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Yesterday I only looked at his actual filing and nothing else.  This morning I  looked at all of the documents and realized that the court ordered an automatic dismissal of the case because Carlito failed to provide to the court his income information. 

There is nothing wrong with a reorganization - the problem is the petition.  He will fail on the income issue.  He does not just get to tell the court what his income is, he has to produce bank account and bookkeeping information.  In the Zayas case he played games on this because he does not want to disclose the information.  If he fails to disclose the information by the 13th the court will automatically dismiss the bankruptcy.

He has to prove that based on his income he can make the proposed payments.  The creditors are allowed to object.  In his petition he fails to include the child support he pays to Margarita Lara Santana.  His total child support is $480.00.  On Page 41 of his petition item 33 he says it is only $240,00.  The last contempt order in the Mireya case shows the support at $280.00.  He is also under a court order to pay Margarita Lara Santana $200.00.  He failed to disclose the lawsuit with Margarita and the child support. 

In the Margarita Lara case he swore under oath he travels to Brownsville on business and rents a condo on SPI (kinda of like I guess Mama Perez's mythical home in Mary Rey's home.)   He did not disclose the income from his Brownsville business.

Too much debt versus income means you do not qualify for a Chapter 13.  His current payments do not include payments to the IRS, along with other creditors. Carlito wants you to know he will win his battle with the IRS and the lien will be removed within 3 months.   The BK court automatically sends his bankruptcy to the IRS agent in charge of his case.  If the claims he made to them are not the same he made to the  court he will be up a creek - big time.   The IRS or any other creditor could force it be converted into a Chapter 7.  


On page 22 found in the second link Carlos Quintanilla claims his house payment is $2,506, including taxes and insurance.  This guy is so stupid he cannot even see an idiot can do the math and see he is not being honest.  $5,733.00 is what is paid in property taxes annually.  He then pays $245 per month in homeowners insurance.  This comes out to $722,75.   Principle and interest (6%) on $398,000 (value he claims) is $2,800.00 a month.  If you add in taxes and insurance you are at somewhere around $3,573.00 a month - not $2,506.00.  Before the modified loan agreement he signed in April his payments were according to court filings somewhere between $3,600 and $3,710 (the numbers are confusing because they change back and forth.  After the loan modification when the interest was changed to 6% the payment would be $3,302.06.  Either way it is not $2,506.00


NTex now gets to drill Quintanilla under oath in  federal court where perjury matters about Ted Parker and Fly Frontera.  This bankruptcy could just be what it takes to take down both Ted Parker and Jim Gallagher of Public Charters.  Who paid for all of those trips to Brownsville if not Jim Gallagher. Now of course the IRS agent in charge of Quintanilla's case will be reviewing the bankruptcy to compare the financial information he provided the IRS and the financial information he provided the bankruptcy court.  They better be 100% the same.

Quintanilla does not disclose any monthly payment to the IRS.  When you have an IRS lien you are given three choices.  Based on your income you make payments or face garnishment. (Choice 1 or 2)  No one believes that with Quintanilla earning over $200,000 a year the IRS would allow him to go without making payments based on a hardship.  This is the third.  The IRS can grant a hardship uncollectable wherein they suspend collection efforts but continue to add in interest and penalties.

If Quintanilla fails to explain these discrepancies and the judge believes they were intentional, Quintanilla can be charged with criminal bankruptcy fraud.


This is not what a competent attorney would have done.  The last time he tried to put a business into bankruptcy the court dismissed it after he refused to comply with the order of the court.

He may have hung himself.  If NTex hires a competent bankruptcy attorney they will have permission within the week to proceed with foreclosure in February.  But this is the least of his problems.  If his claims in his bankruptcy petition vary significantly with those he gave the IRS he is royally screwed by both the IRS and bankruptcy court.

In the first link if you look at page 9 he claims his house is worth $549,000.00. Zillow values it at about $301,000 , Dallas county has it at about $257,000 - where does he get $549,000? The court will consider this to be a material misrepresentation if he cannot produce a valid appraisal to support his claims.
Here are 5 pages from the petition if you do not want to read the entire thing.

