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Enjoy both posts below. They are a prelude to what is hopefully the post which brings down the BISD majority.  Try clicking on the picture.




There is a crack in the BISD majority. The story is fast developing and should break this week. With the state of Texas investigating Presas-Garcia's financials, and now with the Texas State Auditor's Office having jurisdiction over BISD's decision to expend $50,000 of taxpayers money to settle the Rendon lawsuit, although BISD was 100% covered by insurance, one of the Board members has decided to cut and run for cover. It is my understanding the blood bath will be significant as Carlos Quintanilla claims ignorance and then points fingers claiming he is a victim and was lied to.

Here is the deal on the Juarez lawsuit - the insurance company decides when to settle not Carlos Quintanilla.  BISD is 100% covered by insurance.  BISD is not spending a penny on this lawsuit at this time.  They should have hit their $50,000 deductible by this point.  If not we are down to pennies.  Any settlement will be paid by ACE insurance so why should they settle if they believe they have a good case on rehearing.  According to the brief the appellate court's decision was based on a false finding of alleged facts.  What is Presas-Garcia/Quintanilla afraid of?  They are afraid the court of appeals will find it made a mistake as to the alleged facts and this kills their justification for dismissing the Healthsmart lawsuit.  This is why Quintanilla was brought to Brownsville to begin with.  Quintanilla denies this, but the evidence shows otherwise.  Assuming the trustee does not cave, the truth will be out this week.

The defendants Zayas , Cortez, Colunga, Aguilar can oppose any settlement - Presas-Garcia gets no say in the matter.  Of course is the defendants oppose a settlement, then ACE is only on the hook for the amount they offered to settle for.

And a reality check - to date no court has found any wrongdoing by Zayas, Cortez, Colunga, or Aguilar.  What the court has said is, if a jury finds the evidence to be credible then they are liable.  But to date there has been no finding as to any evidence as being true and confirmed.  That will only happen when a jury gets to the case.  This is why the BISD majority illegally used $50,000 of taxpayer money to pay off Rendon - they could not chance a jury finding no evidence to support his claims.

And contrary to the propaganda published by Jim Barton at the request of Ben Neece - there was no whistleblower lawsuit when Rendon was paid off.  It was thrown out by the court.  Jim Barton needs to learn to check facts rather than accept propaganda from Ben Neece while drinking in his bar.

The only  findings of fact ever made in this mess were made by the TEA against Art Rendon and Hector Gonzales.

People, if the source agrees to ignore the threats the BISD mess will come to a head this week.  The question is, will the trustee hold to the story or give into the threats?


Last week Presas-Garcia was sued by an internationally known female to male transgender male for fraud.  Presas-Garcia advertised on Craigs List the availability of an average size penis for transplant to a female undergoing surgery to become a male.  Upon examination of the penis after payment, the surgeon informed the patient that maybe it might reach 4 inches upon erection.  Presas-Garcia was informed of the fraud and offered to substitute Jerry McHale's severed penis for that of Carl Montoya's.  Upon learning from the surgeon that that Carl Montoya's might reach 3 inches the transgender patient sued Presas-Garcia for fraud.  Her attorney has stated that her defense will be she understood her husband was average when she represent Mchale's 4 inches were average.

Yes vulgar and not funny - but this is what we will see from Presas-Garcia's puppet Jerry McHale in what will be another failed blog/web page.  Presas-Garcia has her hand so far up McHale's and Montoya's asses she is giving Brownsville the bird threw their mouths.

Who are Presas-Garcia's sole supporters on the internet - a convicted RICO felon who has been repeatedly held in contempt for not paying child support and with endless judgments against him, a convicted drunk also held in contempt for not paying child support, and a purveyor of smut and vile unseen in the history of Brownsville - Jerry McHale - and BTW parents you know why he teaches your children at Rivera - he has the protection of Presas-Garcia so long as he promotes her propaganda and lies.

This person of questionable character has posted videos of lesbians defecating in each other's mouths - this guy is so obsessed with defecation just this past weekend this is what he posted.

"Another time, at a pachanga, I accidentally opened the unlocked door to the bathroom and Gilberto Hinojosa was taking a shit in Ernie's mouth. I'm not bullshitting."

"Brownsville needs DIC!" said Loff, in reference to the new entity formally titled Downtown Incentive Corporation. "

 We must have DIC. With a big and pulsating DIC, we can inject new life into our historic downtown."

"Mayor Tony Martinez, unfortunately, hasn't shown the same enthusiasm for DIC that he might have displayed on the campaign trail when he was willing to say and do anything in order to win the election. He believes that Citizens United for New Town (CUNT) would have wider support. He doesn't want to pit one sector of the city against another.

"Let's be honest," said a former Brownsville Herald columnist. "Martinez doesn't like DIC. He doesn't feel comfortable with DIC. CUNT is much more to his liking"

Jerry McHale will always self destruct - he cannot resist the gravitational pull of smut and vile.

BUT THE KICKER IS - so long as he defends the corruption of Presas-Garcia and her gang of Escobedo, Saavedra and Longoria he will be welcome to teach your children at Rivera.

