Tuesday, September 27, 2011


What I like about this piece is it allows for exploring the issue. It recognizes it is not so simple as he decides he is a girl and so there it is.

I like the idea of putting them on hormones to suppress puberty until they are mature enough to decide what they want to do.

Historically part of the problem with this debate is the surgery side. One of the first transgender males to females years after his surgery stated she regretted removing his penis. She said she confused the penis with her identity. In general this is a big problem with our society. Genitalia does not define you as a person - you define yourself as a person.

I found this piece to be very balanced on the complex questions involved. Gender identify and sexuality are so complex - a man who feels like a women does not necessarily want the genitalia of a women.    Many of these men are happy to be able to present themselves as women without having to change their genitalia. The same for women who need to represent themselves as men. It is not always about sex and genitalia.

I wish people could learn sexuality and gender identity are a lot more complex than genitalia and how you have sex. There are happily married couples in the US wherein she presents herself as a man and he presents himself as a women. Their original genitalia is intact.

In other cases, they have to go through the surgery.   There is no one solution for everyone.  This is why a good therapist, without a political agenda attached to the issue, and family support is so important. 



Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, everyone close to Cata knows that the "F" word for gay is her favorite and it is evident because her own children say it. Children only repeat what they hear in their household. What did you expect from her Bobby??????

Anonymous said...

What did Eddie Leandro do?

BobbyWC said...

I will discuss that tomorrow

Bobby WC