Friday, December 9, 2011


Today I spent from about 2:35 until 3:15 being interviewed by the FBI.  I did ask what I can say about the interview and was told "Free Speech."  I do not work that way. With Free Speech comes responsibility.  What I will say is, I am happy.  But I will also say, I have a greater sense of what is in front of Brownsville.  It is a long road.  I have told my readers in the past it takes the FBI 3-5 years to do anything.  The FBI in all cases have  this sense that the wider the net the better. This is not a rule which only applies to Brownsville.  So while you an I may want action  today, they see it as "if we wait a bit longer we can include more people in the indictment."  I tried my best to get specifics out of them and could not.  The interview was about me giving information, not getting information.

Finally let me say, while it could take 3-5 years for indictments (I speak generally about any case and not about why I was at the FBI offices), certain events can trigger quicker indictments.  This is the nature of the beast with the FBI.  Think of it this way - you see a deer with 6 points, but in the distance you also see a deer with 8 points.  Do you shoot the 6 point deer and send the 8 point deer running or do you wait and snare the 8 point deer.  If you understand this, you understand what is happening at the FBI, generally.

Here is a reality check, the FBI does not fancy to people saying they have been interviewed when they in fact have not been interviewed.  The FBI is one agency I take very, very seriously. 


Anonymous said...

It's probably a challenge for them know where to begin.

Anonymous said...

Oh they know where to begin; they just do not know where to stop. The criminal line is lone and involves many players. Just like Lima's case. Scary......