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I am adding a great song for at home New Years Eve parties.  People it is best to party at home.  Invite a few people who will not mind spending the night if they choose to drink.  The police are out tonight to protect us.  We are expecting fog so this is all the more reason to stay home and party at home.  This is just one fun song I always loved singing in the bars many, many moons ago.  If you can find 20 good sing along songs you can have one real good time at home.

Again, Happy New Year, be safe - one song for your entertainment.

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Yesterday I only looked at his actual filing and nothing else.  This morning I  looked at all of the documents and realized that the court ordered an automatic dismissal of the case because Carlito failed to provide to the court his income information. 

There is nothing wrong with a reorganization - the problem is the petition.  He will fail on the income issue.  He does not just get to tell the court what his income is, he has to produce bank account and bookkeeping information.  In the Zayas case he played games on this because he does not want to disclose the information.  If he fails to disclose the information by the 13th the court will automatically dismiss the bankruptcy.

He has to prove that based on his income he can make the proposed payments.  The creditors are allowed to object.  In his petition he fails to include the child support he pays to Margarita Lara Santana.  His total child support is $480.00.  On Page 41 of his petition item 33 he says it is only $240,00.  The last contempt order in the Mireya case shows the support at $280.00.  He is also under a court order to pay Margarita Lara Santana $200.00.  He failed to disclose the lawsuit with Margarita and the child support. 

In the Margarita Lara case he swore under oath he travels to Brownsville on business and rents a condo on SPI (kinda of like I guess Mama Perez's mythical home in Mary Rey's home.)   He did not disclose the income from his Brownsville business.

Too much debt versus income means you do not qualify for a Chapter 13.  His current payments do not include payments to the IRS, along with other creditors. Carlito wants you to know he will win his battle with the IRS and the lien will be removed within 3 months.   The BK court automatically sends his bankruptcy to the IRS agent in charge of his case.  If the claims he made to them are not the same he made to the  court he will be up a creek - big time.   The IRS or any other creditor could force it be converted into a Chapter 7.  


On page 22 found in the second link Carlos Quintanilla claims his house payment is $2,506, including taxes and insurance.  This guy is so stupid he cannot even see an idiot can do the math and see he is not being honest.  $5,733.00 is what is paid in property taxes annually.  He then pays $245 per month in homeowners insurance.  This comes out to $722,75.   Principle and interest (6%) on $398,000 (value he claims) is $2,800.00 a month.  If you add in taxes and insurance you are at somewhere around $3,573.00 a month - not $2,506.00.  Before the modified loan agreement he signed in April his payments were according to court filings somewhere between $3,600 and $3,710 (the numbers are confusing because they change back and forth.  After the loan modification when the interest was changed to 6% the payment would be $3,302.06.  Either way it is not $2,506.00


NTex now gets to drill Quintanilla under oath in  federal court where perjury matters about Ted Parker and Fly Frontera.  This bankruptcy could just be what it takes to take down both Ted Parker and Jim Gallagher of Public Charters.  Who paid for all of those trips to Brownsville if not Jim Gallagher. Now of course the IRS agent in charge of Quintanilla's case will be reviewing the bankruptcy to compare the financial information he provided the IRS and the financial information he provided the bankruptcy court.  They better be 100% the same.

Quintanilla does not disclose any monthly payment to the IRS.  When you have an IRS lien you are given three choices.  Based on your income you make payments or face garnishment. (Choice 1 or 2)  No one believes that with Quintanilla earning over $200,000 a year the IRS would allow him to go without making payments based on a hardship.  This is the third.  The IRS can grant a hardship uncollectable wherein they suspend collection efforts but continue to add in interest and penalties.

If Quintanilla fails to explain these discrepancies and the judge believes they were intentional, Quintanilla can be charged with criminal bankruptcy fraud.


This is not what a competent attorney would have done.  The last time he tried to put a business into bankruptcy the court dismissed it after he refused to comply with the order of the court.

He may have hung himself.  If NTex hires a competent bankruptcy attorney they will have permission within the week to proceed with foreclosure in February.  But this is the least of his problems.  If his claims in his bankruptcy petition vary significantly with those he gave the IRS he is royally screwed by both the IRS and bankruptcy court.

In the first link if you look at page 9 he claims his house is worth $549,000.00. Zillow values it at about $301,000 , Dallas county has it at about $257,000 - where does he get $549,000? The court will consider this to be a material misrepresentation if he cannot produce a valid appraisal to support his claims.
Here are 5 pages from the petition if you do not want to read the entire thing.

In the limited documents you can see he verifies he in fact does owe child support on the children he left behind in Illinois. (Page 14)  he says the amount owed is $77,000.00.  The lien on file with the county has it closer to $87,000.00.  Now it is possible he has paid it down over the last two years.  The trustee will ask for proof of the payments.

In terms of income he makes no reference to Fly Frontera.  How is this possible?  The administrative offices are out of his home?

In other income he claims $10,000.00 a month and then a separate $258,563.00 over two years from Azteca Business Development Group/Accion America.  Remember in family law court he and the mother of his children are claiming he does not earn enough to provide his children with insurance.  With an average income of over $200,000 a year over the last two years his children do not qualify for medicaid.

If the IRS finds he lied to them or the bankruptcy court finds he lied to them either of them can put him in jail.  If he had a half a brain, on Tuesday morning he would file a voluntary dismissal of his bankruptcy.  He he forces a hearing on a fraud claim by NTex, he could find himself being hauled off to jail by a federal marshal.  Federal bankruptcy judges take making false statements very seriously.


"Bankruptcy fraud is a serious offense. Bankruptcy cases where fraud is proven are, at minimum, thrown out of court. The filer will likely also face penalties and stiff fines. Because fraud is a federal offense, these penalties climb quickly and in some cases, are capped with criminal prosecution. The maximum penalties for bankruptcy fraud are a $250,000 fine and/or five years in federal prison."


