Wednesday, October 26, 2011



BobbyWC said...

nasty stupid comments which add nothing to the discussion are always rejected. your comment is rejected.

here is the scoop - People need to be forced to see reality before they react. this was the point of yesterday's post - people who say they are ready to take down the current BISD majority are getting teh message - they cannot expect to educate the puplic if they wait until August to announce - it must be now - it is a long term process.

Based on numerous calls I got yesterday I think people are beginning to see the reality that waiting any longer only serves to help the current majority.

I will say to every possible candidate - if someone is advising you to wait - send them away - if someone is telling you they are going to hold on to their so called killer evidence until they believe it will do the most damage - send them away - they is the same mentality and strategy used by Rick Zayas - he is still waiting to decide when he will release all of this evidence which will insure his win - 20 years from now Rick will be telling people - he will release the evidence when he is ready - he will never be ready - which is why he lost

People need to move now and simply ignore anyone and everyone who is telling them to wait - it is possible they are telling you to wait because they are being blackmailed - they are to keep you silent or else something will be released against them

Ask yourself - these people telling you to wait and wait and to not release the evidence - what is their motivation - they are either working for the otherside or are compromised.

if you want to do this - run from these people and keep they out of the loop of knowledge and strategy

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Makes perfect sense!!!