Friday, September 2, 2011


When measuring the credibility of a witness the rule is to go with their first statements - most people will speak first of what is most important on their mind - very often it speaks to their bias. This is why it is so important in measuring the credibility of the witness.

The following is allegedly from Rick Longoria:

"My union and BUC (Brownsville Unity Council) at the decision of the Fireman's Union voted not to endorse me. Hell they didn't even invite me to the forum. They and they alone decided that they would not endorse me for their own reasons. They didn't even ask to speak to me."

A vote for or against the firefighters should have nothing to do with who endorsed who. The fact this was his very first statement in his open letter tells us he is bitter and wanted to settle a score.

He continues with cry me the river;

"You don't know me; all you know is what you hear. Let any of them come and want to deny my facts. I have every single document to prove anything I say. When I first ran in 2003 my father's brother Marco Longoria told me, "We like you, but one of our own is running against you. We don't turn on our own."(Ex- fire fighter Joe Torres was my opponent.) Still, once I took office they got their raise"

"In 2007 Marco Longoria, Rigo Bocanegra, Jorge Lerma and Mario Guerrero met with me usually at a bar where they were hanging out at to talk about negotiations. They endorsed me. They were given their raises."

"I've supported them twice and when my re-election bid came up they don't even have the courtesy to invite me to speak before BUC. They came in and said the fire fighters are endorsing Roman Perez.

Wait a minute, I'm a Brownsville Educator, paid member of AOBE, and a BUC Member am I not one of their own. So what happened to supporting one of their own?"

He starts with the betrayal and rants on it endlessly. He says he has facts people do not have and people need to go to him. No Ricky - you needed to do a power point at the city commission meeting outlining your reasoning so the people understood your position.

We understand it now - you are angry and bitter.

Ricky's biggest disadvantage is he learned critical thinking at UTB in the government department - which means he did not learn critical thinking.

When you represent a community - endorsements should not play a factor in how you vote. Yes Ricky - even Southmost relies on the fire department - in case you have not heard. All that matters is the safety of the community - you do not give firefighters raises because they endorsed you - you do not engage in union busting because they did not invite you to their party. And for the record - I have no use for the BUC - their entire endorsement process wreaks of inside dealing and it has been that way for years - when I see a BUC endorsement I immediately question the character of the candidate endorsed. It does not define my vote - but it causes me to look a lot closer at who they endorsed.

Now, the ME TOO clause is very problematic. I would love to know the history on this and which city commissioners screwed the taxpayers the day this was allowed in the contracts. The ME TOO clause is a sure fire way to bankrupt a community and turn the taxpayers against the firefighters and police. This serves no one.  I personally would like to know when this was put into the contracts and which city commissioners allowed for this very expensive and divisive clause.

But just because some incompetent city commissioners allowed for this in years past does not mean you simply respond by engaging in union busting. You work within the system and argue your case. Had the city commission done a workshop on explaining the ME TOO clause to the people and how it has the taxpayer in an endless battle with the unions, the people would have understood. But that is not what Ricky did - he simply chose to settle a score.


As part of his cry me a river, Ricky lies about his own wages. "I am a teacher and know how much I get paid and accept the fact that I will never make more than $50,000 a year before taxes." No Ricky, you can go back to college and get a Masters in Education in Administration and move up through the system. You can get a Masters or PhD in your teaching field and increase your top wage. Your wage is locked in because you are lazy.

Further to compare your wage to that of firefighters makes you a coward. You have the entire summer off. You have the Christmas holidays off. You have Spring Break off - you never have to run into a burning house while putting your own safety second to that of the citizens you serve. No Ricky - the highlight of your job is falsely accusing disabled children of doing pot on campus and then not being man enough to apologize to the family after causing the child to have a mental breakdown. You are a coward - you are not man enough to understand marriage and commitment to marriage.

Every day firefighters have no way of knowing if a house is going to fall in on them. We live in Brownsville where the law has no meaningful application. Our firefighters have no way of knowing if a house or building is filled with illegal chemicals which can cause a major explosion - but they still serve and go into these burning buildings.

Our police have no way of knowing if some psycho is going to pull a gun on them during a routine traffic stop or while answering a domestic abuse call. These people put their lives on the line for the community every day - you are a coward for comparing your salary to theirs. You know nothing about public service or personal sacrifice. You only know about serving your personal needs.

I am not saying Brownsville can afford the current demands of the firefighters - I am saying you do not negotiate by using the abusive process of effective union busting. You take your case to the public at the city commission meetings - after screwing up you do not get to cry me a river and tell me we do not understand.

