Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Guys I really have no interest in the BISD mess - I am beyond bored with all you people who love to post your rumors and claims but refuse to lift a finger to fight - They cannot settle Rendon without using taxpayer money, unless ACE insurance agrees to settle. I do not know the rush - Rendon claims to have a slam dunk case - his trial is next month - what better way to redeem himself than with a trial?

In the end if they pay him using public funds because of the BHA payment to Escobedo's brother, indictments will follow - it may take another year but the indictments will come and the money will be returned. Obviously Hector Gonzales has chosen to participate in the run on the bank. He was never known for being bright.

Today I will be giving the house a one over - I want it to sparkle to compensate for the lack of sparkle in Brownsville's politics.


BobbyWC said...

"I am beyond bored with all you people who love to post your rumors and claims but refuse to lift a finger to fight."

Even with this point being made by me what does an idiot do - he tries to post a comment based on rumor -

everyone who posts here needs to be checked for syphilis on the brain because this poster clearly has a problem

Comment rejected

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"The latest rumor is certain board members are about town telling people that Ace Insurance at Strasburger and Price's recommendation has recommended a $300,000 settlement with Art Rendon."

Who has syphilis on his brain?

BobbyWC said...

It blows my mind how people cannot read English - My original post was how I was bored by the rumors - the poster then comes back with the rumor is as if to expect me to accept that - that was the problem

I went with the story on settlement because I needed to take the lead on explaining how settlement works so as to the inevitible lies of "vindicated" settlements have nothing to do with justice or vindication - they are about business. this was the only reason I chose to go with the rumor

We still have zero knowledge of the source of the money - if it is ACE money then the deal is clean - if it is taxpayer money Presas-garcia just lost reelection. She may have lost anyway with the VMH parents and students all her ass

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"Guys I really have no interest in the BISD mess - I am beyond bored with all you people who love to post your rumors"

People do know how to read English. You stated that you do have not have interest in the BISD mess. However, you just posted on the BISD board meeting (mess) and also included a rumor.

Not to call you an idiot or claim that you have syphilis in the brain; perhaps, you need to examine how you write or criticize your readers.

We enjoy your blog. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Come on Bobby even insurance companies decide to settle just to get the pain-in-th-*** clients off their backs. It sure sounds strange that the defendants would push so hard to settle a case for the plaintiff. Don't you think that is strange???? Say what you want Bobby, even insurance companies commit human error.

BobbyWC said...

And you continue to miss the point of the post - I wanted to get out ahead of the story in the event after a 100 rumpors they finally got one right as to how settlements work -

Key is there will be no admission of liability for nothing in writing which vindicates anyone

It blows my mind you can have so much need to mislead you simply ignore the very workds I used as to my explanation for the post

As to the insurance company we still not know the terms of the settlement - even last night a person who to date has been wrong on everything she has given me emailed me and said it is taxpayer mney - I will wait for the Herald to do the Open Reconds Request and then go from there

It is public record and we shall know soon

Bobby WC