Monday, September 12, 2011


We live in a nation where the voices of ignorance seem to have taken control. When Walter Cronkite was the voice of the news, I believe no one on CNN, FOX or MSNBC would have been a reporter. He would have quit before he worked side by side with such ignorance and bias. Today Watergate or the Pentagon Papers could not break as a story because corporate controlled newspapers would have killed them as stories.


I am curious how many times I must post the same rules before the ignorant can understand. The BV does not quote or rely on the fictitious writing of someone who has been proven to be a habitual liar. And as to all you morons declaring people guilty before a trial, if you had an ounce of integrity, which you do not, you would post your name and state "My name is John Doe and if ever charged with a crime I will plead guilty because we all know the police never make mistakes." Cowards to a person without an ounce of respect for our Constitution or laws.

This does not mean the story is not true, it just means the BV does not rely on unreliable sources.

THE BIG COWARDS- I suspect who the poster was - but forgot to check the IP address. If you want to post all the garbage you claim to have on Enrique Escobedo and his alleged kick-backs start a blog - put your name to it and post. We both know you would never do that - why? you are a coward. You seem to think destroying people's reputation with anonymous posts without an ounce of evidence is honorable - it is not - it makes you a manipulative bitch or bastard without even the semblance of integrity attached to your character.


To catch you up, Chaz Bono is the former daughter of Sonny and Cher Bono. From a scientific point of view some might say she was never their daughter. We unfortunately live is a society which denounces science and celebrates simple ignorance.

Last year a South African female runner was disqualified from running because a blood test showed her to be more man than woman on the inside. We now know it is not so simple as XX, or XY.

How many of you heroes of ignorance are aware all babies start as females? This men is why you have nipples. During this process any number of combinations can occur. It is a chemical process. I do not use the term "can go wrong" because there is no proof that the only correct options are 100% female or 100% male. These are assumptions made by the ignorant.

Chaz has not released any medical records, so we do not know if there is any scientific evidence in his case to explain why he always felt like a man, although he had female genitalia.  Further the scientific testing is expanding on this day in and day out.  What they might not be able to prove today, they may be able to can prove tomorrow.

A society which truly cares about the emotional well being of its fellow man, would celebrate his courage in going through the change. It cannot be easy. Further, it is a lot easier in terms of the final result for men becoming women than it is for women using an operation to become a man.  The technique in the US is to use hormones to grow the clitoris into a penis and then move the urethra. In parts of Europe and Asia they use a combination of techniques to make it appear like a real penis.

I detailed this because I want people to understand this is not an easy process. It is challenging both mentally and physically.


How is it science can teach us that gender is no longer so simple as genitalia but yet the ignorant anti science right continue to preach all of this is a choice and a sin. If GOD is perfect why would he make imperfect children? The answer - they are not imperfect - they are perfect - just not the perfect of the ignorant - and thank god for that.

I am glad Chaz will be on DWTS.   To the parents who will boycott it - good for you - keep your children ignorant. Further, why would an emotionally stable parent feel a need to say to their child - you see Chaz - "blah blah blah blah - it is a sin." If your child is going to ask you on his or her own while watching DWTS, then they are talking about it with their friends. A competent parent would choose to explain the reality directly to their child, than have them get it on the streets. But then ignorance is so much better than knowledge and science.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Bobby,

A few years ago I had the great pleasure of meeting Brini Maxwell at a booksigning. I took my son to meet "her" as well. Her outer beauty (tall, blonde and stunningly beautiful) paled only to her graciousness, charm and warmth.

We had planned on going to see Brini perform a demo the next day at a very well known
store who sold gourmet foods and professional-quality cookware. It was cancelled because of who "she" was. They didn't want to ruffle any feathers I guess. I was livid & have never bought another product from them again. This was years ago. Idiots.

I want my son to accept and appreciate people's choices and differences. Granted we may not always agree or understand their choices, we must learn to respect them..and as Brini has always said "Be gracious".

I always remember Barbra Streisand before singing "Somewhere" (one of my favorite songs):

"Just imagine how boring life would be if we were all the idea of a perfect world is one in which we really appreciate each others differences A world in which all of us are equal but definitly not the same".

The world would be a totally different place if we all adhered to that philosophy.

Til next time..