Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Wolfy boy did not help the claims of his liberal bias. Now, Wolfy boy had nothing to do with the headline in this story and what was posted by this liberal organization. (for the record American conservatives and American liberals are neither - they are just terms groups have taken on with in reality have no meaningful relationship to the true meaning of the terms.)

This organization wants you to believe the Tea Party audience cheered on the idea of allowing a man to die because he does not have insurance. If you listen to the tape I think maybe 2 people cheered. I have no use for the Tea Party, but I have even less use for this type deception.

Wolfy boy if he were a true journalist would have engaged Ron Paul on the bigger question - personal responsibility. The hypothetical was a 30 year old man making a good income who chooses to not have insurance, but then needs it. Should the taxpayers pick up the tap?

This is a fair question we should be debating.

Yes, I get free healthcare from the VA. But I signed a contract for military service which entitles me to what I am getting. But given a choice I would prefer private health insurance. In fact I am working on the issue. The VA only gave me care after I proved my UC made it impossible for me to get affordable health insurance. I am currently looking at a policy which for $500.00 a month I can get care for everything which is not preexisting. It is a lot, but I like the idea of being able to have a doctor in Brownsville. $6,000.00 a year is a lot. Given a choice I would rather pay a premium to the VA in exchange for a general practitioner clinic in Brownsville. Under the policy I am looking at I would still get major coverage through the VA, but for the day to day stuff and diagnosis which could lead to major coverage I would be in the private sector.

I do believe we should have to take care of the poor and disabled - more so the disabled. With the poor we should find a way to move them into a system wherein they have to pay something.

In the days when personal responsibility still mattered, you could not build an estate on the backs of the taxpayers. All over Texas people live in huge homes but have their children on medicaid SCHIP because they claim they cannot afford to buy them insurance. This is wrong - move to a smaller house. Society should not be held hostage to these parents who put their money into over priced cars and houses while leaving their children without insurance. It may be time Texas garnish the wages of these parents to force them to make the right choice. In the end for the sins of the parents I would never leave a child without insurance. We just need to be more aggressive against the parents who can afford it and choose instead to live beyond their means.  I am not speaking of the poor who cannot afford it.

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Anonymous said...

For so many it is the most intimidating and, therefore, the most politically manipulated aspect of the human condition......Personal Responsibility.