I want to be clear - I have never heard any complaints about his teaching or claims he has brought any of this into the classroom.  But the fact remains the students know about his web pages and blogs.  When a school board president endorses such conduct it sends a clear message to our children - this is how adults act - but then it is Presas-Garcia - so I guess it is true birds of a feather flock together.  They have both demonstrated not only extreme homophobia, but a pride in it.

SO ON NOVEMBER 1ST Look for more of this vile smut endorsed by Presas-Garcia in exchange for a corrupt voice in her defense.

Sunday, October 30, 2011



"On Monday, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in the two cases, which ask how principles concerning bad legal work at trial should apply to plea bargains. The question is of surpassing importance, since a large majority of criminal cases are settled at the plea stage. "

Depending how this ruling goes, this could help in reopening the Barry Horn murder case.  Personally  I believe the federal courts will eventually throw out the plea bargain in that case because Padilla was representing Villalobos and the defendant at the same time.


UPDATE:  It lasted about 2 hours before "Freedom Communications" censored me and removed my post.  Without reference to the BV I simply posted the numbers related to the mail ballots for Robert Lopez and its connection to Ernie.  The Herald allowed it to last about two hours before removing it.  "Freedom" claims to believe in Free Speech unless that speech exposes the truth.  Journalism and the truth has no place at the Herald.  See comment for further update

Like I said last week 'If we are not being BS'd we are not being spoken to."
Here is the con put forth by the Cameron County Democratic Party - lead by Gilberto Hinojosa, Tony Martinez and Armando Villalobos - refer Ernie to the DA, who will do nothing - so that they can then withhold from the public the investigation into Ernie Hernandez and his brother-in-law.

Yes I am jaded - but why not? - this is Brownsville

The only good news is I am convinced Villalobos is no longer running for Congress. On Labor day he was in Brownsville shopping at Sams. Yes Mando, we know where you are at all times. It is like I said Limas remains free conditioned on his full cooperation to nail others.

I have no inside information - but we all know a serious congressional candidate will be campaigning at barbecues on Labor Day and not at home shopping with his wife and kiddies. So long as Limas remains free we can be assured the FBI is seeking to extend the number of people indicted under this scam.

The FBI is not stupid - they can read between the lines and see what has happened here in the Commissioners Court vote to refer the matter to the DA as a way to keep it covered up.  The question is, what does Ernie have on them that he was able to get them to go along.

A backdrop to the current FBI office in Brownsville -   the former head of the office is gone.  I was surprised to learn this so I made inquiries.  I was told by this person he was surprised I had not called him earlier for getting rid of Miles.  I know for a fact FBI Director Mueller was humiliated to learn the level of corruption ongoing in Cameron County with nothing being done about it.  What we have in the Brownsville office is a complete house cleaning of the decision makers. While it takes 3-5 years to indict anyone  for anything, we can now expect the FBI office to be even more aggressive.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Below is a comment posted to a story on the snowy weather in the NE.  The poster was responding to someone who said, blame it on global warming.  I am reposting the argument here because it is cogent.  It sets out known facts and then asks you the reader to decide.  I do not think it proves one opinion over another - but it makes clear the process of critical thinking which should go into making a decision.  Of course, this by itself does not prove who is right and who is wrong.  My position on global warming caused by man is - who cares - the pollution one way or the other is bad for us and causes millions of man hours to be lost every year due to illness.  This by itself should be enough to want us to make the environment cleaner.  Brownsville does not get it - but try living in Dallas in August one you have Red ozone day after another caused by the pollution and then tell me pollution is not bad for your health.  This was the number one reason I left Dallas - I could not get outside in July or August.

"Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of Earth's near- surface air and oceans since the mid-20th century. The fact that the average temperatures have increased is not a lie but a scientific fact. The argument is about what is causing this increase in the temperature. Is it natural or man made or a combination of both. Now of course there are those who are adamant that this temperature change has nothing to do with man made pollution. They don't want strict emission regulations because it will increase costs for their businesses and therefore reduce profits. They remind me of the tobacco industry that fought government interference for decades even though they knew their product caused cancer. For them it is always a matter of profits not research. They spent millions fighting the results of the research proving their product was dangerous just as businesses today are spending millions to fight any research that links global warming to man made emissions. You have to decide for yourself which group has the public health and safety as their primary concern."

Friday, October 28, 2011




B39. Recommend approval on litigation matters discussed in Closed Meeting.

a. Discussion, consideration and possible action regarding potential claim by Hector


b. Discussion, consideration and possible action regarding BISD vs. HealthSmart.

c. Discussion, consideration and possible action regarding Antonio Juarez vs. BISD.
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This morning we learned that Commissioners Court has asked Villalobos to investigate the Ernie Hernandez mess with his esteemed brother-in-law. I can tell you the final income - for $1 million paid to his office Villalobos will find no wrongdoing, but some criminal conduct elsewhere which requires Hernandez pay $1 million dollars into the DA's coffers.

From Robert Lopez and Ernie Hernandez:

The Herald:

"At the time, Hernandez has said that he didn’t know anything and that neither he nor his assistant or acquaintances had pressed anyone into taking the exam for Cadriel.