He filed at 3:00 p.m., I had the petition by 3:30 p.m.  I have been busy checking things before posting the story.  Carlito fails to realize his every move is being watch.  Everything he files anywhere gets flagged and reviewed within minutes.  He has no clue.

The BV is not back - I am just going to post periodic things related to Quintanilla and Luci Goosey Longoria.  2001 Luci Goosey - 2001.


So long as you as a trustee continue to abuse your office to destroy innocent children and families and BISD employees you will be exposed to the people of Brownsville. This will also continue so long as your political paramour continues to defame anyone in Brownsville. Obviously Eddie II (Luci Goosey married two Eddies) is not man enough to control Carlito, or is it he is not man enough to control you? Either way, so long as you remain a trustee and/or Carlito references anyone in Brownsville the BV will continue to publish the truth about who you are. The rooster has come home to roost in your glass house.

As to little Eddie Munster Leandro II, the only reason I am not publishing what I have learned is I cannot do it without revealing the source. But I do believe if the majority changes in November workers will come forward knowing you can no longer have them fired. At that point it will be not nice - but very factual.


Even though the above image frightens my heart at first sight (Naoto Tajima of Japan, Jesse Owens of the USA, Luz Long of Nazi Germany) the story behind the nr. 1 and the nr. 2 of the 1936 Olympic long jump finalists touches my heart very much.
Carl Ludwig Luz Long (far right) was a German sprinter and long-jumper who finished second to Jesse Owens in the Berlin Olympic Games of 1936.
Long was born in Leipzig, Germany in 1913.
By the time the great black American sprinter Jesse Owens arrived in Berlin in the summer of 1936, little worried him … except Long who was German and the reigning European long-jump champion.
But as Adolf Hitler and 100,000 spectators watched, Long went right up and shook the black American’s hand. He thus befriended the great American athlete and did not shy from reaching out even though his own government was promoting a white Aryan race policy which would soon slip into genocide.
Long helped Owens at the long-jump trials, when Owens was so spooked by European rules that he almost failed to qualify, even while Long posted an Olympic record, (soon to be smashed by Owens in the final). In the finals, Long finished second to Owens, and took home Olympic silver. When they stood on the podium to receive their medals, Long, standing behind Owens, and made the de rigeur Nazi salute.
Owens was delighted as he knew that Long was the German opposition and was not expecting such a charming friend. One night, Long found Owens in the Olympic Village and they had a long private talk, resulting in a long friendship.
Luz continued to compete in track meets achieving his personal best of 7.90 meters in the long jump in 1937.
Luz finished law school at the University of Leipzig and briefly practiced in Hamburg. But inevitably, when the war turned against Germany, all healthy men were drafted and he became a Nazi soldier. He wrote Owens a final letter in 1942, just after the United States declared war on Germany:
“My heart is telling me that this is perhaps the last letter of my life. If that is so, I beg one thing from you. When the war is over, please go to Germany, find my son and tell him about his father. Tell him about the times when war did not separate us and tell him that things can be different between men in this world.
“Your brother, Luz.”

Luz Long was injured on July 10, 1943 when the Allies invaded Sicily. In a British field hospital, he died on July 13, 1943. He was only 30 and was buried in the war cemetery of Motta Sant’Anastasia, in Sicily.
In 1951, Jesse Owens kept his promise and found Long’s son in war-torn German. He later said that what he valued the most from Olympic experience had been his friendship with Luz Long.

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UPDATE: Just got the order denying Quintanilla's TRO - home set for foreclosure on January 3, 2012.


I have no way of knowing if his house will really be foreclosed on on Tuesday.  A competent attorney would know how to stop it.  Further it is possible that someone will give him the money he needs before Tuesday to stop the foreclosure. NTEX has used this technique before.  They get Quintanilla to give them what he can and stop the foreclosure for a few months.  The house appears to be worth less than the pay off.  If Quintanilla can give NTex $30,000.00 I think they will take it.  It is $30,000.00 more than they have now.  In a few months when he cannot still afford the payments they can foreclose again, but with $30,000.00 already collected.

It is any one's guess what will happen.  Based on court documents it will be sold on Tuesday.  Quintanilla has settled twice before to avoid foreclosure - what is to say NTex does not try and accept a third deal which is sure to fail - but in the mean time get a big chunk of change..


Today the Dallas court denied Quintanilla's final plea to stop the foreclosure on his home. The following was provided to me from the docket sheet. I am waiting on the actual order.

12/28/2011 ORDER - DENY
Vol./Book 337M, Page 705, 1 pages

Let me say in the past the clerk has changed entries made to the docket sheet.  I will have my source check back later today to see if there is an order confirming what is in the docket sheet.

Of interest Ted Parker checked the BV just before the hearing. This tells me he is still involved.

I can assure my readers bank accounts and social security numbers are being watched for any transfer of funds.


Carlito has demanded proof so to accommodate him I am posting the court documents filed by Luci Goosey's ex husband.
If we remember Carlito sued me and Rick Zayas in Dallas accusing us of a host of things including that I accused Luci Goosey Longoria of having an affair with Carlito. The court in Dallas dismissed the lawsuit against me even before I had to file an answer or was served.

I made it known at the time that the second I was served I would notice up Luci Longoria's husband for deposition on the issue of adultery. Of course I never made the accusation. I said they were in bed together politically. 

I believe but cannot prove Luci's husband made in known to Carlito that if he got brought into his bogus lawsuit there would be consequences. I believe this is why I was never served with the lawsuit.


Is this why Luci Goosey is so sensitive to the issue? In the divorce petition her then husband accused her of adultery. Only Luci knows the truth as to whether or not she committed adultery. I have the documents.  The ex never names names.  There is nothing anywhere to indicate her current husband was involved in the alleged affair.

