Monday, August 29, 2011


This post is part of a larger post I am preparing as part of my campaign against Gilbert Hinojosa as the Texas Democratic Chair.

We begin with the truth - the hard core fact that the people of Cameron County rejected Gillbert Hinojosa not once, but twice.  According to the racist upstate Anglo Democrats we the Latino community of Cameron County are not smart enough to know Gilbert Hinojosa is a great man.


DINOLINOS are Democrats and Latinos in name only. To a person Cameron County elected Democrats are DINOLINOS.


Who is this right hand man of Gilbert Hinojosa? Tony Martinez has voted to kill the union contract with Brownsville's firefighters. He has voted to turn off the cameras at city commission meetings when the people are speaking. He has decided to stand with Ben Medina, Director Planning and Community Development, and his personal vendetta against one person, to cut off funding for drug counseling for BISD children. All Tony cares about is his little rugrats at Guadelupe Middle School - his motto now is let the kids at BISD do drugs - screw them.


My first experience in Cameron County was with the contemptible Darryl Hester - this turkey never met an act of judicial corruption he would not run cover for as the Administrative Judge. Of course history now records that many of the corrupt judges of Cameron and Hidalgo counties he ran cover for have either killed themselves, been indicted,  or  been forced out of office.

Indicted Abel Limas - I met this guy in court once while he was representing a woman in a family law case.  he could not  form a sentence - he could not form a coherent argument.  Every plaintiff's lawyer in this town who supported this moron for judge knew he was not qualified.  They backed him because they needed someone who would ignore the law in favor of the plaintiff's bar.  They needed someone who was too ignorant to understand the law.  Tony Martinez and his son were key players in the election of this moron.  Yes, they never offered bribes - but they intentionally compromised the integrity of our legal system for personal gain.  This is not a crime - but it speaks to their lack of a moral compass.

Ben Uresti - this guy is so incompetent he would sign his own death warrant because he simply does not care what he signs.  He has signed orders barring defamation and the firing of people.  This guy is so devoid of knowledge of the law or a care for the law he claims to have never heard of the First Amendment or the law.  The law concerning injunctions against firing someone is so basic it is not conceivable that an honest judge could ever have signed an order enjoining BISD from taking action against Art Rendon.  he has signed orders taking away the rights of fathers eventhough no such lawsuit has ever been filed.  Of course Tony Martinez calls Ben Uresti brilliant and a pillar of integrity.

Elia Cornejo-Lopez is a complete and total moron.  She has no conscience and will never allow the law or ethics to get in her way of injustice.  It seems to me she knows she is a one term district court judge and simply no longer cares.

Leonel Alejandro was considered a safe judge to take over Judge Limas' cases.  He avoided indictment by the skin of his teeth over undocumented workers at the port.  He has ordered his court reporter to alter court transcripts.  I am as certain as the day is long the FBI is closely looking at him in the Limas case.  There is a reason he was considered a safe replacement for Limas.

Menton Murray - he is like the priest every parent trusts to bring morals to their children only to later learn the priest had buggered  their sons.  There is a reason he was referenced as a safe judge in the Limas case.  Insiders knew the truth about this guy.  If Judge Olvera has not removed Menton Murray as a  visiting judge, Judge Olvera  could find himself a one term judge as the full story comes out.  The Limas case is growing by the minute  - the only question is will any judges in Cameron County survive.

I can go on - but I think my readers have the picture


This guy is so corrupt it boggles the mind is remains free.  I have to be careful here, but I know for a fact claims of Villalobos or his campaign staff in his name soliciting  bribes has been confirmed. This piece of scum stole $1 million dollars from the taxpayers for use in his office as a corrupt deal with Dannenbaum.  Dannenbaum agreed to pay $1 million to Villalobos for use in his office in exchange for dropping the criminal investigation.  A key player in the theft was none other than - Democrat Carlos Masso - the alleged criminal who seeks to replace Villalobos.  When pushed to the truth Carlos Masso had to admit to using taxpayer money to visit Dannebaum in Houston.  When Villalobos falls over the Dannenbaum mess, so too will Carlos Masso.

There is no dispute Villalobos orchestrated a deal where his former law partner, Eddie Lucio (not the Lucio family in politics), to secure a $500,000 cash bond in the Amit Livingston case as a settlement for the children of the murder victim.  Villalobos in exchange for the $500,000 settlement agreed to allow Amit Livingston a confessed murderer to walk out of court without any bond and on a promise he would return after he got his affairs in order.  Villalobos claimed to have been shocked that Livingston did not return to Cameron County to serve his jail sentence for murder.  For a few minutes work his former law partner Eddie Lucio made a pretty penny - reports showed a 40% interest - this would mean $200,000 - and for that $200,000 to his former law partner Eddie Lucio - Armando Villalobos allowed a convicted murderer to walk out of court free as a bird.


He is Gilbert Hinojosa's boy for Congress.


Anonymous said...

You think that by just mentioning Gilbert Hinojosa is associated with someone you say we are going to go find the tallest tree and hang him from his balls? Stop trying to connect everyone you want to ruin with Gilberto Hinojosa. You will never finish,....seems you dislike everyone! You are fickle as shit,...first you say that Tony Martinez is the second coming of Joshua,....(that means Jesus) and then u say he is a bumbass,...what is it?

BobbyWC said...

It blows my mind that people can be as ignorant as you are:

The point of the post was to discuss cameron county democrats - the focus was Cameron county democrats and not one individual - other than to expose the truth the Gilbert Hinojosa is not a real Democrat and cannot be trusted as the Texas party Chair.

What you are saying is, because I supported Tony for mayor I should now ignore his bad conduct - are you that ignorant.

Challenge me on teh facts instead of stupid comments like - once you vote for someone you need to ignore their bad conduct.

The real sad part is - he is still a better choice than Camarillo - anyone who would hire Rodrigo Moreno cannot and should not be trusted to have the public interest at heart

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"Gilbert Hinojosa is not a real Democrat"

Please enlighten us on your comment. What is a true Democrat? In fact, what is a true Republican?

BobbyWC said...

A true Democrat would have denounced Tony Martinez for his union busting and turning off the cameras when the people speak - A true Democrat never would have sought to sell the peoples park on SPI for private development

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bobby,
Of our Cameron County elected offficials, Who can we trust?

BobbyWC said...

I half trust Cascos but when it comes to truly denouncing the corruption he is a spineless coward - i would trust no DINOLINO.

Now Cascos did fight Villalobos - but I for the life of me cannot understand why the Republicans are not fighting the Dems tooth and nail on the corruption

Bobby W C

Bobby W C

Anonymous said...

A conscience is the answer to your question. Republicans have a conscience and realize that they can't say shit about corruption because so many Republicans are just as guilty. The difference is, Democrats don't even leave enough for the masses. The Democratic oath is, "What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine." Republicans like to leave more meat on the bones!