Thursday, September 22, 2011


"The Criminal Section prosecutes cases involving the violent interference with liberties and rights defined in the Constitution or federal law. The rights of both citizens and non-citizens are protected. In general, it is the use of force, threats, or intimidation that characterize a federal criminal violation of an individual's civil rights."

Below I will discuss the garbage piece in today's Herald.  BUT FIRST, tt is a crime to use threats or intimidation as a state actor as a tool to violate the First Amendment Rights of the people.   Again - it is a crime - punishable by jail time.

If it is true students were called in over their decision to attend the BISD meeting and protest the proposals concerning VMHS, then a crime has occurred.  The parents need to sign sworn criminal complaints and bring them to Miles at the local FBI Office - 2305 Hudson Blvd. Brownsville, TX 78526   Phone: (956) 546-6922; Fax: (956) 983-5005


On campus students do have diminished rights.  But these diminished rights are related to discipline and safety.  Key here is, the BISD meeting was not a school event - it was a public event open to everyone including students.  Their First Amendment Rights were at their highest point.  Any attempt by BISD to use their power to investigate why private citizens would attend a public meeting is a criminal act.

Anyone who ordered the investigation or participated in the investigation needs to be immediately suspended pending an investigation.  The also need to be charged with the criminal act of civil rights violations.  Further, the parents need to file immediate suit.


You will not be heard by the FBI or local law enforcement unless you call a press conference announcing the filing of your criminal complaints.  In some of these cases both federal and state agencies have concurrent jurisdiction.  I am not sure if the state has concurrent jurisdiction in Free Speech cases.  A clear example of concurrent jurisdiction would be assault.  The FBI could prosecute it as a civil  rights violation, while the state could prosecute it as an assault. 


This morning's article on the suspension of VMHS principal may be one of the most unethical articles to date by the Herald related to BISD.  The headline is Principal Suspended - but then no story as to why - the remainder of the story is to defend Presas-Garcia and her objective as to VMHS.  Some people reading the article will be left to believe the principal did something wrong or was opposed to Presas-Garcia's so called great program.  The article as to its intent was to mislead the readers as to the principal.

If you are a parent at VMHS and still subscribe to the Herald after today - you are the problem.  When you read the response on the internet to the events at BISD the story and anger are completely different.  Gary Long had no problem finding a parent to declare they would prefer to send their child to BISD instead of STISD, but he could not find one parent - not one to take the opposite position.  The entire article reads like a press release  from BISD, but adopted by the Herald as their own - no journalism whatsoever involved in the article.  The Herald claims to stand for Freedom of Speech, but ordered a blackout on the Freedom of Speech part of the story.


The Herald knows there is no plan for a VA hospital in Harlingen.  They nonetheless reprinted Presas-Garcia's lie because it fit their cover up of the corruption and abusive by Presas-Garcia.  I have met with the highest levels within the VA in Region 17, which oversees most Texas VA hospitals an clinics.  There are no plans  for a VA hospital in Harlingen -  period

A decision has been made in Washington that the clinic will continue to expand and Valley Baptist will be used as our hospital for emergency care.  Only at the point the cost of maintaining a hospital is less than the cost of paying for private care at Valley Baptist will plans be put into effect for a possible hospital.

Finally if any parent thinks their child is going to graduate Hanna and go work at the VA they are delusional.  It will never happen.  The VA has a long list of former medics and techs who are veterans waiting to get their foot in the door.  Yes, Presas-Garcia - you moron - the VA is going to hire an 18 year old from Hanna over a veteran who served in the medical field in Iraq or Afghanistan.  So why does Gary Long allow for the disinformation - because he has no conscience and will print whatever Cavasos orders him to print.


The parents will do nothing and the story is dead.


Anonymous said...

Great Post! The only hope for some positive change may be at election time.

BobbyWC said...

Nov 2012 - but now is the time for VMHS parents to meet and announce a highly qualified candidate against Presas-garcia - it keeps it in the news.

But Aguilar and Pena also have to go - Pena is as worthless as wortheless gets - I do not think Colunga is up - but maybe he is - Longoria, Saavedra and Escobedo are all safe until 2014 - unless indicted or removed in a removal action

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You are correct. The biggest challenge will be finding candidates that are not associated with the current board.

Anonymous said...

No need to post.....FYI Miles not there....suspended indefinitely

BobbyWC said...

If this is true then it says a lot about why nothing is was getting done - I know for a fact there is an internal FBI investigation into why so much unprosecuted criminal conduct in Cameron county.

I would like a valid source on this - I really want to follow-up with the other information I have on the Brownsville Office

so to the parents - just address the complaint to the FBI

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Only three were up last time, so the majority of the board is up. Yes, Colunga term is up.