Luci wants to destroy lives without consequences - well Luci Goosey the lesson of glass houses is coming home to roost.

Assuming her ex husband is telling the truth, Luci thought it acceptable to destroy the security of her 5 year old son. If she cared this little about her own 5 year old son, why should we believe she cares about the children of Brownsville?

After a court ordered social study, the parties agreed that it was best for little Eddie to live with his father. This was unheard of 25 years ago.

It did not end there - by her own admission in subsequent hearings she admitted to never paying her child support. Based on information in the file I am guessing she believed she did not have to pay the child support because on the same day the divorce degree was signed she filed for bankruptcy. Several years later Luci Goosey and her ex signed an agreement to relieve her of the child support if she relieved him of a debt he owed her.

One event in the file tells me both parents were more interested in their faux faith in Jesus than their son. Court proceedings were dragged out over the child attending church and which church. It is sad when a little boy is used as a pawn in such proceedings. I am certain there was significant discord imposed on this child during this period.


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Because we all know endless lies will be put out about the latest Fifth Circuit court of appeals ruling concerning Antonio Juarez, I am forced to post the opinion so people can read it for themselves.

Here is the scoop - the court only made one legal ruling. They ruled that the Trustees do not have to engage in a formal vote to be sued for retaliation in regards to employment decisions. I support this ruling 100%. This ruling means everyone Presas-Garcia, Escobedo, Longoria and Saavedra retaliated against can now sue them and immunity will not apply.    Mary Rey's sworn testimony is all that is needed to raise a fact question to allow for the lawsuits against these four to move forward.

It also now allows a woman I know to sue Antonio Juarez, Pat Lehmann and Art Rendon for having her housing voucher suspended in retaliation for her successful TEA complaints against BISD when Art Rendon was in charge of Special Services. Legal aid was hesitant to file the lawsuit because they believed a formal vote was needed. No such vote is needed. I can only hope a Dallas law firm will now take the case.

The court on the greater issued dismissed the appeal for a want of jurisdiction. This was an interim appeal. Interim appeals can be taken on questions of law related to immunity. The court resolved that because a formal vote is not required immunity does not automatically apply. It was very clear in its holding that at this stage of the case the defendants have failed to establish the right to immunity. This means they can establish it at a later date.

The court was also clear it was resolving no fact questions, in that it had no jurisdiction over such matters. Fact questions must wait until after the trial and a formal appeal is taken.  The court made no findings of wrongdoing by anyone.  All they found was they have no jurisdiction to consider the evidence at this stage of the proceedings.
In the end only two things come of this opinion. the court of appeals made no findings concerning facts as established, and ruled as a matter of law trustees can be sued for informal decisions without there ever having been a formal vote.

On the question of law I am very happy with the court.

The bad news is, the current majority may now see a plethora of suits against them alleging informal decisions of retaliation. In the same way immunity does not apply to the current defendants it will not apply for Presas-Garcia, Longoria, Escobedo or Saavedra.

The other bad news is, every insurance company in the country will oppose the finding on the question of law. This will mean pressure on ACE insurance to seek another rehearing en banc and a possible appeal to the Supreme Court. It would not shock me if ACE manages to get BISD's current insurance company to file a brief in support of their position.

The other bad news is Thompson Horton is now in a mess. All of the other school districts they represent will oppose this opinion. They now have to decide, will they stand with the rest of their clientele or with the BISD majority.


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I have held this post because I have been waiting on the judge to formally sign the order denying the temporary injunction.  The judge seems unwilling to sign an order which verifies her own ruling.  So I am now providing an update.

The first document is the notice of foreclosure set for January 3, 2012.  Quinintanilla is very confused with the law.  NTex is the substitute trustee.  Any mortgage company can appoint just about anyone as a substitute trustee.  It is standard practice for substitute trustees to be removed after a foreclosure.  His failure to understand this could cost him.

He has sought another TRO set for December 28, 2011.  I suspect the court will receive it as a rehearing on the Temporary Injunction, which according to Quintanilla was denied after he failed to appear.

Quintanilla has been down this path before.  The second document is the dissolving of the Temporary Injunction after the matter came to a full hearing.  This occurred during his first case.

In the original case after the TI was dissolved the parties agreed in mediation that Quitanilla would be allowed to seek a mortgage modification.  The next document shows that after Quintanilla failed under the terms of the loan modification his original case was reopened and the mortgage company was free to foreclose on the note.

The final document is a document prepared by and signed by Quintanilla.  In it he dismisses his original lawsuit based on an agreement he made with NTex.  Quintanilla now claims the agreement was based on fraud.

I have no idea what will happen on the 28th.  My sources are telling me the judge, Emily Tobolowsky is a judicial activist and cannot be trusted to follow the law.  Some of this can be seen in the fact she has refused to sign the order denying the Temporary Injunction.  It is not disputed that she denied the Temporary Injunction, so the question becomes - why is she refusing to sign the order as provided by NTex.  I am the first to agree the proposed order is over broad and abusive, but the judge nonetheless has a duty to sign an order - even if she herself has to prepared it.

Another Dallas Judge  Carl Ginsberg spent quite a bit of time reading the Brownsville Voice.  This does not help the process.  If he shared with Emily Tobolowsky what he learned Quintanilla could find a bias against him based on outside research.  It certainly does not speak well of either Ginsberg or Tobolowsy that Ginsberg or his staff chose to research the Brownsville Voice and Quintanilla.  This is not how honorable judges act.

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I wasn't planning on such a post, but last night I read what follows and thought it so fits the reality I know.   I read newspapers all over the world, and this guy is not far off the mark.  The Mayan calender issue is not about end times, it is about a dramatic change.  Maybe the Mayans knew what they were talking about.  We are facing a major crisis with the melting of the permafrost and release of methane gas.

