Friday, September 30, 2011

Dream House (2011) Poster


If you have seen the previews what I am about to say is not a spoiler - it is obvious in the trailer. Daniel Craig, who plays the lead is actually the father of the wife and children who were killed. Again this is very obvious in the previews. The first third of the film leads up his revelation he is having delusions and is in denial.

The remainder of the film is Daniel Craig unravelling his delusions in hopes of discovering if he in fact did kill his wife and children.

The acting across the board is A+, especially the children. The script is very original, except for the first third, which has been done before. I almost did no go see this movie because the first part has already been done before, but then I thought if they are giving this up in the previews there must be something more to this film. I can assure you there is something more.

For me, the key part of the ending was no surprise. If you pay attention they give you a pretty black and white clue in the first 30 minutes.

I highly recommend this movie. At the end people were clapping, so it is fair to say they liked it.


For baseball fans on October 1st from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Leo Najo Day will be celebrated at the Mission Community Center. The address is 1420 Kika de la Garza. Many of Brownsville's favorites will be inducted into their Baseball Hall of Fame. Barbecue plates will be $6.00.


What the document belows shows in the second to last paragraph is a claim by AFLAC that BISD may have breached its two year contract with AFLAC. If this is true then BISD could be facing yet another lawsuit. Now unlike the BISD Board where it has become Bedlam on the Border, AFLAC actually looks at these things as a business decision. I suspect the cost of suing BISD may exceed the benefit. (See the second letter)

But this is not where it ends.


ERISA is the federal law which governs employee benefit plans. It an employer illegally changes the employees benefits plan the employees under ERISA can get an injunction. So here is the scoop - while I think a business decision by AFLAC will mean they will not sue even if there was a breach, but I could be wrong, the employees can unite and hire an ERISA lawyer and seek an injunction against implementation of the new plan.

Ah, but alas Cata - do not fret - the BISD employees are trained to whine, and do nothing as they are being marched to their own death.


Here will find some of the judges comments on the case.  As is always the case with journalists - he misuses legal words - but at least he has the direct quotes of the judges.
It is true in the above case the principals won on the issue of qualified immunity - this is not the entire case. In discussing the Plano ISD case what becomes clear is that BISD had to have known it is illegal to drill students for their free speech activities off of campus. This only goes to the qualified immunity for those who allegedly violated the student's rights.  There will be no qualified immunity for acts off campus.

The opinion clearly outlines the law protecting student's free speech. This is a great case law summary. I am certain the parents will have no problem finding an attorney outside Cameron County willing to sue on behalf of their children.

My advice to the VMHS parents is to contact a lawyer today.  Google First Amendment lawyers.  The organization in the Plano case appears to be limited to free speech issues involving religion.  But I could be wrong.

What makes this opinion particularly strong is, it is an en banc decision. This means it went before the entire court, not just three judges.

The funny thing is, even though there is money to be made, the parents will do nothing. I spoke with a parent several days ago - the issue is passed - they started something they never intended to finish.

People can blame Carl Montoya and Presas-Garcia for what happened to Acacia Ameel, but the real blame is with the parents. They started this and then ran leaving Acacia Ameel to fend for herself.


A student did contact me and asked what can be done - To the Students - for your own good you must consult your parents on what ever you do. Never act without their permission. It is too easy to get all involved in this and then find yourself in trouble. If you have an idea- get your parents involved and allow them to guide you.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Numerous sources have told me the same story. Luci Longoria's son was hired to do a job in the food service area for which he was not the most qualified  candidate, as compared to other candidates. At the time of the hire Eddie Leandro used his mother Luci Longoria to get Hector Gonzales to hire him over more qualified candidates.    The order was given to Susan Fox.

This story when first given to me sounded like sour apples. In fact, Rick Zayas went out of his way to tell me that Eddie Leandro was doing an excellent job - and that is what was important.    So it kind of fed into my belief of sour apples.  In the private sector and public sector less qualified people get hired all of the time because of connections. This is not new. And quite frequently they turn out to be the best person for the job. I only have a problem with this to the extent Luci Longoria and Cata Presas-Garcia are always accusing other people of this conduct - you know glass houses and all.

BUT HERE IS THE REAL PROBLEM: Numerous sources over the months have told me Susan Fox was taking heat from the new BISD majority because she made it know that if Hector Gonzales sued BISD and she was asked to testify, she would testify that Hector Gonzales ordered her to hire Eddie Leandro even though he was not the most qualified candidate and that this was done at the insistence of his mother Luci Longoria.


We all now know that Susan Fox was attacked from day one since Presas-Garcia and Longoria turned BISD into Bedlam on the Border.

My question to Eddie Leandro - are you man enough to step up to the plate and resign from BISD while denouncing the conduct of Presas-Garcia and your mother, while defending Susan Fox, or will you just go on living knowing the consequences fell on the innocent so little Eddie Leandro could get a job at his mother's insistence?

All BISD knows the truth. I am certain people look at Eddie with contempt on daily basis. They know that anyone who crosses him will face the axe by Luci Longoria and Cata Presas-Garcia.

Consequence - will Eddie Leandro fess up and take his medicine or will he be a coward and allow Susan Fox and her friends to continue to face the consequences for him?  It is like the days of old when the king's son messed up and the servant boy took the beating.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011



Monday, October 3, at 6:30pm, PFLAG BROWNSVILLE will be having its monthly open meeting at the New York Deli off the Expressway in Brownsville. Our guest speaker will be Lidia Hernandez. She is a parent who will be telling her story of her son's coming out and how the family handled it. They say you don't know a man(or in this case, woman) until you have walked a mile in her shoes. She will be telling her story in Spanish for those of you who know someone who are interested in being a part of the organization but feel that there is a language barrier. PFLAG strives to meet the needs of a diverse population in Brownsville. Everyone is welcome and membership makes it possible to help others. Please consider attending.


You are cordially invited to attend the 1stBrownsville Marriage Equality March On Friday, October 14, 2011 at 6pm

Starting at the Veteran’s Memorial Next to the Brownsville Public Library, 2600 Central Boulevard and ending at Cobblehead’s Bar and Grill, 3154 Central Blvd. (approx. ½ mi.)

Everyone is invited to attend and carry a poster. You are also welcome to promote your organization in the march!
It is free to the public but donations are graciously accepted at the restaurant and are tax deductible. There will also be food at the restaurant which has been graciously provided by Joe Kenney! Please consider donating generously or becoming a member of PFLAG Brownsville so that as a community, we can move equality forward for everyone!!!

