua (aka Jesus) mandated, the Religious Right will spend their money fighting a lost cause. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012


These stories are allegedly true.  I find far too much of my time is watching old  black and whites on Hulu.  Regular TV and the movies have gotten so bad there is simply not much worth watching.  On TV I watch, TCM, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, HBO's Boardwalk,  and American Horror Story on FX.  These are the do not miss shows.  There are a handful of other shows I watch if I have nothing else to do, but even then I am normally cleaning around the house while they are on.

I have asked many people how to feed Hulu through my TV and no one seems to agree.  I have Time Warner and am looking for ideas.  I hate watching TV on my computer.

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Official Countdown


To remind my readers, it was always my intent after the election to go to the FBI with my affidavit verifying Rick Zayas's statements to me that he and a partner at Royston Rayzor were working with some trustees to get them to refer the Healthsmart case to Royston Rayzor.  The comment to me which caught my concern was Rick's claim they all would make money on it when it settled.

Based on this I sought documents related to Royston Rayzor and Healthsmart.  BISD today in a back dated letter, so as to avoid waiver of their defense, requested an AG opinion on the following:

UPDATE:  From Oct. 4. 2011 BISD Meeting

15. Discussion, consideration and possible action regarding RFQ’s for legal services in BISD
vs. HealthSmart.
(Board Member Request – JC)
In November the Board discussed Healthsmart again.  In my online research all the stories link back to the Herald.  All Herald articles prior to change of ownership are no longer available unless you are willing to pay for them.  It is hard to track what happened and when without Herald archives.  From what I can see on the BISD page I cannot track what happened with each vote.  All I know for sure is they voted to not hire counsel to sue Healthsmart based on a contingency basis.  Once they voted no, the protection of bidding information falls.  Also they never established an attorney client relationship.


"§ 552.101. EXCEPTION:  CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION.  Information is excepted from the requirements of  Section 552.021 if it is information considered to be confidential
by law, either constitutional, statutory, or by judicial decision.
OR BIDDING.  (a) Information is excepted from the requirements of Section 552.021 if it is information that, if released, would give advantage to a competitor or bidder.

Here is the problem - BISD never authorized anyone to go out and seek bids on Healthsmart.  In fact when a board member sought authorization for Carl Montoya to seek bids the matter failed. 

Anything which BISD has was sent to BISD without any request from BISD.  In fact what may exist may be evidence of unsolicited requests for legal representation.  This by itself could be a crime.

I am filing my response to the AG showing no attorney client privilege exists and that in fact BISD never asked for bids and that in fact when a board member asked for bids, the matter failed for lack of a majority. (Someone please research the date on this for me - thank you)

The entire defense is frivolous and designed to run cover for possible criminal  conduct.  Of course, I know get to put before the AG my affidavit verifying my conversation with Rick Zayas and alleged kick-backs.  Which then allows the AG to open a  criminal investigation.

In their letter you will note it is dated December 5, 2012.  Leandra Ortiz back dated the letter to comply with the law and timeliness of the objection.  I just now picked up the letter.  You will note they show hand delivered to me - that was just about 30 minutes ago December 7th, a day which will line in infamy - again.


The singer is Randy Brooks, the author of the lyrics.  I've known Randy for 15 years and in real life he is just like the song. 

People there is more to life than BISD.  I know my numbers shoot up every  time I have a BISD post - my goal in not numbers.  Nothing at BISD will change until the teachers and parents rebel.  As to their union, it is as worthless as a tit on a boar hog.  This battle belongs to Brownsville, and in particular the parents of children in BISD.  Do not expect the BV to endlessly cover the BISD mess.  I am not here to entertain voyeurs who from their home computer get off on the  disaster which is BISD.  Stop being voyeurs and get involved.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


"Texas Education Commissioner Michael Williams announced today he's stripping all power from El Paso Independent School District trustees, citing a lack of trust from the community they represent."

Source: El Paso Times:

The only reason this has not happened in Brownsville is, we have no press to inform the people of the truth. 


I love this graphic because it shows balance does not require symmetry.  For me the key to balance is recognizing inherent in true balance is diversity, and uniqueness.

Before I get into the rest of the post, yesterday while out and about several people I do not know approached me.  I do not like this.  I am very guarded about my private time.  But each of these people brought me positive energy so I felt very comfortable speaking with them.

For me, the BV is mostly about gaining the confidence of the business community.  The sad truth is, they are the ones with the power to move things forward.  The people can also move things forward if they would just organize - but with a shortage of people power, the business community is the next best option.

Both businessmen asked me if I was the blogger - I hate the question - they then immediately went into my post about the airport.  One noted that he was amazed how persistent I have been over the years.  I responded I understand education.  You have to keep the issue alive for years before you can build a consensus.

Both men are in 100%  agreement with me, but raised the question of how.  My response was simple - one step at a time.  Money is cheap right now.  Brownsville needs to buy the land now and worry about the airport later.

Governor Perry wants the LRGV vote in 2 years.  Governor Perry believes in Brownsville as the Gateway to Latin America.  I am convinced that if Brownsville would simply buy the land now on 511, Governor Perry will get behind state money to build the airport.  I am certain with the state behind the project, Congressman Vela will also seek  federal funding.  It is really just believing in the possible.