I personally believe currency as we know it will die sometime in 2012, or very early 2013.  The major governments cannot sustain borrowing at their current levels, they cannot also move their economies forward without borrowing.  Capitalism has collapsed - its burial is a formality.  One of Nixon's great accomplishments was to extend the demise of capitalism.  He also won the cold war, the former Soviet Union and Reagan just did not know it.

Within months the euro will collapse.  It has no where to go and Europe is too divided to save it.   Europe will be the first to abandon modern currency.  The major economies eat up resources based on borrowed money from developing economies.  The wealthiest of the wealthy in developing countries loan their money to developed countries instead on investing in their own countries.  This made it impossible for developing countries to reach the point of being major importers of high tech items.

The world is broke - there is no where to turn.  The US cannot move forward without sucking up the last of the financing being offered by China.  China owns the US and our leaders know it.   The only option left is for the major economies to walk away from their debt and issue a new currency which is not based on tax revenues but on printing money as needed.  Have you noticed even gold and oil are beginning to collapse?


Anyway see what he says.  On 9/11 I had two views - it united us, and then destroyed us.  The day Colin Powell went before the UN and lied about the weapons of mass destruction I knew we were done.  I thought to myself - how in hell is the news media buying the claim we lost visual contact with tractor trailers which allegedly held weapons of mass destruction?  As former military intelligence I knew better.  It was the ultimate lie.  On that day I planned my move to Brownsville - it was a matter of logistics and funding.  Once I worked out the funding I made the move.  Why Brownsville? because the distance of the economic collapse in Brownsville would not be as far as in a major city like Dallas.  Further, Dallas had become too dangerous to live in.  I lived in an old community which was probably 75% retirees. 

The area is known as White Rock.  My neighbors would do their morning walks with baseball bats.  Our shed was emptied by the Russian Mafia after they removed the bars from the shed door.  In another incident they knocked down the fence to let the dogs out so they could get into the backyard. My car was in the shop so they did not realize I was working in my home office.  This is the only  reason we were not robbed.

When John went to France for 6 weeks my first night alone in the house was met with machine gun fire.  Several days later at a homeowners meeting this is what a homeowner said to me "you have been in that house for 3 years and you still are not use to the gun fire?"  OMG -

Dallas has long ago walked away from sanity.  Every professional I knew who lived in Dallas has since left.  Most have moved their families to counties with no real cities and lots of open area.  Many only travel to Dallas on days they cannot work from home.    Most people I know have put all their savings into paying off their homes - while their homes may have lost in value - it is still a home for their family.  When currency collapses a home will become the most valuable asset you have.  With the exception of my European portfolio I have sold everything and put it into my mortgage.  I can pay my mortgage on a very small income.  My goal is to pay it off by the end of 2012.  Every discretionary penny goes to paying down the principal.

I hate converting my retirement accounts into paying down my mortgage but it makes sense if I believe currency will be worthless by the beginning of 2013.  I may have no money in the bank or my retirement accounts, but I will have a home which is mine.  If I can get just a short  term increase in my European portfolio I will sell off that last retirement account and pay down the mortgage. 

While I truly believe with the exception of Jon Huntsman all of the Republican presidential candidates are complete idiots, I also believe Obama will never lead us out of this economic crisis.  Oh things may get better for a while, but the US is not preparing for the collapse of the euro. 


"People in The Netherlands have always looked up to the USA. It won't be long before that stops, I guess. These are stories I read, watched and heard in the mainstream media over here:
  • your political system is one of the most corrupt systems in the world
  • your politicians represent companies instead of people
  • your government will probably censor the internet
  • your government detains without trial
  • your government tortures people
  • your government hires mercenaries
  • your government does nothing to improve education
  • your president doesn't have any real influence over what happens
  • your presidential candidates are stupid beyond belief
  • your presidential candidates promote stupidity
  • your presidential candidates are not taking seriously over here
  • your elections are a joke
  • your media outlets cannot be trusted
  • your media outlets focus on distractions instead of main issues
  • your people are fucked when they're uninsured
  • your infrastructure is collapsing
  • your economy will soon be top 3 instead of #1
  • your economy will probably collapse a second time
So it's not only Reddit or The Daily Show that is covering these issues. Other countries are watching and passing the popcorn while your country is collapsing. And I think it will get worse, not better. I am 29 years old and looking back at the world's history I don't think the problems above will be solved during my lifetime. It will probably have to get a lot worse before a movement arises that's big enough to demand real change.
Now you'll probably read this, take one small point out of my story and comment on that. That's okay, but please notice the trend of what's going on in your country. Do something about it. We need our big brother to act like role model. Right now he's high as a kite."


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People, home is closer than you think - it is in the heart. Enjoy

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THIRD UPDATE: Based on documents Quintanilla filed with the court I can now verify that he did in fact miss the hearing and the court denied the temporary injunction.  The court docket sheet shows the court has set another TRO hearing  for Saturday December 24th.  This cannot be right, but who knows with this court.  I will tell you the Dallas FBI agreed today to receive via email a document which I discovered last week.  I am not going public with the document.  You should know the Dallas and Lubbock FBI offices are part of the same region so their agents share everything right away.

