Sunday, August 14, 2011


Hollywood has lost its creativity. I will not pay to see endless remakes. The new "Planet of the Apes" for example has not got good great reviews because of a new creative script or idea, it is getting great reviews for the application of technology to the apes. I can tell you, I saw the original and the world was blown away by how real the actors looked. The story was original and new.

In terms of comedies Hollywood decided to go to smut, light porn, and raunchy to get laughs. This is what happens when you no longer have writers who can write. Oh, maybe there are such writer, but the producers and directors have no interest in quality.

"Fright Night", "Final Destination", how many times can we watch the same film over and over again. Where is the creativity?

Now, because I trust Guillermo del Torro as a director I will be going to see his new horror film "Don't be Afraid of the Dark."  I will be very upset if he disappoints.

I have no problem going to see a mindless comedy.  But I will not pay to see farts, diarrhea, soft porn - all under the guise as being funny.  It has shock value - "Bridesmaids" was shocking and different so we liked it - but after a week or so I decided I was conned by the shock value.  I no longer like it.

So when Hollywood decides to put out something new and original the BV will have a review.  Really? - aliens and cowboys?  Aliens which can travel across galaxies and all they want to do is attack defenseless people.  How old is that story?  Where is the creativity? 


Anonymous said...

Mr Bobby,

I am such a fan of foreign films, especially those by Guillermo Del Toro. In fact, "The Orphanage" & "Devils Backbone" are two of my favorite films from him.

Unfortunately, it seems like all Hollywood wants to do is make "remakes" of movies that do not NEED a remake! "Footloose" & "Dirty Dancing" to name a few. And they REALLY hook, line & sinker you with paying extra for 3D movies, and the fact that you MUST purchase the glasses for each movie EACH time is highway robbery. The only reason I go is because my child enjoys it so much.

Oh well, with the lunacy of Brownsville Politics & school board shananigans, sometimes WHY even bother to go to the movies when we can read your blog? It's not only informative, it can also be quite entertaining!

Pass the popcorn!! :)

Til Next Time..

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't review movies because of your bias. A reflection of your age? Methinksso. UMAD?

BobbyWC said...

So no one over 50 goes to movies - wow - when was that front page headlines - also financial reports show Hollywood is failing to produce year after year - there is a reason

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I too saw the original and had no desire to see another remake. But my grandson asked me to take him and since I had the time, how could I refuse? There is a proverb that says "don't jude a book by its cover". I was very surprised, the movie far exceded the first. Twelve year olds have a lot to contribute to old guys like me.

BobbyWC said...

You may be correct - I would have done the same for a grandson - it is new to them - I am just tired of remakes

Bobby WC