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Editor's Note:  Below this post is the post on the Rendon settlement and BISD LIES ABOUT THE TERMS OF THE SETTLEMENT

CORRECTION:  I googled  Ozuna and this picture  came up.  I am being told it is  Herminia Becerra.

Over the weekend I covered a story out of Dallas wherein the AG is prosecuting a case of election fraud after the Democratic DA refused to do his job.  Some readers responded.  Herein I am providing a copy of the trial transcript in the Hernandez case, and the complaint form to the SOS.  Let's see if anyone is willing to file the complaint.  For documents just refer the AG to the link at docstoc for the trial transcript.

Note in the picture that Ozuna is campaigning for Erin Hernandez Garcia and Linda Salazar - it is for every reader to email everyone they know and tell them to vote against Erin Hernandez Garcia and Linda Salazar - if you do not, then you are the reason politiqueras win.

At the end of this post I found an interesting issue related to Robert Lopez and Ernie Hernandez on the issue of politiqueras. 

The complaint form -

The trial transcript for verification of what I am saying can be found here.

A sampling of the testimony from the first day of the trial

In part one the first voter witness is Ricardo Liceaga. If you look to the top of the document you should be able to figure out how to fast forward to page 73.


I will not identify any witness by name - just by number and gender. These people have been victimized enough. Well I will name one witness.

The first witness a male testified that Margarita Ozuna voted for him and then took his ballot. You could hear a pin drop at that point. People were horrified. Hernandez’s lawyer looked defeated - Erin Hernandez just smirked.

Witness 3 a female testified that she voted for Hernandez because Margarita Ozuna told her Ernie would improve our schools.

Witness 4 a male testified he believes it was Norma who told him to call her after he got his mail-ballot - he was not sure - he also said he did not even know who was running.

Witness 7 male - 3 ballots of people who do not live in his home were sent to his home. One person lives in Victoria (I did not hear him say if it was Victoria Mexico or Texas.

Witness 10 male - he was great - he describe the person who came to his home as dark and tall - he was distinguished and robbed him of his trust.

Witness 11 and 12 - husband and wife. She was outraged that this was happening and did seem to protest to the court that her ballot was known to everyone. While leaving she stated she and her husband would never again vote by mail.

Witness 14 male - claimed one of the signatures on his papers were false.

Witness 22 female - Margarita signed the form claiming to have helped the voter, but the voter testified under oath Margarita Ozuna did not help her. We saw this a lot which raises the question given the fact another witnesses testified that a representative of Margarita Ozuna appeared at her door about the subpoenas, did someone try an tell these witnesses how to testify?

The next witness I am going to name for two reasons. I was sitting behind her while Ortiz was testifying. Norma Esquivel while talking to herself was very snub about her disability issue. I cannot prove she did not meet the legal requirements for being disabled. That is a matter for the fact finder.

Here is the law:

§ 82.002. DISABILITY. (a) A qualified voter is eligible for early voting by mail if the voter has a sickness or physical condition that prevents the voter from appearing at the polling place on election day without a likelihood of needing personal assistance or of injuring the voter's health.

Now, Ms. Esquivel’s testimony: Both she and her husband are under 65. Margarita Ozuna signed the statement claiming to have assisted Norma. Norma testified she did not. Ms. Esquivel works at BISD and had no problem driving to court. Her husband is an air conditioner repairman and also claimed disabled. She claimed both she and her husband have medical problems - in fact she was complaining how her medicine was causing her mouth to be dry during her testimony. Her son, age 27, is about to or just completed some type law enforcement program at UTB is also disabled


Was use of politiqueras the kick-back for allowing Ernie's brother-in-law a job


These numbers are now with 100% reporting Run-off Results


Estela Chavez-Vasquez 2075 (calling as the winner)

Mail-in: 53, early voting: 1,335

Robert Lopez 999

Mail-in: 126, early voting: 553

In the original election Robert Lopez received more mail-ballots than Tony Martinez. When ESTELA CHAVEZ-VASQUEZ noted this in an ad, she was attacked.

Here are the original numbers before the run-off - note Lopez received more mail ballots than Mayor Tony Martinez
MAYOR 366 Mail Ballots

Tony Martinez % of vote 54.11 mail ballots 154

% of mail ballot vote 42%

Edward Camarillo % of vote 24.34 mail ballots 154

% of mail ballot vote 42%

AT LARGE A 358 Mail Ballots

Robert Lopez % of vote 25.85 mail ballots 216

% of mail ballots 60%

Estelle Chavez % of vote 33.42 mail ballots 79

Vasquez % of mail ballots 22%

During the City election when Montoya was still doing the bidding for Ernie Hernandez this is what he said about Chavez claims against Lopez.
"Throughout the campaign, a campaign of rumor and innuendo against Lopez has been waged by proxy by Chavez-Vasquez supporters. First they point to the mail-in votes he received in the first go-round as a sign that he is buying politiquera votes. Then they hinted loudly about supposed wrongdoing in his paperwork for a contract his business had with the city's weatherization program. But that's about as far as they got. No proof, no smoking gun. Just vicious rumor."
Hey Ernie, big mistake not paying off Montoya for your daughter - but that is okay - Cheezmeh was all too willing to take your money.
"This followed the resignations of former county Human Services Director Robert Lopez and Hernandez’s brother-in-law Roberto Cadriel amid allegations that a county employee took a civil service examination for Cadriel who had failed the test twice before. Passage of the civil service examination is a requirement for county employment."
I believe the story related to Robert Lopez and Ernie Hernandez justifies a second and independent complaint to the Secretary of State.  Will anyone do it? - doubt it.


Anonymous said...

The complaint has been done to Secretary of State fro fraud on a Treasurers report, Homeland Security and the FBI for tempering with Bridge security and there are more.
Just a matter of time,,,,

BobbyWC said...

Did the complaint include the trial transcript which showed the illegal conduct of some politiqueras?

Bobby WC