For more information contact, PFLAG BROWNSVILLE at (956)433-3524

Please RSVP by October 5th.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Editor's note:

This new gay rights group (remember guys I am very old - in my time gay meant all of the groups so I continue to use the term - today you will see LGBT - lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and transexual - I'm old - gay it is) seems to have made headway in many ways.  It says a lot about the group that they have the New York Deli and Cobbleheads helping with these events.  It is my understanding more restaurants will be joining the list of gay friendly restaurants and businesses.

The smart people in the business community know and understand the gay community spends money at gay friendly businesses.  For me it is funny how the basis instinct of every capitalist is driving this movement forward  - profit.  of course the businesses which intially join the movement do it beacuse they truly understand the equality issue. 


The BV will continue that conversation tomorrow.  Unless there is really important breaking news, this is today's only post.  I think this post deserves to stand alone without other distractions.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


What I like about this piece is it allows for exploring the issue. It recognizes it is not so simple as he decides he is a girl and so there it is.

I like the idea of putting them on hormones to suppress puberty until they are mature enough to decide what they want to do.

Historically part of the problem with this debate is the surgery side. One of the first transgender males to females years after his surgery stated she regretted removing his penis. She said she confused the penis with her identity. In general this is a big problem with our society. Genitalia does not define you as a person - you define yourself as a person.

I found this piece to be very balanced on the complex questions involved. Gender identify and sexuality are so complex - a man who feels like a women does not necessarily want the genitalia of a women.    Many of these men are happy to be able to present themselves as women without having to change their genitalia. The same for women who need to represent themselves as men. It is not always about sex and genitalia.

I wish people could learn sexuality and gender identity are a lot more complex than genitalia and how you have sex. There are happily married couples in the US wherein she presents herself as a man and he presents himself as a women. Their original genitalia is intact.

In other cases, they have to go through the surgery.   There is no one solution for everyone.  This is why a good therapist, without a political agenda attached to the issue, and family support is so important.


Tomorrow I will get to the part of this mess which ties Sylvia Atkinson to Eddie Leandro (Luci Longoria's son), the truth to the removal of Susan Fox from HR, and the cover up to protect Hector Gonzales.

I have spent nearly 30 years on this issue of gay suicide and gay youth suicide.  I remember as clear as day being told to shut up at a Dallas Gay Alliance meeting when I tried to get the self anointed gay leadership to get involved in the issue.  (The name of the organization has changed over the years as the male dominated organization was forced to accept the diversity within the gay community.)

Then one day a national study was released on the issue and gay organizations saw an opportunity to use the study to raise money and they were off - the issue was finally important.  Unfortunately, whether it is gay, Latino, women, veteran groups or any other group you can imagine - issues only matter when the organizers can figure out how to make money on the issue.

Gay youth suicide is not a joke issue or an issue which should matter based on how much money you can make on the issue.

When I made calls out to Socorro to investigate Sylvia Atkinson and  had two people begin their tirade against her with "did you know she is a lesbian,"  I knew what these people were about.  There was nothing left for me to investigate.  What ever they believed was based on their hatred for gays and lesbians. 

The sad part is, Sylvia Atkinson is a political whore prepared to sleep with these very gay bashing homophobes if it gets her what she wants.  She does not care if the actions of the gay bashing homophobes lead to gay children killing themselves.  For Sylvia Atkinson this is a price of business.

If Sylvia Atkinson had an ounce of self respect, which she does not, she would resign from BISD and then publicly denounce Presas-Garcia and her son.  Sylvia Atkinson will never do such a thing - she wants power even if it means gay youth being bullied to the point of committing suicide.




Be very careful what you say to minors. He has 2 uncles that are Federal Agents and are watching you. Including 1 that works for the IRS... Give it up Loosers!!

Note the time 7:22 - now look at the times from the young man texting Rick

+19564653404 (I ASSUME CATA’S SON) SENT – 2/23 @ 6:35 PM

Only fagets cry grow up and tke it like a man. What a way to show you cant take a loss like the real men. Stop crying thank god you and your fagget friend loss.

RICK ZAYAS SENT – 2/23 @ 6:59 PM

I do not know who this is. But if your a man and have the balls to tell this to my face; i invite you to bring it on.

+19564653404 (I ASSUME CATA’S SON) SENT – 2/23 @ 7:07 PM

Haha becarefull who you invite

+19564653404 (I ASSUME CATA’S SON) SENT – 2/23 @ 7:07 PM

I'm a young chavalon, and I aint got nothin to lose!

RICK ZAYAS SENT – 2/23 @ 7:20 PM

Watch who you challenge. You have no idea who i am and what i know young Chavalon. But your right, I do have something to loose and by the way there is no honor in embarrassing a young Chavalon!

+19564653404 (I ASSUME CATA’S SON) SENT – 2/23 @ 7:33 PM

Haha daum dude straight up your funny, i've seen you in person and my little brother thats in elementary looks like that he can kick your ass. But look, you

+19564653404 (I ASSUME CATA’S SON) SENT – 2/23 @ 7:33 PM

Your an adult and you know im young but you still decide to text me back, " you aint mature bro ". But look ima be the bigger n more mature man and just

+19564653404 (I ASSUME CATA’S SON) SENT – 2/23 @ 7:33 PM

Just stop it right here, and pluss this whole thing about texting back and forth is for little kids so that another reason why ima stop. But dont worry when

+19564653404 (I ASSUME CATA’S SON) SENT – 2/23 @ 7:33 PM

Worry when you see me you'll know who it is that was texting you.

N dont take anything i said as a threat. Im just telling you like it is bro
+19564653404 (I ASSUME CATA’S SON) SENT – 2/23 @ 7:33 PM

The above transcript was sent to me by Zayas after the event.  This is not the first time the BV is publishing the transcript.


Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover

Monday, September 26, 2011


Carlos Quintanilla posted a late night comment with his same old ignorant deceptive slant. He wants to know why I did a review of a club while Montoya talked about the 400 misdiagnosed children at BISD. Reality check Carlito why are you not asking Presas-Garcia about the special needs children at this moment being denied help because she took after school help out of the budget?  Not that reality matters to a con artist, but that is what the BV talked about days before Montoya mentioned the 400 children who were wrongly diagnosed years ago - allegedly - now to be fair I would not trust anyone in Special Services to properly diagnose a wart on a frog.

But if this is true Carlito, why are you not  denouncing Presas-Garcia as the Board President for sitting on this knowledge  for nearly a year and doing nothing?  Why has she not informed the parents of these children they were misdiagnosed?.  Why have their ARDs not been redone to reflect the wrong diagnosis?  Answer - because Presas-Garcia like you could not give a rats ass about the special needs children.  Because if either of you did care the funding for after school help never would have been cut. 

