Thursday, October 20, 2011


In honor of the start of the World Series I am posting a picture of an old Little League team from days gone by. We are estimating the picture as circa 1948. (I say Little League without knowing for sure if that the actual name of the league - but everyone gets what I mean.)

The Safety Glass Company sponsored this team.  My long term readers know I am a big fan of baseball.  The last MLB game I saw was the opening game in Yankee Stadium against the Mariners.  We had great seats behind 3rd base.  These are my favorite seats.  You can see and call every pitch.  You can also see the bat make contact with the ball.

Without sponsors to support Little League or any other sport many kids will never learn the importance of athletics.  I strongly encourage every business in Brownsville to sponsor a team - it does not have to be baseball - it can be any sport.

Sometimes a simple post highlighting the good life are the best posts.  The BV cannot always be hard hitting.  But today's post is important.  We need to make sure Brownsville's children have access to sports teams.  The kids do not have to be good - they just have to an opportunity to play.  God knows I was terrible at baseball - but I still loved it.  Until this day I remain loyal to the NY Mets - win - lose does not matter.  A real fan remains a fan even during the bad times.


Anonymous said...

I grew up playing baseball at West Brownsville League. I have coach little league for over 20 years. I have been affiliated with Little Leagues since 1979. I am very proud to say “We have sponsor little league for over 22 years, Powers Financial Services.” Thanks for the memories.

Anonymous said...

Otis Powers is one of the greatest role models we have ever had for our youth. He was a great coach, father and influence for our children. He did an amazing job as a shcool board member. Thank you Mr. Powers for all you have done for our youth and our community.