Friday, September 23, 2011


"Does anybody really believe that these changes were made to improve performance of the BISD? If you do, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona you might be interested in.

Let's see. How was trying to move the head of the maintenance department to the head of PEMIS going to better the district? I'll bet even Homer Simpson cried "Doh" over that one. I'll also bet that not one of the Majority of Four could even manage a "Huh?"

Wasn't Tony Fuller removed as CFO the morning after Montoya became interim super? Did Montoya have a dream about it? Did he have a vision? Was Elvis involved? As a taxpayer, I want our tax money to be safeguarded but I hope Fuller sues the pants off of anyone and everyone he can.
Then, I want Tony Fuller to run for the school board and become its President."!/profile.php?id=100002186587069&sk=wall

Someone needs to submit a great logo for this group.  I have no skills with the various programs otherwise I would do it.

People help this group to grow- hopefully they will stay focused on what is real and not move to the endless rumors.  There is more than enough real to keep them busy.


Anonymous said...

On that move from maintenance to PIEMS, it was intended for the guy to resign, which he did, but then had a change of heart ($107,000)and with the help of some past board member (Cata's buddy) he got back in. A survey was made by Hector on Art Rendon, remember? If they made one on the maintenance department, even the janitors would give a no confidence vote for this loser. This guy has no idea what his people are doing and he micro manages the department, and by the way, very poorly at that. This guy needs to retire and go play pocket pool at his own expense!

BobbyWC said...

You spineless cowards who attack innocent people with garbage are the ill which is destroying this country.

If I remember - when the facts came out his department was the only one to come in under budget - sounds to me he knew exactly what he was doing

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Apparently there are some haters at BISD. Carl Montoya you are going earn every penny of your salary with the infamous 4 majority. So Sad for you because you appear to be a good man. Good Luck Man.

Anonymous said...

Any department can come in under budget and that department is not the only dept. that does. That says nothing about the quality of service or work done by that department. Put in a workorder and your lucky if they come by that same school year. We had some work requested at our school and it took three years! You protect a clown like this?