Thursday, September 1, 2011


Nothing bores me more than the anti-tax whiners - pay attention idiots - government is not free. Robert Uresti is the best example of how pathetic this group really is -

He went before the city commission and complained that the city had failed to send city employees to spray for mosquitoes at his place of employment. You get it - he wants your tax dollars to be used for spraying for mosquitoes at his place of employment.  But then he does not want to pay his fair share of taxes.

An argument that the COB has a lot of deadwood and that there should be no tax increase until the deadwood is eliminated, is an honest argument. I personally think it is time Cabler, Sossi, and Medina are sent packing - but we all know Tony Martinez will fight tooth and nail to protect the deadwood.

Until Robert Uresti and Fernando Ruiz can tell us how we are to pay for the repairs of the roads, they have nothing to say any intelligent person wants to hear- these whiners for the sake of whining are complaining about an extra $2-3 dollars a month - really? If you own a house worth $80,000 and you cannot find $2-3 dollars a month for additional taxes, then you cannot afford your home.

Further, last year I spent several hundred dollars in repairs to my car caused by the poor road conditions. $2-3 a month would have been a lot cheaper.

Finally, we need to pay our firefighters a fair wage - we cannot do that without a tax increase. We all remember when Robert Uresti complained about how long it took for EMS to get to an accident. But this idiot refuses to pay an extra couple of dollars in taxes so we can buy more ambulances and and hire more EMS staff at a fair wage.

The City Commission needs to show courage and put the safety and welfare of the people over the moronic opinions of people who whine as a profession.


Anonymous said...

makes sense to me!

Anonymous said...

Bobby, do you have any information on the person that was selected as the president of TSC?

BobbyWC said...

All I know is what was in the Herald - I am glad they did a national search and did not go local.

Only time will tell is she is the right choice

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Taxation has always been a sore spot for many of us. Do we not realize that in order to have what we have in this country we must have some financial support. The only problem is it is no longer "Taxation without representation!" It is now "Representation without taxation!" If you do not work and pay your taxes, why should you expect free-bees? I am sick of my taxes being used for people who have never worked a day in their life, to kids having kids because everything is free and they will get more free stuff and yet, those who have worked all their life do not qualify for any help at all. I also would like to have a free phone but I did not qualify because I worked all my life. That is the big reason why so many detest taxes.