Lopez has said that his resignation was a coincidence and was not tied to questions regarding Cadriel’s employment. Efforts to contract Cadriel were not successful."



Run-Off results


Estela Chavez-Vasquez 2075 (calling as the winner)

Mail-in: 53, early voting: 1,335

Robert Lopez 999

Mail-in: 126, early voting: 553

In the original election Robert Lopez received more mail-ballots than Tony Martinez. When ESTELA CHAVEZ-VASQUEZ noted this in an ad, she was attacked.

Here are the original numbers before the run-off - note Lopez received more mail ballots than Mayor Tony Martinez

Tony Martinez % of vote 54.11 mail ballots 154

% of mail ballot vote 42%

Robert Lopez % of vote 25.85 mail ballots 216

Estelle Chavez % of vote 33.42 mail ballots 79


Here is the complaint form to the Secretary of State and trial transcript - anyone open to filing a complaint and asking that the AG investigate the same way they did in Dallas?  I did not think so.

Anyone willing to pull Lopez campaign finance reports and see if he reported the help from Ernie and the politiqueras and then filing a complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission?  I did not think so. 

The SOS complaint form -

The trial transcript for verification of what I am saying can be found here.

Here is the BV's original post on the issue.


LMFAO - never going to happen - Tony Martinez is about keeping the incompetent in their jobs and protecting the corrupt officials within the Cameron County Democratic Party.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cartoon By Chris Slane
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Minimum wage jobs for college students may be acceptable, but it is not acceptable as the policy of our city commission for an entire city. Can anyone point to anywhere in the world where the average Joe who works in the tourism industry is making a living wage? No.

Look, I favor redevelopment of downtown, but the redevelopment of downtown should not be the lynch pin of Brownsville's development.  The only true beneficiaries are the hotel owners, the bar owners, the restaurant owners - with the people having to row the boat for chump change. 

This policy of the city commission to change Brownsville through development of downtown and tourism is a reflection of the same simple mindedness which has kept Brownsville under developed.  Our leaders are incapable of bold leadership or making a big move.

Development of downtown and tourism should be secondary to other major development which has good paying jobs as its focus.  I know when I speak of the airport and development of the cargo industry I am speaking on deaf ears.  This would require real leadership and creativity in the board room.  Such leadership does not exist in Brownsville.  You borrow money when it is cheap - not when it is expensive.  You buy land at  the low end, not the high end.

After you create good paying jobs - jobs which provide the workers with a living wage - you then use that tax benefit to the city to develop quality of life projects - such as tourism.  Yes tourism provides jobs, but not jobs which pay at a level which allows the workers to live with dignity.

A city like Brownsville cannot make a great leap forward without bold moves.  Ethics has no place in Brownsville.  In the last month Brownsville had a chance to show leadership by having its police chief aggressively investigate the case of Ernie Hernandez and his brother-in-law.  True to form our police chief caved to the pressure of hopelessly corrupt Democratic Party of Cameron county.  Chief Garcia made known to keep his job he will ignore crime.  He feared how Tony Martinez would react if he investigated Ernie Hernandez.  How can Brownsville move forward when its police chief believes if he investigates elected Democrats the mayor will move to have him fired?

This is basically why I have stayed out of the discussion of Charlie Atkinson getting hired at BISD.  BFD - in the bigger scheme of things Sorry Charlie getting a job means nothing.  When our police chief fears for his job if he investigates elected officials - we are screwed.

We live in a city of small minded chumps who define leadership as bringing slave wage jobs to Brownsville.  We remain so screwed.

Imagine Brownsville - another con job - cannot imagine how to bring jobs - the concept of meaningful job training eludes our leaders and Imagine Brownsville.  I have said this so many times - robotics- If TSC is unwilling to immediately start a robotics program then maybe BISD should consider it.  More and more products being made in China are now made in the US because of robotics.  We need workers who can work the robots and who can do the maintenance on them.  Yes, it is true we have no immediate need for such workers.  But this is the problem - no vision.  If Brownsville develops a reputation as having a top notch robotics program when the opportunity presents itself for a new factory, Brownsville will have a work force ready to go.  Until then at least our children will have real job training they can take to another city and find work.  But no - Tony Martinez's plan is to have our nice brown children serve up their dignity to Anglo tourists coming to see refurbished old buildings - it is as if the tenants in Bedlam are running the show.


Brownsville can do so much better than bringing Mexican crafts to Brownsville. Tourism should be a secondary or terciary industry - unless keeping the people poor serving the Anglo tourist is your true objective.



Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Family Reunion by Laurie Lipton


"The source said Cardenas had been staying in the U.S. on and off.

Cardenas had been known to hide at a house in Brownsville near the airport, where a short shootout took place July 8. The shootout was reportedly carried out by a team of Zetas who clashed with Cardenas guards, seeking to capture or kill Cardenas. The shootout reportedly lasted 15 minutes with no casualties."
This story has to be wrong - how could there be a 15 minute shootout in the US, in Brownsville, and the BPD allows it to last 15 minutes - where was ICE? - where were the National Guard ?- something is profoundly wrong with this story.  I am not saying it is false - I am not  saying it is true - I am saying "say what."


