Sunday, December 18, 2011


I wasn't planning on such a post, but last night I read what follows and thought it so fits the reality I know.   I read newspapers all over the world, and this guy is not far off the mark.  The Mayan calender issue is not about end times, it is about a dramatic change.  Maybe the Mayans knew what they were talking about.  We are facing a major crisis with the melting of the permafrost and release of methane gas.

I personally believe currency as we know it will die sometime in 2012, or very early 2013.  The major governments cannot sustain borrowing at their current levels, they cannot also move their economies forward without borrowing.  Capitalism has collapsed - its burial is a formality.  One of Nixon's great accomplishments was to extend the demise of capitalism.  He also won the cold war, the former Soviet Union and Reagan just did not know it.

Within months the euro will collapse.  It has no where to go and Europe is too divided to save it.   Europe will be the first to abandon modern currency.  The major economies eat up resources based on borrowed money from developing economies.  The wealthiest of the wealthy in developing countries loan their money to developed countries instead on investing in their own countries.  This made it impossible for developing countries to reach the point of being major importers of high tech items.

The world is broke - there is no where to turn.  The US cannot move forward without sucking up the last of the financing being offered by China.  China owns the US and our leaders know it.   The only option left is for the major economies to walk away from their debt and issue a new currency which is not based on tax revenues but on printing money as needed.  Have you noticed even gold and oil are beginning to collapse?


Anyway see what he says.  On 9/11 I had two views - it united us, and then destroyed us.  The day Colin Powell went before the UN and lied about the weapons of mass destruction I knew we were done.  I thought to myself - how in hell is the news media buying the claim we lost visual contact with tractor trailers which allegedly held weapons of mass destruction?  As former military intelligence I knew better.  It was the ultimate lie.  On that day I planned my move to Brownsville - it was a matter of logistics and funding.  Once I worked out the funding I made the move.  Why Brownsville? because the distance of the economic collapse in Brownsville would not be as far as in a major city like Dallas.  Further, Dallas had become too dangerous to live in.  I lived in an old community which was probably 75% retirees. 

The area is known as White Rock.  My neighbors would do their morning walks with baseball bats.  Our shed was emptied by the Russian Mafia after they removed the bars from the shed door.  In another incident they knocked down the fence to let the dogs out so they could get into the backyard. My car was in the shop so they did not realize I was working in my home office.  This is the only  reason we were not robbed.

When John went to France for 6 weeks my first night alone in the house was met with machine gun fire.  Several days later at a homeowners meeting this is what a homeowner said to me "you have been in that house for 3 years and you still are not use to the gun fire?"  OMG -

Dallas has long ago walked away from sanity.  Every professional I knew who lived in Dallas has since left.  Most have moved their families to counties with no real cities and lots of open area.  Many only travel to Dallas on days they cannot work from home.    Most people I know have put all their savings into paying off their homes - while their homes may have lost in value - it is still a home for their family.  When currency collapses a home will become the most valuable asset you have.  With the exception of my European portfolio I have sold everything and put it into my mortgage.  I can pay my mortgage on a very small income.  My goal is to pay it off by the end of 2012.  Every discretionary penny goes to paying down the principal.

I hate converting my retirement accounts into paying down my mortgage but it makes sense if I believe currency will be worthless by the beginning of 2013.  I may have no money in the bank or my retirement accounts, but I will have a home which is mine.  If I can get just a short  term increase in my European portfolio I will sell off that last retirement account and pay down the mortgage. 

While I truly believe with the exception of Jon Huntsman all of the Republican presidential candidates are complete idiots, I also believe Obama will never lead us out of this economic crisis.  Oh things may get better for a while, but the US is not preparing for the collapse of the euro. 


"People in The Netherlands have always looked up to the USA. It won't be long before that stops, I guess. These are stories I read, watched and heard in the mainstream media over here:
  • your political system is one of the most corrupt systems in the world
  • your politicians represent companies instead of people
  • your government will probably censor the internet
  • your government detains without trial
  • your government tortures people
  • your government hires mercenaries
  • your government does nothing to improve education
  • your president doesn't have any real influence over what happens
  • your presidential candidates are stupid beyond belief
  • your presidential candidates promote stupidity
  • your presidential candidates are not taking seriously over here
  • your elections are a joke
  • your media outlets cannot be trusted
  • your media outlets focus on distractions instead of main issues
  • your people are fucked when they're uninsured
  • your infrastructure is collapsing
  • your economy will soon be top 3 instead of #1
  • your economy will probably collapse a second time
So it's not only Reddit or The Daily Show that is covering these issues. Other countries are watching and passing the popcorn while your country is collapsing. And I think it will get worse, not better. I am 29 years old and looking back at the world's history I don't think the problems above will be solved during my lifetime. It will probably have to get a lot worse before a movement arises that's big enough to demand real change.
Now you'll probably read this, take one small point out of my story and comment on that. That's okay, but please notice the trend of what's going on in your country. Do something about it. We need our big brother to act like role model. Right now he's high as a kite."


Anonymous said...

WOW Bobby, this what Glenn Beck has been saying for years. You can sign up for 2 weeks for free and check out his show of 10/13/11 and provides an extensive list for preparedness well worth checking out. For those that have outstanding debt I found Dave Ramsey debt free program very helpful and It reads much like a cooking receipt. I'm almost debt free and now like yourself I'm working in paying off my home soon.

This message coming from you is a blessing because you reach many & the more of us start working on being self reliance we can weather the coming storm.
I have great faith in the American people because many of us not only see the problems we think in terms of solving problems.
God Bless you and Merry Christmas.

BobbyWC said...

Glenn Beck and I may see the same result - but the reasoning behind the result is completely different.

Corporatists have bankrupt the world - there is no place to go to sustain the world debt - even France now is facing a high interest rate to borrow money.

Nixon was brilliant when he took the US off the gold standard - with inflation out of control and the US having no where to go to fund government or war printing money at will became the only solution.

The next key was to insure inflation remained high. Nixon reduced our national debt, in terms of GDP, by keeping inflation high. By 1980, 1971 dollars were worth pennies on the dollar compared to 9 years earlier.

Think about this - how many of you are borrowing to fund Christmas?

I have zero faith in the American people - they want what they want regardless of the cost.

You know people are charging because they are willing to pay 30%interest on credit cards. Not me - I have 2 at 12.5 % an owe almost nothing - I use them to earn miles - I currently have 80,000 miles -

In a time when we should be saving brides are demanding family and friends go on destination weddings. A couple could easily be out $3,000 for a destination wedding. Selfishness has engulfed our nation.

I miss the days when you rented the VFW - had a deli cater the food and you rented a fountain for Tom Collins.

Old as time and proud of it.

People are spending hundreds of millions on things they do not need.

Without credit cards consumerism would die along with the country.

It is going to be bad - the government will have to print endless money to feed the nation -the U.S. at least can go it alone- we can manufacture everything and import nothing - but it will mean government control over pricing.

The American people will never support this - the corporatists have convinced the American people that it is wrong to tax the wealthy and corporations.

We are screwed

Oh, correction - I also like Ron Paul - I may not agree with his isolationist policies - but he is clearly a very intelligent man who has studied the issues and who does not play politics with his views.

I think Ron Paul is a honorable man.

Bobby WC