Friday, September 23, 2011


[Editor's Note: A picture should be self explanatory if the right one is chosen - in my mind it is clear - but maybe not for everyone - we all perceive things differently. The other day the Herald had the mug shot of the 18 year old accused of arson at a church. It broke my heart - you an see the fear in his face. By middle school children not getting the help they need do begin to harden. We then lose them - I will never understand a so called christian society which has no money for children when they need it, but then have  tons of money to house them in prison once they are adults.]


Federal law does not have a provision which says - does not apply if Carl Montoya is Presas-Garcia's bitch.  Federal law mandates regardless of budget that special needs children be provided an education.  An advocate for a family has contacted me about two children who are failing because they cannot get extra help.  The parents are illiterate and cannot help.  The children are formally diagnosed with learning disabilities.  The family and advocate were told Presas-Garcia and Montoya stripped the budget of funding for after school help and there is nothing the school can do but fail the children.  How much help can be provided to these children on the lost money for people on administrative leave and the $250,000 audit?

I will not be going through the TEA on this one.  I have learned all the TEA will ever do is issue a letter telling BISD to get its act together and then do nothing - not even follow-up.  The TEA is a complete and total waste of taxpayer funding.  An education lawyer in Dallas has agreed to guide me in getting this filed as a complaint with the Dept of Education Civil Rights Enforcement Section.  Part of what I am working on is to convince the Dept of Education that the TEA  cannot be trusted to enforce federal law and that it is time they take control of all violations of federal law.


What is clear in this post is Presas-Garcia is running scared and is trying to put the blame on Carl Montoya -

"Hey Bobby, Have you ever thought that maybe the VHMS transformation is Administration's idea and they are the final authority on this change. The Board has no say in it. None at all. Think of what was said at the meeting. It is an administrative decision. Were you not listening to the meeting? Remember........ Don't use your illness to keep you from taking action yourself. Unless you too are full of hot air. ????  By Anonymous on BISD RESPONDS TO CHILD PROTESTERS "The Criminal S... at 3:07 AM"
A reader responds:

"Anony 3:07am, do you really think that none of the gang of four have no influence whatsoever over the current admin? What planet have you been living on? Are you not thinking straight so late at night? It appears the district now has money to burn after the dire predictions of Presas. There now seems to be several million dollars to convert Veterans to a magnet school when there was not money to start up Breeden Elementary. There now seems to be money to have two principals on paid leave. I wonder if they were put on leave for disagreeing with the wrong person? Some people just don't like to do told no. Some don't like to be corrected or told the truth. There now seems to be money to pay for TWO assistant directors at Special Services. Some have said that Veterans into a magnet-only school may not be fair. The brand new high school will be turned into a school for the "good" students while the older, overcrowded schools will be left for the "not as good". Also, will the magnet-only school be accepting special ed students? If the school gets federal dollars, as it will, I believe they have no choice but to admit them. The current system of magnet schools does accept special ed students because the school is not a magnet-only campus. It's all about FAPE; Free Appropriate Public Education. That is something that parents of a special ed child can use to combat turning Veterans into a magnet-only school. Hey, does anybody know if there were massive position changes made in Los Fresnos or El Paso when Atkinson was there? Just curious."

Carl Montoya may be dumber than Longoria and Presas-Garcia combined.  Why is Atkinson as the head of personnel involved in the VMHS issue?  Answer - they are propping her up to take over for Montoya - "look at this great things she is doing - she is putting the learning disabled children out in the trash so like Juliet Garcia she can build a monument to herself at VMHS. " Given the fact Sylvia Atkinson has a disabled brother it blows my mind how much contempt she can have for learning disabled children and federal law.  But then again - she wants to build a monument to herself and Presas-Garcia even it if means leaving the learning disabled to fend for themselves because there is no money for their education.


Years ago I discussed with the Commission on Judicial Conduct how it is possible the same people violate the law and rules over and over again and they never have their judicial credentials pulled.  The answer was simple - it is for the voters to decide if they want people like JP Ocha in office.  It blows my mind that this guy has not been unelected - but then it is Gilbert Hinojosa's Cameron County.


Anonymous said...

What "SAME people violate the law and rules over and over again"? Secondly, what laws are they violating? Finally, what specifically has JP Ochoa done that has you wondering why "he has not been unelected"? What is it that you know and have proof of that will enlighten or dissuade the voting public from not casting their vote for Ochoa? I'm sure you won't mind outlining this queries instead of speaking in generalities.

BobbyWC said...

When did celebration of ignorance become a badge of honor?

