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NOTE TO HERALD READERS CLICKING OVER ON FACEBOOK:  November 3rd, by 8 a.m. the full story of the kickbacks con being played by the current board.  A whistleblower has come forward with shocking evidence.

The facts established by the Texas Ethics Commission in the Lubbock case proves Ted Parker  brought Carlos Quintanilla to Lubbock to undo the elections and get an investigation against Healthsmart stopped.

Below is from a previous post outlining the FBI evidence against Ted Parker and his back door dealings with elected officials, and TEXAS ETHICS COMMISSION FINDINGS  involving Ted Parker and Carlos Quintanilla.

PAY ATTENTION LUCI GOOSY - That house you allowed Carlito to live in is subject to federal forfeiture if indictments follow after you vote to stop the Healthsmart lawsuit.  You need to stop being afraid of Carlito.
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The FBI agreed to release the affidavit which supported the search warrant on the City of Lubbock as it related to Ted Parker. In the document which follows ¶ 5 shows Ted Parker is being investigated for conspiracy, false statements, and health fraud. During this time who was his attorney - John Barr - who is John Barr? - Presas-Garcia's attorney in the Joe Rodriguez case.

Ltr. from John Barr related to FBI investigation and other matters. His letter clearly shows his intent to mislead the people and obstruct the investigation.


Below is the FBI affidavit in support of the search warrant on the City of Lubbock related to allegations of criminal conduct against Ted Parker and Healthsmart.


¶¶ 65-75 give you a good sense of how the FBI goes about collecting evidence while giving you an insight into what they were looking for.

Here is the document which lists what the FBI was looking for.



¶ 109 - This paragraph contains the text message of Ted Parker which shows his use of inside information to be able to bid on the COL contract. If anything gets him indicted it will be this evidence. Remember when the corrupt 4 rejected the winning bid on a security contract when Escobedo's brother did not win the bid. His brother is now being given a second shot at the contract.

During this period who was defending Ted Parker? John Barr. This is conclusive evidence of using inside information to get what he wants. Parker now has his attorney John Barr working with Presas-Garcia. There needs to be legal action to remove John Barr from representing Presas-Garcia. This key piece of evidence could be instrumental in getting the TEA to take control of BISD.

Ted Parker and Carlos Quintanilla were caught red handed in participating in unethical conduct in the Lubbock election. Their candidate was sanctioned for their conduct. We know John Barr ran cover for Parker during this time the FBI had him dead to right on using inside information. We know Ted Parker and Carlos Quintanilla got their candidate sanctioned for concealing campaign contributions.

Here is the Lubbock article and Texas Ethics Commission findings.

Quintanilla's and Ted Parker's (Healthsmart) candidate in Lubbock was sanctioned when the Texas Ethics Commission learned the candidate failed to report in kind donations from these two -



Carlos Quintanilla, Presas-Garcia and company want the people of Brownsville to believe the Healthsmart lawsuit was a con by Zayas to help Cavasos make money.  Before Brownsville even looked at the problems with Healhsmart the Lubbock City Commission saw the same problems and took action.  Brownsville only got involved after it we learned of the problems with Healthsmart in Lubbock.  But then Carlito will tell you Cavasos paid Zayas to fly to Lubbock and stir up trouble for Healthsmart.  He will tell you Cavasos is heading up a criminal conspiracy with the FBI, Texas Ethics Commission, the Attorney General, the Dallas trial court and Austin trial court to destroy the innocent Healthsmart.  Each of these entities have taken action against Healthsmart in regards to its practices.  How is it then that Presas-Garcia who activily works with Carlos Quintanilla to push his bogus airline Fly Frontera so determined to dismiss the Healthsmart lawsuit?

Special needs children need  tutoring - teachers need paper - Brownsville ISD needs the $14+ million owned by Healthsmart to BISD.  Why does Presas-Garcia so fear the jury process and insist on settling lawsuits or dismissing them  before a jury can get to the truth?  She fears the truth.  It shuts her down.


BISD is paying for the Healthsmart lawsuit - but here are the facts - an audit found Healthsmart cheated BISD which is why BISD is suing for $14.3 million. Healthsmart hired Dannenbaum (the same auditor hired by Presas-Garcia for BISD) and his audit in favor of Healthsmart along with a frivolous lawsuit filed by John Barr,  cost Healthsmart $850,000 payable to the city of Lubbock. Healthsmart is suing the AG to stop the release of the same audit in the Lubbock case. Healthsmart does not want BISD to be able to use it as evidence. Healthsmart is spending a small fortune before the Dallas and Austin Court of Appeals to stop the release of the Lubbock audit which substantiates the same audit done by BISD.

The only audit to find these audits wrong was done by Dannebaum and that ended up costing Healthsmart $850,000 in attorneys fees to Lubbock after it was determined Healthsmarts lawsuit was frivolous - that lawsuit was filed by none other than John Barr - the attorney hired by Presas-Garcia to defend her at taxpayers expense in the Joe Rod case.   (When BISD appealed the decision by the AG to release the Joe Rod file Carlos Quintanilla accused the BISD over everything under  the sun, but now he defends Healthsmart's decision to sue the AG to stop the release of the Lubbock audit.)

When BISD wins this and it will, it will have $14.3 million for special needs and even their STAMP program. If Healthsmart had a defense it would have already filed for summary judgment - it has been a year - it has not filed for summary judgment and won because not even Dannenbuam can create a bogus audit to get Healthsmart out of this one. I have been told RFQ's have gone out for a law firm to represent BISD on a contingency so that it no longer has to pay attorneys fees. This should bring in a large firm from Dallas or Houston with the resources to bury Ted Parker and his front man Carlos Quintanilla.

The end is near - Pat Lehmann confided in Carlos Quintanilla a bit too much and Carlito told the wrong person.  The story is coming.  The story will include, what deal did Carlito cut with Masso and Villalobos to avoid being charged with perjury.  I know the facts - I am just waiting for a release to publish the story.


BobbyWC said...

Comment rejected - I will not allow for comments which compromise my source

I will say this - Carlos Quintanilla's mouth is so big it can hold a pod of whales. My contacts in Dallas are solid. He has told people he and Pat Lehmann will own the sheriff's and DA's office in Cameron County after the next election.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Another CLASSIC Quintanilla BS post. Over at Con Brownsville.com he posts one specific statement relative to the HealthSmart case. and I quote,

"No such investigation, the only investigation we are aware was conducted against your buddy Hendrick, the Child pornographer and soon to be convicted felon."

NO SUCH INVESTIGATION......really, Carlos, really???


The above link BWC provided is to a sworn application for a search warrant filed in federal court on May 14th, 2008 by a special agent for the FBI.

"No investigation" is all you offer beyond your usual juvenile attempts at 'shooting the messenger'. Even in the face of clear evidence to the contrary, you will keep expressing shallow nonsense.
Carlos Quintanilla is a joke and so is anybody who believes a single word he says.

Anonymous said...

Excellent coverage BV!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you know what the BISD forensic auditor meant by criminal referrals issued by his office as mentioned at the Board meeting?

BobbyWC said...

I did not see the meeting

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby---whatever happened to Ted Parker? I heard he just retired. How is this possible?