Sunday, September 11, 2011


10 years ago we were united - today we are divided and filled with more hate, ignorance, and arrogance than since the time leading up to the civil war. So I ask, what is the point of today's memorials?

The war in Afghanistan has long since not been about anything but control of the heroin trade. The US stands on the side of Karzai and against the tribal leaders who seek to control the heroin trade. Our young men and women are dying not for a cause related to 9/11, but for a drug king pin propped up by another short sided US Administration. Karzai promises to keep the tribal leaders in line in a way the US supports and in exchange the US gives him control over the heroin trade. We have learned nothing.

The American people obsessed with their greed, ignorance and demand that government be free work tirelessly every day to destroy the US. Our ignorance has sent over 6000 troops to their death and nearly bankrupt our country all to avenge the death of 3000. Bin Laden has won this war because he managed to get us to turn on ourselves.

So I ask, what is the point of today's memorials?  9/11 was an opportunity to learn a lesson that oppressing people for our personal gain will never work.  We now oppress more people in the US through scapegoating undocumented workers, while continuing our policy of supporting every two bit dictator who will do our bidding.  The Arab Spring came out of now where.  To insure it does not go to Saudi Arabia we continue to send more advisors to teach the Saudi government greater control over their people. 

None of this is about US national security.  Saudi Arabia provides the money and China supplies the weapons to our enemies, but yet they are  close allies.  But Cuba a little nothing island remains a national security threat to the US in such a way I will be put in jail if I choose to travel to Cuba via Mexico.

We have learned nothing.  On this 9/11 anniversary something more than the Twin Towers have fallen - we as a nation have fallen.  The war on terror is over - we lost when we turned on ourselves.

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