Tuesday, October 25, 2011


For about two weeks now I have met almost on a daily basis with various people tied to the BISD mess. I have met with possible candidates, people who claim to have all the evidence in the world needed to end the BISD mess, but will not release it, administrators within BISD, and parents. Based on these meetings, I will be shocked if a strong candidate is put up against Presas-Garcia. Based on what I know today (this means my view could change tomorrow based on new information) the current 4 member majority will become a 6 person majority come November 2012.

Inherent in the mind set of both people of Judeo-Christian-Islamic faith, and atheists is God is to fix everything.  They have no affirmative duty to step up to the plate and lead. Atheists look to the horrors of life and declare there can be no God, because if there were, God would fix the injustices in the world.  Atheists want to live in a world where in  they have to never lift a finger to fix anything.  The injustices of our world are to be adjusted by God - because the injustices still exist there must be no God.  Atheism is an outgrowth of excuse making for never having to act to address injustices.  The entire concept of western style atheism is based on the mythical god found in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic faith.  Is it any wonder they are atheists?  Any in depth study of Joshua's teachings (aka Jesus) would show Joshua himself would have been an atheist had his faith been based on the then Judeo teachings.  He outright rejected them.  He resolved the laws of the Torah were no longer to be followed.

People of faith whose faith is a product of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic false god, sit and wait for their false non-existent God to fix everything.  They have no duty to act.  God will make everything right.  Yes it is true - God has no time to protect 5 year old children being forced to wear bombs or fight battles on the continent of Africa, but he will take the time to solve all of the problems at BISD. 

My faith is pure and based on the true teachings of Joshua - teachings which have been resoundly rejected by Christianity - which in my view is the anti-Christ.

True faith is not about sitting at home and waiting for God to prove his worth by making the world perfect.  This type faith actually enslaves the masses to false Gods.  Our society is faltering because no one has a duty to actually lead. 

On BISD of late, I have been publishing more than I did  for a long time.  For now I will be pulling back again - based on all of the conversations with parents, administrators and people claiming they are going to run for the BISD Board and claim to have all of this evidence - including video taped claims against the BISD and emails which prove everything under the sun - I am truly fed up.  One human being can only handle so much BS.  It has been endless weeks of BS and endless excuses from people who will never act.

I need to be honest with my readers.  To a person these people are all BS artists who will never act.  If I am wrong I will proudly eat crow.  If you want your children to have the best possible education - meet with your friends and try to put together a home teaching program.  A true  community of friends can find within the group people highly qualified in math, the sciences, and social sciences.  Your children will be better off being home schooled by you the parent and like minded parents such as yourself.

I do not want any more emails, phones calls, or claims you have evidence.  Start your own blog and post it - It took the person who started SaveBISD a hand full of days before he decided - too much work and he was not going to do it by himself.  I would never allow a child to attend BISD - why?  because I would not want my children to see how pathetic the people at BISD are and how unwilling they are to lead.  I would not want them to associate with the parents and children who threw Acacia Ameel under the bus.  The reality is, if I had children I would leave Brownsville.  It is no place to teach honor and ethics.

I am very happy with this post for what I did not say.  trust me this is the rated G version of what I really wanted to say.

The great irony about all of this is, all of you people claiming to want to bring change to BISD fail to understand the most fundamental thing which needs to be done to bring about positive change - EDUCATION.  Any program to bring about change must begin with educating the people of Brownsville with the truth.  To a person no one involved in this mess who wants positive change understands the need to educate the people and how to go about educating the people.  But hey these are the people who claim they have the best interests of our children at heart - Really? when they themselves know nothing about education and how to educate the electorate.

Now, all you people who claim to care about BISD and who are withholding evidence you claim to have - go sit around and drink with your friends and do what you do best - nothing.  I get it- it is easier to sit around and play BS games than to act.  I get it - you blame God for your unwillingness to act, or you are waiting on God to do that which morality teaches you, you yourself should be doing, but will not because you use God as your excuse.

No judgment here - just facts.


Anonymous said...


It seems like the current majoriity is willing to fight for what they want. This is why they will probably win again.

Anonymous said...

I don't live in the BISD, but we have similar problems where I'm from. Bottom line, those with the most to gain will win the elections. More people seem to care about getting a share of the pie than they do about public education.
On a sid note, I'm not convinced magnet schools are the answer. Every single school should be a magnet to its students.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right. We are scared. We,the classified people, see things happening with the administrative staff all the time. They do not treat us as equals simply because we lack a degree. I know it our fault but sometimes circumstances take presidence. We are working to make an honest living and don't want to get written up or get transferred, or even fired for "stirring trouble". In today's economy we need out jobs and our health insurance. I didn't mean to be long winded but I believe I speak for the majority.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there BWC. Things will change in the next year. No need to be "down" on all the BISD people. It is the largest employer in the district and it does have a never ending saga, like Carla Pereira picking up Charlie Atkinson at Faulk. Right now it is all the broohaha, but that too will pass. Stay tuned as the Young and the Restless of BISD continues. The buzz of excitement now is all the potential candidates for the school board. Go to the movies or try a new recipe. It seems to cheer you up!

Anonymous said...

We know what education the people can count on from the newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Change is Welcome, we need anyone besides, Linda, Sofia, Aurora, Dolores, Dolore's husband, Camarillo, Camarillo's fiance, the Ernie's Clan, is always the same people.

Anonymous said...

BV has done a terrific job educating its readers!