This is fact and happening to the children right now - not some allegation which every federal and state agency which looked into it could not substantiate, and for which Rendon failed to submit one piece of evidence in court to substantiate.   In fact his so called specialists were sanctioned for unethical conduct.

But in the end, what happened years ago is not nearly as important as what is happening now - Presas-Garcia and Carl Montoya cut after school funding for special needs children. A parent and family advocate were told the children would just have to fail. Where is Carlos Quintanilla for these children? - no where to be found - not a word.  He wants to talk about the fact I did a review of a club, because that avoids the obvious - Presas-Garcia and Carl Montoya have abandoned special needs children.
He wants Rendon put back in charge of Special Services. According to Quintanilla all of the TEA findings against BISD when Rendon was in charge were the result of Zayas conspiring with TEA to fabricate evidence and findings - it gets old and no one is buying it.


First if the information Montoya claims to be getting from Carl Montoya is accurate, then Carl Montoya is in violation of the law by discussing personnel matters with Montoya as it relates to both Ameel and Fuller. I will bet the farm that if Acacia Ameel and Tony Fuller were to file complaints against Carl Montoya for violating their rights, Carl Montoya would sign an affidavit calling Montoya a liar.

Did Carl Montoya really not know the welding program at VMHS was for juniors and seniors? Because if he did not know, then he should be fired for telling Montoya this was an issue bothering him as it related to Ameel. Now we all know the entire story is fabricated, such as the 400 wrongfully misdiagnosed students, because a principal does not control what money is spent and not spent on her campus. Further everyone knows Montoya outright lied about students getting credits for the non-existent welding courses. This turkey cannot even spin a credible lie or fabricated story.  Yes we all believe BISD gave Ameel the money to spend on the welding program and she took it for her own use and then to cover-up her wrongdoing she fabricated credits for non-existent juniors and seniors.  It is beyond bizarre how far Montoya will go in his fabricated stories.


Tomorrow - Sylvia Atkinson her lesbian principal lover -conflict of interests in the bedroom - and Sylvia Atkinson's documented hate for gay and lesbian youth. The entire and real story. For her own power she has no problem being complicit in  gay bashing and thereby indirectly in gay youth suicide.

Luci Longoria - it is time I complete the research on her son - can someone remind me of his full name.


Carlos Masso wants you to think as a member of the Brownsville Navigation District he just voted to lower your property tax.  False - because of his complicity with Dannenbaum, 100% of your BND property tax bill goes to pay off the bond debt incurred as a result of Dannenbaum's conduct and Masso's decision to let them off the hook.

"The money generated by the tax goes to retire debt on a $21 million bond issue that was approved by voters in 1991."

Carlos Masso was a key player in meeting with James Dannenbaum before he agreed to vote to dismiss the people's lawsuit against Dannenbaum. If there was nothing there Carlos why did Dannenbaum pay Villalobos office $1 million dollars to drop the investigation?

From the Herald:

"Between September 2006 and early February 2007, public records show Arambula made three trips to Houston and Masso made four.

Masso said only one of the trips involved an actual mediation session.

He said another trip was to meet only with the mediator. A third trip, that both Masso and Arambula made, was to meet with James Dannenbaum and Louis Jones of Dannenbaum Engineering and their attorneys."

All of this explains why Carlos Masso failed to include his election to the BND in his professional resume when he first set up his web page for Cameron County DA. Carlos emailed me and claimed it was an oversight. Yes, an oversight.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Every soldier who dies in war dies in service to our country in hopes of preserving our freedoms. No life is ever wasted because even if the war is no longer about our freedom, the life was still lost in defense of what the soldier believed to be our freedom.  This is the essence of honorable.


We have a veterans group demanding the First Amendment be suspended at their memorials. Yes they are singing a different tune now that it is clear they will not get their tyranny.  But nonetheless they were prepared to move forward with their tyranny in the belief no one would challenge them.

We have Tony Martinez, Marc Sossi, Longoria, Gowen, and Chavez silencing the voices of the people. We have Bedlam ruling BISD with Presas-Garcia, Atkinson, and Carl Montoya investigating and punishing free speech and dissent.  They are actually intimidating children.

So I must ask, what would U.S. Army Sgt. Rodolfo “Rudy” Rodriguez thought of the loss of our freedoms right here at home, while he was giving his life for our freedoms abroad? To all the people claiming to care about the extraordinary sacrifice of U.S. Army Sgt. Rodolfo “Rudy” Rodriguez, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to remain silent as Tony Martinez and his gang of thugs, and Presas-Garcia and her gang of fellow inmates at Bedlam day by day take away our freedoms? Because if you are, then you soil the sacrifice of U.S. Army Sgt. Rodolfo “Rudy” Rodriguez.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


This is a continuation of this mornings discussion about making downtown more family friendly.


I decided I needed to get out. Since there was no cover I thought why not - give it a try. I took a very late afternoon nap so that I would be able to go out at 11:30. I ran to Walmart for some things and then headed to the club.

I left just before 1 a.m. after the drag queen came out. She was so bad she looked like they had just dragged him from under urine soaked mattresses at a crack house and then threw him on stage.

The owners of this club are doomed to fail. The owner apparently is too stupid to understand having his lighting guy shine lights into a mirror on the stage thereby reflecting back to the customers and blinding them is a bad thing. Apparently the lighting guy does not know better. The drag queen stands in front of the mirror on the stage - he shines the light on her - it reflects back to the audience and blinds them thereby making it impossible to see the drag queen. Well given what she looked like - maybe that was the game plan.

When I got there, there were some young boys pretending to be male dancers. One was a chubby little cherub - Not a pretty sight in his undies. The others were skinny and all bones with no muscles - apparently still waiting for their testicles to drop.

Now the music was actually not that bad or even too loud. It made you want to dance and have a good time. While I will not drink and drive, in the old days I did have a drink while clubbing. I never had more than one - well at least once I turned 30. If I am not driving I like to order a couple of Makers Marks. My policy is, even in a restaurant I order my own drinks at the bar. I always leave a really good tip in hopes of a better drink during round two.

My waitress did not understand tipping. During the night I had three Sprites. The first time I gave her a 5, which meant a $3 dollar tip. Stupid me, I figured she would see this as a good thing and check back with me after a while to see if I needed another. She was clueless. I had to nearly grab her by the arm to get another Sprite. Well since I learned a $3 tip did not encourage her to come back - the second and third time I only gave her a dollar.  She lost $4.00 in tips.  I suspect the young kids are not willing to give $3.00 tips an a $2.00 drink.

The bar owner is exactly the type bar owner which forces cities to create more ordinances to protect the customers. This is why ordinances are so important. If you leave it to most bar owners they will do nothing to protect the customers. If this building has a ventilation system for the smoke it was not working. In major cities all over the country cities either now ban smoking all together or require very advanced ventilation systems.

