Tuesday, August 2, 2011



Maybe because I show respect for the office of the city secretary that I can get information.  Here is the scoop.  The City Secretary is taking responsibility for putting the Public Comment issue on the agenda for August 9th instead of tonight.  We are not all as perfect as convicted drunks.  The City Secretary's office was very willing to help clarify the matter.  It was never ever posted to the official agenda for tonight.  I have not confirmed the cosponsors but they may be both Jessica and John, along with Melissa taking the lead.

If the sponsors are Melissa, Jessica and John, then all we need is one more vote - that's it.  We need to start an email campaign.  With a vote on August 9, 2011, public comment can be put back on with the cameras just in time for the budget debate.

Brownsville owes Melissa Zamora for taking the lead on this and seeking out the support of her fellow commissioners.  Of course, according to Jim Barton and Erasmos Castro this is a communist conspiracy and Melissa actually opposed this.


My source is telling me the City Secretary is expected to speak to the issue of why the matter is not on the agenda. The matter was put before the City Secretary by Melissa Zamora. My sources in the City Secretary's office tells me John Villarreal and Jessica Tetreau had both agreed to cosponsor the matter. Why it is not on the agenda is not clear. As soon as the BV knows the answer it will post the answer.


Anonymous said...

The City Secretary is a bumbling fool. She has to be the most incompetent Sec. ever. She Fu@ked up all the last group of candidates. Remember candidate Zek your in , no your out, no your in and so on and so on.
Frankly most of the city administrators are incompetent!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hear her hubby is also city employee.

Anonymous said...

These people are screwy and weird!
A bath could do wonders to get rid of that sloppy look.