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


“According to Food and Drug Administration port inspections,” Leamys said. “A third of seafood sold in the U.S. is mislabeled as one type when it’s actually something else, even something cheaper.”

"All but two of the 26 red snapper samples were another kind of fish, the Globe reported. That came as no surprise to Cape Cod fisherman Eric Hesse, who was quoted in the report."

"As part of a special “Fishy Business” series, the Boston Globe spent five months buying fish from dozens of establishments throughout Massachusetts and sending the samples off to a lab in Canada. DNA tests found 48 percent of the fish had been mislabeled as a more expensive type of fish."

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For about two weeks now I have met almost on a daily basis with various people tied to the BISD mess. I have met with possible candidates, people who claim to have all the evidence in the world needed to end the BISD mess, but will not release it, administrators within BISD, and parents. Based on these meetings, I will be shocked if a strong candidate is put up against Presas-Garcia. Based on what I know today (this means my view could change tomorrow based on new information) the current 4 member majority will become a 6 person majority come November 2012.

Inherent in the mind set of both people of Judeo-Christian-Islamic faith, and atheists is God is to fix everything.  They have no affirmative duty to step up to the plate and lead. Atheists look to the horrors of life and declare there can be no God, because if there were, God would fix the injustices in the world.  Atheists want to live in a world where in  they have to never lift a finger to fix anything.  The injustices of our world are to be adjusted by God - because the injustices still exist there must be no God.  Atheism is an outgrowth of excuse making for never having to act to address injustices.  The entire concept of western style atheism is based on the mythical god found in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic faith.  Is it any wonder they are atheists?  Any in depth study of Joshua's teachings (aka Jesus) would show Joshua himself would have been an atheist had his faith been based on the then Judeo teachings.  He outright rejected them.  He resolved the laws of the Torah were no longer to be followed.

People of faith whose faith is a product of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic false god, sit and wait for their false non-existent God to fix everything.  They have no duty to act.  God will make everything right.  Yes it is true - God has no time to protect 5 year old children being forced to wear bombs or fight battles on the continent of Africa, but he will take the time to solve all of the problems at BISD. 

My faith is pure and based on the true teachings of Joshua - teachings which have been resoundly rejected by Christianity - which in my view is the anti-Christ.

True faith is not about sitting at home and waiting for God to prove his worth by making the world perfect.  This type faith actually enslaves the masses to false Gods.  Our society is faltering because no one has a duty to actually lead. 

On BISD of late, I have been publishing more than I did  for a long time.  For now I will be pulling back again - based on all of the conversations with parents, administrators and people claiming they are going to run for the BISD Board and claim to have all of this evidence - including video taped claims against the BISD and emails which prove everything under the sun - I am truly fed up.  One human being can only handle so much BS.  It has been endless weeks of BS and endless excuses from people who will never act.

I need to be honest with my readers.  To a person these people are all BS artists who will never act.  If I am wrong I will proudly eat crow.  If you want your children to have the best possible education - meet with your friends and try to put together a home teaching program.  A true  community of friends can find within the group people highly qualified in math, the sciences, and social sciences.  Your children will be better off being home schooled by you the parent and like minded parents such as yourself.

I do not want any more emails, phones calls, or claims you have evidence.  Start your own blog and post it - It took the person who started SaveBISD a hand full of days before he decided - too much work and he was not going to do it by himself.  I would never allow a child to attend BISD - why?  because I would not want my children to see how pathetic the people at BISD are and how unwilling they are to lead.  I would not want them to associate with the parents and children who threw Acacia Ameel under the bus.  The reality is, if I had children I would leave Brownsville.  It is no place to teach honor and ethics.

I am very happy with this post for what I did not say.  trust me this is the rated G version of what I really wanted to say.

The great irony about all of this is, all of you people claiming to want to bring change to BISD fail to understand the most fundamental thing which needs to be done to bring about positive change - EDUCATION.  Any program to bring about change must begin with educating the people of Brownsville with the truth.  To a person no one involved in this mess who wants positive change understands the need to educate the people and how to go about educating the people.  But hey these are the people who claim they have the best interests of our children at heart - Really? when they themselves know nothing about education and how to educate the electorate.

Now, all you people who claim to care about BISD and who are withholding evidence you claim to have - go sit around and drink with your friends and do what you do best - nothing.  I get it- it is easier to sit around and play BS games than to act.  I get it - you blame God for your unwillingness to act, or you are waiting on God to do that which morality teaches you, you yourself should be doing, but will not because you use God as your excuse.

No judgment here - just facts.

Monday, October 24, 2011


I highly recommend this company.  I rented 2 tables, 16 chairs and the small castle for about $65.00.  This was cheaper than a lot of other companies in Brownsville.  Juan was timely in setting everything up, and taking it down. 

This weekend we celebrated Isabella's second birthday.  She came as Abby Cadabby.  She was so happy and having so much fun until that ear infection killed her mood.  Her doctor two days earlier told the mother it was nothing.  She ended up in one of those 24 hour clinics and is now on antibiotics.  She is doing fine and is as talkative as ever.  She can be like the "Family Guy"  commercial when Stewie keeps on saying mom, mommy.  She will go on and on saying Bob, Bobby and on and on and on.  She thinks it is real funny.