In the limited documents you can see he verifies he in fact does owe child support on the children he left behind in Illinois. (Page 14)  he says the amount owed is $77,000.00.  The lien on file with the county has it closer to $87,000.00.  Now it is possible he has paid it down over the last two years.  The trustee will ask for proof of the payments.

In terms of income he makes no reference to Fly Frontera.  How is this possible?  The administrative offices are out of his home?

In other income he claims $10,000.00 a month and then a separate $258,563.00 over two years from Azteca Business Development Group/Accion America.  Remember in family law court he and the mother of his children are claiming he does not earn enough to provide his children with insurance.  With an average income of over $200,000 a year over the last two years his children do not qualify for medicaid.

If the IRS finds he lied to them or the bankruptcy court finds he lied to them either of them can put him in jail.  If he had a half a brain, on Tuesday morning he would file a voluntary dismissal of his bankruptcy.  He he forces a hearing on a fraud claim by NTex, he could find himself being hauled off to jail by a federal marshal.  Federal bankruptcy judges take making false statements very seriously.


"Bankruptcy fraud is a serious offense. Bankruptcy cases where fraud is proven are, at minimum, thrown out of court. The filer will likely also face penalties and stiff fines. Because fraud is a federal offense, these penalties climb quickly and in some cases, are capped with criminal prosecution. The maximum penalties for bankruptcy fraud are a $250,000 fine and/or five years in federal prison."


He filed at 3:00 p.m., I had the petition by 3:30 p.m.  I have been busy checking things before posting the story.  Carlito fails to realize his every move is being watch.  Everything he files anywhere gets flagged and reviewed within minutes.  He has no clue.

The BV is not back - I am just going to post periodic things related to Quintanilla and Luci Goosey Longoria.  2001 Luci Goosey - 2001.


So long as you as a trustee continue to abuse your office to destroy innocent children and families and BISD employees you will be exposed to the people of Brownsville. This will also continue so long as your political paramour continues to defame anyone in Brownsville. Obviously Eddie II (Luci Goosey married two Eddies) is not man enough to control Carlito, or is it he is not man enough to control you? Either way, so long as you remain a trustee and/or Carlito references anyone in Brownsville the BV will continue to publish the truth about who you are. The rooster has come home to roost in your glass house.

As to little Eddie Munster Leandro II, the only reason I am not publishing what I have learned is I cannot do it without revealing the source. But I do believe if the majority changes in November workers will come forward knowing you can no longer have them fired. At that point it will be not nice - but very factual.


BobbyWC said...

I follow Quintanilla because he is a con artist who needs to be exposed.

A side benefit is he keeps on engaging in defamation per se and thereby extending the date of limitations for me when I sue Lehmann, Escobedo, Longoria, Presas-Garcia, Saavedra, Ted Parker, Jim Gallagher, Ben Neece, Art Rendon, Fred Rendon (I have those defamatory texts you sent to Bill Jorn) and several others - They refuse to denounce Carlito to protect themselves so they will pay in court - conspiracy even for defamation can be extended to 2 years also when combined with RICO. Time is on my side.

From Carlito all of which is defamation per se - meaning damages are presumed

"Mr. Cervantes you were kicked out of the legal professional for stealing from you clients and keeping their money. You were kicked out of the army for being a danger to yourself and those around you. You are an admitted morphine addict that gets free dope from Uncle Sam and you haven't had a job since you got to Brownsville. You have been labeled a vexatious litigant last time you tried to sue the Brownsville Herald and you got you boy pal Rick Zayas to defend you, how much did that costs you?"

Facts, no client ever accused me of stealing from them and no court has ever made such a finding. Most of my clients were represented for free in civil rights cases.

No doctor has every found my mental health situation made me a danger to myself or anyone else. The military use to use the term atypical personality disorder as a way to discharge people they believe were gay. carlito considers this to not be a civil rights violation. He believes this is how gay soldiers willing to die for this country should be treated. The diagnoses was found to violate the right of patients and was removed from the DSM several years later. It was a catch all diagnosis which meant nothing. For over 20 years it has not existed as a diagnosis in the same way homosexuality is no longer considered a mental disorder.