I predict within 6 months the club will fail. By 1 a.m. people were leaving in large numbers. The young kids cannot sustain a bar - it takes a crowd of older patrons along with young kids to maintain this kind of bar. The fact the owner does not know you do not shine a light into a mirror thereby blinding the patrons or that if you hire dancers it is important they not be chubby cherubs or supper muscle free kids who testicles have yet to drop should tell you all you need about this business venture.

If I believed in Brownsville, which I do not, I would take up the offer from my friends in Dallas to open a piano bar somewhere over in the Morrison shopping area. We have the customer base for a nice piano bar. I just do not trust this city to not destroy anything good someone tries to create.

Right now idiots are designing a downtown Brownsville which is sure to fail.  They seem to think Brownsville is Austin with 50,000 students ready and willing to drink. It is not. Even NYC realized a long time ago Times Square could not succeed on drink, whores, peep shows, and bad food. They turned it into a family center.

Until we have people running Brownsville who understand downtown needs to become a place for families, along with adult nigh time entertainment - downtown will remain a place for drunks, whores, and people who have nothing better to do with their time than drink and appear relevant.

Downtown does need a club area but it must be adjacent to a walking area where families can go and eat great street food, see a movie, eat at a good restaurant - maybe listen to a really good street band as a family - walk into an arcade or ice cream parlor and pastry shop. This needs to be in place every weekend, and during the summer all summer long. 

Until the people currently turning downtown into a drunk fest take an ass whooping on their bad ideas, downtown Brownsville is going nowhere.    Festivals are good and what we need - but it must be sustained as an event every Friday and Saturday night as part of a family experiece.  Hopefully those who see the value in festivals can raise the funding to turn it into a weekly thing for families.  I would go downtown for street food and a street band.  A theater for foreign movies would get me downtown.  Not all adults are into getting drunk and coming home smelling like smoke.

Finally, Brownsville needs to pass a no smoking ordinance. This has not hurt other cities - it in fact has helped. Brownsville's climate allows for the bars to have patios where people can smoke - there is no need for indoor smoking.


When I came out of the club there were 4 police cars in the parking lot with the officers just standing around doing nothing.  One cop saw I was pretty pissed and looking for an ID on his car - he started his car and left real fast.  Had I had a pen I would have gotten all 4 ID numbers.  The crowd at the club inside and outside was very orderly.  In fact other than people going to and from their cars no one was outside.

It is sad these freaks we allow to be cops care more about harassing young gays than they do about patrolling our streets and keeping us safe.  But then they are not men - they are cowards who see it as easier to gawk at young gay men than put their life on the line and patrol our streets.

Someday this city will have a city manager and city commission which will end Chief Garcia's reign of incompetence.

Now I will go play.


People need to walk away from the nightmare which is Brownsville's politics for just one day. Take your kids and go outside and do something - anything - Boca Chica with the exception of gas is free. Be outside - take them fishing - for like $10 or so you can go on a 4 hours fishing trip - the price includes the pole and bait.


A couple of weeks ago I discovered grilled chicken at HEB on Boca Chica and Paredes.  They split the chickens and grill them on a gas grill.  The price is $5.40.  I typically get 3-4 meals out of one.  The other night I chopped a thigh and leg and mixed it with my favorite salad items and had a great supper.  You can take the same chopped chicken and add what you like in your chicken salad mix and have a great sandwish.

Typically I start with the breast and wing along with some steamed vegitables - that is meal one.  Ah, do not forget the grilled jalapenos they give you.


I love to grill so basically every time I grill I throw on a bunch of jalapenos I first clean them and then stuff with feta cheese.  You keep the cap on the jalapeno and cut down the side.  After you take out the seeds - rinse and then stuff.  I then take two toothpicks to hold it together.  A couple of minutes on the grill and - perfection.


Friday, September 23, 2011


"Does anybody really believe that these changes were made to improve performance of the BISD? If you do, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona you might be interested in.

Let's see. How was trying to move the head of the maintenance department to the head of PEMIS going to better the district? I'll bet even Homer Simpson cried "Doh" over that one. I'll also bet that not one of the Majority of Four could even manage a "Huh?"

Wasn't Tony Fuller removed as CFO the morning after Montoya became interim super? Did Montoya have a dream about it? Did he have a vision? Was Elvis involved? As a taxpayer, I want our tax money to be safeguarded but I hope Fuller sues the pants off of anyone and everyone he can.
Then, I want Tony Fuller to run for the school board and become its President."!/profile.php?id=100002186587069&sk=wall

Someone needs to submit a great logo for this group.  I have no skills with the various programs otherwise I would do it.

People help this group to grow- hopefully they will stay focused on what is real and not move to the endless rumors.  There is more than enough real to keep them busy.


Finally, Congress may be doing something right.  Bill Clinton shut down the government and what followed was intelligent legislation which lead to record budget surpluses - not deficits.  Congress needs to stay out of Washington and allow the government to remain shut until such time as they get the message - stop the politics on both sides of the isle.

The solution without politics is simple - reform medicare, medicaid, VA benefits, military spending, repeal Bush tax cuts, and end loopholes and tax breaks - this will send a clear message to the stock market that Washington is getting its act together.  Until consumers have confidence in the stock market (their retirement accounts) they will not spend.  Until they spend the economy will not recover - plain and simple.

Congress - do the American people a  favor - stay home until you are willing to put the country first.  Obama needs to show some courage and just shut down the government and tell Congress until they send him a bill which reforms medicare, medicaid, VA benefits, military spending, repeals Bush tax cuts, and ends loopholes and tax breaks, he will veto it.  This is leadership - this is what we need.  For the record, reform does not mean cutting services - it means reform and ending the waste.


Obama will cave and do what ever the Republicans want and then cry like a baby that no one likes him -  I wonder why? - Coward to the bone.


[Editor's Note: A picture should be self explanatory if the right one is chosen - in my mind it is clear - but maybe not for everyone - we all perceive things differently. The other day the Herald had the mug shot of the 18 year old accused of arson at a church. It broke my heart - you an see the fear in his face. By middle school children not getting the help they need do begin to harden. We then lose them - I will never understand a so called christian society which has no money for children when they need it, but then have  tons of money to house them in prison once they are adults.]


Federal law does not have a provision which says - does not apply if Carl Montoya is Presas-Garcia's bitch.  Federal law mandates regardless of budget that special needs children be provided an education.  An advocate for a family has contacted me about two children who are failing because they cannot get extra help.  The parents are illiterate and cannot help.  The children are formally diagnosed with learning disabilities.  The family and advocate were told Presas-Garcia and Montoya stripped the budget of funding for after school help and there is nothing the school can do but fail the children.  How much help can be provided to these children on the lost money for people on administrative leave and the $250,000 audit?