Anyway, the kids are amazing - they loved my pool - ice water not withstanding. Isabella made me get in with her.  She loves to try and swim.  I  was freezing and all she wanted to do was swim.   If they were not in the pool they were in the bouncy castle.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

TC Activity


This appears to be heading more east once it crosses the Yucat√°n
Berry and Banana Smoothies Recipe



1 frozen sliced banana
1/2 cup fresh orange juice (about 1 large orange)
1 cup hulled strawberries
1 cup blackberries
1 3/4 cups fat-free plain Greek yogurt
1 tablespoon honey

1. Place all ingredients in a blender; process until smooth.


Charlie Chan.

I could sit out around my pool reading a book and listening to these programs and be very, very happy.

Friday, October 21, 2011


What follows below is a summary of what the various Democratic Party groups are trying to accomplish in the redistricting litigation.  As I have noted before, the upstate Democrats have no interest in Cameron County.  The Republicans will want to try and protect Farenhold.  Although, I do believe he can and will defeat Villalobos hands down.  It will be a blood bath.  But if they decide to adjust the 27th, it will mean Villalobos will have to run against Ruben Hinojosa.  This will not happen.  Gilbert Hinojosa will threaten Villalobos with political castration before he allows Villalobos to run against Ruben Hinojosa.

Let's see how long it takes Gilberto Hinojosa to throw Villalobos under the bus to satisfy the upstate Plantation Democrats.

"The Plaintiffs’ Interim Plans

All of the plaintiffs’ plans have substantial similarities, though they differ in the details.

All would add a new Hispanic opportunity district in North Texas, and all, in some way, would restore Lloyd Doggett’s congressional seat (CD-25)- most by creating a ‘tri-ethnic’ coalition seat strongly anchored, if not wholly contained, in Travis County. All also would make adjustments to CD-23- currently represented by freshman Republican, Quico Canseco- to improve the district’s ability the elect the “Hispanic candidate of choice.”

However, there also are divergences.

Proposals submitted separately by MALC and State Senator Wendy Davis and State Representative Marc Veasey would create an additional African-American opportunity district in the DFW Metroplex (CD-35 in both Plan C211 and Plans C202 and C204).

By contrast, the Texas Latino Redistricting Task Force and Travis County plaintiffs would forgo that seat and, instead, create a new Hispanic opportunity seat in Harris County (CD-36 in the Task Force’s Plan C213 and CD-36 in the Travis County plaintiffs’ Plan C166).

Ditto Travis County (only more so).

LULAC, the Travis County plaintiffs, the Davis/Veasey plaintiffs, and NAACP, each have proposed interim maps that would undo the controversial new San Antonio/Austin seat (CD-35) - thus, avoiding what looks to be an increasingly nasty Doggett/Castro fight.

In place of that district, the Davis/Veasey plaintiffs would keep a Central Texas-based Hispanic opportunity district (CD-33 in Plan C204), centered in Bexar County and running northwards into western Bastrop County, just on the other side of the county line from Travis County. The NAACP, likewise, would create a slightly different Hispanic opportunity district (CD-28 in Plan C193) that runs from San Antonio to the Hays County/Travis County line.

LULAC and the Travis County plaintiffs, by contrast, each would draw a new north/south Hispanic opportunity district running from Bexar County to the U.S./Mexico border.

MALC and the Latino Task Force, however, choose to keep an Austin/San Antonio district in place (CD-34 in Plan C211 and CD-35 in Plan C213)- though both would somewhat reduce the portion of Travis County contained in the new district.  (Note this is not the 34th for Cameron County - it is a different plan)
MALC’s Plan C211 also would put Lloyd Doggett’s current seat (CD-25) wholly west of I-35 (where it would be 69.1% Anglo).

The Latino Task Force would anchor the Doggett seat in western Travis County but run it east to take in large parts of Bastrop and Guadalupe counties. As with MALC’s proposal, the district would be heavily Anglo (63.8% to be exact).

The other plaintiffs’ proposals would anchor the Doggett district in East Austin.

Complicated? Well, kinda of par for the course with the Travis County situation from the get go."

Thursday, October 20, 2011


In honor of the start of the World Series I am posting a picture of an old Little League team from days gone by. We are estimating the picture as circa 1948. (I say Little League without knowing for sure if that the actual name of the league - but everyone gets what I mean.)

The Safety Glass Company sponsored this team.  My long term readers know I am a big fan of baseball.  The last MLB game I saw was the opening game in Yankee Stadium against the Mariners.  We had great seats behind 3rd base.  These are my favorite seats.  You can see and call every pitch.  You can also see the bat make contact with the ball.

Without sponsors to support Little League or any other sport many kids will never learn the importance of athletics.  I strongly encourage every business in Brownsville to sponsor a team - it does not have to be baseball - it can be any sport.

