Friday, September 9, 2011



Great film - I  almost did not go see this film because I just did not want to see another remake or rewrite of a story already done.  I looked at the cast list and  decided I wanted to check it out.  I was very happy with my decision.  I was concerned my review was going to be tainted by the fact I had to wait over an hour  for the film to start.  I misread the start time and had to wait for the 7:45 - I ate something and then tortured myself with a walk through the mall.  I have never been a mall person - too many people and too many smells.  I truly hate the mall.  When I could walk no more I took a seat in the food court on some very hard chairs.  But even with all those negatives I really enjoyed this film.

Anyway what I liked most about the film is the creativity in the script.  Rather than just have people dying from some unknown virus, the writer put a lot of science into the script.  I am certain some of it was not 100% accurate, but that was not the point.  They found a way to educate the audience with science while keeping them entertained.  When leaving the theater this one guy was arguing with his friend that there was no such thing as bird flu and that the writer just made it up to entertain.  Ignorance is a wonder thing.

The story also has a lot of elements of how humans will respond to such a crisis -  the good and the bad.  What would you do?  There is some bad - in terms of how the press will handle it - but most people would have done the same thing.  Would you allow a love one to die because you were told to remain quiet and say nothing?  I would not - screw the job.

The acting was very good.  I did laugh once when I should not have - it was a really good scene dealing with Matt Damon's denial about the death of his wife.  It wasn't funny - it was sad - but some how a laugh was needed.

There is more than enough creativity in this film to entertain and keep your attention.  By the end the chatter in the theater was up.  This is normally a sign someone is bored.  The film was not boring by any means.  It even had a good deal of suspense.  Some people just cannot sit  through a movie which makes them think.

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