I will not be going through the TEA on this one.  I have learned all the TEA will ever do is issue a letter telling BISD to get its act together and then do nothing - not even follow-up.  The TEA is a complete and total waste of taxpayer funding.  An education lawyer in Dallas has agreed to guide me in getting this filed as a complaint with the Dept of Education Civil Rights Enforcement Section.  Part of what I am working on is to convince the Dept of Education that the TEA  cannot be trusted to enforce federal law and that it is time they take control of all violations of federal law.


What is clear in this post is Presas-Garcia is running scared and is trying to put the blame on Carl Montoya -

"Hey Bobby, Have you ever thought that maybe the VHMS transformation is Administration's idea and they are the final authority on this change. The Board has no say in it. None at all. Think of what was said at the meeting. It is an administrative decision. Were you not listening to the meeting? Remember........ Don't use your illness to keep you from taking action yourself. Unless you too are full of hot air. ????  By Anonymous on BISD RESPONDS TO CHILD PROTESTERS "The Criminal S... at 3:07 AM"
A reader responds:

"Anony 3:07am, do you really think that none of the gang of four have no influence whatsoever over the current admin? What planet have you been living on? Are you not thinking straight so late at night? It appears the district now has money to burn after the dire predictions of Presas. There now seems to be several million dollars to convert Veterans to a magnet school when there was not money to start up Breeden Elementary. There now seems to be money to have two principals on paid leave. I wonder if they were put on leave for disagreeing with the wrong person? Some people just don't like to do told no. Some don't like to be corrected or told the truth. There now seems to be money to pay for TWO assistant directors at Special Services. Some have said that Veterans into a magnet-only school may not be fair. The brand new high school will be turned into a school for the "good" students while the older, overcrowded schools will be left for the "not as good". Also, will the magnet-only school be accepting special ed students? If the school gets federal dollars, as it will, I believe they have no choice but to admit them. The current system of magnet schools does accept special ed students because the school is not a magnet-only campus. It's all about FAPE; Free Appropriate Public Education. That is something that parents of a special ed child can use to combat turning Veterans into a magnet-only school. Hey, does anybody know if there were massive position changes made in Los Fresnos or El Paso when Atkinson was there? Just curious."

Carl Montoya may be dumber than Longoria and Presas-Garcia combined.  Why is Atkinson as the head of personnel involved in the VMHS issue?  Answer - they are propping her up to take over for Montoya - "look at this great things she is doing - she is putting the learning disabled children out in the trash so like Juliet Garcia she can build a monument to herself at VMHS. " Given the fact Sylvia Atkinson has a disabled brother it blows my mind how much contempt she can have for learning disabled children and federal law.  But then again - she wants to build a monument to herself and Presas-Garcia even it if means leaving the learning disabled to fend for themselves because there is no money for their education.


Years ago I discussed with the Commission on Judicial Conduct how it is possible the same people violate the law and rules over and over again and they never have their judicial credentials pulled.  The answer was simple - it is for the voters to decide if they want people like JP Ocha in office.  It blows my mind that this guy has not been unelected - but then it is Gilbert Hinojosa's Cameron County.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


"This is Principal Ameel giving a victory speech in Corpus Christi after the Brownsville Veterans Memorial Chargers football team won 23 to 21 against CC Ray this past Friday...We pray that this very supportive and highly respected leader be given the opportunity to return to her school and continue the great work she has done for the students at VMHS...The Students, Staff, and Parents love the work and support Ms. Ameel has provided for the students and will continue to fight for her return.... — with Jorge Lerma."!/profile.php?id=100002147306783&sk=wall


"Whoever thought back on May 14 at the time of Tony's landslide election from among 5 candidates without a runoff that the most significant accomplishment of his administration would be a continuance of an anti-democratic policy initiated by Pat Ahumada, induced by a Mark Sossi hissy fit? "


There is nothing wrong with diverse opinion - all I ask is that we strive for the truth.  Two honest people can look at the same facts and form different opinions.  This is  what makes us strong.  I am really happy that Jim's blog is coming along very nicely.  We do not have to agree - I measure these things based on honest discourse. 

It would be real nice to have some real true knowledgeable conservatives start a blog to address the issues of the day - not people who are going to use fear and ignorance to promote a point - but someone who will use the well founded principles of true conservatism to argue a point while educating their readers.  Because I will tell you - if you are truly educated - you will listen to and consider all points of view.

These idiots who throw the word socialism around as if they know what it means, and they do not, could learn a thing or three from what the dialectic really is.  It is a naturally occurring thing we see in evolution (oh that is science - lost them  there) and in reasoning and politics.  Everything changes - the dialectic is about how things naturally evolve and change.  Someone who truly understands the theory understands that principles of true conservatism and true liberalism or true progressivism will always be mixing it about for something new.  And so long as reasoning from all sides help to create the new society we will move forward.  In case you did not get that conservatism along with liberalism and progressivism are all needed at different times with different dosages to fix the problems of the day.

This is why I so support a diverse blogosphere run by people who understand this ever ending need to find balance between all of the philosophical views.


"The Criminal Section prosecutes cases involving the violent interference with liberties and rights defined in the Constitution or federal law. The rights of both citizens and non-citizens are protected. In general, it is the use of force, threats, or intimidation that characterize a federal criminal violation of an individual's civil rights."

Below I will discuss the garbage piece in today's Herald.  BUT FIRST, tt is a crime to use threats or intimidation as a state actor as a tool to violate the First Amendment Rights of the people.   Again - it is a crime - punishable by jail time.

If it is true students were called in over their decision to attend the BISD meeting and protest the proposals concerning VMHS, then a crime has occurred.  The parents need to sign sworn criminal complaints and bring them to Miles at the local FBI Office - 2305 Hudson Blvd. Brownsville, TX 78526   Phone: (956) 546-6922; Fax: (956) 983-5005


On campus students do have diminished rights.  But these diminished rights are related to discipline and safety.  Key here is, the BISD meeting was not a school event - it was a public event open to everyone including students.  Their First Amendment Rights were at their highest point.  Any attempt by BISD to use their power to investigate why private citizens would attend a public meeting is a criminal act.

Anyone who ordered the investigation or participated in the investigation needs to be immediately suspended pending an investigation.  The also need to be charged with the criminal act of civil rights violations.  Further, the parents need to file immediate suit.


You will not be heard by the FBI or local law enforcement unless you call a press conference announcing the filing of your criminal complaints.  In some of these cases both federal and state agencies have concurrent jurisdiction.  I am not sure if the state has concurrent jurisdiction in Free Speech cases.  A clear example of concurrent jurisdiction would be assault.  The FBI could prosecute it as a civil  rights violation, while the state could prosecute it as an assault. 