Sometimes a simple post highlighting the good life are the best posts.  The BV cannot always be hard hitting.  But today's post is important.  We need to make sure Brownsville's children have access to sports teams.  The kids do not have to be good - they just have to an opportunity to play.  God knows I was terrible at baseball - but I still loved it.  Until this day I remain loyal to the NY Mets - win - lose does not matter.  A real fan remains a fan even during the bad times.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


"State prosecutors are in Austin today where they will provide arguments as to why a Brownsville man convicted of capital murder should stay on death row.

The prosecutors will make the arguments before the 13th Court of Criminal Appeals in the case of Manuel Velez, 46, who in 2008 was found guilty in causing the death of 1-year-old Angel Gabriel Moreno, his girlfriend’s son."

For this story a real newspaper would fire the reporter and editor.  But this is the Herald - they probably will be recommended for some type award.

There is no 13th Court of Criminal Appeals.  Texas effectively has two Supreme Courts.  The Court of Criminal Appeals is the highest appellate court for criminal cases.  It is in Austin.  Death penalty cases are automatically appealed to the Court of Criminal Appeals.  The 13th Court of Appeals handles all civil cases and non-death penalty cases coming out of Cameron County and Corpus Christi along with all coastal counties south of Corpus and then some. 

This trash story is not just trash for the mistake.  It informs the Herald's readers that not only are the Herald's reporters a bunch of uneducated hacks, their editor is just as uneducated as the reporters.


I say we boycott any business tied to the Tea Party Nation.  If you people are so proud of the Tea Party Nation start a web page listing your business as refusing to hire new employees, and see how we the people react - pay attention - small businesses work for the consumers because without us you do not exist.

TEA Party Nation activist Melissa Brookstone in a message to the members calls for hiring boycott.

"I, an American small business owner, part of the class that produces the vast majority of real, wealth producing jobs in this country, hereby resolve that I will not hire a single person until this war against business and my country is stopped. "

The entire text is below. 

Brookstone writes:

“I’m on strike!” - Ellis Wyatt, from the end of the movie "Atlas Shrugged, Part 1", based on the novel by Ayn Rand

Resolved that: The Obama administration and the Democrat-controlled Senate, in alliance with a global Progressive socialist movement, have participated in what appears to be a globalist socialist agenda of redistribution of wealth, and the waging of class warfare against our constitutional republic's heritage of individual rights, free market capitalism, and indeed our Constitution itself, with the ultimate goal of collapsing the U.S. economy and globalizing us into socialism.

Resolved that: President Obama has seized what amount to dictatorial powers to bypass our Congress, and that because the Congress is controlled by a Progressive socialist Senate that will not impeach one of their kind, they have allowed this and yielded what are rightfully congressional powers to this new dictator.

Resolved that: By their agenda and actions, those in our government who swore oaths to protect and defend our Constitution have committed treason against the United States.

Resolved that: The current administration and Democrat majority in the Senate, in conjunction with Progressive socialists from all around the country, especially those from Hollywood and the left leaning news media ( Indeed, most of the news media. ) have worked in unison to advance an anti-business, an anti-free market, and an anti-capitalist ( anti-individual rights and property ownership ) agenda.

Resolved that: These same factions expect that, by carrying out a radical anti-business agenda, which includes the passage and inflicting of Obama"Care" on our nation, class warfare and redistribution of wealth, and expanding the government, while killing businesses in this country with an environment hostile to business, including excessive regulations ( the average business must now spend about $11,700 per year per employee to comply with government regulations! ), and by borrowing and wasting more money than has been spent in the entire previous existence of our republic, that they will "create jobs", when in fact all they have "created" have been government jobs that consume wealth, and don't "create" it.

Resolved that: Our President, the Democrats-Socialists, most of the media, and most of those from Hollywood, have now encouraged and supported "Occupy" demonstrations in our streets, which are now being perpetrated across the globe, and which are being populated by various marxists, socialists and even communists, and are protesting against business, private property ownership and capitalism, something I thought I'd never see in my country, in my lifetime.

I, an American small business owner, part of the class that produces the vast majority of real, wealth producing jobs in this country, hereby resolve that I will not hire a single person until this war against business and my country is stopped.

I hereby declare that my job creation potential is now ceased.

“I’m on strike!”
I think she must be mixing kool aid with her tea as sweetener because her tea has become so bitter she herself can no longer stand it.
The moronic teabaggers need to follower her message and we the people can then stop doing business with any moron who is refusing to hire people.  Pay attention morons - without consumers small businesses do not exist.  Consumers do not shop when they do not have a job.
It is clear the Tea Party Nation has gone over the deep end.
According to these idiots when a government employee buys a home or car it does not contribute to the wealth of corporate America.  They cannot be this stupid - but they can be this dishonest.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


"The panel Opinion erred in ignoring undisputed evidence that Superintendent Gonzales was suspended before the Board learned of the protected speech and the district court dismissed the retaliation claim over the action Gonzales took before he was suspended"

Here is the Motion for Rehearing En Banc

An interesting side note is, Presas-Garcia claims she and the Board seek to work with ACE insurance, but now that ACE identifies a key factual flaw in the Juarez opinion she wants to hang ACE insurance.  Presas-Garcia cannot seem to make up her mind.  Pinocchio looks innocent compared to this lady.

If what ACE is arguing is true, the En Banc panel will dismiss the claims against the trustees, without ever having to get to the question of law on qualified immunity.