As to Quintanilla's claims, he seems confused - in a no evidence Motion for Summary Judgment he must produce evidence that NTex has no legal authority to seek foreclosure.  He gets this evidence by serving discovery on NTex demanding any and all documents which shows NTex's legal authority to seek foreclosure and documents which show the deed was transferred to them.  So long as he seeks this discovery the court will not grant a No Evidence Motion for Summary Judgment.  The kicker is he cannot wait until the eleventh hour to seek the discovery.  If they produce the documents pursuant to his discovery and it shows they have legal authority over the deed, then the case is over. If they fail to produce the evidence, then he survives the No Evidence Motion for Summary Judgment


At 11:50 a.m. I spoke with the clerk of the court.  She initially gave me a hard time.  I said fine, I will email a Rule 12 Request for access to the judge's notes on the Temporary Injunction hearing.  Only at this point was the clerk willing to read the judge's notes to me.  According to Margaret Thomas Quitanilla failed to appear.  The court took evidence and the Temporary Injunction was denied.

I am suprised by this and will still do a Rule 12 request to verify same.  Quintanilla checked my web page at 10:05 a.m. which to me meant he had just left the court room.  Until I get a copy of the Judge's notes under the Rule 12 or see the actual order I will take this as an unverified statement by a court clerk.


Quintanilla filed a Response to the Motion for No Evidence Summary Judgment and Amended Petition.  It has today's date on in terms of the docket sheet, but it  could have been filed yesterday.  I am not trusting this clerks notes until I see an order or the court responds to my Rule 12 Request for the court's notes as to the hearing.  As soon as my source can get access to Quintanilla's filing I will post it.  Something smells about NTex.  I am about the process and not the result.  If NTex is acting illegally then we need to know.  Wrong is wrong - with the BV it is not about sides it is about process.

Unless someone comes up with a lot of money for Quintanilla the house should be posted for foreclosure in January.  It is possible Quintanilla and NTex had a back door deal - only time will tell.

The court's docket sheet shows the court entered an Amended Order to Enjoin Foreclosure. My source has not been able to get to the actual order. In fact yesterday he could not even get to the file, which is a public file. As soon as my source has the order I will post it.

The Amended Order is nothing more than the court fixing its original order for its defects.  My source just got the order.

My view is there was something defective in the original paperwork which is why NTex did not take the original defective TRO on mandamus.   The mandamus was an easy win and they could have foreclosed this month.  But, they still would have been subject to a wrongful foreclosure suit, assuming the paperwork was defective.

If in fact the court continued the injunction, it is in part because of the attorneys for NTex. As I noted last week or the week before their response and motion for no evidence summary judgment on the issue was so unethical in its argument any reasonable judge could see something is wrong.

As to the December 12th hearing - my source is telling me there is nothing in the public docket sheet concerning the hearing.  My source will check again later in the afternoon

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NOTE:  The BV will not be regular - I have something coming down the pike and just want to keep the readership around.  Many days you may just see Christmas music - but I will keep you informed about what is happening, as it happens, unless my hands are tied.

Not only all over this country, but all over the world, union leaders are organizing their membership into protest. The main teachers' union for BISD has their spoke person begging for mercy from the BISD majority.

The firefighters rather then organize a recall against Rick Longoria, which is what would have happened anywhere but Brownsville, they just go along to get along and hope the courts will save them.

The Cameron county and Brownsville unions are self serving entities with no regard for the people or their communities. They use the people for their agenda and then dismiss them when it comes time to stand with the people.

While the BUC has endorsed some good representatives of the people- Melissa Zamora for one (look she has a major image problem, but her overall voting record has been with the people), their process is as corrupt as Brownsville and Cameron county politics. The BUC has give us more corrupt and inept leaders than any other organization.

I did not vote in November. It pained me to not vote for the collective bargaining rights for sheriff deputies. I have a very profound commitment to unions and collective bargaining. But in Cameron county and Brownsville the unions could not care squat about the people.

In the 30's and early 40's my father stood with the workers of Brownsville and organized unions. He in fact did this all over the US. Every time FDR and his henchmen ordered the arrest of the union organizers people like my father stood their ground and fought.   They walked out of jail with their head held high and did what they needed to do to protect the workers.

One only need look to the leadership of the firefighters union and the main BISD teachers union to see unions have no leaders today. No one in their leaderships could even fathom going to jail for defending their rights.

Back in the 30's and early 40's many union organizers were members of the Little Kremlin. They took no shame in standing for workers and their rights. Of course as the truth came out of the Soviet Union, the members of the Little Kremlin left the organization, but nonetheless continued their organizing.

The world is up in arms protesting - but not Brownsville. The unions here are as useless as tits on boar hogs. They will never fight for the people or their community. They will only stand up when it serves their purposes.

Until things change in Brownsville and its unions have real leaders I can see no reason why anyone would lend them a helping hand. They use the people while refusing to give back. They are not giving back by fighting fires. That is their job and they are paid for it.

Our unions sat quiet while $24 million went missing from BND. Our unions sat quiet while $14 million went out the window at BISD. I will never support any pay raise for any union members until they have new leadership willing to fight for the people.

All over the world and the US the unions are organizing protests and fighting back - in Brownsville they are riding around on their motorcycles, having barbecues and drinking - what a pathetic lot they are.

There is a reason why the collective bargaining vote failed. What have the unions done to earn the respect of the people? - nothing - absolutely nothing.

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From USA Today:

"The justices, setting oral arguments for Jan. 9, are about to enter one of most contentious state battlegrounds in the wake of the 2010 Census and the new national round of redistricting.

The justices blocked Texas from using state legislative and congressional maps drawn by a lower court as a substitute to a state map. That court had said the state map could undermine the voting rights of Latinos and blacks. Texas Gov. Rick Perry and other state officials said the lower court exceeded its authority and should have deferred to the Texas legislature, which is controlled by Republicans."

This is a be careful what you ask for.  If the Supreme Court throws out the current maps as issued by the trial court, it will leave congressional candidates running in circles.  It could also put the Latino community in Texas and the nation in an uproar against the Republicans.