This morning's article on the suspension of VMHS principal may be one of the most unethical articles to date by the Herald related to BISD.  The headline is Principal Suspended - but then no story as to why - the remainder of the story is to defend Presas-Garcia and her objective as to VMHS.  Some people reading the article will be left to believe the principal did something wrong or was opposed to Presas-Garcia's so called great program.  The article as to its intent was to mislead the readers as to the principal.

If you are a parent at VMHS and still subscribe to the Herald after today - you are the problem.  When you read the response on the internet to the events at BISD the story and anger are completely different.  Gary Long had no problem finding a parent to declare they would prefer to send their child to BISD instead of STISD, but he could not find one parent - not one to take the opposite position.  The entire article reads like a press release  from BISD, but adopted by the Herald as their own - no journalism whatsoever involved in the article.  The Herald claims to stand for Freedom of Speech, but ordered a blackout on the Freedom of Speech part of the story.


The Herald knows there is no plan for a VA hospital in Harlingen.  They nonetheless reprinted Presas-Garcia's lie because it fit their cover up of the corruption and abusive by Presas-Garcia.  I have met with the highest levels within the VA in Region 17, which oversees most Texas VA hospitals an clinics.  There are no plans  for a VA hospital in Harlingen -  period

A decision has been made in Washington that the clinic will continue to expand and Valley Baptist will be used as our hospital for emergency care.  Only at the point the cost of maintaining a hospital is less than the cost of paying for private care at Valley Baptist will plans be put into effect for a possible hospital.

Finally if any parent thinks their child is going to graduate Hanna and go work at the VA they are delusional.  It will never happen.  The VA has a long list of former medics and techs who are veterans waiting to get their foot in the door.  Yes, Presas-Garcia - you moron - the VA is going to hire an 18 year old from Hanna over a veteran who served in the medical field in Iraq or Afghanistan.  So why does Gary Long allow for the disinformation - because he has no conscience and will print whatever Cavasos orders him to print.


The parents will do nothing and the story is dead.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I will get to Art Rendon, but first I want to address the issue of Veteran's Memorial High School. This issue could actually be Presas-Garcia's downfall. There is nothing like an organized parents group along with their kids. They will have no problem finding someone to run against Presas-Garcia in November 2012.

Here is a press release from the South Texas Independent School District.

"District News

STISD rated Exemplary by the Texas Education Agency

All four STISD high schools ranked in the top 100 nationally and in the top 20 in the state in The Washington Post's High School Challenge Index: Read more here.

Med High and Med Tech ranked in Newsweek's America's Best High Schools 2011 and Ten Miracle High Schools list. Read more here."

You can go here to see the course offerings.

What parent in their right mind is going to pull their child out of South Texas Independent School District to send them to BISD?

Presas-Garcia is pulling a Juliet Garcia on the medical training program issue.  Every year hundreds of young adults take courses at UTB in hopes of entering the medical field only to learn they will never be allowed to move forward in the program or if they can there will be no job at the other end.  They are saddled with thousands of dollars in student loans with no where to turn for an income.

Presas-Garcia kept on asking how much federal funding is BISD losing because of the BISD students who go to South Texas?  As is always the case it is about money, and not the students.

Hanna is overcrowded.  Students can be encouraged to move over to VMHS without having to change VMHS.  Let's not forget reality.  The current Board Majority bad mouthed VMHS at every turn.  It was an irresponsible use of taxpayer money.  It wasn't needed.  Now it is to become the home of overflow students.  Which is it?  The students are not even on the radar of this current majority.

The solution to Hanna is for BISD to build a 9th grade campus somewhere near Hanna.  The parents at VMHS will be a force to be reckoned with.  I think the BISD majority is in for a battle which will take no prisoners.


What we know for sure about the settlement is, nothing.  We do not know if the money is coming from ACE insurance or the taxpayers.  Again, if it is coming from ACE the settlement is clean in terms of how settlements occur.  Settlements mean nothing in terms of liability or wrongdoing.  They are business decisions.  If ACE approved a settlement it made a business decision.  The settlement agreement will clearly state all liability is denied and that BISD believes the claims were without merit.  No insurance company will sign off on an agreement without this language.


If your brother has yet to produce one piece of evidence to prove his claims and no judge or agency has found his claims to be true, exactly why should anyone say the claims against him are wrong?

There is an agency which did review the documents and made findings of facts and conclusions of law.  It is called the TEA.

From the TEA report:

Page 14 ¶ 20 - a survey of campus principals had 44 of 48 principals having no confidence in Art Rendon - in fact Gonzales himself verified Rendon would self destruct. (Page numbers refer to docstoc page numbers)  (According to Fred Rendon the 44 principles need to apologize to his brother.)

This document throughout references Art Rendon's efforts to withhold information from Hector Gonzales related to the inflated attorneys fees being paid by Special Services. In fact Hector Gonzales had to go over his head to get to the information. Art Rendon responded by filing a grievance . If Art Rendon was concerned with the so called fraudulent billing by attorneys why did he file a grievance to conceal the so called evidence? He was protecting himself. See ¶¶ 32-35, and 52.

Hector Gonzales removed Susan Fox from Special Services and gave the job to Art Rendon. Sources have repeatedly said this was done at the command of Pat Lehmann. ¶ 71 shows that at the time Susan Fox was removed from Special Services no significant fiscal problems existed within the department.

In order to hire Art Rendon, Hector Gonzales removed the requirement that the candidate have a certificate in special education. ¶ 73 BISD's procedure for hiring Rendon was not followed: ¶¶ 74-75. ¶ 81 details the political process which went into the hiring of Rendon at Pat Lehmann's request.

¶¶ 86-107 tell a story of extreme incompetence on the part of Art Rendon. But of course we all know the report is false because Rick Zayas paid off the auditors, the TEA, the lawyers and GOD himself.

¶ 112 - BISD had to add an additional $3 million to Art Rendon's budget for unauthorized money spent which had not been budgeted, and other items. The report just goes on and on and on. It is beyond surreal that for any reason other than a political pay off anyone would give this man a job, or bring him back to BISD

Today I will try and do an open records request on the settlement.  The terms of the settlement are a public record.  This includes the source of the funding.  If it is coming from ACE the BV will not be posting through comments that the BISD Trustees bullied ACE.  Strasburger and ACE are bullied by no one.  If ACE is paying the settlement is clean and all of you people who are unwilling to accept this can just go start your own blog.

