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When the State of Texas Comptroller's Office accidentally posted Social Security Numbers and personal information of some 3.5 million people on a publicly accessible State computer server, the Texas Attorney General's Office and the FBI lauched criminal investigations. The State set up the website, a toll free line and offered all 3.5 million affected by the data breach one year of free credit monitoring through CSIdenity. Why does BISD Administration think we are owed less????"


The TEA has opened two investigations for abuse of mentally ill children by BISD.  The first is the second time BISD has been hit with an investigation by the same child.  This was an important investigation because it showed the TEA that BISD ignores their findings on go on their merry way.

In this case the father just dismissed the complaint, not because of no wrongdoing - the wrongdoing was extensive, but because of the professional response given to him by the principal.  She made it clear from the moment we sat down in an unofficial mediation that the goal was to fix the problems.

What we learned was the file teachers are expected to review every folder of every child front to back.  This is an impossible task.  It is a task meant to fail.  It did - The file teachers were unaware of all the medical records on this child's mental health problems.  When you see these files you can understand how it is BISD is dropping the ball.  As a possible solution it was agreed in the case of the mental health children the files will be flagged that they contain important medical records which must be reviewed by the file teacher on a regular basis.

Another thing we learned was BISD does not have a policy which requires the attendance officers to check the IEP's for accommodation before they refer the child for truancy proceedings.  This was a big  concern of the TEA.  The principal assured the father that the matter has been  corrected at the campus level and that the matter will be addressed with the AA so that it can be corrected at the district level.

At every moment this principal and her staff were 100% professional and focused on correcting the mistakes and making life better for the child.  Based on the principal's professional conduct the father informed the TEA that based on an informal mediation and the extraordinary professionalism of the principal and her staff the complaint was being withdrawn.


When the father learned of the abusive conduct at Stell middle school towards his mentally disabled child he went to go see the principal.  I was there.  The principal approached the father as if the principal was some punk ass kid and only made matters worse.  Luis Segura's conduct was immediately reported to Carl Montoya and Arturo Michel.  Carl  Montoya ran cover for Luis Segura.  Now that the TEA has ordered BISD to explain their conduct Luis Segura and Carl Montoya are begging for forgiveness.  The TEA will finish this one.

We have the documents which show since September the father has been demanding a special ARD for his daughter based on a significant mental health diagnosis.  The counselor, Ms. Davis dropped the ball and a mess followed.  We have the document signed in September by the father authorizing BISD to secure the child's medical records from the pediatric psychiatrist.  The request for the release was provided to the father by Ms. Davis.  Phone records will show endless calls to and from Stell concerning issues with this child.  There was nothing this father could do to get BISD to provide this child a special ARD.  The father can prove through phone records that after he had a bad conversation with Ms. Davis all communication with the father ended.  BISD records will show the father has attended the annual ARDS and handled all issues with BISD,.

The principal then ordered a Manifestation Determination ARD to determine if the child could be removed to BAC.  All along Stell would not provide the child an ARD to have the IEP modified to include the mental health diagnosis.  Without an IEP which included the mental health diagnosis BISD found the child could be removed.


BISD routinely requires custody orders before it will work with the non-custodial parent.  The parents have JMC which means both parents have equal rights over the child's education.   Before BISD would work with the father they required he produce the JMC custody order.  That order has been in the child's  folder for years.

When the father demanded that the principal explain why he was not notified about the Manifestation Determination ARD, Luis Segura with the professionalism of a punk ass kid pull a protective order out of the child's folder and waived it in the father's face.  The father demanded a copy.  Upon looking at the copy I saw that the protective order was against some kid at Hanna who had threaten one of his daughters.

This information was immediately provided to Carl Montoya and Arturo Michel with a demand Luis Segura be removed from Stell.  The father also wants Ms. Davis removed.  Carl Montoya and Luis Segura basically dismissed the father's demands.

Now they receive notice the TEA has opened an investigation and they are on the phone begging the father for forgiveness.  Carl Montoya and Luis Segura should not be in education.  The father has spoken with the TEA about amending the complaint to include the bogus protective order and the documents which show Ms. Davis was made aware of the child's mental health problems back in September and did nothing to secure the special ARD to have the child's IEP amended.