Today I spent from about 2:35 until 3:15 being interviewed by the FBI.  I did ask what I can say about the interview and was told "Free Speech."  I do not work that way. With Free Speech comes responsibility.  What I will say is, I am happy.  But I will also say, I have a greater sense of what is in front of Brownsville.  It is a long road.  I have told my readers in the past it takes the FBI 3-5 years to do anything.  The FBI in all cases have  this sense that the wider the net the better. This is not a rule which only applies to Brownsville.  So while you an I may want action  today, they see it as "if we wait a bit longer we can include more people in the indictment."  I tried my best to get specifics out of them and could not.  The interview was about me giving information, not getting information.

Finally let me say, while it could take 3-5 years for indictments (I speak generally about any case and not about why I was at the FBI offices), certain events can trigger quicker indictments.  This is the nature of the beast with the FBI.  Think of it this way - you see a deer with 6 points, but in the distance you also see a deer with 8 points.  Do you shoot the 6 point deer and send the 8 point deer running or do you wait and snare the 8 point deer.  If you understand this, you understand what is happening at the FBI, generally.

Here is a reality check, the FBI does not fancy to people saying they have been interviewed when they in fact have not been interviewed.  The FBI is one agency I take very, very seriously. 


My Christmas charities are the scholarship fund at UT El Paso. The gift of an education lasts a life time.


This time of year I look to what ever they are doing for Nicaragua. Every year it is something more than feeding the poor. It is about sustainability. In past years I have given such things as baby chicks to help them create a chicken farm. I have given special stoves for cooking which limits damage to the rain forest by using less wood. The stoves were made locally in Nicaragua by women who were given money to start the business. Any program which creates dependency is bad. True charity empowers people to self sufficiency. Of course there are a handful of exceptions - but not many.

This is a list of your gift options.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


People the BV is not back - I am just going to help people understand what is happening. Nothing will change - but someone asked a question in a comment and I want to elaborate on my answer

The Herald is reporting the Board voted for dismissal of the Healthsmart lawsuit.  A non-suit is self executing.  This means the judge does not have to sign an order of dismissal.  All Judge Euresti can do is use his inherent powers to find the non-suit is fraudulent and order a hearing.  He may be taken on mandamus to stop the hearing, but it will open the door to the appellate courts seeing the truth in the fraud.
A simple visual.

John Barr:  Healthsmart's lawyer in the Dallas lawsuit against city of Lubbock officials.

John Barr:   Cata Presas-Garcia's lawyer paid for by BISD in Joe Rod defamation suit

John Barr:     Carlos Quintanilla's lawyer in child support case

Danny Defenbaugh:  Auditor hired by Healthsmart to defend tHealthsmart in City of Lubbock case

Danny Defenbaugh:  Auditor hired by BISD at Presas-Garcia's request

Carlos Quintanilla brought to Lubbock by Ted Parker to influence elections.  Texas Ethics Commission investigated and sanctioned Quintanilla's and Parker's candidate

Carlos Quintanilla brought to Brownsville to influence BISD election


Yes, one big Yes.  He has inherent power as all judges do to prevent the court from being used for fraud.


Ted Parker for our purposes is Healtsmart. (It is noted he is no longer with Healthsmart, according to their web page.) He was sued along with Healthsmart by BISD.

Page 4 of the lawsuit shows the dramatic increase in costs to BISD under Healthsmart.


Carlos Quintanilla and Ted Parker (Healthsmart) were both part of investigation by the Texas Ethics Commission.

Quintanilla's and Ted Parker's (Healthsmart) candidate in Lubbock was sanctioned when the Texas Ethics Commission learned the candidate failed to report in kind donations from these two -  I believe they found one allegation to be sanctionable.

Ted Parker had his attorney John Barr file a lawsuit against several city of Lubbock officials.  In the end Ted Parker and his companies had to pay a large sanction in the form of attorneys  fees.  They hired an auditor by the name of Danny Dafenbaum, and still had to pay $850,000 in sanctions to the city of Lubbock.

Healthsmart is spending a small fortune to keep secret the city of Lubbock audit.  They are currently before the Dallas and Austin court of appeals to suppress the Lubbock audit.  The Austin lawsuit is against the AG. The Texas Attorney General ordered the audit made public.

On June 9, 2011,  Brett Springston resigns.  On July 14, 2011, Defendant David Hall filed for Summary Judgment.

David Hall is one of the defendants in the Healthsmart lawsuit. Minutes 1:28:30 to 1:29:25 - Mary  Rey verifies that on the day Thompson and Horton were hired,  (December 9, 2010) they met at Cheddars. Mary was introduced to David Hall, a defendant being sued by BISD. Why was Luci Longoria having lunch with someone being sued by BISD?  Hall's lawyer can be disbarred and indicted for this meeting, if it is shown he knew about it and failed to report it to the court.


Joe Colunga, Rolando Aguilar, an Minerva Peña can call on the TEA to take immediate control of BISD to save the Healthsmart lawsuit.  They will not.  These  three are more dishonorable than the majority 4.  They profess to be better, but yet do nothing.  At theIr request the TEA will intervene.

Assuming, Judge Euresti signs an order of dismissal on Thursday, the people have 30 days to reopen the case.  If it is true Carlos Quintanilla is to get a payoff, something no has proven to date, Ted Parker could find the payoff to be a big waste of money if the lawsuit is reopened.

The TEA can hire counsel for BISD and charge it to BISD.  The hired counsel can put the majority 4 under oath along with Ted Parker and Carlos Quintanilla.  The smallest amount of evidence to prove the court was used to commit fraud, and Judge Euresti can reopen the case with BISD's counsel being the attorney hired by the TEA.

A private citizen, as a taxpayer, can file a Petition in Intervention alleging fraud.  There will be an issue of whether or not a taxpayer can file an intervention to prevent fraud by the trustees, but the final decision will lie with the Texas Supreme Court.  It will take years going through the appellate process before Ted Parker will learn if he is really off of the hook.  Time is on the side of the people.  But of course this is all academic.  No one is going to go to the TEA, and no citizen will file a petition in intervention alleging fraud on the court.