Back to the landfill


Last week I trimmed some trees and have about 3-4 more truck loads of brush for the dump. Because I have a truck I refuse to place the branches out front. Besides it would take up my entire driveway.

I have already taken two loads, but have 3-4 more. I need to take as many loads as possible before the wind comes. The BV will be back on Wednesday. I am working on two stories related to VMHS - once I have the sourcing done I will post the stories.

Oh, if you have a truck and need to get rid of brush - take your kids to the dump - it is actually an adventure for kids.  My dad took us and it still brings back good memories for me.

One more oh - someone said to me the other day - "all that education and you still have to trim your own trees and take them to the dumbs."  I responded with "the mind needs to be developed in more than one way - learning how to use your hands or to do things outside your comfort zone helps to further develop the brain."  Just this weekend I replaced a capacitor in the ceiling fan in the family room.  I had to buy the part on line and installed it myself - there was some previous knowledge involved. 

Also, last week I treated my dog Buster for allergies to tick bites.  I spray and/or use flakes every other week.  For some reason I  cannot kill the ticks.  I have to keep 5% Sevin dust on my dogs in addition to the weekly baths and spraying the yard every other week. 

Years ago when Keaton got loose in a kennel in Los Fresnos I learned the symptoms for allergies to tick bites and how to treat them.  I could have paid the vet $300.00, or simply give Buster a Pepto tab, and several dosages of Benadryl.  Within 24 hours the rectal bleeding stopped and she was eating like a fiend.

People who live a life based on the knowledge they learned in college end up living a very sheltered life.  I will always do my own household work if possible.  You know the pool guy was getting $100 a month to maintain my pool.  The pool was a mess - I was spending another $100.00 to try and fix the problems he was creating.  I got on the internet and studied the problems.  I am now spending about $60.00 a month for chemicals and about 1/2 hour a week vacuuming and cleaning the pool.  It is crystal clear with perfect chemical balance.

Learn to live outside the knowledge you learned in college.

Monday, October 17, 2011



Acacia Ameel has been cleared of all wrongdoing, but denied her job at Veteran's Memorial.  This highly acclaimed principal has been assigned as an assistant in the media department - this means making copies for BISD.

I hope what her husband said about her is true.  If it is she needs to get on a plane to Houston or Dallas and hire a top notch First Amendment lawyer.  In First Amendment cases none of the Administrative Procedure Acts or Education Code bar an immediate lawsuit.  I hope she fights and fights hard.  It is for the students Acacia.

It am being told at a meeting which included VMHS students Carl Montoya denied the claim that BISD administrators were dispatch to VMHS to interrogate the students.  He is claiming these administrators acted on their own without Board or Administration approval.  Okay Carl - we believe you - so why have they not been suspended pending an investigation?  Answer - you are a liar.
TC Activity


Just a note, this storm appears to be moving in a north easterly direction.


Editor's Note:  Below this post is the post on the Rendon settlement and BISD LIES ABOUT THE TERMS OF THE SETTLEMENT

CORRECTION:  I googled  Ozuna and this picture  came up.  I am being told it is  Herminia Becerra.

Over the weekend I covered a story out of Dallas wherein the AG is prosecuting a case of election fraud after the Democratic DA refused to do his job.  Some readers responded.  Herein I am providing a copy of the trial transcript in the Hernandez case, and the complaint form to the SOS.  Let's see if anyone is willing to file the complaint.  For documents just refer the AG to the link at docstoc for the trial transcript.

Note in the picture that Ozuna is campaigning for Erin Hernandez Garcia and Linda Salazar - it is for every reader to email everyone they know and tell them to vote against Erin Hernandez Garcia and Linda Salazar - if you do not, then you are the reason politiqueras win.

At the end of this post I found an interesting issue related to Robert Lopez and Ernie Hernandez on the issue of politiqueras. 

The complaint form -

The trial transcript for verification of what I am saying can be found here.

A sampling of the testimony from the first day of the trial

In part one the first voter witness is Ricardo Liceaga. If you look to the top of the document you should be able to figure out how to fast forward to page 73.


I will not identify any witness by name - just by number and gender. These people have been victimized enough. Well I will name one witness.

The first witness a male testified that Margarita Ozuna voted for him and then took his ballot. You could hear a pin drop at that point. People were horrified. Hernandez’s lawyer looked defeated - Erin Hernandez just smirked.

Witness 3 a female testified that she voted for Hernandez because Margarita Ozuna told her Ernie would improve our schools.

Witness 4 a male testified he believes it was Norma who told him to call her after he got his mail-ballot - he was not sure - he also said he did not even know who was running.

Witness 7 male - 3 ballots of people who do not live in his home were sent to his home. One person lives in Victoria (I did not hear him say if it was Victoria Mexico or Texas.

Witness 10 male - he was great - he describe the person who came to his home as dark and tall - he was distinguished and robbed him of his trust.

Witness 11 and 12 - husband and wife. She was outraged that this was happening and did seem to protest to the court that her ballot was known to everyone. While leaving she stated she and her husband would never again vote by mail.