Carl Montoya knew the facts about the bogus protective order and chose to run cover for Luis Segura.  Now there is an investigation and he wants to talk - too late Carl.

With every day BISD fails to remove the child from BAC things will only get worse.  With every day Luis Segura and Ms. Davis remain at Stell everything will get worse.  Carl Montoya is so bad he is begging the father to work things out at the same time he has the child being forced into court over what happened.  Carl Montoya has no conscience.

The father's demands which are going to Carl Montoya and Arturo Michel are simple:

Luis Segura is immediately removed from Stell

Ms. Davis is immediately removed from Stell

The child is returned to Stell immediately

BISD drops the criminal charges against the child

A full criminal investigation into who removed the custody order from his child's file.

With every day BISD refuses to convene a proper ARD to include the mental health problems, BISD will be digging its hole deeper with the TEA.  The ARD needs to go forward immediately regardless of the pending TEA complaint.  A proper ARD will not get the complaint dismissed.  To have the complaint dismissed, in addition to the proper ARD and his child getting the help the child needs, the father needs to know all of the children are protected against the incompetence and unprofessional conduct of Luis Segura and Ms. Davis.


He failed the children at Stell by refusing to remove Luis Segura upon learning of the bogus custody order - but it took him two seconds to remove Acacia Ameel from VMHS because her students, not her, staged a protest at BISD.  Carl Montoya is nothing more than Presas- Garcia little puppet.

He failed BISD employees until I forced him to notify them that their social security numbers were posted on the internet.  Rather than take responsibility for his failures, he blames previous administrators.  No Carl, it was you and Judy Cuellar who knew about what happened and chose to not tell BISD employees until the BV forced your hand.



BobbyWC said...

A call for help - I keep on hearing Cheezmeh is doing ..... but I do not see it anywhere - have they even weighed in on BISD?

This is the only link I know of where they are posting - that have had several facebook pages so it is hard to keep up with them

if anyone knows of a place - do not tell me to google it - caopy and past the link and post it

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

why does cheezmeh not have a web page. Why only thru Facebook, not everyone does facebook. They don't want to make comments that will come back and cost them their jobs.

Evil people like CATA La GARAPATA will go after them.

And WOW Bobby you bring up a good point. Ameel was remove at a snap of a finger from Cata Presas-Garcia and Segura gets away with mistreatment of a special needs child. Oh My Goodnesssssss you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO right!

Carl Montoya grow a spine before CATA cuts you down to the ground.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, this parent should sue to have the evil board members removed from office. What does this parent have to lose. They have already mistreated their children; because CATA does not allow them time to concentrate on students. Everyone at the district is too busy looking over their shoulder for the EVIL GARAPATA.

BobbyWC said...

They do have a web page - i tis not maintained

Anonymous said...

Whan and if Carl Montoya is dismissed, what happens? Who is his replacement?

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea, but whom ever it is will be looked at as part of the conspiracy by the majority - their name will be shit the moment they are announced

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I believe you are correct that Montoya needs to be removed, but the problem will not correct under this board's leadership. Who will they replace Montoya with? Now is the time to ask for a Master, because the majority of the board would assign someone they can control to continue their vindictive agenda. All Brownsville Bloggers, sans that idiot Quintanilla have done an excellent job of informing the citizens of how corrupt this board is, please do not let up!

Anonymous said...

Did the special education situations at Pace High School and Stell Middle School lead to the reassignment of the Pace Custer special education supervisor? Reliable sources indicate that the supervisor is being reassigned to Rivera High School as an assistant principal. The Supervisor had been an assistant principal to and selected to the position of supervisor by the former Special Education Administrator (A.R.) and now new Transportation Administrator.

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea - it could have been in the plans before this all broke out

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Judy Cuellar was not the administrator when the names and numbers were put on the web site. You also need to blame Kent Whittemore as he was the EB administrator at the time this happened.

BobbyWC said...