BUT, if the money is coming from the taxpayers, then I will say within a year indictments will follow.  Who will be indicted, I do not know - but if one penny comes from the taxpayers it is fair to say Presas-Garcia will be removed from office - hell the VMHS mess has guaranteed she will have a strong opponent.


Several months ago we saw Joe Colunga abstain in a vote related to Presas-Garcia getting a legal defense from ACE.  At the time I did not understand his reasoning for his abstention.  If a trustee abstains they can put the issue back on the agenda.  There may be something up - who knows.


Obviously before last nights meeting the majority agreed to the settlement.  Whether it was part of a walking quorum I do not know.  Montoya had a long piece ready to go the second the vote occurred.  Obviously he was told in advance the agreement had been made.  Hell, I was told in advance the agreement was made.  If there was a walking quorum any citizen can file an open meetings violation lawsuit and stop the settlement immediately.  Ah do not worry Arty boy - no one is going to file a lawsuit - this is Brownsville where fighting for right from wrong is a sin.

If the money is taxpayer money, Joe Colunga knows this - he can inform the right people who can immediately take out a full page ad in the Herald informing the people of the truth.  Ah, Arty - do not worry - Joe Colunga doing the right thing - yea not going to happen.

I only mention these things because my source yesterday on the settlement asked what can be done.  Hell as part of the possible open meetings violation a question  can be added as to whether Escobedo was conflicted out over his relationship with his brother Jaime and Art Rendon's vote to give Jaime a more than million dollar contract.

Ah, Arty - do not fret - no one will do anything - yes the settlement can be stopped immediately, but I know the people who claim to be the honest voices - they will not lift a  finger or spend one nickel of their own money. 

So why ask what can be done?  I do not know because we all know no one is going to do anything.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


UPDATE:  Something settled as to Art Rendon - the terms were not disclosed.  I will be clear on this - if it is by agreement with ACE insurance it was a business decsion by the insurance company accepted by the Board.  If ACE approved the settlement then no one gets to allege collusion by anyone.   I can assure you Strasburger and Price and ACE are going to do what they need to do regardless of the wishes of the BISD Board.  Now if the money is coming from taxpayer funds, we have a problem.  What ever the settlement terms are, they are a public record.  We must now sit and wait to see the terms and the source of the  funding.


The day after Carl Montoya took over a source called me and claimed to have personally seen Art Rendon in the personnel office signing a contract. Well as we know that source lied. This is why I am tired of all the rumors.

The latest rumor is certain board members are about town telling people that Ace Insurance at Strasburger and Price's recommendation has recommended a $300,000 settlement with Art Rendon. I am hard pressed to believe this. This is particularly difficult to believe in light of Art Rendon's litigation problems related to his ability to prove damages.  Apparently his own brother would not hire him at the NY Deli, so his discovery responses indicate.


Strasburger and Price will only recommend settlement to ACE insurance if they see exposure. Exposure is not about justice, it is a business decision. You assess the cost of trial along with an appeal and compare that to what you can settle for and then go from there.

If there was a settlement on the table, it is possible Hector Gonzales' decision to sue could have killed the settlement. ACE was not happy to hear that Gonzales was trying to access the pot.

This raises another issue. Any and all settlements include a statement that the defendant (BISD in this case) denies all the claims and all liability. It will go on to say it is highly unlikely that any of the claims ever could have been proven. Some form of language along these lines is always included. In this case it is particularly important because of the outstanding Juarez and Gonzales lawsuits.  So any settlement is not an admission of wrongdoing by anyone.

Guys I have no idea what is going to happen. When Escobedo read off the items which would be voted on he did not include the items related to the litigation. But this could be an innocent oversight.

But here is the thing - if there comes a point Strasburger and Price recommends that ACE insurance settle, then we as a community can know a highly qualified law firm saw possible exposure to ACE insurance (BISD - but ACE pays) and as a community we should accept the decision. BISD Trustees have zero influence over Strasburger and Price and ACE. Any claims Strasburger and Price and ACE were unduly influenced would be false.
Tad Hasse


(Originally posted as Ted Hasse)

I forgot I wanted to talk about this - Ted Hasse is not stupid - so he lies because he cares more about his own sense of power than the security and well being of this country. There is something profoundly wrong with this man.

Obama has not proposed any type tax increase which remotely has anything to do Ted Hasse's outright lie and deception.

From Hasse:

"Reports say Obana has a new1.5 trillion dollar tax plan. With the current estimated population of the United States at 312 million (and change), this equates to $4807 for every man, woman, and child in the country. The average household has 2.5 people and the average household income is $63,091. This works out to $12,017 PER HOUSEHOLD in new taxes. Can you say that some people are absolutely out of touch with reality? This is nuts. Spending is what is out of control.'

This numbers game is such a con it blows my mind anyone is dumb enough to think they can still get away with it.

Politics for the sake of power at its worst.


Guys I really have no interest in the BISD mess - I am beyond bored with all you people who love to post your rumors and claims but refuse to lift a finger to fight - They cannot settle Rendon without using taxpayer money, unless ACE insurance agrees to settle. I do not know the rush - Rendon claims to have a slam dunk case - his trial is next month - what better way to redeem himself than with a trial?

In the end if they pay him using public funds because of the BHA payment to Escobedo's brother, indictments will follow - it may take another year but the indictments will come and the money will be returned. Obviously Hector Gonzales has chosen to participate in the run on the bank. He was never known for being bright.

Today I will be giving the house a one over - I want it to sparkle to compensate for the lack of sparkle in Brownsville's politics.

Monday, September 19, 2011


It could be after the March Primary before we know if the new district for the LRGV holds.  I see a real possibility of Ruben Hinojosa being our new Congressman.   Note - if you think the upstate Democrats are going to fight for Cameron County you are wrong.  They want the new Latino districts in Dallas, San Antonio of Houston.  Will Gilbert Hinojosa fight for us or the upstate Anglo power brokers.


The following is the BV's June 3rd post on the issue of red tide and what was being predicted as the largest dead zone to date.

I am reposting the story along with the original NYT's article because it is a good lesson in politics.

Our county officials had every warning Boca Chica and SPI would get hit with a red tide.  Their response - nothing.  You are delusional if you think Judge Cascos will say anything which brings this to the national attention at a time Perry is vying to win the Iowa caucus.  If Gilbert Hinojosa knew anything about Cameron County, which he does not, he would know red tide costs Cameron County money.

I have explained this issue before - no presidential candidate will ever tackle this question because it kills any hopes of them winning the Iowa caucus.

So where is Perry in denouncing the agricultural policies in Iowa which lead to red tide?  No where to be found.  But in some ways where is Gilbert Hinojosa denouncing Rick Perry for his silence?  No where to be  found.  Gilbert Hinojosa is as disconnected from the people as any politician can possibly be.  Here is an issue smack center in the middle of his face, and he cannot see it- why?  the people are not even a consideration when he forms his political positions.

