Friday, September 23, 2011


Finally, Congress may be doing something right.  Bill Clinton shut down the government and what followed was intelligent legislation which lead to record budget surpluses - not deficits.  Congress needs to stay out of Washington and allow the government to remain shut until such time as they get the message - stop the politics on both sides of the isle.

The solution without politics is simple - reform medicare, medicaid, VA benefits, military spending, repeal Bush tax cuts, and end loopholes and tax breaks - this will send a clear message to the stock market that Washington is getting its act together.  Until consumers have confidence in the stock market (their retirement accounts) they will not spend.  Until they spend the economy will not recover - plain and simple.

Congress - do the American people a  favor - stay home until you are willing to put the country first.  Obama needs to show some courage and just shut down the government and tell Congress until they send him a bill which reforms medicare, medicaid, VA benefits, military spending, repeals Bush tax cuts, and ends loopholes and tax breaks, he will veto it.  This is leadership - this is what we need.  For the record, reform does not mean cutting services - it means reform and ending the waste.


Obama will cave and do what ever the Republicans want and then cry like a baby that no one likes him -  I wonder why? - Coward to the bone.


Anonymous said...

I guess you forgot how the govt shutdown was blamed on the repubs, and all the govt workers ended up getting full pay.

BobbyWC said...

I did not forget - the most important thing is what followed - an end to the game playing and budget surpluses

Bobby WC