I have never admitted to being a morphine addict and in fact noted pain killers do not work on me and that I in fact did not take the amount which was prescribed because they did not work. This is all documented. In fact Jim gallager (Fly Frontera) refused to denounce Quintanilla for his defamation per se even after it was proven to him I had maybe half my prescription for pain killers still left at a point they were to have all already been used.

A jury is going to love learning how Quintanilla defames disabled vets who accept painkillers after back surgery. On that one Ben Art, Luci et al I will own you.

Carlito is confused - he actually believes that after not paying his mortgage from July 2007 through April 2011 it is unjust enrichment for the bank to tag on the interest which accrued during that time.

The second NTex files its motion for sanctions based on fraud the court will hear the motion - Quintanilla will never have his petition heard. You can ask for a payment plan but you have to do it according to the rules. Further he actually believes the bk judge will disallow the bank charging interest for the years he did not make payments.

I do feel bad about getting Carlito to go off the deep end and thereby extending the limitations date for my defamation suit - but like the federal judge in Chicago said - he is unsupervisable.

Further my home was not foreclosed on because it was a rental so I did not own it. tenants have 90 days after notice to move out after a foreclosure. Wells Fargo failed to follow the law. Carlito cannot produce any order by any court wherein I was evicted from the home at 24 W. Lovell because it does not exist. In fact Judge Salazar dismissed the eviction because Wells Fargos failed to appear. They knew they failed to give 90 days notice. The second time they sued I had long moved to my new home on Squaw valley. the dates on my lease and the date on the eviction prove this.

BobbyWC said...

Even the constable noted on the return that the house was empty. There is no eviction order with my name on it. The order references the owner of the home, which was not me.

Since then I bought my current home - something you cannot do if you have a foreclosure on your credit report.

Finally, Carlito cannot produce a court order finding me a vexatious litigant because it does not exist. Now I will take his post and forward it on to the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct as evidence of Ben Neece's further retaliation against me for having filed the complaint against him. this also increases my § 1983 damages againsg him for violating my right to free speech. The Rey Depo forces ben to either lie to the Commission and change perjury or tell the truth that he was at the PAC meeting as alleged by Rey. The commission has the depo and it is being considered as evidence. Hey Ben, Carlito will not stop until you are bankrupt and in jail.

The lies amount to defamation per se and malice. The damages just keep on going up up and up. Of course Carlito will not have to pay anything because he has nothing.

Carlito failed in bk court years ago because he refused to follow the judge's orders. He has endless judgments against him which he has not claimed in his petition. He failed to disclose the lawsuit he lost against myself and Rick Zayas - he failed to disclose the lawsuit against margarita lara santana - it is going to be a field day - I only wish I could be in court that day - but my 80,000 miles are for my European vacation - and not to watch a circus in a bankruptcy court.

It is sad that with what little money he has he is not looking for a home for his children - no instead he is going to try and get people to give him money because the $8,000 he already collects from Accion America is not enough - he needs more from the poorest of the poor in Dallas and Irving.

Carlito keep posting - the hole is not through to China yet

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I am wishing you all the best for a wonderful new year. Take care and thank you for reminding us about safety.
Hugs to you from our family. (((((Bobby)))))!!!!!

Don't let the negative drag you down.

BobbyWC said...

Thanks there is no negative - It is a beautiful day - i will move some plants, remove a hose stuck in the air vent coming out of the roof (lesson never allow friends to help you with plumbing problems) assemble my new table saw, do groceries, and finish cleaning off my desk.

Thinks could not be better - I deal in reality and my reality is very, very nice

Oh, I forgot, I will make my New Years Eve caldo - my friends will not eat it Nicaragua style (platano machos and yuca) so I will make it Mexican style

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

(Finally, Carlito cannot produce a court order finding me a vexatious litigant because it does not exist. Now I will take his post and forward it on to the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct as evidence of Ben Neece's further retaliation against me for having filed the complaint against him. this also increases my § 1983 damages againsg him for violating my right to free speech.)

Carlos doesn't mention anything about Ben Neece. So why are you blaming Ben Neece for this statement?

BobbyWC said...

fair and honest question - thanks

You may not remember or know the entire story - he references an incident wherein Ben Neece sent Montoya into the court room to take pictures. Zayas was there as a material witness and they knew it

They knew exactly what happened. Montoya then published the false story. The Complaint to the Commission on Judicial Conduct was then amended to include retaliation based on Ben's conduct.