I have no idea what happened last night concerning Healthsmart.  But this I know - there is a deception with Thompson Horton taking the lead.

A docket sheet is a list of pleadings and orders of the court.  Here is the docket sheet in the Healthsmart lawsuit.

You will note Healthsmart filed a No Evidence Motion for Summary Judgment.  This means BISD must come forward with some evidence to avoid the court throwing the lawsuit out of court.  Thompson Horton on behalf of BISD has had more than adequate time to file a response with the evidence.  The audit which resulted in the lawsuit is more than enough to defeat the No evidence Motion for Summary Judgment.

This appears to be the setup.  At the hearing set for Thursday the court will be free to throw the lawsuit out based solely on the fact BISD presented no evidence to defeat the No Evidence Motion for Summary Judgment.  The corrupt majority then gets to claim the court dismissed the Healthsmart lawsuit.  Of course no response was filed at the request of the current majority.  This is malpractice on the part of Thompson Horton.

The trustees are not the client.  The school district is the client.  Thompson Horton does not represent the majority.  The reason the trustees have some form of immunity is because they are considered the government.  The government is one entity.  Thompson Horton is to place itself in the position of being fired if need be to protect BISD.  Their malpractice insurance carrier better start looking at their defense now, because a new BISD majority would have no problem securing a judgment against Thompson Horton

This is a deception which will not work.  If a new majority if created in November 2012, it will have no problem refiling the lawsuit which includes the current BISD majority as defendants and Thompson Horton.  This is the same game they played in Rendon which is why they continue to refuse to release any documents which show exactly how much Rendon was paid and by whom.

The true criminals here are Joe Colunga, Rolando Aguilar, and Minerva Peña.  They know the truth, but remain silent.  Why?

According to the docket sheet part of the lawsuit against Montoya and Robert Sanchez filed by Joe Colunga remains pending and is in fact set for trial.  The claims made by other parties are simply incorrect, according to the docket sheet.

Monday, December 5, 2011


The BV is back for one or two days - that is it. I am so enjoying reading books. Since moving into my house I have not had the time to really organize things. This week I will make a box which holds the cable and DVD box with the TV on top of the box.

Below was originally a wet bar in the family room. I took out the sink and am using it for an entertainment center. The box will match the cabinet, and then allow me to put the TV on top of the box.

55 Ripple Creek Cir, Brownsville, TX 78521

My point is, I am enjoying my free time. If I believed for one second the BV could change anything, I would have kept it going. The reason for today's post is to demonstrate how the system is so broken, it would be an exercise in futility to continue the BV.



UPDATE:  Montoyas has an appeal hearing on the 7th.  The file did not show who filed the notice of appeal.  The docket sheet also does not show any information along these lines.  But the file did have Alex Dominquez's name in it with his phone number.  This does not mean Dominquez is representing Montoya.  But if he wants to keep the propaganda machine going againt Oliveira he better get Montoya out of jail.  I sent to his campaign the Turner v. Rodgers case from the Supreme Court.  If you want to help Juan you better make sure Juan or his attorney have a copy of this opinion before the hearing.  Regardless of what I think of Juan Montoya the law still applies and I believe under Turner v. Rodgers he should not be in jail.

As of this morning the inmate list shows he remains in jail. Over the weekend his name dropped of the list. If I am nothing else I am about the law. I am the perfect juror because I can dislike someone, but still demand the law apply.

Unfortunately for Montoya, Sorola has been his lawyer. I do not know if Sorola attended the hearing last week or if he had another lawyer. But here is the scoop, the use of contempt to force payment of child support took a hard hit last year when the US Supreme Court found that based on a financial sheet which reviews the Respondent's ability to pay a court cannot incarcerate a person for failure to pay unless a review of the data on the financial sheet affirmatively shows the respondent can pay the sum owing, but chose not to. 

There is no way the financial sheet showed Montoya had the ability to pay the sum owed.  See Turner v. Rodgers (US Supreme Court 06/20/2011) Had the law been applied, Montoya would not be in jail. The real bad news is, I am certain error was not preserved, and even if it was - good luck finding someone who knows how to get him out of jail. I know some people are celebrating Montoya being in jail, but if you are, you are celebrating a contempt for the law.


This woman is everything wrong with Cameron County and Brownsville. She has no moral compass and could not save her own soul if she tried. Integrity would mean not hiding the fact she has asked people to raise money to get Montoya out of jail. Why? She cannot afford to have his propaganda machine for her down for 3 months.  Yolanda Begum has so much contempt for Brownsville and its children that she has no problem funding the propaganda machine which will see the  corruption at BISD continue, and $14 million dollars go out the window.

I have no idea what her motivation is in running for JP.  All I can think of is, she wants a place among the social elite and believes being able to call herself a judge will provide her a seat at the table.  I have a news flash for you Yolanda - the social elite consider you a cyst on Brownsville.  You will never be welcome at their table.  These are educated people.  You told them everything they needed to know about you the day you placed an ad with Montoya.

People Jim Barton is running cover for every corrupt and unethical politician or candidate he considers a sacred cow.  No one can dispute he is running cover for Ben Neece.  He has no problem asking why school trustees would associate with a convicted felon.  But Jim Barton is dead silent when it comes time to question why a sitting judge is working with a  convicted  felon.

On Yolanda Begum I know she is trying to raise money for Montoya because she emailed Jim and asked that he try and get people to donate money for Montoya's back child support.  He has asked I not discuss this because when he told me about it in an email he was drunk.  When a 63 year old man still does not his limits with alcohol we have a problem.  Why does it not shock me Ben Neece has another drunk running cover for him.

photo of Lawyer


Left to right you have Carlos Quintanilla, Craig M. Crockett (the unethical attorney for the company seeking the foreclosure), and Emily Tobolowsky (the judge of the 298th Judicial District Court - who never met a law worth enforcing).