Cameron county and SPI right now can be front and center in the national news media over this issue while impacting the Iowa caucus, and the Texas Democratic Party, which Hinojosa wants to lead do not even know we exist.

Here is an opportunity to do serious injury to Perry's presidential campaign and nothing from Gilbert Hinojosa and the Texas Democratic Party.  It is not a matter of incompetence - it is a matter of there is no Democratic Party in Texas.

The original post.

"This year — given record flooding — is expected to result in the largest dead zone ever in the Gulf of Mexico. "

"Dead zones have been occurring in the gulf since the 1970s, and studies show that the main culprits are nitrogen and phosphorus from crop fertilizers and animal manure in river runoff. They settle in at the mouth of the gulf and fertilize algae, which prospers and eventually starves other living things of oxygen.

Government studies have traced a majority of those chemicals in the runoff to nine farming states, and yet today, decades after the dead zones began forming, there is still little political common ground on how to abate this perennial problem. Scientists who study dead zones predict that the affected area will increase significantly this year, breaking records for size and damage."


For 11 years now, I have been pushing for the growing of hemp in South Texas. While it may not be as efficient as corn for biofuel, it is nonetheless a viable alternative. South Texas was made for hemp. Further it needs very little rain, fertilizer, or pest control.

The manufacturing options for hemp are endless. All of this means jobs for South Texas. The governor can put it on the agenda as part of the special session, but he will not. Governor Perry, such as Senator Lucio, and Representatives Oliveira and Lucio would rather the gulf die along with the the jobs it brings to South Texas than lead on the issue.

We know what is coming - a red tide which will shut down South Padre and cause thousands of people to cancel their trips. It blows my mind that we sit on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico and the number one and number two fish eaten are tilapia and pollock. There was a time gulf communities considered grouper a throw away fish which is why everyone had it as an all you can eat fish. Now it is almost unheard of as a menu option.

So - reality - our politicians will do nothing - just sit - the mayors of Brownsville and South Padre will remain silent out of fear of rocking the boat. Cameron County Judge Cascos will say nothing - we would not want him sounding like someone who cares about the environment - he is a Republican you know.

The inability of Texas to address the red tide problem and dead zones speaks to just how out of tune Texas is with its relationship to the Gulf of Mexico.

Saturday, September 17, 2011



Friday I had what should be my last procedure on my back.  The doctor thinks he finally got all of the adhesions.  The doctor is fairly certain, and so too am I, that the repair of the torn tissue in March worked and is holding.  This means no more fluid leaking out and no more adhesions.  But for this final clean out he injected me with a lot of numbing medicine to do the procedure and a lot the chemicals used to break up the adhesions.  This was my 4th caudal racz - when I got off the table had the doctor and nurse not been standing there to help me I would have hit the floor.  this never happened before.  I had zero use of my legs.  But an hour late I had amazing relief.  Last night I slept medicine free - the down side is the gabapentin makes you drowsy so I only slept 4 hours without the aid of gabapentin.  In a few days my body will adjust and all will be well.  For now I do have some lumbar pain from the procedure  - but that too will pass.


On the alleged bogus claims the officer who wrote the arrest report is going to sue Jessica Tetreau, if the story is true, but given the source it may be false - the office needs to consult with someone who is not a complete moron and gunning to get her fired.

When a police officer threatens to sue a citizen after the citizen has announce an intent to see an investigation against the police officer any threats by that police office become an automatic basis for discharge.  A smart office waits for the investigation to be completed and then reacts.  Further there is the triviality of the US Constitution, the police officer allegedly swore an oath to uphold.

"Writing for an unanimous court, Justice John E. Wallace held that the officer, as a public official, failed to prove a local resident acted with actual malice when he wrote and distributed a newsletter about their dispute. Actual malice is defined as knowing or reckless disregard for the truth of a statement.

"Actual malice has nothing to do with hostility or ill will," Wallace wrote. "Rather, it concerns a publisher's state of knowledge of the falsity of what he published, not at all upon his motivation for publishing it."

While the above is from the New Jersey Supreme Court, it basically states US Supreme Court Authority.  Juan Montoya is all too familiar with New York Times vs. Sullivan - only the most incompetent or unethical attorney would sue Jessica Tetreau over her statements - further as a matter of law the missing information from the report which is clearly in the 911 call will be all it takes for Jessica to prove there was no reckless  disregard  for the truth.  Remember her claims can be false - but just not reckless under the facts.

From the US  Supreme Court - New York Times vs. Sullivan:  "9-0; The Court ruled that the First and Fourteenth Amendments require a public official suing for defamation to prove that the allegedly defamatory comments were made with 'actual malice — that is, with knowledge that it was false or with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not.

So why the alleged public threat by this officer against Jessica Tetreau? - to make her feel bad and shake.  While  reviewing an administrative complaint against the office Chief Garcia must certainly review this threat as an attempt to influence the process.  I have no idea if Jessica ever knew this police office - the facts will come out - but I will say whoever is allegedly advising this police office - he doing her no favors.


So the BV does a story about how Chief Garcia's office compromised the safety of a 23 month old baby, a 16 year of boy and the 21 year old mother of the 23 month old baby by possibly exposing them to cartel violence. Tony Martinez and Chief Garcia they need to respond with a press release that they got the original story wrong. The claim now is, this 17 year old boy was allegedly killed over a cell phone. I think they got the story right this time. I check with sources who know the three involved youths and apparently people in the complex were well aware of the conflict over the alleged stolen cell phone.

So what we have everyone in the complex but the police knew the true story. This family and others were needlessly made to suffer emotionally over the police officers inability to get to the truth.


Here my hands are tied. I cannot disclose all of the facts but Tony Martinez and Chief Garcia have the verifiable facts that the police with a reckless disregard for this 23 month baby compromised her safety. While my focus is on the baby, there is also the issue of the 16 year old and 21 year old safety of the mother of the baby. The parents of these children and grandchild are infuriated with the lack of minimal training the police officers exhibited.


Let's not forget how the police shot first and then asked questions later in the alleged wrongful death of Ricardo Moreno.

It is clear Chief Garcia and Tony Martinez care more about running cover for bad decision making by a limited number of police officers than in putting the safety and welfare of the citizenry first. We all know if it were a family with money and influence Tony Martinez would take these claims more seriously - but this is a poor family with no voice louder than a blogger.

I can say with 100% certainty these police officers acted with a reckless disregard for the safety and welfare of a 23 month old baby. This is not acceptable, unless you are Tony Martinez and Chief Garcia.   When will a decision be made to provide our police officers the training they need.