Friday, October 14, 2011


This morning the Herald is reporting the arrest of 4 middle school children for theft of $27,000 worth of equipment from Besterio middle school. I have discussed this before - we begin to lose these kids in middle school.

Whether we like it or not BISD has a lot of learning disabled children. Presas-Garcia and Carl Montoya chose to take out of the budget the money needed to provide these kids the help they need. They have given up on school. They cannot get the help they need in school and they cannot get it at home.

Brownsville is filled with illiterate parents who cannot help their children with their school work. Many of the parents never graduated high school. Many of the parents are learning disabled themselves. They themselves never got the help they needed from BISD when they were in school.

The Dept of Ed is filled with money to be given away in grants. Several years ago I suggested Juliet Garcia and Brett Springston join forces to get the money needed to study the issue of learning disabled parents in Brownsville. My particular focus is parents who were delivered by midwives. To a family - the families I have helped one or both parents were born at home by midwives.  In every case one or both parents are learning disabled and dropped out of high school.

OKAY, TO THE MORAN (CPG spelling) if we can prove this the federal government will give us more money to educate these learning disabled children.

The bottom line is, when Presas-Garcia and Carl Montoya took out of the budget the money needed to help these learning disabled kids, they set these kids up for failure. The middle school kids arrested are forever lost.  Lost because of the incompetence of Presas-Garcia and Carl Montoya.

The real criminals here are Presas-Garcia and Carl Montoya.   Pay attention idiots - middle school children not getting the help they need causes them to suffer depression and anxiety. They bring this depression and anxiety into the classroom, thereby disrupting the classroom. BISD then punishes these children.

Presas-Garcia and Carl Montoya are as devoid of knowledge of education and children as two individuals could ever be.


Anonymous said...

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I was under the impression that the person who determines what is to be done at BISD is an administrator. The elected officials will then approve or disaprove the recommendation by the supt. So what business does CPG have in determining what should be done or how it should be done? She is just a token that is suppose to just sit and listen and aprrove the measure. She is thinking that she is in COMPLETE control of the entire district....or is she? I'd rather have Sylvia Atkinson making the decisions than CPG -the lesser of two evils!

BobbyWC said...

CPG is runnig the show - Escobedo allows for it so long as the contracts go his way - or his brother's way - Carl Montoya is a mere puppet buying time on his retirement

CPG will never allow anyone to run the district other than herself - she will oppose any super who opposed her

But you are right - it should be the board approving recommendations and not running the show

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

CPG does not even have the intelligence to run BISD, even in it's present poorly run state. CPG is nothing more than a mouth piece for Atkinson; all the moves and unsettled atmosphere BISD is now experiencing is nothing more than setting things up for Atkinson.
Think it’s fun now, just wait until Little Sylvia becomes Super, that is when the fun really starts.

BobbyWC said...

the decision to remove Tony Fuller, Acia Ameel and Susan Fox had nothing to do with Atkinson - this is all CPG and company doing their dirty business

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You are wrong. Dr. Atkinson will do the dirty work. Atkinson is running the BISD.

Anonymous said...

Then they both must go. Organize and act.

TruthSeeker said...

I have watched the BISD board ‘novela’ with tempered amusement since the old guard was shuffled around and a couple of unqualified individuals of questionable character were ‘elected’ to continue steering the Brownsville schools in the proper direction – after all, BISD was finally making strides under the direction of Brett Springston (strong moral character and no ties to the Valley – ergo, he could not be ‘bought’), Susan Fox (a woman of strong moral conviction, educational experience second-to-none and a champion of fairness) and a handful of others – specifically: Acacia Ameel.

I have known Acacia Ameel for 28 years. I met Acacia in college (University of St. Thomas, Houston) in 1983. While I was a ship without a rudder, Acacia came to my attention through her sense of purpose. She excelled in her classes, she was popular and she never had a bad word to say about anyone – my complete opposite. She has always sided with the ‘underdog’ and has an affinity for winning good people over. Acacia is a ‘real’ person – what you see is what you get. She has never partaken of politics, she avoids gossip like the plague and she does her job with sincerity and gusto.

Acacia moved back to Brownsville in 1986 with the goal of improving the image of Brownsville. She found her calling in education – not the most glamorous or high-profile career one could choose - quite in keeping with her character. As she started teaching, she became more secure than ever – she would not allow any child under her care to ‘fail’. She gained the respect of her bosses, her peers and, most importantly, her students. Acacia continued on to earn her Masters’ degree in education while teaching and was quickly recognized for her genuine nature, her dedication to the students and her infallible character. She has never requested assistance and has worked her way up the proverbial ladder the old-fashioned way. She has passed the Superintendence exam and she will undoubtedly make a stellar Superintendent somewhere – I have urged her to consider moving – to no avail.

Over the years, Acacia Ameel has been offered numerous positions (most were higher paid and higher-profile) but she remained dedicated to the children of Brownsville – typical. An individual of higher integrity, you would be hard-pressed to find. I know this for a fact. She thrives on challenges. As a rudderless youngster with a shady past (records expunged – diplomatic immunity), Acacia considered me a challenge – and she was right. Regardless, she never gave up and succeeded where others had failed – typical. Who am I? I am her proud husband – 23 years sober and still cannot hold a candle to her character. She is ‘woman’. Despite, again, being offered a lucrative position outside of the Valley, Acacia remains steadfast in Brownsville and the future of its children. Leave her alone, get a life and let her do her job.

In an insecure world, nothing is more refreshing than a secure person……