Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I will say with 100% certainty, Tony Martinez will do what ever it takes with Cabler, Sossi and Chief Garcia to keep this level of incompetence and corruption going at unprecedented levels.

Domestic abuse is a crime which kills men and women every year.  It also exposes our law enforcement to a dangerous environment.  Every time a police office has to answer a  domestic abuse call they have no idea if one of the players has a gun or some other weapon which could be turned on  them.

In NY for example 37 kids in 2010, were killed as a result of domestic abuse.  This issue goes beyond the spouses, and police.  It kills children.

Chief Garcia, if Brownsville were a city run by competent honest people, would be suspended this morning based on the articles in the Brownsville Herald.  He clearly does not take domestic abuse seriously.  The policy set in his department not only ignores domestic abuse, but it encourages it.  Maybe the claims against the Chief's son are true and he just sees domestic abuse as a part of marriage.

The Texas Council on Family Violence is reporting that in 2009, 111 women died in Texas from domestic violence.


Jessica Tetreau Kalifa and her husband, Arturo Kalifa seem to think it is the job of our PD to manage their failed and unhealthy marriage.  I get the marriage is unhealthy.  I get there are mental health issues at play here which impact Jessica's ability to walk away from the marriage.  But there comes a point the abuse of the system is enough.  BUT, this abuse is also 100% on Chief Garcia - as the Herald article points out the DA can pursue the claims of domestic abuse without a cooperating complainant.  Since Chief Garcia is not going to do his job on the issue it is maybe time the City Commission order him to do his job. 

When the PD is called out to  a domestic abuse situation the officers are to decide if abuse occurred and then arrest the alleged aggressor.  It then becomes a matter for the DA.  This became the law because our State Legislature realized that women and men sometimes are not emotionally strong enough to stop the abuse and that they need the state to make the decision for them.

When you read the number of police reports generated just since Jessica was elected, you must ask yourself - is this an extreme abuse of the system.  Further, we know about Jessica and her husband - how many other cases are there wherein the police are not doing their job?  How much of the PD resources are being wasted to attend to endless domestic abuse calls wherein no charges are brought because Chief Garcia is not doing his job.  Our city is broke - a large part of the budget goes for law enforcement.  When is this city commission going to do its job and fire Chief Garcia?  So long as Tony Martinez is mayor - never.  How many victims of domestic abuse must the City of Brownsville have before the  city commission ends Chief Garcia's failed leadership over the PD.


I have gone after the national press corp over their lack of defense of the owner of Wikileaks.  I believe it is the moral obligation of every journalist, blogger, and citizen in fact, to seek out inside sources to provide the information.  I do not care if it is DC or Brownsville, if you are not seeking inside sources for your stories you are not much of a journalist or blogger.

But the source is not entitled to the same protection as the journalist and blogger.   When Ray Marchan was arrested on domestic abuse that morning Montoya published his mug in the late morning before the story appeared anywhere else.  Ray Marchan's bond was signed by none other than Ben Neece.  Upon learning I was investigating the matter, Montoya took down the post.  I did print it, but the move has it misplaced in a box.  It will be another month before I start processing the last of the boxes in the garage.  It is just too hot.

Does this mean Ben Neece gave him the mug shot - no - it just means Montoya has a connection to Ben Neece and Ben Neece signed Marchan's bond.  I did an open records request on Ben Neece's emails for that day. I was initially told it would cost several hundred dollars to do the research - computer time.  I balked and said no that the  fee was outrageous especially in light of the fact the result could result in both criminal and disciplinary action against Ben Neece if in fact he provided Montoya Marchan's mug shot.  I was then told they checked his official email and they found nothing. They then asked him if he in fact did provide Montoya the mug shot using his private email after accessing the  city records, and Ben Neece said no.  Like he would have said yes.

Now we have a police report released to Montoya ahead of anyone else - over the weekend.  Who released the report without a proper Open Records Request - why is Montoya above the rules everyone else must follow?  Again - I have no problem with the story.  The story is newsworthy and needed to be reported.  As a blogger Montoya has a duty to develop inside sources to get the story.  On the Montoya side I am  fine - but I am not fine with someone with access to police reports accessing those reports outside the rules and law and providing them to bloggers, journalists, or citizens. 

If I remember Jimmy Manrrique with the BPD was suspended for similar conduct.  So  why is Chief Garcia refusing to investigate who is compromising his police records?  Answer, the decision to go after Manrrique was political and not because Chief Garcia cared about the alleged wrongdoing.  This double standard not only compromises the integrity of all BPD files and records, it opens the city to a lawsuit by Manrrique on claims of retaliation.

By close of business today Chief Garcia can know if he wants to - who accessed Ray Marchan's mug shot the morning Montoya published it.  He can also know by today who accessed the police report concerning Jessica Tetreau Kalifa's arrest.  Again, Montoya is only doing his job - but it is not the job of people with access to police records to illegally access them and release them to journalists, bloggers, or citizens in general.

Unfortunately the COB does not have an Inspector General to protect the people from Tony Martinez, Charlie Cabler, Marc Sossi, and Chief Garcia.  The FBI cannot be the sole law enforcement agency in Brownsville.   The Texas Rangers have given up on Brownsville and Cameron county.  They consider the institutional crime in Cameron county and Brownsville to be so pervasive that it is officially a lost cause.


Jessica needs to file for immediate divorce and a domestic abuse restraining order.  If she does not she will have lost her one chance to speak to this issue as a mental health issue which is  complex and difficult for the victims.

Either Marc Sossi lied to the Herald about his phone calls late at night to Jessica or Kalifa lied to the police.  This is not complex.  The DA needs to subpoena the phone records.  The reality is the Herald should be able to do an open records request for Sossi's phone bill.  In fact Cabler can get those records today and determine who is lying.  With the exception of the Herald no one will do anything. 

If Kalifa lied to the police he needs to be prosecuted for making a false statement.  It also goes to his credibility as to all statements made to the police, which then becomes a defense for Jessica.  In fact if he lied about the phone calls by Sossi at  the late hours, then the DA must dismiss the charges against Jessica.

If Kalifa did not lie, then Sossi needs to be suspended pending an independent investigation.  Like I reported during the Atkinson/Jessica litigation,  Sossi had no business in that court room other than to file a motion to dismiss the city from the lawsuit as an improper party.  His representation of Jessica was illegal and set a very dangerous precedent for the city.  For  this one act he should have been fired.

For now, until evidence shows otherwise - like verifiable false statements to the police - DA Villalobos needs to bring a case against both Jessica and her husband.  I say let the jury work it out.  This abuse of the system needs to stop.  If Jessica is truly a victim here  she needs to resign as a city commissioner and seek help to deal with her inability to say no to domestic abuse.  She is resigning not because she did anything wrong, but because you cannot go through this healing process as a public figure.


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