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for me - it all runs together - I know the last time he was up he had no opponent so under current law he would not have been on the ballot.

We need to replace all trustees - Colunga Aguilar and Pena have done nothing to stop what is happening - there needs to be a clear picture that the old is out.

i would love to see someone announce against Pena and Presas-Garcia in a couple of weeks - we then need to vet the candidates to make sure they can be trusted and are intellegent and not just out to make waves or a name for themselves

We acn then begin the long process of the campaign to insure by Nove 2012 Presas-garcia and Pena have no future at BISD

Bobby W C

Anonymous said...

I can understand you being angry at Presas-Garica. Everyone is always blaming her for everything even if she nothing to do with things at times. But why are you now after Pena. Do you take turns attacking the trustees one at a time. Let us see; if we remember correctly you first hated Colunga, then Aguilar, then Cortez, then Escobedo, then Presas-Garcia and now Pena. Oh yes and even Zayas, who actually thought he was your friend. Bobby why are you always turning on everyone. Tell us, are you bi-polar, you have all the symtoms? Just saying....

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, Have you ever thought that maybe the VHMS transformation is Administration's idea and they are the final authority on this change. The Board has no say in it. None at all. Think of what was said at the meeting. It is an administrative decision. Were you not listening to the meeting? Remember........ Don't use your illness to keep you from taking action yourself. Unless you too are full of hot air. ????

Anonymous said...

Anony 3:07am, do you really think that none of the gang of four have no influence whatsoever over the current admin? What planet have you been living on? Are you not thinking straight so late at night?

It appears the district now has money to burn after the dire predictions of Presas.

There now seems to be several million dollars to convert Veterans
to a magnet school when there was not money to start up Breeden Elementary.

There now seems to be money to have two principals on paid leave. I wonder if they were put on leave for disagreeing with the wrong person? Some people just don't like to do told no. Some don't like to be corrected or told the truth.

There now seems to be money to pay for TWO assistant directors at Special Services.

Some have said that Veterans into a magnet-only school may not be fair. The brand new high school will be turned into a school for the "good" students while the older, overcrowded schools will be left for the "not as good".

Also, will the magnet-only school be accepting special ed students?

If the school gets federal dollars, as it will, I believe they have no choice but to admit them. The current system of magnet schools does accept special ed students because the school is not a magnet-only campus.

It's all about FAPE; Free Appropriate Public Education. That is something that parents of a special ed child can use to combat turning Veterans into a magnet-only school.

Hey, does anybody know if there were massive position changes made in Los Fresnos or El Paso when Atkinson was there? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Whoever thinks this is admininstration and the board has nothing to do with it, let me tell you something...tomorrow it's going to snow and rain in Brownsville. Do you believe that? The ones running this district are Sylvia Atkinson and the board majority - PResas, Longoria, Saavedra, and to some extent Escobedo. No one believes these four are not giving orders. they are aware of all the moves, etc. Longoria and Presas were long time secretaries and have grudges against people. Saavedra tried for years to get into BISD with no success and is out to get those that she feels kept her out. Y Escobedo, quien sabe. If only we could see the text messages and listen in to phone calls between these members and Atkinson...oh my!! It would be a novela. To their credit, previous boards have been the same way. What we need are true board members. Members of the community who have no grudges or financial gains to make by serving on the board. Only then might we have a chance of having a decent board on hand.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Also, will the magnet-only school be accepting special ed students?"
8:53 AM

Magnet school programs have criteria for enrolling students in their programs. If a special education students meets the criteria with or without modification or accommodations, the student should be accepted into the magnet school program. ARD committees determine the accommodations or modifications needed for the students to be success and participate in such program. Remember, these programs receive federal funds and cannot discrimminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex religion, age or disability.

Anonymous said...

someone please answer my question, is it approve for veteran high school a magnet school,

BobbyWC said...

excellent question - I did not watch the vote so I do not know the language used - either way it will not be until 2012-2013 - if the parents are truly the voice behind the opposition then they have time to stop it - the question is will they fight

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Everyone get a grip. The only reason VHMS is being looked at as a magnet school for science and medical professions is CATA. I heard her at a resturant saying it was her idea. She wants to pad herself on the shoulder and say to herself "great job Cata". Spooky right?

Anonymous said...

Catas only driving force is destroying peoples lives...the only person in BISD that she has helped is our new worthless principal at Garcia MS. Everyone knows she's a loser....just ask all the principals she worked for. They all got rid of her. But......she's Catas personal friend....Board favors, huh, and we end up with a nervous wreck of a principal...