UPDATE:  Based on a threat I got from NTex's lawyer they are very unhappy with my actions in exposing the truth.  I do not know what it is, but the nature of the threat informs me there is a problem with the foreclosure or their authority to seek foreclosure.

I am going to take this methodically, but at  the end I will be throwing Quintanilla a life preserver.  NTex's lawyer is engaged in unethical conduct and the court documents prove it.  What you will see here is a convicted felon using the courts to avoid his financial obligations on his mortgage, lawyers for Ntex, who has so little knowledge of the law it shocks the mind, and a judge who sees the law as something not even worth consideration.

But in the end I am about the law.  These people need to win fair and square and what is clear in their last filing with the court is, Craig Crockett is an unethical lawyer misrepresenting the law for the sole purpose of taking advantage of a pro se.  This is a black and white violation of the rules of professional conduct.  Again, just because I find Quintanilla to be a cyst on society, does not mean it is okay for lawyers to make unethical arguments before a judge so that they can  foreclose on his home.  First and foremost I stand for the law, regardless of who the players may be.

And for the record I provided Jim Barton all of the documents related to Quintanilla's foreclosure, IRS lien etc.  Quintanilla cannot speak without lying.  My hope is he is a sociopath.  At least if he is a sociopath he then may have the defense of mental illness.  This would mean he is not pure evil - he is just mentally ill.  But this is a matter for a psychiatrist and not me, in that I am not qualified to make such a diagnosis.

Here is the TRO which issued to stop the foreclosure on Quintanilla's home.

And for the record Carlito - I have an endless number of people in the court house and in Dallas who on demand will provide me any documents I want.  All court records are public records.  In terms of this TRO I believe it was 10:15 a.m. when the clerk told my source that it would be ready within 30 minutes or so.  It was in the process of being recorded into the official minutes of the court.  The second it was ready, my source was given the order and it was provided to me within minutes.

The more  I read the order of the court the more bizarre the order becomes.  It is clear Craig Crockett who represents NTex, and Judge Tobolowsky have zero knowledge of the law.  how can justice be an option when this level of incompetence exists.

If you read the order she ordered a permanent injunction.  This is a final order, by its plain language.  But even though she issued a final order granting a permanent injunction she then sets it for a hearing on a temporary injunction.  You get the impression this incompetent judge did not even read the order before signing it.

HEY CARLITO - HERE IS A LIFE LINE:  Once she signed an order granting a permanent injunction it is a final order.  She has no jurisdiction to now go back and have a temporary injunction hearing. 

Second, where in Texas Property Code 51.002 does it provide for injunctions against foreclosure as found by the quack judge Emily Tobolowsky?  It does not.  Again, did she even read the TRO order prepared by Quintanilla before she signed it.

Third, where in the order does it state Quintanilla will suffer an irreparable injury if the TRO does not issue?  It does not.  Where does the order provide "define injury they were designed to prevent" and "explain why such injury would be irreparable" ?  It does not

In re Office of Attorney Gen., 257 S.W.3d 695, 697 (Tex., 2008) (orig. proceeding) (per curiam) (temporary restraining orders that did not meet requirements of Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 680 that such orders "define injury they were designed to prevent" and "explain why such injury would be irreparable" were void.

A competent attorney would have taken Judge Tobolowsky on mandamus.  See, Office of Attorney General. The court of appeals would have voided the TRO and the foreclosure would have gone forward.


I do not doubt that NTex has the right to foreclose on Quintanilla's home.  But between Crockett's unethical conduct and incompetence Quintanilla can win the hearing on December 12, assuming his house is not foreclosed on Tuesday.  Do not worry Carlito - Crockett could never understand the legal issue herein - he simply does not have the intellect - your house is safe.

Mr. Crockett for NTex filed a No Evidence Motion for Summary Judgment.  If Quintanilla had an attorney this motion would be met with a motion for sanctions. 

"After adequate time for discovery, a party without the burden of proof at trial may move for summary judgment on the ground that there is no evidence of one or more essential elements of a claim or defense. See Tex. R. Civ. P. 166a(i)"

The rule of thumb is at least six months for discovery is allowed before a party can move for a no evidence motion for summary judgment.  Quintanilla has been provided no time for discovery.  This motion on its face is unethical.  Like I said, I do not care who you are - I will always come to your defense when I see corrupt lawyers and judges taking away your rights.


They are actually arguing that Quintanilla is not entitled to the documents which show their legal authority to seek foreclosure because he signed an agreement with them, which according to them has breached.

Let's put this in context.  A person who is a professional con artist goes to some senior citizen who is facing foreclosure and tells her - sign here - we will lower your interest rate if you just pay us so much today.  This senior citizen now defaults.  The con artist seeks foreclosures.  The entire thing was a scam.  Under NTex's argument this senior citizen would now be estopped from arguing fraud, because once you are the object of a fraud you cannot challenge the fraud.

I hate court, lawyers and judges.  What you see in Quintanilla's foreclosure case is a con artist using the courts to avoid paying his mortgage, an attorney  for NTex who is unethical and appears to have no knowledge of the law, and a judge who seems oblivious to the law and possibly her own existence.  This is reality in almost all cases in Texas courts.


What will I do later today?  Here is a hint.  Twenty laps in a cold pool does wonder for your circulation.

55 Ripple Creek Cir, Brownsville, TX 78521

As to you idiots who think you can engage in a criminal conspiracy and then defame those who expose it, you better check with a real attorney about malice and the impact criminal indictments have in such matters.