Friday, December 23, 2011


Anonymous said...

Mr. whatever your name is, who cares if anyone is unhappy or unfaithful, in their marriage, who cares about personal lives, we should care about performance on the job, honesty and ethical behavior. People should not care who do you go to bed with, only that you are a blogger and how accurate you are. it is bothersome to read those nasty comments about a lady that I hardly know, but always behaves impeccable. shame on you mister

BobbyWC said...

Luci Goosey has destroyed lives all over brownsville - this you call impeccable - you do realize when you post comments which are obvious lies you only hurt Luci Goosey - people who watch the Board meetings have a truly profound dislike for her

when dealing with these issues people like you are better off jusy saying nothing - if you did not care what I said you never would have responded

There is nothing honest or impeccable about Luci Goosey

Bobby WC