Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I chose this picture for its innocence. Some Winter Texans I know have asked when was I finally going to call for a clothing optional beach on Boca Chica. I have held off because I knew if I used this picture the perverts, sexually repressed, and those with syphilis on the brain would make it into something it is not.

This couple is as innocent as they come.  During the super majority of my trips out to the unofficial clothing optional beach on SPI (10 miles past beach access 6), these are the type people I encountered - retirees.  For the most part they are not from here.  It still blows me away how many times I saw men taking showers at the gym with their underwear on.  Cameron County is so sexually repressed it has resulted in a sexual free for all.  There is no sense of the beauty which is the human body.  The people go straight for the orgasm with zero appreciation for the human art form known as our body.

Those of us who use clothing optional beaches do not see the nudity.  It is about the sense of freedom you get by not being aware of your body.  This couple has found that freedom and good for them.


The last section of Boca Chica Beach before the mouth of the river can be made clothing optional.  This will minimize the number of people who find themselves on a clothing optional beach when they choose to avoid these type beaches.  There are few Mexican nationals fishing at the mouth.  I have never seen families - it is always high dollar trucks with a handful of men fishing.


Brownsville loses out on a lot of the hotel business which goes to SPI.  We get the overflow.  Why? Americans flock to the Caribbean, Mexico and parts of Central America for clothing optional beaches.  Why should they not come here?  We need the money - it is about business.  Can our sexually repressed leaders put aside their own insecurities about their body to think about Cameron County?  This is not just about making money - it is about freedom.  Just because the majority sees their bodies as sexual objects does not mean the rest of us should have to be subjected to this view of the body.  If we see it as natural beauty - lines, fat, wrinkles and all, why should  we be denied our freedom because the majority see their body as a play toy?


Anonymous said...

I don't know but I am almost sure that woman is my own mother, and that is not my father standing buck naked next to her kissing her.


George W. Bush

I'm sorry BWC I could not resist.

Anonymous said...

Would there be a buffer zone between the family picnic area and the Wightman Clothing Optional section? Is this the best first impression for our neighbors to the south?

BobbyWC said...

Yes you are right - the guns we ship to Mexico and the wall are not a bad impression -

Mexico has several clothing optional beaches - this is not something they are not familiar with.

These areas when official are marked with signs - "beyond this point - clothing optional."

Boca Chica is quite big - any family which insists on spending their day right next to the sign does not get to complain - that would be a choice

This works all over the world - reasonable people make it work

But I will say some parents are just bad and prefer to do the wrong thing.

More than one time while at the clothing optional beach on SPI I moved because a family with children would set up right next to me- they had to drive 10 miles past beach access 6 to get to the spot - the only spot they could find on all of SPI was right in the middle of the clothing optional beach. Bad parents should not be allowed to decide this policy

When the beaches are properly sanctioned the only people who have problems with it are the ones who intentionally go on the beach and then complain -

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

If I go to the nude beach with my family and take pictures of my family am I going to jail?

Anonymous said...

Nena and I have found that any part of South Padre can be made into a clothing optional beach. You should try it sometime, it's very liberating.


BobbyWC said...

there is nothing illegal with taking naked pictures of yourself

Now I do have a major problem with taking pictures of your children and posting them on line.

Years ago taking pictures of your children naked when they were just babies or toddlers was considered acceptable. Today, depending on the police department it could get you arrested.

But in terms of distributing pictures of the children - even in innocent beach play in my opinion should be a crime. The children do not have a say in it - in today's world of the internet it means this picture could be used forever.

It also means the sick minded people can use the picture for illegal activity - with photo shop it means your child could end up being depicted in a sexual act.

So feel free to post all of the naked pictures of yourself you want - but not of children.

I do believe it is time Texas and the US make it a crime to post naked pictures of your children - regardless of how innocent they may be. Once that child is an adult if they want to post pictures of themselves I say have at it - I do not recomment it

People need to remember the internet is forever - you may think it is fine now and kind of cool, but when your boss finds out and you lose your job you may thing otherwise.

In time our society will not have a problem with this and you can feel free to post the pictures of yourself - but in today's world it will probably cost you your job.

Bobby WC

Jim Barton said...

The anonymous post at 8:31 purportedly from "Jim" is bogus. Eddie or some other Hernandez puts two or three of these bogus posts in the comment section of my blog every day.

Jim Barton

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for clarifying this Jim - I should have checked with you first - the reality is I should have noticed it was not from your google account

Bobby WC