The businessmen then asked how do  we as a community convince the city commission to get behind the project.  I said - forget the city commission.  I am willing to offer any group of businessmen or women to put together a ticket of three candidates who will run on the Airport Development Ticket.  I told them they need to  find three Latinas, maybe one Latino, who are well educated and can articulate the issue to the people.  We need an at large candidate who will be so large, that once sworn in, Tony Martinez becomes an afterthought.

So I told them it is doable - they just have to organize.  My impression was - as business people they fear being on the losing side.  I told them to think of it this way - if they had not been willing to fail would they have even started their businesses.

Sorry for the side note - but the encounter gave me a lot of positive energy and I felt a need to share, especially since the encounter sparked my interest in this post on balance.


Nothing wears down at exactly the same rate as anything thing else.  Consider the stones, if one wears down just slightly more in proportion to the others, everything will come tumbling  down.  To maintain balance there must be constant renewal.

Mary Baker Eddy was conflicted over the founding of the Christian Science Church - originally she opposed it.  If you know her writings you know they were constantly evolving with newer insights in to faith.  The Church is basically dying because those who truly study her words know they were not to remain stagnant in time.  The more you study the basic concepts she discovered, the more you realize there is more.  In time many people like myself left the church because we outgrew the old stagnant ideas locked in time.  Ms. Eddy knew her ideas were expanding on a regular basis.  The Church has lost its balance and is dying.  It is stuck in time with no option for accepting new insights into faith.  I am certain had Mary Baker Eddy lived another 50 years the Church today would be nothing like the Church has become.  I am also certain she would have taught the Church must evolve with the recognition of new insights into faith.

Now you know my background.  I have two sides to how I think and they are in constant conflict with one another.  I have a strong moral compass with little room for excuses, but I am also the consummate pragmatist.  You have to look for solutions which fit the time and not some predefined dogma.  A moral  compass is not absolute.  The  compass can move along the same continuum of a pragmatic policy wonk.  It is just a matter of learning where the two align.  It is no easy challenge.

The US and Brownsville are so filled with negative energy it is nearly impossible to find balance.  The community finds itself always at odds with its best interests as a necessary evil to survival.  There is no balance.  In many ways it is pure chaos.

I am very in tune with my core self.  Mountains, thunderstorms, and heavy rains flood my body with intense energy.  In your case it may be birds, the ocean.  I love the ocean, but prefer the colder ocean.  In two weeks I will be in NY for 5 days - not staying for Christmas - I will go out to the north Atlantic and feed the seagulls.  It can be snowing, icing, I will not care.  The renewal I will get from sitting in the sand along the cold north Atlantic is so intense. I cannot imagine anything being more powerful to aid my renewal.  I am fortunate in that I know these  things about myself.  They bring balance.

People who need to fix the world rarely fix anything.  I am happy doing little things for a few people here and there.  I am happy with my annual donations to to help with development or sustainability projects in Nicaragua.  I never seek to do great things in a big way - I see great things in helping a handful of people at a time - no fanfare - no self promotion.  The good news is, all over the US people like me are a dime a dozen. 

But living in this world today makes staying balanced nearly impossible.  My time in Peru was amazing.  I loved being in the Andes more than anything else.  The Andres make Machu Picchu almost insignificant.  For me they are so much more powerful.  But that is me - I know people who go out to the desert in El Paso and sit for days on end renewing themselves.  They are not renewed by rain the way I am.

For me the practice of law was the ultimate act of self betrayal.  There is no balance.  It is self destructive.  To enjoy the practice of law you have to receive joy from money and power.  Inasmuch as I reject money and power as inimical to the natural human state, I was a fish out of water.  I simply do not understand the need to steal, destroy, and deceive for money and power.  Every lawyer I know in Dallas would leave the practice of law tomorrow if they were not prisoners to it. 

Those of us who have found the art of balance are growing in numbers.  But most are like me - too weak to let go and move forward.  In a perfect world I would probably live in a small mountain community on the eastern side of the Andes in Ecuador or Peru running a small public high school. That is what I would do with my lottery winnings.  I love the Rockies and they give me immense energy, but they do not have the balance in weather I loved in the Andes.  But you may be the type who thrives on the cold in the Rockies.

When I travel internationally, especially to second and third world  countries, I encounter people who are still thriving for something and who are willing to work together as a community to make for a better tomorrow.  In Nicaragua, more and more expats from all over the world are using their skills to donate teaching services to local communities.  I would love to do the same thing in Nicaragua, but the weather in Nicaragua does not feed me energy.

When I was in El Paso (76-80) at times with friends or sometimes on my own, we would climb the mountain in the middle of town and spend the day studying.  I always got great grades after studying on the mountain.  What makes the Andes in northern Peru or Ecuador so great is, at 12,000 feet you are so  close to the equator the weather is perfect.  You also get magnificent storms coming out of the amazon into the Andes.

I remember when I returned to Lima at sea level after a week in the Andes how I felt totally spent.  I was so full of energy that morning and seemed to lose all of it upon arrival in Lima. 

So today's lesson is take time to identify when you feel energized.  Stop what you are doing to find out what made you  feel energized.  Build on that and you will begin to find balance.

 It is not easy to remain balanced when life seems to always drag you back into the chaos.  This is the riddle I have yet to solve - how to not get drawn back into the chaos.

Most people who know me know I live by the concept of Chinses handcuffs.  The more each side tries to pull out the more both sides are locked in chaos.  If both sides will just push in a little in time they will both be released from the chaos.  Unfortunatelly some people are too stubbord to release even a little.