Witness 14 male - claimed one of the signatures on his papers were false.

Witness 22 female - Margarita signed the form claiming to have helped the voter, but the voter testified under oath Margarita Ozuna did not help her. We saw this a lot which raises the question given the fact another witnesses testified that a representative of Margarita Ozuna appeared at her door about the subpoenas, did someone try an tell these witnesses how to testify?

The next witness I am going to name for two reasons. I was sitting behind her while Ortiz was testifying. Norma Esquivel while talking to herself was very snub about her disability issue. I cannot prove she did not meet the legal requirements for being disabled. That is a matter for the fact finder.

Here is the law:

§ 82.002. DISABILITY. (a) A qualified voter is eligible for early voting by mail if the voter has a sickness or physical condition that prevents the voter from appearing at the polling place on election day without a likelihood of needing personal assistance or of injuring the voter's health.

Now, Ms. Esquivel’s testimony: Both she and her husband are under 65. Margarita Ozuna signed the statement claiming to have assisted Norma. Norma testified she did not. Ms. Esquivel works at BISD and had no problem driving to court. Her husband is an air conditioner repairman and also claimed disabled. She claimed both she and her husband have medical problems - in fact she was complaining how her medicine was causing her mouth to be dry during her testimony. Her son, age 27, is about to or just completed some type law enforcement program at UTB is also disabled


Was use of politiqueras the kick-back for allowing Ernie's brother-in-law a job


These numbers are now with 100% reporting Run-off Results


Estela Chavez-Vasquez 2075 (calling as the winner)

Mail-in: 53, early voting: 1,335

Robert Lopez 999

Mail-in: 126, early voting: 553

In the original election Robert Lopez received more mail-ballots than Tony Martinez. When ESTELA CHAVEZ-VASQUEZ noted this in an ad, she was attacked.

Here are the original numbers before the run-off - note Lopez received more mail ballots than Mayor Tony Martinez
MAYOR 366 Mail Ballots

Tony Martinez % of vote 54.11 mail ballots 154

% of mail ballot vote 42%

Edward Camarillo % of vote 24.34 mail ballots 154

% of mail ballot vote 42%

AT LARGE A 358 Mail Ballots

Robert Lopez % of vote 25.85 mail ballots 216

% of mail ballots 60%

Estelle Chavez % of vote 33.42 mail ballots 79

Vasquez % of mail ballots 22%

During the City election when Montoya was still doing the bidding for Ernie Hernandez this is what he said about Chavez claims against Lopez.
"Throughout the campaign, a campaign of rumor and innuendo against Lopez has been waged by proxy by Chavez-Vasquez supporters. First they point to the mail-in votes he received in the first go-round as a sign that he is buying politiquera votes. Then they hinted loudly about supposed wrongdoing in his paperwork for a contract his business had with the city's weatherization program. But that's about as far as they got. No proof, no smoking gun. Just vicious rumor."
Hey Ernie, big mistake not paying off Montoya for your daughter - but that is okay - Cheezmeh was all too willing to take your money.
"This followed the resignations of former county Human Services Director Robert Lopez and Hernandez’s brother-in-law Roberto Cadriel amid allegations that a county employee took a civil service examination for Cadriel who had failed the test twice before. Passage of the civil service examination is a requirement for county employment."
I believe the story related to Robert Lopez and Ernie Hernandez justifies a second and independent complaint to the Secretary of State.  Will anyone do it? - doubt it.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


First of all like I said the night the case settled - if the insurance company pays it is clean. Assuming it is true ACE paid $250,000.00 to settle then the deal is good. My problem is the $50,000 of taxpayer money.

This is where the Herald is publishing BISD's propaganda. BISD had no duty to settle and remained fully covered had they rejected the settlement. Once BISD paid out the $50,000 in costs and attorneys fees it met its obligation under the policy. ACE had no authority to or require BISD pay a penny more.

The Herald's decision to publish an article allowing for BISD's propaganda should be no shocker. I knew there was a con here. The sad part is, Rendon's greed could be what sinks him. The $50,000 was illegal and given the million dollar contract he gave to Escobedo's brother it could amount to a crime. Whether the FBI will bring indictments is any one's guess.

The bottom line is BISD had no legal obligation to pay one penny beyond the deductible. The Herald's article claiming BISD could have been on the hook for the entire thing is total bullshit. It is sad when a publisher is so desperate to destroy a community he will aid unethical elected officials in their conduct.

Again, it is not for me to decide if a crime occur - it is for the FBI - but the FBI certainly knows there is no truth to BISD's claims.


If I post the obvious - ACE cannot force BISD to pay a penny once the $50,000 deductible has been met, the Herald will delete my post.  I am banned from posting at the Herald.  Someone needs to post to the Herald some simple facts - Judge Hanen dismissed the whistle blower lawsuit, and two ACE cannot force BISD to pay a penny once the deductible was met.  Also someone needs to ask why the Herald is posting BISD's propaganda without question.

But I do want to be clear - the fact ACE was willing to pay $250,000 tells me they saw exposure.  This is fine - but the extra $50,000 demanded by Rendon was greed and could sink him and his lawyers.  But then that will be for the FBI to decide.