I do not disagree with you - it would also include Springston - remember the BV has no sacred cows - but the decision to not tell employees immediately was under Judy Cuellar and Carl Montoya - it is too late to take action against the other people for allowing it to be posted in the first place

Further there is not much on that web page - why did Judy Cuellar not review the page for problems when she took the job?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I think once Judy Cuellar removed Whittemore's name from the Web Site and replaced it with her own, she became responsible for its content. Remember, she took over in late July or early August. The problem is that coming from Human Resources she has absolutely no clue what she is doing. She can rightfully claim incompetence, but she can't absolve herself of responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Judy Cuellar did an excellent job as administrator for Classified for years without any problems. Why was she moved? Because she didn't bow to Catas requests? How many deals with the devil have you made Carnelita Rodriguez?

Anonymous said...

If it is Atkinson, prepare yourselves for utter misery. She will mess things up even more...she will ask for 250k and in a year or so we will be paying her off to the tune of a half million...think about it...more money from the fund balance...we'll be rate "A" by then. And once again our kids will be swindled from an education

Anonymous said...

I have no idea if a Chp.21 contract can be redone, but that clause that says the administration can move people where ever they want, needs to go. It should be changed to read, change within the field of expertise. We have administrators doing stuff they know nothing about. Hence, all these screw-ups.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Montoya is a good man trying to do his best for our district. He is nobody's puppet.

BobbyWC said...

Really? You got to be kidding.

So why on nothing did he remove Acacia Ameel - but with actual documents which prove wrongdoing he refuses to remove Luis Segura - answer he only acts when told to by Presas-Garcia

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Read between the lines people! Carl and Silvia are out because they don't do what Luci wants. Brace yourself. Her plan to name Hector Gonzalez the next Super is alive and well. Check the agenda. His settlement is listed.

Anonymous said...

You have posted a very good article on the situation at Pace High School and Stell Middle School. I congratulate the Pace High School Principal for her actions on the situation at her school. All school administrators have the responsibility to monitor the services being provided to their students. If the services are not appropriate, it is very simple you correct it in the best interest of the student. As parents and educators we want the best education for all children.
Further information related to your posting. It is true that special education students especially those in secondary education that have been in special education since elementary school have accumulated several huge eligibility folders with much information. However, most of the information on the older folders is outdated and have been updated with new assessment (psychological, medical, FIE’s, etc.) reports. Therefore, there is no need for a case manager (special education folder teacher) to review all the folders for information.
At the Annual Review ARD all updated assessment reports and information should be presented to the committee in order to develop the new IEP. The PLAAFP (Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance) section of the IEP is presented and discussed in order to develop the appropriate goal and objectives for services to be rendered. The PLAAFP contains all the assessments and relevant information that the committee should consider in developing the IEP. All information relevant to the services to be rendered by the school is available and documented in the most current IEP. No need to go back to the old folders for information, all that is needed is to read the most recent document.
In regard to the responsibilities of the school attendance officer, there is certainly a need to communicate any information related to the student’s disability that will affect the student’s attendance. However, besides the school attendance officer the special education case manager also has a major responsibility in monitoring the student’s school attendance. The case manager has the responsibility to monitor the student attendance on a daily basis. If the student is not attending school, the case manager has the responsibility to meet with the student and parents to investigate why the student is not attending school. If it is a problem related to the student’s disability, the case manager calls for an ARD meeting to discuss the situation and the school attendance officer is invited to participate. For example, a student is scheduled for psychological therapy off campus twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, the student will be absent on those afternoons but the school attendance office is aware of the reason for the student not being in school. It is not a truancy situation. It is important that all members of the educational program take responsibility for the services that need to be rendered to the student.

BobbyWC said...

I will tell you the file teachers had zero knowledge the mental health diagnosis and how it impacts the child's ability to function in the classroom - in fact they said the file did not contain the medical records. We pulled the file and the medical records were right there.

Part of this may be they are understaffed. Regardless of the problems at Pace, the father felt the principal was new and seemed to really want to fix the problems not just for this child but all children. This is what saved BISD on his investigation.

Trust me after the father dealt with last years principal anything was a major improvement. I am told the old Pace principal is not messing up at BAC - it just goes to show how little BISD cares for our children

Bobby WC