Friday, September 30, 2011

Dream House (2011) Poster


If you have seen the previews what I am about to say is not a spoiler - it is obvious in the trailer. Daniel Craig, who plays the lead is actually the father of the wife and children who were killed. Again this is very obvious in the previews. The first third of the film leads up his revelation he is having delusions and is in denial.

The remainder of the film is Daniel Craig unravelling his delusions in hopes of discovering if he in fact did kill his wife and children.

The acting across the board is A+, especially the children. The script is very original, except for the first third, which has been done before. I almost did no go see this movie because the first part has already been done before, but then I thought if they are giving this up in the previews there must be something more to this film. I can assure you there is something more.

For me, the key part of the ending was no surprise. If you pay attention they give you a pretty black and white clue in the first 30 minutes.

I highly recommend this movie. At the end people were clapping, so it is fair to say they liked it.

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