Did you read the Herald - maybe taht was my mistate - and I will accept that - I assumed the post would have sparked a curiosity as to why I was saying what I was saying and maybe you would have checked the Herald or maybe googled his name

When I mentioned the state commission on judicial conduct - nothing - not any curiosity at all to google his name along with the Commission on Judicial Conduct.

We now know how he gets reelected.

Anonymous said...

In response to your posting, many of us do not subscribe or read the Herald, a newpaper you previously blogged as "reaches new lows" for the article written on the suspension of Principal Ameel. At the risk of sounding adulative, I read your blog to stay informed of what is occurring in our community given the fact you reasearch your articles prior to their posting rather than rely on gossip. I also read the other local blogs and try to determine fact from gabfest. One distinction from the other blogs is, one does not have worry about being vilified or disparaged by the likes of Montoya, McHale or Barton when posting or questioning an article. Sorry I made the mistake of asking for more specifics.

BobbyWC said...

The issue was not the specifics - this issue is our community is shot because people are lazy and want eveything hand fed to them - I push people every day to think and reason for themselves - what seems to offend you is you were forced to face the reality that you were even unwilling to help yourself by thinking - maybe I should google this and find out more.

This laziness is why it is so easy to lie to people like you -

I demand of my readers to check things out - to think for themselves - and yes you would rather have a blogging system wherein laziness is rewarded and lies and disinformation become the only news of the day.

But note I did consider that it is possible you do not read the Herald - I actually thought about that as an excuse for you without judgment - I will never judge anyone for not reading the Herald - but until you are willing to take some responsibility for gathering the facts on your own you will always be played by the liars.

Now you say that you like the BV because of the reseach - if you believe this which I do not believe you believe, then what you believe should have been enough for you to say "I need to google this or check the Herald to see what is up because if the BV is saying it it is based on research. You were unwilling to do that - why?

We will never move forward so long as lazy people such as yourself are unwilling to do some research on your own and stop depending on others for your news -

You need to learn to research and verify what you read and trust no one - and when I say trust no one I include the BV - not because the BV lies, but because the best rule is to trust no one - period

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for the comment -

People need to learn to separate out issues - oh this has nothing to do with your comment - your comment was the kind I like because it extends the discussion.

Obviously BISD needs more classes in sciences and math - anyone who disputes this fails to understand the current needs of our country in terms of education.

In 1980 I took a big hit at UTEP for opposing an Honors College - my issue was there is only so much money - they wanted to allow for smaller classes for the honor students while having larger classes for the non-honor students. Given the fact we were all paying the same $210 a semester for 6 courses I objected to the special privileges for the honor students.

There is only so much money - we need to be wise with the money. Magnet Schools are overrated and in many cases a waste of taxpayer money. IN some communities they do a good job - but have become an excuse for the regular campuses not doing their job.

I do not understand why BISD cannot simply reaasign large numbers of Porter and hanna students who are not seeking the engineering or medical options to VMHS or Rivera. Also why is BISD not encourageing Porter and Hanna students to go to VMHS for the government and archecture programs?

This would open more space at these schools while relieving over crowding.

But here is the kicker - why does it have to be a program before BISD is willing to offer the students advance math and science as essential preparation for the university?

If BISD had real leadership, which it does not, it would hire more people with a masters in math or science and offer more advance and difficult courses on all campuses. What will matter in the end is not whether or not the child went to a magnet - but how advance they are in math and science. this is the key to their success at the university and not whether or not they completed a magnet program.

My cousins came from cinder block school houses in Nicaragua in the 1970's and with English being their second language all passed out of a year of calculus and chemistry at the university. There was no magnet school - just good old fashion learning. One went on to be a chemist on Viagra and retired very young.

We need to stop all of this BS designer jean crap and get back to teaching. We need more challenging math and science courses on all campuses - that solves the problem of preparing our students for the university

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of preparing our children for the free world, Cata and company are teaching our children at VMHS what oppression feels like. Our pep rally was set for 3:15 this afternoon, but a rumor got out out that the student body was going to cease the moment to protest Mrs. Ameel's removal. Only the early birds showed up, the intercom system went off asking all teachers to hold their students in class. The pep rally was canceled because the PA system was not working. What a Krock! Is this opression or what! How petty!

Anonymous said...

In response to the question of "was there mass position changes at Los Fresnos or ElPaso check out this link

This give a listing of all the changes she made.

Anonymous said...

How sad to hear how Dr. CARL MONTOYA oppresses the student body at VMHS. This man claims to have been a law enforcement officer. What a bunch of BS. A true Blue Officer would know not to violate the civil rights of the students at VHMS. That is what he is doing at every step. Where did you earn you Dr.'s Degree? Online???? No practical sense. You were never really a true blue law enforcement officer, were you????????????

Anonymous said...

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