Thursday, September 15, 2011


From State Senator Eddie Lucio - 2008

""The five senators from the border are collaborating in this effort with Sen. Lucio, IRT chair, and invite our respective constituents to contact us for additional information," she added. "We unanimously oppose the federal government's fence along the border and will do anything within the power of the state to oppose it."

Committee hearings go a lot further to bring attention to the real power brokers than a handful of people showing up in protest.


"Also in attendance will be state Sen. Eddie Lucio, D-Brownsville,

chairman of the Senate Committee on International Relations and Trade.

At a news conference he hosted at the state Capitol last week for the

TBC, Lucio said a border wall was not wanted by border communities." ...

I have zero use for Senator Lucio, his son - while I am at it but not related - Sheriff Lucio or Villalobos former law partner but again not related - Eddie Lucio.  But I have even less use for lies.

I personally believe Senator Lucio can be defeated by a strong opponent.  Ortiz lost to a novice because the people knew they had enough of him.  The people have had enough of Senator Lucio.  We can beat hm with an honest campaign and the truth.

Just remember people this is the type integrity Carlos Masso wants to bring to the office of Cameron County DA.


/DP-M said...

Bobby, that Blog Ranking crap from McHale is crap. We all know it. Anyone who thinks there are true accolades to be had in local blogging is delusional. I do - and have in the past - wonder about the political advertising in these blogs. Advocacy Journalism exists, but my point always has gone to whether these bloggers file their Ad "earnings" as taxable income. My info is that they do not. But one is a friend and the other ought to help pay for the upbringing of his children. It doesn't affect me, no. I am, however, a stickler for some things. Keep up the work. We're all here to throw cold water one each other, so that, somewhere in the mix, something good can grow...



BobbyWC said...

Unless one has access to tsx returns no one has any real way of knowing if the income is being declared - it would be pure speculation

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I am sure Mchale has alot of dirty laundry in his closet but no one is willing to out him. A PHD?
Everyone is intimadated by him and just wish he would go away. Same for the Lucios and all the other RATEROS in our city.
Thank you Bobby for keeping us informed.
God bless you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember when that clown Mchale ran for mayor?
WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To say that McHale is anything but a bully, a user and closet racist is giving him too much credit.
Oh, I forgot, a liar.

Anonymous said...

Mchale and his cohorts hate Hispanics and we are pendejos cause we treat rhem like royalty when they are all a bunch of trailer trash.

Hey Bobby!
Are you keeping up with the fueding going on on Facebook between all the local cults?

Tune in you will be entertained with all the dirty laundry being exposed!

Anonymous said...

is there a candidate running against LUCIO?

Anonymous said...

DP-M is McHale.

BobbyWC said...

I have independent confirmation DPM is not McHale

I know of no one who is running against Lucio - but a well spoken person who will focus on the truth and the issues could easily defeat him.

I would not rule out a moderate Republican - Let's not forget what happened to Ortiz

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

WHEN people skeak up and go out and vote, then we get rid off
the Ortiz's, The Lucio's,
the Solis's.