Monday, September 26, 2011


Carlos Masso wants you to think as a member of the Brownsville Navigation District he just voted to lower your property tax.  False - because of his complicity with Dannenbaum, 100% of your BND property tax bill goes to pay off the bond debt incurred as a result of Dannenbaum's conduct and Masso's decision to let them off the hook.

"The money generated by the tax goes to retire debt on a $21 million bond issue that was approved by voters in 1991."

Carlos Masso was a key player in meeting with James Dannenbaum before he agreed to vote to dismiss the people's lawsuit against Dannenbaum. If there was nothing there Carlos why did Dannenbaum pay Villalobos office $1 million dollars to drop the investigation?

From the Herald:

"Between September 2006 and early February 2007, public records show Arambula made three trips to Houston and Masso made four.

Masso said only one of the trips involved an actual mediation session.

He said another trip was to meet only with the mediator. A third trip, that both Masso and Arambula made, was to meet with James Dannenbaum and Louis Jones of Dannenbaum Engineering and their attorneys."

All of this explains why Carlos Masso failed to include his election to the BND in his professional resume when he first set up his web page for Cameron County DA. Carlos emailed me and claimed it was an oversight. Yes, an oversight.

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