We are not stupid - we do not need you to tell us about the ME TOO clause - we already know about the ME TOO - We no not need you to tell us they are asking for a raise or benefits the city cannot afford. We are presuming that - in case you haven't heard - the entire country is well aware of the economic collapse.

But we are also aware cowards like yourself have put us in this position - out of fear of being unelected you have never showed an ounce of leadership. During TreviƱo's term you voted to lower taxes for your own electability without any regard for the ability of the city to pay its bills - city employees are going without because you Ricky are a self serving coward. You Ricky lack the leadership to vote for higher taxes so the city can afford the services needed by the people - like more ambulances. You Ricky are Roberto Uresti and Fernando Ruiz - you play stupid games on taxes to make yourself appear relevant and now Brownsville is screwed.  We have gone too many years without responsible leadership on this issue. 

You Ricky are a feckless coward extraordinaire who settles scores and compromises the safety and welfare of the community for your own personal needs. A real leader will throw themselves under the bus and raise taxes rather than leave the community without ambulances and well paid firefighters and police officers,

A real leader would demand a house cleaning of all deadwood at city hall - that house cleaning begins with Cabler, Sossi, Medina, Lidia Gonzales (personnel director), and Santana Torres. There will never, ever be an excuse for Torres not being fired when under his eyes his employees were robbing Brownsville blind. There will never, ever be an excuse for Cabler not being fired when he ran cover for Torres claiming his office through audits discovered the problem - lie - Pete Gonzalez took the matter to Cabler after I gave Pete Gonzalez the names of the COB employees robbing the city blind.

No Ricky - you are a coward who has only one interest in his life - yourself.


BobbyWC said...

This post was originally posted under the original post on the firefighters - in light of this morning's post I am putting it here.

From anony:

"I am not for collective bargaining because it hurts the regular city employees. if the firefighters are underpaid, then there should be a market rate study, and they should be fairly compensated. even if it means raising taxes a tiny percentage of a penny! me too clauses are not fair to the regular rank and file city employees who are told NO year after year when it comes to things like COLAs. compensate everyone fairly based on market studies, not on union threats!"

Would you like some cheese .. said...

Good to hear his side but, "Hey Rick, would you like some cheese with Whine???".

Anonymous said...

BISD has zero tolerance for drugs,alchohol,cigarretes,etc.
So why is it that certain educator bloggers are always promoting clubs and drinking? PORNOGRAPHY!!!!!
Are these adults promoting this type of reckless behavior to our children? Are they above district policy or is BISD afraid of these individuals?
I don't want my child exposed to these losers at school.
What to do?
Sorry this is off topic but I needed to ask.

THank you for your kind attention.

BobbyWC said...

the Dept of Ed is looking at Presas-garcia acts of homophobia along with that of teachers - the TEA considers homophobia to be a good thing - until they are humilatetd by the Dept of Ed they will never act against it.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Educators have been reprimanded for things that are so lame while local educators hide under a cloak freedom of speech. This is so bad because they should be held to higher standards than others. Just read their blogs and FB pages and you will be shocked.

SO sad our children are exposed to these things on a daily basis by those who are supposed to protect them.


Anonymous said...

"Are these adults promoting this type of reckless behavior to our children? Are they above district policy or is BISD afraid of these individuals?
I don't want my child exposed to these losers at school.
What to do?"

BISD has a grievance process that allows parents to file against BISD employees. If you feel that a certain individual has violated the code of ethics or the laws related to their professional employment, file a grievance and you shall be heard.

Anonymous said...

Not only BISD employees but board members can be held liable for their actions. No one is above the Legal, Local policy and law.

Anonymous said...

Where is all this anger from Rick coming from? With your contacts within bisd, can you verify if he really did resign from AOBE after he did not get endorsed?

Anonymous said...

Pornography is bad enough on some of these blogs, but the real menace is the legal bullying they get away with.

Anonymous said...

"My union and BUC (Brownsville Unity Council) at the decision of the Fireman's Union voted not to endorse me. ...". Rick Longoria's response to whatever.

Hey Rick , BUC stands for Brownsville Union Coalition.

Anonymous said...

If BISD were to start looking into the ethics of some teachers outside the classroom, as well as in the classroom, they would be minus many teachers who are only there for the 25th and do not care whether or not they are suppose to be role models for our children. The BISD police should do a round-up around B'ville Bars and on Monday Morning they would need all the substitutes at work. Some truly are a disgrace to the profession and thank God for those who really care about our kids.