The evidence shows Carlito and Ben Neece are in a joint enterprise concerning the PAC and BISD mess.

good question

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

A List of Famous People who have Filed for Bankruptcy

Abraham Lincoln
Benedict Arnold
John James Audubon
P.T. Barnum
John Barrymore
Lionel Bart
Kim Basinger
Frank Baum
Barbara Bel Geddes
Melvin Belli
Bunny Berigan
George Best
Jay Black
John Wayne Bobbitt
Peter Bogdanovich
Bjorn Borg
Lorraine Bracco
Matthew Brady
Toni Braxton
Louise Brooks
Sylvia Browne
Lenny Bruce
Buffalo Bill
Gary Burghoff
Anita Bryant
Crazy Cabbie
Tia Carrere
Nell Carter
Raymond Carver
Miguel de Cervantes
George Clinton
Samuel L. Clemens ("Mark Twain")
Natalie Cole
Gary Coleman
Concrete Blonde
John Connally
Francis Ford Coppola
Cathy Lee Crosby
David Crosby
Aleister Crowley
Vic Damone
Dorothy Dandridge
Darren Day
Daniel Defoe
Lee De Forest
Dino De Laurentis
John DeLorean
Clarissa Dickson Wright
Walt Disney
Henry Dunant
William C. Durant
Eddy "the Eagle" Edwards
Chris Eubank
Keith Famie
Freddy Fender
Stephin Fetchit
Eddie Fisher
Mick Fleetwood
Heidi Fleiss
Henry Ford
William Fox
Red Foxx
R. Buckminster Fuller
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Marvin Gaye
Andy Gibb
Gary Glitter
Bernhard Goetz
Charles Goodyear
Ulysses S. Grant
Elizabeth Ward Gracen
Paulo Gucci
Bob Guccione
Johannes Gutenberg
Tony Gwynn
Merle Haggard
Corey Haim
Frans Hals
Dorothy Hamill
M.C. Hammer
George Frideric Handel
Richard Harris
Isaac Hayes
H.J. Heinz
Margaux Hemingway
Sherman Hemsley
Ty Herndon
Milton Snavely Hershey
Kent Hovind
Steve Howe
E. Howard Hunt
Nelson Bunker Hunt
Ron Isley
La Toya Jackson
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Janice - Marie Johnson
Al Jolson
George Jones
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Margot Kidder
Larry King
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Marion “Suge” Knight
Bowie Kuhn
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Veronica Lake
Lorenzo Lamas
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Anton LaVey
Stan Lee
Jerry Lewis
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Meat Loaf
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George McGovern
William McKinley
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Robert Morris
Levi P. Morton
Motor City Five/MCS
John Nash
Willie Nelson
Wayne Newton
Harry Nilsson
F. Donald Nixon
Immanuel Nobel
Mary Nolan
Emperor Norton
Ted Nugent
Kate O’Brien
Thomas Paine
Johnny Paycheck
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Gaylord Perry
Philip II
Buddy Post
Susan Powter
Burt Prelutsky
Randy Quaid
Lynn Redgrave
Tommy Rettig
Burt Reynolds
Debbie Reynolds
Mickey Rooney
Rick Ross
Harry Saltzman
Derek Sanderson
Ray Sawyer
Oskar Schindler
Billy Sims
Tom Sizemore
Anna Nicole Smith
Dee Snider
Phoebe Snow
Lynne Spears
Leon Spinks
Sheryl Swoopes
J. Fife Symington
Lawrence Taylor
Randall Terry
Nikola Tesla
Donald Trump
Mark Twain
Mike Tyson
Johnny Unitas
John Whitehead
Oscar Wilde
James Wilson
Tammy Wynette
Florenz Ziegfeld
And the list keeps growing and growing.

They all filed bankruptcy,
...and then got on with their lives.

Bad times come to all of us...even celebrities and politicians.

BobbyWC said...

The issue is not the bankruptcy - it is the dishonesty - but nice distraction from the issue

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great music you provided for the Christmas/New Year Holiday. Praying God Blesses You for the entire 2012 year. You are right people should celebrate at home; home celebrations are the best.